Eve and Stevie J

Hip-Hop Rumors: Eve Finally Addresses Stevie J – Says "He Was My First Love"

Eve has been on a media blitz the last week to promote her upcoming album, Lip Lock, which is scheduled for an April release, and her EveStyling Tuesday’s, where she is will be releasing new music every Tuesday on Twitter She has already released a few tracks, including hew new single, “She Bad, Bad.”


On Wednesday, Eve sat down with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez and opened up about her “first love,” Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J. The two were a couple back in Eve’s Ruff Ryder days, and someone released a sex tape featuring Eve and Stevie J. The sex tape was a big deal back then – that was when our society was a little more moral, and stuff like that was frowned upon. Now that’s the type of stuff that makes you a star.

Stevie J and Eve

Although “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” was everywhere this year, Eve says that she’s never watched it, and from what she hears, he’s the same ole’ Stevie J.

“I have not watched it. (On my life). I mean Wow,what can I say? What I hear is out of control. I’m not surprised.”

I can’t even blame it on drugs, I wish I could…..I was young and dumb. [My mom] texted me and was like, ‘You dodged a bullet with that one,’ that’s all she said and we never talked about it again.”

Check out the candid interview below. Eve seems to regret that relationship with Stevie J….can anyone blame her?

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  • She has addressed this bullshit 20 times during the course of that bullshit show. Sydney Lace you are truly the worst hip hop blogger/ gossiping hen in the entire UNIVERSE go get a real job!!!!

    • Guest

      N stop ripping from comment section she on 1

      • You & sydney lace eat dick

      • PorchBoySlim


  • Eve is winning!

    • bisolabliss

      Always. She’s always been real with it and one can’t front on realness

      • Look how it paid off! Eve is realer than most industry dudes!

        They should take lessons from her!

    • Martin Raheem

      A few hip hop artist’s just makes u glad when u listening to them (no homo). And the first lady of RR… shhh… who’s that girl just Winning!

      • Hell yeah, the whiteboy / baby dad winning too!

        I wish them the best!

  • Guest

    Can I get my writing credits ripped from other post
    About eve

    • Yep, you sure can…signed in as a ‘guest’ and alllll-uh-dat

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  • Tril Beats


  • Martin Raheem

    Stevie J who? I’m just bugging cuz truth is i know who he is cuz i downloaded hip hop love or what ever on the pirate bay dot com. Season 1 if someone is interested (mad love for Scrappy for f-ing him up). It’s like the bachelor. Download it… quality 2010+ tv show… Eve is just real. Mad respect! Black or white f# dat. For me Eve just is and will always be the first lady of RR and MAD RESPECT. Wish you all happiness up in London girl. You go girl ONE!

    • HipHopStalker

      Stevie is mos def a corn ball but if you just found out who he is because of that show you don’t know hip hop. He’s made hits for Puff daddy aka diddy and some BANGERS for B.I.G,Mase,Jay-z,>Mariah Carey,Lil Wayne etc…….you must be a reality show junkie lol He’s forever eating off of mo’money mo problems.

      • Martin Raheem

        Cool! I did not know.

      • Martin Raheem

        Love hip hop “music” not shows. Know some but not all but im staying humble 😉 Pz!

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  • That sex tape was dreadful.