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Producer Rick Rubin Helps Power Adele's "21" To Diamond Status; First Artist In Decade To Reach 10 Million Sales

(AllHipHop News) Super-producer Rick Rubin is sharing in on the success of Adele, who was recently named the first artist of the 21st century to receive a Diamond Award in less than two years.

Adele’s critically acclaimed album 21 was officially certified as having sold 10 million records, landing a Diamond Award certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

“We are thrilled to honor Adele with an RIAA Diamond Award marking her enormous 21 sales success,” said RIAA chairman/CEO Cary Sherman. “Selling more than 10 million albums in the United States, in less than two years, is an achievement unparalleled by any other artist in the past decade, let alone just a few in all of history. Adele’s unique talent is a gift to music fans, and her success is certainly cause for a celebration of Diamond magnitude.”

In the digital realm, eight of Adele’s songs have already amassed over 19 million downloads in the United States.

Rick Rubin, who is co-chairman of Columbia Records produced five of the songs on Adele’s hit album 21.

“She’s the real thing, and at a time when so much music is made through a more manufactured process, she is a self-contained, real artist who writes her songs and sings her songs and uses her vocal instrument in way we don’t get to hear a lot,” Rick Rubin told Billboard in June of 2011.

According to data released by the RIAA, Adele is the only British or European female solo act in history to earn an RIAA Diamond award.

  • Hip Hop fans are the only fans in all of the genres of music that leach off the artists and don’t support! These white people support theirs! We’re loosing! SMH!

    • 1) I think its because many in the urban culture aspire to be “artists”, so, there is too much competition and too much pathetic art out there, where as in other communities, being a musician is not #1 on a child’s aspirations list. As a result, the craft maintains a sort of scarcity that facilitates healthy interest from consumers. 2) Songwriting lacks in the urban music scene… Not for lack of creativity or talent, but for the lack of subject matter. We gotta do better with our stories. And in order to do that, we’re going to have to do better with our romantic relationships in order to change the narrative and change what people relate to. 3) Urban artists marginalize themselves by refusing to incorporate aspects of other genres into their sound, as a mainstay. 4) People running these artists businesses aren’t doing it right. Nicki Minaj is case and point… She had the opportunity to really really blow. But she’s become a cheap artist in the interest of jumping on all of these endorsements too soon.

      • Black Exodus

        Wow Jordan…your comment was on point! I would like to add another point. Alot of the urban music is losing the “Art & Soul”…most view it like a get rich scheme. If you have a passionate artist who studies his craft and loves the “sound” of music and does it for the art first….the cash, fans and notoriety will follow. Music is relayed from the heart…that is what makes a star…a star can connect to your heart…most of the popular urban music is heartless…that’s why nobodies selling any records. Much props to Adele…her music crosses all barriers and it’s no surprise that she’s moved 10 million records (and counting).

      • Case in point:
        “DIAMONDS” by Black Exodus

        Still, that kind of music only increases an artist’s debt, as opposed to “Ratchet Rap”.

      • Super_Hero

        All true but still doesn’t explain why Hip Hop legends are not treated as legends as other genre. Rolling-stones or Elton John can go on tour and command respect and love. Wu-Tang goes on tour and half the hip hop fans will say “they are washed up, old, trying to live their glory days”. etc. In fact, lesser successful artist like Trina gets more hip hop press love over real hip hop legends.

      • hoeyuno

        yea hip hop is weird that way. I’m sure even old techno guys can put shows together and get there original fans out.

      • Technically…Nicki did blow..PAUSE..

        From Queens to American Idol judge with Mariah?

        But definitely on point with your comment!

      • Terrance Goodman

        Yea she blew half of cash Funny

      • Terrance Goodman


    • Only because Hip Hoppers are sophisticated enough to get the music for free….or poor enough to have to bootleg it!

      • Terrance Goodman

        Bootlegging in our blood from stuffing tapes to record on . Whole hood
        Will have that joint when one nugga bought it lol

      • That’s how we used to do back in the days when we were getting money, now, not even that 1 ninja can afford to buy it, even he str8 ripping it from youtube for free!


        Can’t even sell a bootleg CD for $1 now…..unless they paying for the “EFFORT” of bootlegging……which damn sure ain’t $5 ( Fat bag of ‘Ism )

      • Terrance Goodman

        All damn day how times change . You ain’t never lied I know fools with
        I phones who whole play list is you tube. They don’t do I tunes etc. technology a gift n a curse to our genre of music the most

      • Hell yeah, my playilist used to be on youtube, untill I got the free, yeah, $Free.99 “Youtube Downloader”….& subsequent converter, download str8 off youtube & convert to mp3, wave, etc.

        Could burn it on to a cd, if I didn’t store it on a thumb drive!

        At this stage,diminishing returns, even if CD’s were $1, would you have 50 cd’s ( $50 ) & bulky case, etc., or a $5 thumbdrive, that held 1,000 cd & fit in the little inside pocket of my velcro wallet?

        Yeah, my ‘chet is still velcro, etc.
        If your audio system can take a usb / auxiliary..what would you chose?

        I’d rather carry a laptop than cd collection, no scratches, skips & fugg around, add a majik jack & dollar store non electric phone & be on some home office ‘chet!

      • Terrance Goodman

        True that on so many levels yeah I got that downloader but I rather give I tune they lil $$ n pick out the 3 songs that might be flame rather than
        Like you said waste cash on a product that easily abused

      • I would if I could, but that’s why I support KRS, he did a show & paused for the bootleggers….”If any of you, right now, have recorders….turn them on, right now, I’ll give you a second….so when this is sold on the streets, people can know it was a real party!”…( Intro to “Who am I”)

        The poem part….”When the rich get richer…visualize wealth & put your self in the pictureeeee!!!!!”

        Hot ‘chet….not about the $$$$, damn sure ain’t about ” I got more than you”…see “Friend” – KRS-One

      • Terrance Goodman

        I gotta slaute krs for that ish

  • Sean Peterson


    • Terrance Goodman

      Lotta ppl sleep on rubin silent money

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Rick Rubin, Still one of the BEST doing it! Salute!

  • shockman203

    Rick Rubin is a money machine look him up he bigger than any rapper in the game watch out for Fifty he the next Rick Rubin

    • Nah, but 50 probably earns more, but Rick has been doing it since Day 1 ( Krush Grove, Kurtis Blow, Run DMC days. ‘Chet, Rick Rubin produced Russel Simmon’s rap record when he rapped under “Russel Rush”, “Cold Chillin’ In The Spot” joking about cutting out the rappers & keeping all the money. That’s where the “Cold Rock Stuff” sample on Hasan & 7-11’s “Cold Rock Stuff” came from. ( The Opening )

      This was back when records had no artwork, only the label logo.

      ( Def Jam was burgandy & Profile records kicked in the door with their “SWOOSH” mark on the records.

  • Congratulations Adele… quite the feat in today’s music piracy indeed. Makes you question the RIAA’s claims. If your music is of quality the people will buy ultimately as is proven here.

    • Adele is a beast on the mic! No doubt about that! Pure talent & realness.

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  • Terrance Goodman

    Congrats … Good look. Rick rubin been marketing moves when Russell
    Had hair .
    Most hip artists material does not get purchased because if hey got keys
    Ppl feel like well I can download it . #2 no craft no bars same ole $,ass, these
    Niggas don’t want it talk. Other genres of music evolve . Hip hop
    Has became my beloved sister who refuses to grow up

  • hoeyuno

    whenever in a debate about how big were white boys part of the creation of hip hop all you have to drop is one name…. rick ruben bitch!!!

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