Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Halle Berry's Fiance Threaten To Kill Her Ex?

Halle Berry is in the middle of a total nightmare right now. On Thanksgiving day last week, her fiance, actor Olivier Martinez and her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, got into a huge fight in front of her house which sent both men to the hospital.

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Olivier is rumored to have suffered a broken hand, but Gabriel suffered the worst of it and allegedly was treated for broken ribs and two black eyes. TMZ just scored his mug shot after he was released from the hospital and Gabriel looks like he got hit by a truck. Check out the photo below:

Gabriel has filled a restraining order against Olivier and claims that he threatened to kill him and has been harassing him for a while now. In his restraining order request, Gabriel says that Olivier is bitter because Halle has spent $3 million on their custody battle over Nahla. Olivier is also upset about not being able to move Halle and Nahla to France and because of the $20K a month Gabriele gets from Halle for child support. Wow! He’s another K-Fed…who knew?!

In a recent interview, Olivier revealed that he is the son of a boxing family and has a mean left hook. Obviously he knows how to scrap.

Damn, homie!! You got knocked the f*ck out!

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  • 7yoyo7

    No one cares…

  • Alf Capone

    does anybody else think sydney and illseed are the same person and they just change the authors name based on who it would fit better?………..the more hip hop ones go to illseed………the more bs ones go to sydney………..any thoughts?

    • Nah, Sydney is totally different, she doesn’t even use iLLSEED’s format & her rumors are….”Sex with IPHONE”…….nah, not even close to iLLy!

    • Weedras

      Nah, illseed been known for his bull shit rumors… Sydney is worse…

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  • therealest1

    If that freeloading Jew behavior regarding getting money like a bitch ass clown went fisticuffs with Mike Tyson, he would’ve been dead perhaps. A French actor only bruised him up, Mike Tyson would’ve been worse!

    Not trying to take sides even though Halle may be acting spiteful and bitter for not getting her way, but this baby dad sperm donor honkey Canadian piece of shit has Kike blood in him because he went to court to use the child as leverage like a chicken shit honkey Jew Boy to get money from a talented and successful woman with long money to support his sorry no name racist cracker ass. He deserves to get his ass whupped, too bad he isn’t dead because he acted like a money hungry Jew by getting money from his child’s mom.

    If he was a real ass man, he would’ve only made a honorable and noble effort to fight for full custody of the child without making any requests for money. He showed what kind of honkey ass Kike bitch he was by getting a Jew lawyer to extort money from a successful woman who earned her shit.

    This honkey ass pretty Jew boy doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt or any sympathy because he dropped the N-bomb on Halle after they broke up, and what kind of shit is that? His child’s mom is part black. This honkey ass clown even gets angry when his child is referred to as black.

    Too bad Halle couldn’t get a real dude with knockout power like Mike Tyson pu$$y whupped enough to beat this honkey Jew boy hard enough that he would be dead.

    • Joel Griffin

      Thats a real foul ass bitch ass hater ass comment…But why are you fronting like your broke monkey ass wouldn’t do the same fuckin’ thing ? Get off your high horse…Bitches collect money off hardworking men every day, the script gets flipped once in a while, you’re in no position to judge anyone.

      • therealest1

        So doesn’t that make you a bitch as well since you agree with shit being flipped in this scenario? Let the bitches do what they do, it doesn’t mean you have to follow suit or agree with it if its wrong. Let those money hungry bitches leech off men for money, if you’re a man, broke or not, you don’t need to collect money off a woman, real talk.

    • Numbuh Four

      Damn…you must’ve had the biggest crush on Halle..You got hate in ya blood homie?

      “sorry no name racist cracker ass”
      “honkey Canadian piece of shit”
      “freeloading Jew behavior”
      “honkey ass pretty Jew boy”
      “chicken shit honkey Jew Boy”

      Das Racists

      “Not trying to take sides”

      So you’re not? You’re not gonna wish death on the homie or nothing right? That’ll just be foul..I mean if you wish death on him your gonna wish death on her too right? Wouldn’t that be NOT taking sides?

      “beat this honkey Jew boy hard enough that he would be dead”


      ^^ Y’all reading this?? You felt that hate? I know y’all felt that hate..

      Yeah…he got hate in his blood..

      I mess with your comments most of the time but damn homie…You throwing darts at a picture of this dude on your wall?

      In the words of Joel Griffin: “Thats a real foul ass bitch ass hater ass comment”

      • therealest1

        Yes, I think its wrong for Halle to try to cut the guy out of her kid’s life. I’m not sure about the setup to get his ass whopped think since I wasn’t there to see it go down, but based on facts and reports of the baby dad’s comments and conducts, he had it coming so to speak. It seems like some kid shit on the mom’s part to me. But the dad seems like the worse of the evils.

    • Sorry, but $20K a month?

      I would have had to K Fed her!

      The 4-9-3-11 ain’t free……but I never got $20K a month for it either!
      Beer, Newports, L’s & Dutchees,,,,,but it is what it is!

    • Weedras

      once you start with racist bullshit can’t respect this shit…

  • mxtralive

    Halle clean up the homefront its lil messy baby

  • Truth Powell

    You gotta look at any man that tries to get in the way of another man and his child as suspect.

  • Super_Villain

    She sure knows how to pick ’em. Every dude she’s been with publicly was a piece of shit.

    • therealest1

      It just goes to show that nobody is perfect ya heard me? Despite being beautiful, talented, successful, and liked by most men, she isn’t good with men herself since no one can stay forever or at least a long time.

      • No matter how bad a b’ish is….there is always a Ninja not willing to put up with her ‘chet!

      • therealest1

        All the good exteriors of a woman doesn’t mean a damn thing when she doesn’t have the right kind of personality that will make a man stay forever or at least a long ass time to be willing to deal with her.

      • True….some other Real ‘chet, the racist comments about dude were overboard.


  • RevrendIke3x

    Halle set that dude up for an ass whoopin’. It’s funny that there’s not any video footage of the fight.

    • Now that I could believe! LOL

  • Dude beat the crap out of Oliver’s fist with his eyeballs!

    $20K a month?




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