50 Cent and French Montana

Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Goes Back At French Montana

LOL! The G-Unit General is setting the table for his comeback in 2013. 50 Cent talks about boxing and French Montana in the vid below. FWD to 1:40 mark or so. in the video, 50 says he’s about to putting an end to French Montana. What is the most shocking thing is he labels French the “new Ja Rule.” Now, I cannot agree until he ends that career and/or he starts singing. I don’t know if 50 is killin’ careers like before. He definitely is wounding cats, but 6ft deep? Not so much.

Here is the new 50 Cent song “My Life,” which is apparently the number one song on iTunes right now!

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By the way, The Game is going to come at 50 Cent, according to MTV News by way of Big Boy’s neighborhood. In the song above, he licked a shot at his former G-Unit buddy. Damn, that was a long time ago when Game was on G-Unit. People actually got shot in that beef.

He told Big Boy’s neighborhood:

“Every now and again, you get these zombie movies: No matter how many times you shoot ’em, they just keep on. “I’mma kill him, though,” he said with confidence. “I might have to figure out a different like scorpion gun or get a poisoned bow and arrow with peanut butter and skippy on it or something,” he joked.

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49 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: 50 Cent Goes Back At French Montana”

  1. Scott Grissom

    How does 50 expect to come back when his rapping ability fell of a long time ago. It’s like he went on a major crack binge around Curtis & Before I Self Destruct and completely destroyed his musical ability. The range of his vocals if just garbage now. He can’t even do a good hook anymore, and that is what made his old music so successful.

    • TruthSerum

      50 never had any rapping ability to begin with. GRODT didn’t sell because 50 was raising the bar with his vocals, it was a combination of controversy, crossover hits and an Eminem co sign that made him blow up. As you can see, An Adam Levine Hook, An Eminem verse and a couple of disses just made his new song #1 again. The more things change the more they stay the same. People always say “50 changed, he need to go back to blah blah blah”. Your dead wrong. The real problem with 50 is that he never changed, he’s had the same formula since he was on Columbia. He was making pop songs with Destinys child and dissing Ja Rule in 1999. In 2012 he’s making pop songs with Adam Levine and dissing French Montana. NOTHING about 50 Cent has ever changed, he’s been using the same formula his entire career.

      • therealest1

        That is quite an accurate statement. I agree he’s been the same artist, same formula, just different feuds throughout the times he’s been active in the game since the late 90s.

        But don’t forget about the only differences about 50; his voice, sound, and flow, and physical build due to the aftermath of him getting shot. After he got shot in 2000, he came back in late 2002 with a whole new flow, and a different voice. He rapped slower and his voice somewhat slurred in his conversations and raps. He also came back muscular when he was somewhat fat before he got shot.

        Its like he got a facelift, came back as a different artist despite the fact he received heavy promotion when he was at Columbia in the late 90s.

        Also, don’t forget he actually recorded a song with Kobe Bryant when they were both signed to Columbia in 2000.

        Plus I bet most of y’all don’t recall he was in the video as a goon friend of a dude beefing with Method Man over a chick for Method Man’s classic song, Break Ups 2 Make Ups off the cool Tical 2000: Judgement Day album!

      • TruthSerum

        Yeah, the voice and flow did change after the shooting, I forgot that. Creatively tho he’s been on the same shit since day one

      • andone

        50 never had any rapping ability to begin with…

        u must have never heard power of a dolla??

        and the plan wasnt to sell records beefing wit ja, em even said they were cleared cuz rule crossed the line speakin of personal things(fam, the stabbing)… ill agree thats why grodt sold well along wit the em and dre co-sign but lets not forget they were taking jus as much of a chance as well(wouldnt that make them fake too) … plus ja wasnt the type of dude to let eat when the wolves is out and thats the main reason so many ppl agreed that a mark should be marked(bound to happen)… also i think its fair to say the dc song was more r&b deff not pop(considering the yr)… granted the grodt crossover singles did well too, but u dont see ppl dissing nate for 21 questions right…and as far as the new material tho we will have to wait and see, might not be wat were used to but then again so wasnt recovery???

      • therealest1

        And to clarify, I think 50 has some rapping ability although he’s never really appealed to me. I give him that.

    • EDOGZ818

      Fugg That…If $00:50 takes Montana’s Bear hat & makes a video with it….I’ll become a G Unit soldier on the strength of him cleaning up Hip Hop…or trying!

      Still, to diss Stench Montana for having a hot song with features & brag about your own “HOT”? song with features in a contradiction.

      Still, how can you not roll with 50 if he drops a video wearing gunplay’s chain & Stench’s stupid @$$ bear hat! LOL

  2. therealest1

    I don’t know how French Montana expects to succeed on his own when he’s been in the game a longtime, he’s jointly signed to multiple popular artists, and according to accurate speculations, his album is full of features. He should focus more on doing his own thing instead of trying to go at 50 to drum up some noise for himself.

    Although I’ve never been a fan of 50, I’ve always respected his drive and perseverance in music and business acumen. Yes, his lead singles featured major artists, but a majority of his singles are on his own. He knows how to come up with catchy choruses and make songs that will crossover to all audiences that will sell like that. Just ask Game because all his shit he released after The Documentary have been hot, rehashed ass messes without 50’s input.

    • therealest1

      Let’s be realistic, Don King hasn’t been shit or relevant once he lost control of the major heavyweight boxers, and that weight class has been dead for over a decade now once Mike Tyson declined.

      He also got weaker once that most overrated fighter ever, Felix Trinidad, got exposed as overrated, one dimensional, not strong enough to take punches from bigger fighters by Bernard Hopkins in that TKO loss he took in Sept. 2001. He was washed immediately up after that loss.

      King hasn’t been able to lure any upstart or relevant fighters of the current era to his stable. The game has changed, now the current era fighters are flocking to former fighters turned promoters, i.e. Oscar De La Hoya.

      It only makes sense for current era fighters to go to former fighters turned promoters based on King’s shady and detrimental business conducts with former fighters in his stable.

      He made a pathetic attempt to lure Floyd Mayweather 2 years ago, he didn’t go for that shit. I’m sure Floyd’s main man Mike Tyson got in his ear and told him about how dirty he is.

      Same shit will happen to Bob Arum once Manny Pacquiao is no longer active in the game. These old crooked ass guys are getting pushed out slowly.

  3. brotha_man

    fif proves that game is a fake gangsta this dude disses game time after time and Game has yet to pull a “40 glock” on fif

  4. King Cold

    Damn so much hate for fif on here.lol. don’t be mad because fif’s music is better than most of the bullshit out these days. 30 millin plus sold is incredible. These new rappers won’t see none of those numbers. And that’s y majority rappers these days aren’t selling. Music quality sucks these days so while rappers struggle for numbers 50 will remain around. Real talk

  5. Prophet

    50 is on the top charts constantly. had 14 last year and #1 hit for months with jeremih (he gave that song to jeremih so he wouldnt get dropped)..and this song is #1 on itunes already…good luck game, he cant make a hot single even when he was tyga, chris brown, wiz khalifa and lil wayne on it LOL!!

  6. Tra mo

    C da thing I like about fif is he is his own man these new rappers think o if I’m friends wit a fake blood who kisses men I get ahead if I’m friends wit a former co who never sold a rock n his life I get ahead if I’m friends wit a snake like diddy I get ahead they sacrifice self respect and integrity just 2 fit in 50 like fuk dat I’m my own man I’m not kissing da ass of these fake industry niggas and notice how all a sudden rappers these days is trying to find sum kind of affiliation wit cash money all these rappers albums all sound da same cuz they have da same typical features and 50 no these rapper dnt like him cuz he won so much in his career its only right dat they hate (shoe deal movie deal book deal vitamin water deal headphone d3eal boxing promotion deal etc) And I also notice when fif is n videos wit other rappers he is uncomfortable 50 like being on an island by himself xat da end of da day 50 can sleep good at nite cuz he played da game by his own rules and didn’t hve 2 change 4 nobody I salute a real nigga now watch y’all gon say dam u on his dick and or if I’m negative y’all gon say I’m hating so I mite as well b honest

      • Hector G

        the only person talkin bout suckin off dudes is you homo. 50 is better than your favorite rapper stupid

      • Hector G

        lol at u….enjoy listening to french montana and his down syndrome ass

    • daveofthematthews

      I Salute you Sir, Nice post. Personally during Game and 50’s original beef i thought Game came out on top lyrically, Mainly because 300 Bars was so dope but i honestly can’t find anything to disagree with you on. I have tons more respect for 50 than i do for most of the so called hot rappers we got representing this genre right now.

  7. Keylon Jackson Di Natale

    lol game funny, lol 50 aint no gangster n never been one he was just satellite around real niggas and got for snitchin, nobody is affraid of this punk he lives in connecticut how g’s is dat

  8. DiscoverDior.com

    I just feel disappointed that a dude like 50 cent who fought tooth and nail to get rich or die trying just to be the ” class clown” of Hip-Hop…..I see why there are so many undiscovered dudes out there with tons of talent but no one to help them to be successful..Point is 50 cent needs to grow up and stop it with this dissing stuff….50 cent is on a level that he shouldn’t even have to communicate with certain rappers much less beef with them…It’s like having all this money and still trying to fight the little guys for peanuts. Let these rappers do there thing 50 get off there dicks go debate with real individuals who’s exposer will bring change.

  9. Truth Powell

    50 needs to stop pandering. Get in the studio with DJ Premier knock out an album with a couple Dre tracks in the mix and just smash the industry and silence the haters.

    He already achieved commercial success, now he needs to get his artistic credibility back. It worked for Jay and Nas….

  10. hoeyuno

    french isn’t at the height ja rule was when he knocked him off his pedestal. when fifty went after ja everybody was tired of hearing him anyways.

  11. PorchBoySlim

    50 wont even have to end French Montanas career…he cant even put out a song without a feature…aint nobody looking for homie

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