Saigon and Jerry Ferrara

Jerry Ferrara from HBO's "Entourage" Drops His Top 5 Rappers Dead Or Alive

Talented actor Jerry Ferrara is best known for playing the lovable character of “Turtle” on the hit HBO original show, “Entourage”. In the minds of Hip-Hop heads everywhere, “Turtle” was the coolest out of the crew for two very distinct reasons. Reason number one: you could always count on “Turtle” to track down the best “Mary Jane” in Hollywood. Reason number two: we will forever love “Turtle” for his portrayal of an aspiring Hip-Hop manager who discovers the rap beast, Saigon. That story line was a huge win for Hip-Hop.

Saigon and Jerry Ferrara got a chance to catch up with Jerry Ferrara on the red carpet and got him to share his Top 5 Rappers Dead Or Alive. Jerry is definitely an Old School Hip-Hop listener, and listed Slick Rick, Biggie, and Tupac among his Top 5. Find out if Saigon made his list in the exclusive video below:

You can catch Jerry Ferrara in the hit movie, Think Like A Man, which is out on DVD now.

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  • toreal

    Just post the damn list instead of a video. Niggas got things to do.


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  • churchboy2

    Am I getting so old the Biggie & Pac are now considered “old school”?
    I was expecting KRS, Rakim & BDK in this cat’s list… SMH

    • Lee Crawford

      Well he said Slick Rick right? Everybody’s favorites ain’t always the best. Hell I’m surprised he still picked some dope emcees period! But I def feel you on that!

      • hoeyuno

        everytime I make a top 5 it changes but slick rick is usually in there.

    • trixnkix637

      you gotta remember, biggie & pac debuted about 20 yrs ago at this point.. so yea, to some that’s old school.

    • hoeyuno

      dude 50 cent is a old school rappers to these young whipper snappers.

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  • water_ur_seeds

    Entourage is the schitt, Johnny Drama is A legend

  • i dont get y just blaze is so loyal to this no unit moving mufucka..

  • hoeyuno

    boring ass list minus slick rick. I wish pack and biggie were around just to see there run. would they have created longevity like jay z or would they have faded with there 5 mins like 99% of rappers(not a dis just the harsh reality of the game).

    • bisolabliss

      Gay Z wouldn’t be shit if Pac & Big weren’t murked homes. Nas killed it straight out the door so he basically had iconic status when those 2 were still alive but Gay Z not so much, he (Jay) basically just filled the vacuum created by Big’s demise and ran with it and men, did he run with it…

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Jay would have done numbers regardless of pac n big being dead or alive…he still would have done exactly what he did to blow and he woulda blew up…who’s to say Pac wouldn’t have been stifled by Suges’s greed and Pac woulda been in MC limbo and who’s to say BIG would have had 10 albums in him…no one knows but we do know that Hov took over hip hop with street anthems, classic albums wit very little filler, and dope shows, he still would have done what he did cuz IT WAS WRITTEN