Signs The World Is Coming To And End: Trayvon Part Two…White Man Kills Black Teen Over Loud Music!

Now, I think its time we do something more than march! And I think its time for the President of the United States to send some of those drones to strike down these cowards! Speak out against these, scumbags and make an example of them! An old White man shot a teen that was sitting in his parked car listening to music that the chump deemed too loud.

The news is claiming this is not Trayvon Martin Part 2, but I’m not so sure. Peep what Global Grind is saying:

After killing an unarmed teen at a gas station over the weekend, Michael Dunn’s lawyers say that he will plead self-defense and possibly use the controversial Stand Your Ground law to justify his murder.
Dunn, a 45-year-old software developer from Florida, shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis in a parking lot on Saturday after he asked him to turn down his music. The two exchanged words before Dunn pulled out a gun and fired eight to nine shots at Davis, who was sitting in the back seat of a parked vehicle. Dunn left the crime scene and checked into a hotel before cops found him and took him into custody.
The facts in this case draw an eerie resemblance to the Trayvon Martin case that happened earlier this year. Both victims were 17 years old, unarmed, African American teens who were gunned down in Florida. However, Dunn’s lawyer claims that there are no similarities between her client and George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon.
“There are no comparisons to the Trayvon Martin situation,” said Robin Lemonidis, Dunn’s attorney. “He is devastated and horrified by the death of the teen.” She added that he is not a “vigilante” and instead shot Davis out of “self defense.” 

Anyway, they are evoking this freakin’ “Stand Your Ground” law so they can get away with murder, per CNN.

(CNN) — The attorney for a Florida man who shot at a car of teens over the weekend, killing one, says the incident bears no resemblance to the Trayvon Martin case.
Her client, Michael Dunn, is no “vigilante” but did feel threatened and shot out of “self defense,” the attorney said.
“There are no comparisons to the Trayvon Martin situation,” said Robin Lemonidis, Dunn’s attorney. “He is devastated and horrified by the death of the teen.”
Dunn, 45, was denied bond Monday on a murder charge stemming from the weekend shooting in Jacksonville. The violence was sparked by a confrontation about loud music at a gas station, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

Dunn told authorities that he had asked the teens to turn down the blaring music from their vehicle adjacent to his, as he waited for his girlfriend to return to the car.

Michael Dunn, 45, was denied bond earlier this week on the murder charge.
He heard threats from the teens, Dunn told police, he felt threatened and thought he saw a gun in the teens’ car. He grabbed his gun and fired at least eight shots, authorities said.

Man, if the smoking gun was in the hand of a Black teen AND he left the scene there would be a statewide manhunt! Death! He’d be dead man.

This is sad and pathetic that this is the way it goes down in AmeriKKKa. Its the same sh!t our parents and parents’ parents had to deal with, just different forms.


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131 Responses to “Signs The World Is Coming To And End: Trayvon Part Two…White Man Kills Black Teen Over Loud Music!”

    • Chris

      You can always logoff and go to a different webpage, just like the shooter in this situation could have ignored the loud music and gone to a different gas station.

    • Southcidal

      Anti -white? A person lost his life and that’s all you can think of? Your comment is basically justifying the coward’s actions. Just don’t run up on the wrong 17 year old. I don’t care if you’re white, blue, or orange. As a matter of fact since white people seem to be so frustrated, call a man out with the knuckles. Coward m’fckers!

  1. Don'tHate

    This just in, 25 black men killed by black men today and no one says a word. One killed by a white guy and world is ending. Come on now.

    • Tenchi Brown

      yea thats some real shit..brothers kill each other DAILY over bullshit..just feels different when its a race-motivated killing, as this one appears to be..but, when u view it objectively, i agree with u..i have no doubt that at least one black kid got killed by another today for something even more petty than this, yet u won’t see this guy writing any articles calling for “the President of the United States to send some of those drones to strike down these cowards”

      • MadVillain

        do you remember when Slim Dunkin got killed by that other dude over a piece of candy, if that aint a reason to light up a n!gga then i dont know what it is…

      • neal kelley

        I do remember that.. and that was in the news also.. This is a senseless killing.. by an adult that should have known better.. No excuse… yeah brother are killed everyday in the hood.. and it is something that needs to be addressed… but we should not dismiss this because we as a people do not take control over our own communities.. do not confuse the issue..

      • Jeremy Scott

        What has to be realized about black on black killing is that its mainly about respect, not the trivial items. Just like when people are in jail & kill over fruit or candy, its about respect. Now Im not saying its right, Im just saying us as a nation have to have some self worth. Black men are constantly ostrasized, disrespected are alienated that we lash out over trivial things cause we reached a boiling point. Racial factors can be discussed but thats beyond the point

    • see

      in many cases black on black crime has a relationship between the two individuals only white people just walk up to people and shoot them because they are black you idiot. 25 black men killed by black men and nobody coming together especially the way you talking you no different than a racist against your own people fool.

      • see

        It’s a shame when we got brothers justifying white people killing our people un armed random as hell you must think every black man in jail deserves it too Dont’ Hate your Fn self.

      • TruthSerum

        It works the other way too, even tho I doubt you’ll want to admit it to yourself. I agree with your overall point but you act like whites are the only racists in the world. You know how many hate crimes there are in the world between Blacks & Latino’s??? Sites like this won’t report it because it goes against the status quo of what there readers want to believe but it happens quite often, I’ve experienced it and seen it first hand over and over. Ignorance isn’t selective and it doesn’t just limit itself to one group of people.

      • brotha_man

        but blacks and white issue go deep….way deep. JIM CROW, the real black wall street, rosewood, slavery. Whites vs black is a beef that will never die…..hell the white vs black beef spills into the schools, church, politics, at the mall, walking down the street with skittles while rocking a hoody. mexicans would fight next to us before a white man does any day of the week

      • TruthSerum

        I wasn’t talking about history, I was talking about modern times. We all know about what’s happened in the world. And as tragic as the Trayvon Martin thing is that kind of stuff will happen daily if a black kid gets lost in the wrong mexican neighborhood in Southern California, or Vice Versa.

        I’m not excusing what happened here but it would be nice for a site like this to stop giving a slanted view of whats going on in the world. They report about something like this but virtually ignore the growing tensions going on in the street everyday. It seems like they want to present the illusion that white people are the only ones who act like this. They arent. And the racism between blacks & latinos going on everywhere from Cali and AZ all the way to the southeast needs to be addressed more so because there is way more violence going on. We all know the mainstream media doesn’t care.

      • neal kelley

        This is has nothing to do with blacks or latinos… this is a 17 year old child… killed in cold blood because of loud music.. add this to your calculation.. If the guy thought the music was too loud… park your car some where else… it was a parking lot… idiot…

    • Lemont

      most white people can’t recognize subtle racism, this has been proven by Jane Elliott’s Brown-Eye Blue-Eye experiment. It’s comparable to asking a man in Australia to speak on life in Argentina after reading a magazine. They will never get it.

    • Southcidal

      25 white men were killed by white men today too, but I’m pretty sure it was for more than music being played too loud or wearing a hoodie. You ought to be ashamed of yourself defending that kind of behavior.

      • thuglifefukdapolice


    • Lumego1

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, unfortunately nobody’s listening….And the media spin will be ‘racism’….I believe this man overreacted, on what he perceived a ‘real threat’ to his life….The reality there is an undercurrent of crime among urban youths, it’s sad when ‘good kids’ are caught up in that undercurrent…..Don’t know what was said, but would’ve been easy if they just turned down the music…..instead of getting into a confrontation…

      • neal kelley

        It would have been easy for dude to MOVE TO THE OTHER END OF THE PARKING LOT!!! The guy was in a car!!!!! I parked next to people playing loud music.. and some times i move to another parking space… I did not resolve the issue by shooting at someones car 9 times… makes no damn sense… Kids will be kids… I have seen both black and white kids play very very loud music.. and you try telling them to turn down there music!!! They will look at you and laugh… Let someone park next to me and tell me to turn down my music in MY CAR!!!.. I will laugh at them myself.. This guy clearly did not choose a peaceful resolution which was.. not to say anything.. and just move to another parking space. He decided to use a gun…


      Maybe it’s because when a black man kills a black man they turn on the ” No snitching” rule. Just like how you all sit here and support Will Smith seeking help from the Obama Administration to assisst T.I. for getting released from jail for buying an army worth of GUNS, RIFLES and AMMO for personal use. You all still think that is normal behavior?

    • neal kelley

      This just in… A black baby is used as bait for alligators in florida during slavery.. fast forward… black people are lynched by white mobs… fast forward again.. white man kills black teenager wearing a hoodie walking to his father’s house…. fast forward again… white man kills black teenager for playing music too loud —- come on now!

  2. derrick

    All I can say is, it is just sad. You know if the music was so loud why didn’t he think to roll up his windows and or better yet ” Drive Off ?”. He just made it worst for himself and its a real Dunn deal for him.

  3. David Smith

    Dunn had no business telling the teen to turn down his music he’s not a cop or security of the premises Dunn started the altercation and if Dunn really felt it was life threaten why he shot the car 9 times and leave the scene and never called the cops . I hope Dunn rots in jail and gets raped by a black inmate everyday.

      • johnblacksad

        I hope to get an update on this case later on…

        and speakin of update… i’ve been wanting to know whatever happened to them kids that sparked a bus in Philly with an AK… any info on that?

      • EDOGZ818

        Nah, I kinda forgot about that, but what do you mean….Did the chic who called them get roofed 2?

        This is Pa Brah! They roof Ninjaz for everything possible….let alone if they actually do something… it’s roof city!

  4. EDOGZ818

    On some real ‘chet, if that was a black dude, gunning a whiteman down over loud music & fleeing???? The police would have beat every black person in the state 3x before asking them where dude was.

    Dunn has to justify every shot, according to the law. The first one will be tough & each one subsequently tougher, even though he’s gonna say he “BLACKED OUT”.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        no they are not. the new black panther party has been called out by the original black panther party for using its name to stand for something it never stood for.

      • Charlie Kelly

        what is so shallow? NOT starting racits groups is shallow? my friend that is what is actually deep. starting a group where only balck people can join so they can hate white people isnt good. instead find like minded people of different colors who stand against racists, thats an idea to get behind.

      • Future Patrick

        if you think the original bpp was a racist group then you obviously fell victim to the CIAs conintelpro program like so many brainwashed americans. like the brother above said, the new bbp are not the bbp. take the time and read the 10 point plan. it is was a DEFENSE organization. all that other stuff you say sounds good and dandy but my point is there is nothing racist about starting a group that protects our innocent kids from being slaughtered.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        if never said start it up again, i just said that the original BPP was no longer around as you tried to assert. There is a difference between empowerment and power. The black panther party was about black empowerment, whereas the KKK was about white power. One was about building a community, versus the other is about destroying one community to keep the other communities prejudicial and unjustifiable beliefs about another community out of what they feel is the true pure race.

      • Charlie Kelly

        eitherway you dont build a community by segregating it, you dont need a “black” empowerment movement, cause its not about being black, and its not about being white, its about being human and living together. If i started up a white empowerment movement i would be consider racist. u feel me?

  5. Brian Taylor


  6. Charlie Kelly

    everyone needs to take the color out of the situation. it was person killing another person because of loud music and the argument that followed the complaint abooiut the loud music. put dude in jail for the rest of his life or if the state has it the death penalty, no need to jump on any racist soapboxes. cause you just look racist yourself.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      do you honestly think that if it was some white kid blasting some lynyrd skynyrd that this fcukboy would have shot up that suv?

      • Charlie Kelly

        well tahts not what happenedanyway so why think about it. there wwould only be one reason to think like that and thats to start a race war. and thats not a respectful thing in anyway shape or form.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        its not to start a race war. that war is already going, no kick start needed. All i am saying it to view it in a different context and i would venture to bet that the outcome would be different.

      • Charlie Kelly

        so u want to view what happened differently? why not view it for what it is? murder. the guy is caught and in jail. focus hate on him not on white people.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        im not focusing hate on white people. I am focusing my hate on rascist people who think they can use some loophole in the law to get away with murder.

      • Charlie Kelly

        why not focus that hate on the other people who kill people that use the same loophole istead of strictly on this situation? thats kind of suspect

    • see

      Noone white in america is persecuted for murdering a person of african descent period you can’t take the color out the situation when white individuals are intentionally taking out black and brown people with no justice just people saying take the color out. Racism is a tool that benefits ONLY white people who deny it and black people ignorant of their own enlsavement

      • Charlie Kelly

        what are u talking about? “Noone white in america is persecuted for murdering a person of african descent” you are crazy. seek help. at this point in time black people are enslaved by themselves and their own actions and also from this/your foolish thinking that you have decided to bestow upon us. #Truth

    • johnblacksad

      color aside, dude should get death penalty for killing someone over loud music… wtf? stay at home then! fcukin white cracka thinks he still owns the sh!t

  7. Bumpy Johnson

    honestly till the day we decide to cut down slaughtering eachother. we should shut up about stuff like this…

    aloot of black youth get killed over stares by their own race, let alone a crazy racist.

  8. Brian Andrew Smith

    Yeah, black people kill black people. white people kill white people. black people kill white people. and white people kill black people. It is disgusting. Living in a city that has more murders this year than we have had days, and living in a city that has had more shooting than hours in a year, i fully understand that black on black, white on white, black on white, and white on black murders/violence happens, but this clearly is not the case. this is not some banger shooting off and killing someone. this isn’t some crackhead losing his shyt and killing someone else. this isn’t turf war. This is unadulterated hated and bigotry being exercised by a powerful white man (and yes i know i am white) who feels as if his clout in the community and his employment status (one of the dunn’s of dunn & dunn data systems) could get him off because of some bullshyt self defense law. This is not self defense. This is murder by a man who thought he could get off. Fcuk this guy. He hid out in a hotel before the cops got him. If it was really self defense, would he have ran and hid, or would have have called the police because he was scared for his life and had to use self defense to kill a teenager.

  9. PL

    Illseed where do you live? Black teens are being killed EVERY DAY and IN EVERY STATE…most of the time by OTHER BLACK TEENS…NOW you think its time we do something besides marching?

    • see

      Tell white people stop making the damn guns and shipping the drugs and legally murdering us without even the idea that it actually happens at a rate that matters as much even as black on black violence. 75 to 85 percent of hate crimes are committed against african americans

      • see

        Enslavement through prison for just selling drugs is a hate crime when unfair sentencing , entrapment , planting evidence etc is a reality

      • PL

        I agree 100% on this…Prison is not about rehabilitation at all…It’s a business…

      • PL

        White people make guns…black teens pull the trigger and kill our own people…white people ship drugs…blacks are gettin’ caught sellin’ them…to our own people…

  10. Scott Grissom

    This man had every right. In the interviews he claimed he was waiting for his girlfriend outside the gas station, the kids had their obscene rap music playing very loud in a public place. He asked them to turn it down and he claims they threatened and insulted him. He then said he had reason to believe that he saw one of the teens reaching for a gun.

    Now I don’t know about you but if I was simply talking to somebody and they threatened me and then preceded to reach for a gun, they better believe they’re about to be blasted. The only reason this man fired 8 shots is because the 45 caliber handgun he used was limited to 8 rounds. If it were me, and a car full of teens threatened me, and I believed they were in a gang, and they were reaching for guns, then they better believe they’re all going to get a nice heaping dosage of hot lead.

    You don’t provoke people in public, simple and plain. It would be foolish to think this man shot teenagers in broad daylight at a public busy gas station for no reason. This is nothing like the Trayvon martin case.

      • Scott Grissom

        Yeah? Am I supposed to be impressed by your “hood”?
        I’m sure if a highly trained army operative went alone to an Al Queda camp with multiple terrorist out numbering him, he too would be shaking in his boots.

        Your reply does nothing except show me that you need your homies all around you in order to be tough. It’s easy to scare somebody when you out number them. You’re not impressive.

    • johnblacksad

      “the kids had their obscene rap music playing very loud in a public place”… exactly! Public place… why shoud he turn it down? it ain’t whiteboy’s house nor private property

  11. Mike

    Every race kills every other race, including thier own. I’d say most murders are not attributed to racism but the problem is that the justice system is clearly racist. The majority (I hope) of whites, blacks, mexicans, whatever are not racist….but….again, the system is.

  12. Scott Grissom

    It’s fucked up that a story about a white guy who kills a black guy in ‘self-defense’ gets more attention than the hundreds of gang-related murders that happen every week seemingly without any reason other than turf beef.

    People aren’t concerned about a tragedy that happened, with this story. People are concerned with spreading hate. Hundreds of tragic murders happen every week but you don’t see people covering those.

    People want stories that spread hate and controversy. It’s despicable that a pre-dominantly black site would intentionally spread stories like this, even further fueling the hate that exist between the races.

    • Southcidal

      ‘self defense’ ? Yeah he was defending himself from the booming sound piercing his ear drums huh? The kid was sitting in the backs seat of the car when he was shot 9 times. What was he defending himself from? I thought the country had advanced beyond this, but your defense of those actions show that you’re just as racist. Just don’t run up on me.

    • Keshia Pateña

      So i was reading the comments on this page, and wow…. people saying “Black people do this to white people all the time” Really?? I cant name one black person “offended” by loud music… steal our belongings or hurt our children and you may have a different story. And even when you hurt our children we dont go out can KILL little white babies. Anyone heard from Trayvons mom? im sure she’s not on trial for murder for what they did to her baby! I feel that we as a people are generally peaceful, we keep to ourselves and community, help and love one another, and for the most part, dont go looking for trouble. Imagine if we WERE every bad thing ever said about us.. it wouldnt be a secret.. you wouldnt have to dig your brain for the last “black on white crime” because it would be everywhere!! People saying black people do this kind of stuff all the time just makes me so mad… And this self defense… If it really flies, ill go to florida myself and protest! I would think you could have to at least stand up to be threatening… and if he had a problem with the music or anything the kid said.. he couldve complained to the station manager, called the cops or just left or even further LEFT the country for one with a little less rights, Because Just like everyone seems to have the “right” to call us Niggers.. that kid had the right to tell some old man “no, and go away” in whatever language he wanted. And as far as people saying this story spread hate.. i think it doesnt. it spreads a message that something is VERY WRONG IN OUR COUNTRY! Whatever your color, you have RIGHTS. What happened should not have happened and we need to stand as Americans and not divided by color to protect EVERYONES children!

  13. Kingt1981

    This has got to stop. Senseless killing of young black teens by any race should not be tolerated. And some of you have the audacity to come up here as young black men and make ignorant comments as our children are being executed. I hope they fry this bastard and George Zimmerman

  14. AK

    no matter what he wants to plead he is gonna do serious time, no way around busting a gun and killing someone unarmed with 9 shots no matter how white you are

  15. messias3

    “the hate that hate made” … just because black ppl sold black ppl to white and spanish ppl doesn’t make the crimes those ppl did to them any less tragic … I think that white Amerikkka thinks that they have the “RIGHT” to kill … willie lynch asses … get the difference

  16. H. U. S.

    How do you shoot a unarmed dude in the backseat about loud music? Damn…I could see him going for the driver or even the front passenger, so prosecutors are going to tear holes in his azz for this weak story!!!

  17. World Wide

    I’m not justifying what happened here but Ill you always keep to jumping to the race card. Why didn’t you ask for something to happen when over 300 black and hispanics kids were murdered in Chicago over the summer? I don’t remember you saying anything besides “black people we gotta do better”, but the moment something like this happens than you want to turn in Al Sharpton?

  18. PL

    So does this mean people are gonna drive around bumpin’ their stereos for Jordan Davis? I mean the wearing hoodies, buying Skittles and Arizona Ice Teas didn’t do shit for Trayvon..

  19. eddieknucks

    That man could’ve fuckin pulled off! They were parked next to each other! I thought they were sitting outside his business. If they don’t put his ass under the jail, it’s gonna be chaos! This is the type of shit that need to have a media blitz. Not who fuckin and suckin who!

  20. eddieknucks

    Please stop all the kill whitey rhetoric. That bullshit ain’t gon help nothin. A young man was killed by a so called responsible adult. Period. All it shows is the power of paranoia and the problem with the false courage of a gun. He wouldn’t have said shit if he wasn’t strapped. All of us have gone places that we would not have went if we was not packin. Don’t let the mutha fucka be new to holdin heat. He gon be itchin to buss somebody. The outrage come from this stand your ground bullshit. He was in a car. He should have pulled off.

  21. azio

    ignorance comes in all colors it has nothin to do with him being black grow up people i swear people become more ignorant on the hour

  22. sosa tha plug

    whats even sadder is the fact that deez fake ass house broken slaves are rationalizing this young mans death and murder with the fact that more black males are also victims of disenfranchisement,and therefore result to violence against each other.amerikkkan blacks face what palestenians face daily,world wide hate and lies to cover it up.fuck these housezaggin who too blind to accept the willie lynch and systematic oppression before u make yourself look dumb with broad stereotypical statements.this msg is for the fake blacks and the even faker whites that want black culture but hate the providers of it

  23. KBIII

    How are you going to tell someone in their own vehichle, or a car that does not belong to you, in a public place to turn down their music and get mad when they don’t! THE AUDACITY!! I would have cussed his a** out and I’m SURE they did he got mad and shot into that car! AND THATS JUST WRONG PERIOD! Its not like they were in front of his house or even a neighbor its a public place! Thats like saying that to someone next to you at a redlight! TEENAGERS GET ON ALL OF OUR NERVES ( all races )sometime but you cant shoot them when they make you mad! Also just because you ask someone to do something nicely, you shouldn’t expect them to always do it ESPECIALLY if you demand it! TOO many people feel ENTITLED and they’re NOT alot of times!

  24. TheInfiniteToker

    How come every single time a black teenager is killed it makes the news portion of this website, but yet whenever a white teen is killed by a black man or teen you don’t see it reported anywhere here. That’s what I’d like to know.

    • ladynamor

      Because that problem only exists in your mind. Its a fictitious idea and statement. Outside of the fact that black people dont shoot white kids for things like looking a certain way or blasting a radio. That shit is bizarre.

      • TheInfiniteToker

        No, they just kill white kids over their stupid hoodlum crack shit.

      • ladynamor

        The white kids shouldn’t be out buying the crack in the first place. Crack kills everyone. You are just bitter. Out trolling for an internet fight so you can spew hate on top of hate. We see you have issues. Your point is played out. EVERYONE knows that there are people like you lurking in the background wanting to be heard. We hear you and don’t give a damn what you are saying. Somewhere you are a real physical person walking amongst people everyday. Deal with the fact that your physical person is as distorted as your internet personality. Just your name alone screams out “I need help, I am hurting”.

  25. Alf Capone

    not everything is about race…………im gonna wait till i hear everything b4 i jump to a conclusion………..if ur smart u will also do this

  26. Eliza Terry

    The reason why black Americans get so angry about some white dude “feeling threatened by the lyrics” of the music these kids were playing is because in many states, Florida in particular, the practice of killing black teenaged boys seems to be sanctioned and possibly even encouraged by the legislature. Stand your ground allows a person no duty to retreat; they can shoot if they claim there was a “reasonable threat” to their safety. It doesn’t make any death any less horrifying. The problem is when a black man kills another black man, there’s no questions raised about whether or not he felt threatened, he just takes his black ass to jail. Only white people can shoot unarmed black teenagers and then say they felt threatened and get away with that. Black people can’t possibly feel threatened or be defending themselves because they’re black, they’re just as scary as the person who died, right?

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