Hip-Hop Rumors: OH SH!T French Montana Did A Dastardly Deed For 50 Cent! Trina Update!

OH! Just when you thought this 50 Cent/French Montana beef was about to get CORNY, it takes a turn for the interesting. Sooooo…do you remember when 50 Cent started to really get ugg mugg with it? He eventually went on to tape DJ Khaled’s mom and dad at their store with this ominous vibe that he may do something to them?


Me too! I remember feeling like a line had been crossed. Well, guess what? From what I am getting French Montana was the person that video taped that! Remember, before he was a gigantic “coke boy,” Frenchie used to do DVD’s on the street! So, he’s had these capabilities for some time now. so, 50 Cent “employed” French for devious means! And now they are beefing! What a tangled web we weave!


Here is the video of 50 Cent talking about it.

Wonder how this will affect relationships? I think very little will come out of it, but you never know!

Also, I heard that the rumor of French and Trina dating is FALSE! They are just working on music together.

More as it develops!

Illseed, Out.


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  • Hector G

    ppl dont understand that you really can’t go at 50 in any way….he just keeps steamrolling these half ass rappers before they can even get going. I don’t even care all things considered. body of work/street cred/lyrics/albums sold/style/money you aint shit compared to 50. sorry everyone he’s ever beefed with…you lost….he got 200 mill.

  • Celz

    There goes 50 walkin the thin line between clownin and dry snitchin.. Dude did have me rollin on the way to work tho.. French better relax his fan base isn’t very strong

    • Hector G

      what law enforcement agency is involved and what crime was commited so you can use the word snitching?….thats not whats goin on here. frenchie is a talentless fence jumper and 50 EXPOSED him…that what this is.

      • Celz

        Do you know what dry snitchin is? look it up.. It’s when you air street business out in public and the police use your statements as evidence or as the basis of an investigation without your permission..

        Edit: And Frenchie is weak af he will be gone soon which makes 50 bringin it up even more pointless

      • andone

        and wat exactly are they gonna investigate??

        if anything isnt 50 snitchin on himself then… c’mon man ur comment was slightly flawed but thats all good dude… it happens to the best of us!!

      • Celz

        I said he was walking the line… Maybe I’m old school but IMO you keep street business in the streets. If someone taped some a my peoples Mom’s who’s really into that gang bangin shit it would definitely be some get back. And when ish starts poppin off this would be the first clue the detectives would find..

      • andone

        naw G ur on point but lets be real, so far the only n!gg@ who’s doing any damage(for better or worse) in this situation is 50… lol its not like khaled and roazy are going to run up on french(or 50 for that matter) wit tha banger and let off while yellin “we da best” as they speed away in a ma ma ma, maybach hahaha… but seriously tho to get to ur point “dry snitchin” is intentionally sayin somthin in a passive fashion hoping someone gets caught up behind it, either by the law or the code(fam, friends & street associations/ties)… and trust me “if” its true, this isnt news to the feds/hiphoppolice or mmg/industryinsiders they knew this a long time ago, believe that!!

      • Celz

        I know no one is gettin locked up with these clowns.. But my point is 50 is toein the line.. If these young niccas growin up runnin wild on Twitter try to do what 50 does its gonna be a rap for em.. If that situation invloved real street niccas and not Frenchie and Fawlse it would more likely be dry snitchin.. That’s all I’m sayin

      • Yeah, but since it doesn’t, it isn’t…& you can’t front, taping Khaled’s mom’z sleeping was He-Larry-Us!

      • Because 5-0 paid french to do it.

      • Hector G

        srry for starting this “what is dry snitching and what isnt” issue but my point i was making in the beginning is that this was some hip-hop shit to begin with..not street beef..french was making dvd’s and shit like this to make money back when he wasn’t poppin and was willing to do some something like that for 50 jus to make some money. I think some newer hip-hop fans underestimate 50s fan base…

      • CaliTransplant

        I see what you’re saying. For me, French being a part of a beef by taping my PARENT’S home and store..?!?! If I was Khaled, we’d have to work. I’d have to beat his ass for that shit.

        50 is super smart and super grimy for this shit here. Evil genius.

    • keylon jackson

      50 needs to stop curtissin on negrosss, remember you got shot for that

  • CanYouAllHearMe


  • andone

    50- “cuz i aint takin no L’S… u can trust me to do somthin… we could do it live, i aint even gon hide”

    big boy- “ummm”

    me- “my n!gg@” *in denzel’s voice … lmao #sodisrespectful

    • BruceLeRoyGlow

      real shit

  • Guest

    More hip hop drama…with the real “Drama King”… the leading actor 50 cent, in this week episode of ” Bet you didn’t know that!”…Tune in next week for more of “As 50’s world Turns”! Remember kiddies he’s keeping BOTH names in peoples mouth His and French’s…they are label mates…in hip hop…as press is good press. Guess Hip Hop is not about the music anymore!

    • Celz


  • Black Exodus

    More hip hop drama…with the real “Drama King”… the leading actor 50
    cent, in this week episode of ” Bet you didn’t know that!”…Tune in
    next week for more of “As 50’s world Turns”! Remember kiddies he’s
    keeping BOTH names in peoples mouth His and French’s…they are label
    mates…in hip hop…all press is good press. Guess Hip Hop is not about
    the music anymore!

    • Because 5-0 hired french montana to use the film to harasse DJ Khaled’s mother.

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  • king

    And yet again we have old has been kid trying to revive his music career and way he goes at it is snitching more likely lying typical ni$$er s#!+ from as always.

  • LOL what a little baby. Tella tell as we use to call it. I do wonder if Ross and them knew that already though. If not this could be funny

    • Can’t no one fugg with 50 on the rap “BEEF” tip. A battle? Yeah, 50 is food all day, but on the joke tip? Hell nah!

  • STP

    As much nonsense that 50 speaks…He’s somewhat right about French having a bunch of allstars on his hits…Lol @ “U only get to hear him for 30 or 40 secs”…That’s real talk

    • Jared Bolden-Whyte

      How many all stars Kobe have? He still get to keep his rings!

      • BruceLeRoyGlow

        kobe outshines everybody on the lakers…Frenchy….not so much

      • World Wide

        You’re actually comparing French Montana to Kobe Bryant?

  • keylon jackson

    its lame to see how niqqas on here can love how 50 snicth, only white boy does that and niqqas that leaving that ganster life behind their windows thinking that 50 is a G niqqa lives in CT not in ny, this shit show you that 50 was always a dry snitch and ntn else how can you call yourself a real niqqa when you a snitch only cops taping niqqas, and only wack ass niqqas can agree with it, 50 can fool the whole world and other state but Ny niqqa wont play in hiw game, he knows why he aint coming in NY to show love lmaooo he did a show with oprah with cops around his grandma house where they do that lol #hesogangster

    • scullyson

      Ah be must have no life or are related to frenchy to take this little issue to heart . Get a life ..smh

      • keylon jackson

        scully???? where you go with that name, 50 is a lame and what you gunna do about it ????? you think you got a life by sucking his dick…. cmon son be serious 50 is a joke that be talking about gangster ‘s life while he got shot for snitching “curtissing” on real niqqas, so plz lame be quiet or go gag on his dick lol …scully lmaooo you so gangster wit that name now ik who is following 50 lol
        11 ppl hate wat i said thats mean its 11 fake niggas dat doesnt know music… i dont buy fifty names or ricky or french … i buy music not a brand if french got a good album i will buy it, if 50 got 1 i will do it as ross as errbody that put a good song out, so plzz stop sucking dick n get a life

      • scullyson

        Do your self a favor Sista and Seek some serious mental health quick..and im dead a** serious….Ok ? smh

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  • FaSho Money Prince

    this nigga is like the sun tzu of hip hop when he go at a nigga he crafts it well…

  • Terrance Goodman

    Cancers niggas play chess all day .. 50 the master of this war ish . Nuggas better
    Off drinking bleach wit a noose around they neck n a tall chair before
    Talking bout beefing. Shit they gonna help his next album

    • Jared Bolden-Whyte

      50’s a clown, make some music this aint the WWE

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  • Global_Mission

    Be honest, BOTH THESE NI@@AS ARE WACK!!

    • Martin Raheem

      lol… im laughing 4 real… hehe… was going to make a smart remark about this article, but your comment just said it all. R-e-s-p-e-c-t!

  • If French Montana goes down for what he did, than so will 5-0, he’s just as evil as french is, at least french will have immunity for his crimes.

  • keylon jackson

    I cant believe it most the comments on here are for the snitch ass niqqa, Gcode no snitch

  • I don’t know what’s more wack French’s Raps, this beef or the stans entertaining this bull sh*t! SMH! If somebody offered the majority of the people a million dollars not to pay attention to this sh*t… 99% of them would loose!

  • Doe Boy

    1st off he not snitchin no crime was committed…he sayin nigga u was rydein wit me on niggaz…in now u stendin wit the same niggaz…u a bitch for that…sometime time u gotta say/do real shit so ppl can kno who fake…in french lookin like he jumpin dick to dick no homo

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  • hoeyuno

    shiiiit . to tell you the truth 50 is crossing a line here. how you gonna do some dirt with dude then tell the world who did it. I’m not saying fifs snitching but he’s crossing a line that only a jealous mofo would do.

  • Martin Raheem

    Man im just hatin’ :/ what do I know about hip hop? Nothing but the fake rumor articles I read on the net. But there was a time when MTV actually played music. And there was a time when rap hip hop music was a rap. I got a few artists i really respect, love and listen to music-lyric-wise. But all these s.c beefs are fake… At one time Beanie Sigel beefed with Jay-Z (backed up by 50 aka Fiddy cent)… What i really respect though is an interview with Beanie when he said “millionaires talk to millionaires” when asked if he regrets anything and if he think he was used by 50… think about it… Coke Boyz, G-Unit (without Buck) is just a joke. I’m amazed how many downloads French “Mac and Cheese” got… listened to it and really tried to like it… but im sorry… im just not feeling the coke boys. Im just hatin’ :/


  • william198923

    now remember Ross said GOD FOR GIVES he don’t lets see the contradiction he makes if he still cool with french besides that’s foul what french did cause what if 50 was really going to do something to khalead’s mom he wrong repent

  • damn French, what Trina’s mouth do tho