Hip-Hop Rumors: Instagram Comedy! French Montana Strikes Back – Calls 50 "DunkeyKong"

Earlier today, 50 cent dropped a bomb when he revealed that French Montana helped him shoot a DVD threatening DJ Khalid and his family. This was back in 2009 when French was the CEO of Coke Boys DVD. Read the story below if you haven’t already:

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Well, although French hasn’t responded on those accusations just yet, he has utliized his instagram account today to clown 50 Cent.  French posted the sickly photo of 50 Cent below from the movie “All Falls Apart” along with the caption, “Get Rich or Die Trying, lol.”

50 Cent

French also joked on 50’s affinity for wearing jean shorts. Check out his instagram post below:

French Montana tweet

One thing that has come out of this whole 50 Cent and French Montana beef is that French Montana sure does have a good sense of humor. Oh sidenote, 50 said also called French Montana the”new Ja Rule.” Do you think 50 still has it in him to end anyone career, let along French Montana who is currently the most popular kid in Hip-Hop.

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  • therealest1

    Wack ass comeback shit.

  • Damn 3 years and yall cant come up with a better comeback then donkey?

    • plsDontreply


    • PorchBoySlim


  • Robbin hood

    At least 50 was decent at one point but wait this french montana dude is the most popular kid in hip hop rite now? mind=blown

  • Truth Powell

    French Montana is not the most popular kid in hiphop. Stop lyin and gassin these dudes up smh

    And putting up pics from a movie role to diss?? lame.

    Sad thing is Fench Montana’s movie role is his whole life.

  • ladynamor

    This french dude is sissy like

  • StackzScrilla

    These niggas was just kickin’ it last week now they beefin’? Where dey’ do dat at!!?? Them knee caps was mad dry though. LOL! Wit’ them short a$$ shorts on and that raggedy @ss carpet! Nigga need some Palmers Coco butter or for severe cases go ahead and rub some mayonnaise and soak them Shitz.

    • Dadon850

      You a clown

    • That knee cap ‘chet had me in tears! LOL

      • StackzScrilla

        You feel me tho??!! I wouldn’t dare walk out this house wit my joints lookin’ like that! Nigga look like he did the electric slide on astro turf (wit that raggedy @ss carpet) but ON HIS KNEE CAPS! FOH! LOL!

      • Stench Montana was losing until he dropped the knee pic, He still losing ,but won one.

      • CaliTransplant

        i ain’t gon lie, me too though! but u know 50 is gonna shut this dude’s career off for clownin them knees…lookin like volcano caps

      • Stench’s career is marketing & promotion, so this actually helps him, it could save / revive his career….it damn sure can’t hurt it!

  • official1987

    Really french most popular kid in the game? what about kendrick, jcole, meek millz all of which are much better and more popular amongst real hiphop listeners.

    • Dee

      thank u i was thinking same thing

    • Take off Cole, but French is one of the hottest sad to say. Mainstream speaking

      • You taking cole off to give props to Montana? Really…Cole would spit circles around Montana

      • We taking POPULAR, I’m not talking about talent.So yes, Montanta is more popular than Cole. While cole is better than french. Obviously.

      • The problem is we let the mainstream (white america) tell us whats hot in our own culture. Cause they have the funds to push their agenda, dumbing down our music and culture.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        thats coz we all bout the money these days…its hard to find a real brother that does what he believes and is willing to die by his beliefs, ethics, morals, and what he stands for.

  • Dointer

    Im still struggling to get the point of the denim shorts thing ? This is like 12 year old school boy kind if stuff. 50 wont enter a war he cant win, I still think he is holding onto some shit that will end Frenchie.

    • Yeah, the tape that French got him of Khaled’s mom’s crib.

  • bigdoe6

    French u lost my dude. Kiss the ring.

  • Wordup

    that movie was about cancer, not funny.

  • Joe

    “French Montana is not the most popular kid in hiphop” <<<< huh????

    DunkeyKong? Thats not even funny.

    • King Cold

      Exactly. 50 been sayin he a gorilla. His crew is the guerrilla unit. So he’s just basically callin him the biggest gorilla in the dude needs some better lines

      • Doe Boy

        the biggest in the game=dunkeykong lol
        what the g in g-unit stand for haha
        fck 50 u jus killed this nigga

      • Huh? Negro, you didn’t make no sense right there.

      • Doe Boy

        the g in gunit stand for gorilla so callin 50 dunkkeykong may not be such a diss…bein that in the gamer word dunkeykong is the biggest gorilla on the block….so sapp08 killed frenchie…it was jas a co sign to what he it now goofy

  • King Cold

    What’s funny is french is literally givin 50 free promo. Once 50 drops a diss track its a wrap for frenchie. He mustve forgot yayo put him on first wit max b

  • Dadon850

    50 is right about French verses being terrible. I cannot see what the hype is about him. His rap skills are on par with Tony Yayo, Gunplay and Silk the Shocker.

    • Hector G

      yayo is dope don’t compare him to french…french raps like he has down syndrome

    • Gunplay as much as I hated at first can actually rap. He is 10 times better than french you. Silk the shocker yeah he is kind of wack. Take those out the list and put Lil B, Gucci mayne, soulja boy to compare french to. Those cats sound retarded.

      • CaliTransplant

        word. silk was always garbage. gunplay is getting better. his mixtape was kinda tight actually. lil b, chief keef and soulja boy are beyond bad…

  • Bryce13

    If French Montana is the most popular new kid in Hip Pop, real Hip Hop heads got a lot to worry about in terms of the future of this once organic genre of music. French sucks due to not talking about a damn thing. Read his rhymes on paper and I bet you most people would assume it was a 12 year old rhymes.

  • keylon jackson

    lmaoooo!!!!! i remember when cam sed a gorrila wit rabbit teeth french is detroying 50,

    • Dadon850

      Your boyfriend is destroying your rectum. You’re an idiot.

      • Casor_Greener

        Damn you on 50 dick!

      • keylon jackson

        awww @dadon850 why you mad cause sissy aint hot nomore, lmao cmon son you know 50 aint bout to do shit he shows errbody he a snitch #thisniqqaissogay

      • Yea its me

        That is the most original post I’ve ever seen. -_-

      • aye-dre-dre

        kill yourself, boy…..know your history fontana was a d.i.c.k. ryder for gunit with cocaine city dvds…the shoot dj khaleds crib and moms work when the ugly bitch was sleep……so I wonder today if ross, joe, even khaled knew that fontana is just a cameraman tryin out for a rapper, wack ass nigga….

      • Hector G

        ahahahaha everyone that is a fifty hater is wrong….and i can tell you are str8 retarded

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  • king

    Get him french old has been kid fifty is waiting and needing his lame a$$ spanked.

    • Dadon850

      Nowhere near lame as you.

      • king

        Yeah this n!gg@ lame same your old sensitive a$$ angry that I spoke truth about your boo boo

      • Dadon850

        I see you a retarded dumb nicca too. What, you a crack baby?? French garbage and so are you. Deal wit that

      • king

        Your boo boo is a lame your a lame for defending this n!gg@ who could care less about you…

      • Dadon850

        Listen crack baby, show me where I defended 50. I called you lame because you are and so is French. Actually French is garbage. I’m not a 50 fan but I know trash when I see it. And French is trash.

      • king

        You came at keylon for dissing your boo and you responded back to me as well yeah fifty a lame a$$ has been..

      • Dadon850

        This is a prime example of why I called you lame. Why are you concerned about a post I made directed at another poster?? Is that your “boo”?? Are you defending his honor?? Lame…

      • He’s a fag, looking for love in the form of getting knocked out by a BlackMan, because his mother got rocked out by one. ( The b’ish in him “coming” out!)

        Still, that Knee ‘chet was funny with French!

      • Hector G

        you got ethered….jus shut up and take it like a bitch…yer favorite rapper aint shit

      • king

        Anyone is better than booboo.You ethered yourself believing fifty album is going to sale he is a has been .

      • Hector G

        50 and em doin 8 mill views for my life on youtube in 3 days…yer jus a 50 hater and you’d rather listen to wack rapper with down syndrome like hannah montana…you a sucka…frenchs career=over….girl

      • king

        Why you all on fifty cent nether regions as if his lame ass even know who you are .

      • Hector G

        yer about as good at comebacks as the real french montatna…you lost…yer favorite rapper aint shit

      • king

        Wow your riding for fifty cent like a love struck girl

      • Hector G

        ppl are has beens when they goin on theyre 5th album now?? yer just a hater bitch that 50 is an artist and french jus a fag with no talent….lol at you….only album ppl arent checkin for is french’s…you really don’t know what ether is fool

      • king

        No people are has been when no one is checking for his album went tin no platinum this will do even less face it it’s a wrap

  • dayleedumped

    iuno i like fifty more than french montana.. but at the same time french montana is affiliated with a lot of different crews, fifty is just fifty, he should just make friends but at the same time why make friends with a bunch of fake niggas that rap about life they never lived upon, and when fifty almost died for the shit they rapping about..

    • Hector G

      you jus summed it up….now really ask yourself…would you chill with a bunch of fake talentless artists that are less intelligent than you and aren’t your real friends if you had 200 mill. everyone in the industry needs to get their bread up on some real shit like 50, set a good example, invest in other types of businesses to diversify and stop hugging everyone’s nuts and tryin to befriend a bunch of industry clowns cause by theyre self they basically generate little to no interest or money for that matter with music.

  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    50 doesn’t need to kill French Montana career time will take care of that

  • Weedras

    Well there is some truth to the argument that French is the more popular dude in rap right now why? you either like what he does or you hate… so even if you’re not a fan you’re still are aware of him…. so maybe the word that should be used is infamous…

    • Yea its me


    • CaliTransplant

      just because ‘pop that’ is on the radio 8 thousand times a day doesn’t make french a good artist. it’s because he had the hottest rappers in the game on the track! Weezy (who had the worst verse on the track and has been spitting hot garbage lately!) Drake and Rick Ross…no one was checking for French’s verse. By the way, 2 Chainz is the hottest rapper currently.

      • Weedras

        comprehend first before you go on a tirade lol!! where did you see me say French is a good artist?!? o.0 i’ll wait for that… 2ndly i don’t listen to his music so i wouldn’t even know what you’re talking about in reference to Weezy… i don’t listen to him but i know who he is, you clearly listen to him but think he’s wack proves my point ppl know of him whether he’s good or not… and you’re referring to Tity Boi as the hottest in the game right now… ok… i referred to popularity/infamy… not who’s on the most records right now… French is getting as much exposure even though he much good as Tity Boi is and they’re both average if not below par rappers…

      • CaliTransplant

        Whoa, cuz. I wasn’t coming for you. Just making a statement. This is no argument, so cool out.

      • Weedras

        lol!! no offense taken lol!! it’s just banter… was just stating my point simple… ain’t coming at you at all… as i said it’s just banter…

  • FaSho Money Prince

    Just heard his music for the first time and dude is extremely average…

  • atle fjeldstad

    Free Max B! That`s all i`ve got to say about this article…

  • Martin Raheem

    I only reacted to “the most popular kid in Hip Hop 🙂 well… personally… i probably could name about 20 rappers off hand with new kids, and sorry but Fresh won’t make it on that list.

    About beef. Both 50 and Fresh is sad. Im just now listening to Fabolous mixtapes and d*mn hip hop is ALIVE!

  • TheBigCheeFa

    people need to stop kissing 50 cent ass

  • spacely

    first off most popular kid in hip hop?? what??? secondly name one french song with only french on it…….no features at all just him. I’ll wait

    • $19537063

      Everythings a Go.

      • Yeah, but nobody gave a shit about that song till Wale, Kiss and Fab got on it.

  • Grimey

    Dunkey? Name calling is so childish come on.

  • CanYouAllHearMe

    i cant wait to see what william and khaled do whatever they will look stupid

  • daveofthematthews

    Yo Sydney Disgrace, I know you say dumb ass stuff sometimes just to get a reaction from people (Probably on advise from Illseed) but stating French Montana to be “The most popular kid in Hip Hop” is just very sad and very silly… Even for you.

  • Alf Capone

    i dont like french……….his music sucks……..i dont listen to 50 anymore but at one time a long long time ago 50 actually made some good music kids………ask ur parents about it

  • Abdelmajid Ibn Allal Bouloum

    the same way donkeykong killed jahs career his getting killed u not relevant in the young boys game get it donkey u got $$ just chill and let thise young boys get a peice damn …

  • cmonson

    “French Montana who is currently the most popular kid in Hip-Hop”

    Seriously??? make no mistake, it was Young Money & MMG that made his single no.1, not French. he simply sucks.

  • You obiously don’t like 50 since all of your post take a shot at em why do you keep posting bullshit like your unbiased when your clearly not? Illseed shits on you btw

  • “French Montana who is currently the most popular kid in Hip-Hop.” Who wrote this story? This dude is a poster child for every negative black stereo type. Versace ski masks, GTFOH

  • ILLAmusic

    Sydney please stop writing. Most popular in hop hop right now? Do you even pay attention to hip hop? What about Kendrick? Or anyone that actually has an album out or a least a hit by themselves. This dude’s a circus act, watch. His album is gonna flop then he’ll be back to working a camera hahaha. By the way, “dunkey kong” is not a strike back, it’s fuckin lame

    • buffer

      co sign
      stop writing Sydney, stop supporting these wack rappers like Montana Ross, Dj Khaled etc.
      stop Sydney

  • Merk E Waters

    So………….I will preface my statement by saying I have no skin in the game either way. Hopefully, that will keep the 50 stans off of me for sharing what everyone already knows an allow them to accept the facts:

    1. 50’s formula for relevance has exhausted itself. With good timing and Fed assistance, he won the war with Ja. No Ether moment. 50 is the worst rapper on his own label & NO ONE can mention one hot 16 this dude has ever spit.

    2. 50 is in NO ONE’s top MC’s list and no one is looking for a 50 album

    3. Please stop saying 50 is this brilliant business man. Ask Yayo, Banks, Olivia, Mobb Deep, MOP, or anyone else how good a business man he is. Interscope is letting him go and Em rarely mentions the gut, if at all. His movies are direct to video, now, and NO ONE is buying those joints regular retail-not even the Stans. Mayweather and his team realized this dude was a groupie & parted ways

    G Unit clothing….please. And I know he made a load of guap off of the reebok deal, but Milli Vanilli made a ton of endorsements, too. No longevit for his brand. It’s over.

    4. French is wack, lyrically. Easy target for Fif.

    5. Fif is somewhat of a hater. Why is he sending shots at Swizz? Why did he send shots at Wayne and Kanye? Hecaught lighning in a bottle, had a couple of bangers, but has progressively goten worse as an artist. How does that happen?

    I point all of that out to say this. Anytime that we talk about this dude now, it’s about who he is beefing with. His catalog is horrible and sensible Hip Hop fans would argue that Ja, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Game and ANYONE else he has had beef with have superior, deeper catalogs.

    Just the thoughts of a not biased observer…

    • buffer

      HAHA you fool, even french montana said that 50 cent belongs to his top 5 list, so you just FAIL

      • Merk E Waters

        @ buffer …..The fact that Montana thinks 50 is top 5 could be considered extreme sarcasm or further proof of his lack of hip hop i.q. In addition, Tony Yayo thinks Fif is top 5, and he means what exactly to Hip Hop? Nice try.

  • john

    Maybe it’s just me but a lot of you people in this community are odd. why are you guys insulting each other because of someones opinion of your fav aritst? we are all entitled to our own opinion and that should be that. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION i think french montana isnt a good rapper but the fact that he’s befriended the hottest acts in hip hop will help him. I’ve been a 50 fan forever but even i can admit his music has fallen off. the thing i respected the most about 50 was his character but even now i see things that i start to question about his character and integrity.
    i started losing a bit of respect for 50 when he aired out banks and yayo. I think that solidified the death of g-unit. how are you gong to go on radio telling everyone they have no work ethic and making your crew look weak? I can go on and on but i think iv written a long enough essay. In conclusion french dont want it with fif. You’d think he had time on his hands but he has movie distribution, album coming, and sk yet he still makes time for the beef. this nigga just has competition built in his dna and i don’t think french will win unless his crew mmg and bad boy help him out

  • brollya

    french go find out that all dem niggaz he on stage wit aint his friend at the end….. he need to remember dat. its jus business…… he think all dem niggaz his friend… especially diddy.

  • baller187

    I back meek mill but his cd was horrible, this nigga mill so capable how could he put out trash like that for real horrble, and meek has skillz all on his blogs talkin about its gonna be a classic, ya classic give me my dub back for that trash cd

  • That shit was corny. The damn GRODT joke don’t even make no sense. 50 is getting richer in that pic because he’s starring in his own movie under his own film company. Besides, French is under pressure because he got aired for getting that footage. How Khaled or any o’ them niggas can stand next to him now is beyond me.

  • Glasscut

    Lol French Montana can’t even spell “Dunkey” WTF but at the same time i ask why do we keep going to webster and oxford to check our spelling..

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

    Reblogged this on This Is The New LaTex!!.

  • And I gotta lmao to the pic with Khaled hanging on French. This fool sold his mama out and he huggin on him.