Max B Wants Autobiography Released Via Cash Money or G-Unit; Thanks Jay-Z, Drake For Support

(AllHipHop News) During a recent interview between andMax Biggavelli, the incarcerated rapper spoke about his new, upcoming autobiography “The Wavy Baby,” as well as the support he’s received from various rappers in the industry, as he serves a 75 year prison sentence.

According to Max B, Jay-Z, Drake and Wiz Khalifa have made various references to “The Wave,” and although certain people have come to his aid, Max said there has been a lot more talk than action.

“There’s a lot of ‘free Max B, free this, free that'” Max B told “The support that I’m looking for, it don’t really seem how I want it to be. I got people that’s supporting, but I need that real support.”

Although Max seemed disgruntled with the lack of support he is receiving, the rapper did express gratitude for the support he has received from Hip-Hop megastars Jay-Z and Drake.

“I’m thankful, shout to Jay-Z. I always respected Jay-Z and loved his music, same with Drake,” Max B told “I appreciate it cause them guys don’t even got to do it, but its all love. At the end of the day I’ll be very thankful if them guys can reach out to their assistants or whatever, just tweet. Sign the petition, I need them strong names on there.

“I’m trying to get up out of prison. Ain’t nobody going to help you if you’re not going to help yourself,” Max continued. “I’m trying to help myself, I’m trying to do projects, I’m bout to put out this book.”

Max B’s book “The Wavy Baby” will take a look at his life growing up in Harlem, how he came to rap and his life prior to his 2009 conviction, for his role in helping set up a robbery at a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel, that left one man dead.

“I want the book out, hopefully I can get it out by next year some time [and] get it under a nice publishing company like G-Unit or Cash Money,” Max B told “Everyone can get something out this thing and we can support the cause of me getting up out of here.”

Watch here as speaks with Max B about rappers running with his “Wave” :

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25 Responses to “Max B Wants Autobiography Released Via Cash Money or G-Unit; Thanks Jay-Z, Drake For Support”

  1. DeEMoE

    Poor Charlie! LOL this nicka was talking wild crazy bout Jimmy after calling Jimmy “Boss man” every chance he got… what happened, i thought you put it in her fanny? LMFAO corny ass nicka.. do yah time OWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    • Sybil

      til I saw the paycheck 4 $6145, I didn’t believe that my mom in-law trully bringing in $86/hr part-time at their laptop.. there sisters roommate haz done this 4 less than eight months and at present took care of the loans on there mini mansion and purchased a top of the range Mitsubishi Evo. go to, A­sk25.­­c­om

      • EDOGZ818

        Good question, I guess it’s because I would want some one to sign for me, because even though I signed, it isn’t going to matter, because….um, I’m not the type to kick a sucker when he’s down……..I’ll let him get up first?

        I Don’t Know?…but the truth is….IDK why I signed that BS!

  2. PhillyKing


  3. Celz

    I would sign the petition if dude was still alive cuz then it’s like Max is gettin stretched.. But dude is dead you aren’t gettin stretched. Max got a fair trial. If he has grounds for appeal let me hear em. If the cops messed up and planted evidence I would support him getting free on that. But Max doesn’t even have any remorse or sympathy for the family. What about starting a donation or foundation for the victim? I’m sure they are still picking up the pieces and this nigga is ludicrous enough to try to drop an autobiography.. GTFOH niggas supported Tookie getting out because he changed and made a difference in many peoples lives while being incarcerated. This nigga wants us to try to free him because he made a couple hot tracks?? Lmao get real bro for your own good.. The sooner the better for you

    • Super_Hero

      Where you at trial. How you know he had a fair trial. Police didn’t plant evidence because Max B wasn’t at the place of crime. Its all he said she said and the one that are saying it are the ones to get a lesser sentence. Police wanted Max B and twist people arms to get them to confess. I’m not saying Max is innocent. I’m saying I don’t know and neither do you. Wouldn’t starting a foundation for the victims an admit to guilt. He needs money himself to fight the trail. As far as Tookie, he created way more destruction to his community then Max B. If anything, Tookie paved the way for Max B the criminal. Tookie’s destruction is still going strong and enter the music business with gangbanging on wax and youtube. If Tookie wasn’t one of the gang creators, you would even know or care who he is. Children Books isn’t the reason you and many other shouted “Free Tookie.” It just gave the movement more credibility.

      • Celz

        I never shouted free tookie.. And Gang Bangin was not created by Tookie.. Bloods, Crips, Surenos, MS-13s, Hells Angels, Mongols, Hoovers, WaChing, Rascals.. Southern California would have had gangs in all races whether Tookie was born or not..

        My basis of saying he had a fair trial is because he ISN’T saying it was unfair. There is a reason he has given up on Federal Appeals and Habeas Corpus Writs. He is going straight for the pardon which disregards all case facts. Doing dirt with some fake gangstas and getting snitched on is unfortunately a fair trial.

        Tookie was different because at least he apologized and took responsibility for his actions and on top of that his case had major issues if I recall correctly.

        Based on what he is saying Max B wants to be free solely because he made hot music. That is laughable there are hundreds to thousands of people who are incarcerated because of judicial and procedural errors and crooked cops, Max B hasn’t talked about any remorse, his innocence, his guilt, or any valid grounds for appeal. But we should free this nicca cuz he’s gon drop some hot mixtapes as soon as he gets out..

    • plsDontreply

      egh~ call me crazy, but 75 years? No, 75 motherfu*king years after “someone else” says you set it up and told them to do it? Thats laughable… That’s serial killer time. Just don’t ,make sense. Casey Anthony clearly killed her baby. OJ clearly killed his ex. Killers like Sammy The Bull confessed to killing multiple people in cold blood. None of them get sentenced like that. If you call that a fair trial I would hate to play a card game with you. Not saying free the wave ,but damn at least parole the wave after 20-25…

      • Celz

        I feel you 25 years is a fairer in my book too.. But you are getting different types of cases mixed up..

        My first point. OJ and Casey had NO credible snitches or direct murder related evidence, and Sammy was the snitch. Max B got snitched on. So now ALL evidence points directly at him. There is no way for a juror to say 100% exactly how Caylee or Nicole died so OJ and Casey were not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Everyone can agree that they deserve to go jail even more than Max B but to protect innocent people from being wrongly incarcerated you have to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Which brings me to a point 2..

        Don’t do dirt with people you can’t trust. Max B trusted his goons to rob someone, not kill them, bring the loot back, and if they get caught not snitch. They didn’t do any of those things'[ he is guilty by association that’s how most if not all state court proceedings work. If you help plan a crime and it gets out of hand you are indirectly at fault and you will be charged for every crime committed. Max could have got the death penalty in certain states for planning a botched robbery

        And the last point is look at what OJ is saying from behind bars in his robbery case. IMO OJ is about to get out there are a few major mistakes in his case. Now look at what Max B is saying sign my petition and help the Wave get out? He isn’t saying anything about why he deserves to get out. He hasn’t expressed any remorse for the guy who was killed nothing.. Just get me out so I can continue making mixtapes. It doesn’t work like that fam.

        I got lil homies doin 20 years for robberies where no one was hurt playin with guns is serious business. Famous people get off on technicalities or by snitching. I have no problem with Max getting out if the DA, Judge, or Cops did some crooked ish. Hopefully it will get them in line so when the next nigga comes through who isn’t famous he will get a fair shake. But Max is OG status he knew what time it was when he sent his goons out. He needs to do his time like a G cuz if anyone of us had the pounds on deck he woulda sent goons at us too and not even thought twice.

  4. KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Love his music, but this a grown ass man who decided to do grown ass things. so don’t talk about getting support after some one lost their life because of your bad choices.

  5. johnblacksad

    Maybe Will MSith is gonna call Chief Justice or Obama to try to get The Wave pardoned… still smh @ Will Smith for that one!

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