EXCLUSIVE: Mixtape DJ's Battle Over "DJ Haze" Moniker In Court

(AllHipHop News) Two mixtape DJs in two different states are battling it out in court over the name “DJ Haze,” according to documents obtained exclusively by AllHipHop.com.

County Bound Records of Miami, Florida filed a lawsuit against Street Product Entertainment and Infamous DJ Haze.

The lawsuit claims that Infamous DJ Haze is infringing on County Bound Records’ trademark for the name DJ Haze.

According to the lawsuit, County Bound Records is an independent record label based out of Miami Florida, owned and operated by Jean-Paul Perez, who registered the trademark for the name DJ Haze in 2008.

The lawsuit claims that the Infamous DJ Haze started offering similar services to Dj Haze and has even started marketing himself simply as DJ Haze.

County Bound Records claims Infamous DJ Haze and his company Street Product Entertainment have distributed numerous songs and mixtapes that are being sold on various music downloading sites, including iTunes and Amazon.com.

The Infamous DJ Haze is being sued for trademark infringement, false designation of origin and federal cybersquatting.

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  • 7yoyo7

    Why is this in the news section?

    • Actually, it is news, like the logic behind Prince changing his name to a symbol.

      I remember approaching DJ D Demo ( Darryl ) to ask him how & why he fell off so suddenly with the skills on his newest tape & he replied that it was an imposter crooking his hook.

      This was before Fat Daddy Fawlse jacked the Real Rick Ross for his name, or Fiddy cent jacked the real Fiddy!

      Even if copywritten / trademarked, etc., ‘chet still happens!