T.I. (@Tip) Ft. Andre 3000 "Sorry"

[ahh_audio src=/11-27-12/TIftAndre3000-Sorry.mp3]

  • Lloyd Mifflin

    andre 3000 we as fans appreciate the time, energy and passion you have put forth in your music with that said no matter if you stop making classics of your own and continue creating classics on other artist songs us outkast fans will be happy enough that a real southern poet still exist…

  • Linkz

    i just cut out Tips part sorry tip but 3 stacks got it and its only right that its solo

    • T.I. did his thang on this. Dre just was Dre. He does this to everybody!

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    A Hit!! Feeling This!

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  • messias3

    100% Hip HOP

  • ladynamor

    Andre spilled his guts on this BUT I am with everyone else on the fact that T.I has fallen off. Especially w/that Iggy broad move. Lost us w/that.