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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Brown Feels It's Him Against The World

Even though Chris Brown has Rihanna back in his corner, he still can’t win for losing. Breezy caught a huge L over the weekend when he got into a Twitter war of words with a female comedian. Even though she had an obvious vendetta against him, Brown’s over the top reaction to her tweets showed the world that those anger management classes he took may not have worked after all.

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Chris Brown has been vilified ever since the “Rihanna incident,” and these random outbursts of anger don’t help any. Anyone remember that smashed window on “Good Morning America”?

Well, Breezy decided to end his Twitter page…again (remember @mechanicaldummy?)….but you can still catch him on Instagram. Instagram has been more of a creative outlet for Chris, and he posts drawings, new t-shirt designs and graffiti pics daily. However, yesterday Breezy must have been feeling down in the dumps and posted an instagram photo of Tupac along with the caption, “That awkward moment when you realize that the only person you can relate to is dead.”

Damn, it’s like that Breezy? Can anyone understand why Breezy would compare himself to Tupac?

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  • therealest1

    Ignorant shit.

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    The only person he can relate to is dead? I think he meant to put up a pic of Ike Turner.

    • fabbidavisjr

      Tell that fool to call bobby brown they have a lot in common

    • Skeeter Cooper


    • In Biggie Voice : You dead wrong!”

  • Big Crimes

    maybe he shouldn’t have beaten shit sh** out of wifey. at least his sad life serves as an example to men who wanna get violent on their women. stay mad breezy!

    • Antoine Hart

      Charlie Sheen beat this ish out of his wife/girlfriend..but the media loves him..hmm i wonder why..

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Because there was no pic of his brutalized wife/girlfriend plastered all over the internet just court docs?

  • Alf Capone

    everybody is tupac i guess

  • Roberto Ciamora

    I’m gonna laugh when some idiot runs up on Chris Brown and yells “Wife Beater” at him and he goes off the deep end and beats them to death. I can see this dude having a real outburst sooner or later, there’s only so much people can put up with. Everytime this dude shows his face he gets harrassed, he could save a baby from a burning building and someone in the media would say “TOO BAD YOU DID’T DIE IN IT”……. Now he’s posting pictures online saying he can only relate to a dead person…… It’s like them white kids who shot up that school after years of being shoved around. Just don’t act surprised when it happens

    • I’m saying, the ‘chet you described would be mad funny though!

  • fabbidavisjr

    Tupac was a man…this is a teenage star who never grew out of his childhood

  • Siflan

    Has everyone missed the obvious metaphor in this?

  • Oknas

    He can relate to Bobby Brown lol

  • Tony G.


  • Oknas

    The only relation they have is that they are both black males…….. with a nose ring lol

  • johnblacksad

    Pac didn’t use to beat his girlfriend in a lambo

  • Money

    Probably related himself to Tupac because if anyone can remember Tupac use to have one of the biggest problems with media on his come up. The media would always classify him and try to destroy his character, remember those rape charges? and him countlessly saying he hated the media even spitting on one reporter that time. An odd comparison but, i think I see where he was coming from. The media was always against Tupac, everything he did was turned into a negative hence how Chris brown is currently living.

  • therealest1

    Is Chris Brown trying to get his Hulk Hogan on the picture of the aftermath of him breaking that window? If he’s trying to get his Hulk Hogan on by wearing no shirt, he needs to take steroids and cut the hair off the top of his head making it bald on top with hair on the sides, BROTHER!

  • Sisqo isn’t dead Chris, you meant to post a pic of him?

  • greeneyedbandit

    If he can relate to Tupac, then he would say ‘”f**k the world!” and don’t worry about the ones that can’t forgive you….much love and forgiveness this way~

  • king

    Man I tell you this ni$$er here has the world in his hand and still not happy some people kids.

  • Bumpy Johnson

    first Rick Ross, now chris brown….damn man if 2pac was alive he’d be in jail for murder for beating these niggas to death.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Chris is his own worst enemy….he needs to develop thicker skin and develop zome style and class….when he realizes that the media can’t harm him if he don’t allow them to, he’ll gain victory…his momma aint shyt cuz she aint droppin no gems on him

  • dopefire14

    Chris Needs to Rise Above the Hate Embrace it Cuz as much as he says he is this that He Clearly Needs More Maturing Even Tho He Should be Use to all the Negativity Pointing To Him. IDK Too Much on how the Thing with CM Punk Started but Man Did he Put Him in his Place!.. but I Admit that Comedian had no Right Coming at Him Like That but I Woulda Never Thought Chris Would Respond like that Honestly. As a Fan it’s Sad that I have Such a Low Image of Him I Wish him Better cuz he Has the Potential of Changing. He Has So Much Talent His Attitude Jus Sux That’s All.

  • Lamonte Johnson

    And plus how can you relate to someone who don’t even know who you are? To relate to someone means theirs a mutual connection. How you relating to this nigga when ya have no connection what so ever? People use the pac scapegoat to much