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GQ Names Rapper Rick Ross "Bawse of the Year" In Men of the Year Issue

(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper Rick Ross was feted with the “Bawse of the Year” award in the new issue of GQ Magazine.

GQ’s December issue is the annual “Men of the Year” issue, which recognizes the most entertaining and inspiring artists of the previous year.

According to the editors at GQ, the 2012 “Men of the Year” issue would not have been completed without Rick Ross.

During an interview, Rick Ross reflects over this past year’s successes, which included numerous collaborations with top artists, like Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake and others.

Rick Ross was also named the most the 10th most powerful person in the Hip-Hop industry by The Source.

“It’s been a power-player year,” Rick Ross said. “I’m the typa dude who feels like he could take number two next year.”

To read Rick Ross’ interview with Devin Friedman click here.

  • MadVillain

    the editors at GQ are a bunch of dumb priccs

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    Wonder how much they paid for this lol

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  • disqus_Qz4GEHNAYR

    Made up award, made up rapper

    • until I looked at the draft four $7967, I be certain that my brother was like realie earning $69 hourly in their spare time from there pretty old laptop.. there uncles cousin has done this less than 22 months and resently cleared the mortgage on their mini mansion and bourt a brand new audi. read more at, A­sk25.­­c­om

      • what the fuck….are you talking about?

      • fritz


  • Im still waiting on that “Death Blow” 50 Cent was talking bout to kick in… He said it takes a while but this is ridiculous!

    • brotha_man

      fif forgot he to busy telling his bum as crewto get off the couch


    GQ must be on that shit

    • I’m gonna rush out & buy a copy of the magazine….so I can truthfully say I stopped buying it because of this!

  • Tony G.


  • Sekou Garrett

    While you’ll continue to come here and hate on Ross, his pockets continue to get fatter.

    • brotha_man

      so is his tummy, which puts one at risk for diabetes and seizures = death

    • Bumpy Johnson

      its not all buot the money dumb nutts…typa nigga to sell your own homeboi out

  • Synista

    more like biggest liar of the century FALSE!!!!!!!!!

  • Hector G

    you suck officer rick

  • brotha_man

    soooooooooo……is this an award handed to the nations best corrections officer? good job, rick ross maybe they will put the plaque up next to the bulletin board of announcements

  • Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    roazyyy!!!!!! MMG bitches !!! lol 50 is tasting his own death blow lmaooo

  • rick ross wack tho

  • i mean, bill bob is wack tho

  • False of da year

  • Terrance Goodman

    Crack is powerful ask gq owners , editors, whole damn crew