Hip-Hop Rumors: DMX The DJ?

First of all, I read what I wrote yesterday, and I didn’t understand it. I don’t do any sort of drugs, but maybe I should because some of that was terrible. I’ll formally submit myself to the mercy of the editor soon, I think. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll just continue to read my wack writings. I don’t know. Anyway, here is a humorous rumor.

DMX is well-known for his gritty raps. But apparently, he’s starting another facet to an already accomplished career. He’s at the earliest phases of DJing. And when I mean early, I mean EARLY. When you see the video, its mostly of DMX having fun with DJ Premiere and rapper Termanology in there too. But, you be the judge: should DMX look at this as a viable career option? Stranger things have happened in Hip-Hop.

This is the VERY FIRST time DMX DJ’s!

  • X was good at mixing the cheeba with rocks, lets all hope he is half as good at mixing songs!

  • Get an assistant…..

    >>Was gonna fire an E shot at Sydney Lace……but she gets a pass!

    Donovan is an accomplished writer, Fist of the NorthStar & a few other’s who double as the grammar PoPo on here, could help you out with proof reading.

    ‘Chet, get one of your haters who are always talking ‘chet & have them edit & put the pressure on them!

    That would be some ‘chet! Make them put up or shut up!

  • PS: GTFOH! That ain’t DMX’s 1st time on the wheels of steel, he has too much skill & experience!

    He’s been practicing!

  • I’ll keep this short: Either illseed has had a major transformation personally which has shift the way the post are written or this isnt illseed. I’ve been following allhiphop for years and I’ve payed attention. Either illseed has had some life changing experiences or this isnt illseed. There I said my peace.

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