Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Nicki Minaj Cooling Off?

I’m not the one to bet against Nicki Minaj, but it seems like she’s showing signs of cooling off. And, that’s a relative term considering she’s got stuff like reality shows and American Idol coming. But, recently her re-packaged album came in under the #20 mark. And, she apparently had a show in the land of down under, Australia, where people didn’t show out even for slashed ticket prices. Then, people are saying that Mariah Carey, her American idol rival, sold out a larger venue just last week! Couple that with rumors of beef with Drake and Lil Wayne proclaiming his next album to be his last, stuff is looking crazy! Honestly, she says it was Wal Mart’s fault, but I think its more like…we didn’t know. I certainly didn’t know she had an album out, even though I’m not the intended consumer. Here is the new video for those that it was intended for.

She didn’t thank Drake in the song, I just heard. Interesting….

Don’t laugh yet, Kim! That video has over 5 million views!

I think Nicki has some more left in the tank!

Illseed, Out.


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21 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Nicki Minaj Cooling Off?”

  1. RockyMountainRaider

    Who else but illseed to write a Nicki article, realize seed your girl sucks and no one likes her no more (except small girls and guy dudes).

  2. Hector G

    cooling off???? she been sucking…and screw the media and writers like illseed for throwing her at us repeatedly even though she is the worst musical artist basically…ever.

    • EDOGZ818

      Nah, she has talent, don’t get it twisted, it’s just wasted IMHO, but it matters to the people who buy her music. She is very talented, but her image & style is wack juice….on purpose.

      Wack juice to me may equal sales to soccer moms, so I ain’t gonna hate….but I will pa$$!

  3. chevy_weight_champ

    Artist like Nicci come and go, i’m pretty sure its hard as hell 2 keep coming up with that new shit in the industry, we live in a world now where you could be roccin or listening 2 sumthing one week then a few weeks lata people pass that shit off 4 the newest shit!!

  4. HipHopStalker

    Nicki was not bad but never great. She made her mark by using all the weird voices and outfits etc…. and not being a commercial hip hop artist which is cool as long as it’s done right with your own style but DAMN she became a pop DANCE artist, Most of her music is borderline techno and now the gay people and white kids aren’t feeling her anymore and there on to the next. Every interview she does she always acts stuck up and plays that sob story of how the hood and her own people be hating blah,blah,blah. Wack is Wack Nicki. Talk to Kim because she went through that same bullshit and now can’t sell her mixtape through paypal lol.

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