Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is There A Hip-Hop Gay Wedding On The Way? Frank Ocean Contemplating Marriage?

Frank Ocean has posted some photos onto his Twitter hugging a male French model who many are claiming is his current boyfriend. Frank’s long-haired, alleged boo goes by the name Willy Cartier, and he is the current the modeling “it boy” in France. Check out the photo that Frank posted below:

Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier

Willy Cartier is French, and judging from Frank Ocean’s latest tweet, it seems as if marriage may be on his mind. Check out the tweet below:

Frank Ocean tweet

Hmmm, now I don’t know for sure if this tweet is about Willy or gay marriage, but it sure does seem like it is. No word on whether or not this is the guy that Frank sings about in his album, Channel Orange, but Willy seems to already be a muse in Frank’s life. Frank has not been shy about his alleged relationship with Willy, and has already posted tons of photos of the two of them on his Twitter page, as well as brought him to a few events. Below are a few photos of the two at the GQ event below:


Frank Ocean and Willy

Good luck to the two. Will this be the first Hip-Hop and R&B gay wedding? Will Kanye and Jay-Z attend? So many questions!

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    • Negro Peligro

      LOL. That nigga look like Jack Spermrolls.

      • therealest1

        Who is that? Can you please clarify?

  • therealest1

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    • Dwill

      I had to go back and re-read that. This site really is garbage now

    • Southcidal

      So you proofread all of your posts? This AHH man. If you want grammatical excellence go to WSJ. com .

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  • rudolph

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    • Stay Phokus

      They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads– Leviticus 20:13

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    • Negro Peligro

      He also said you should not fornicate or commit adultery and I either have or plan on doing all of the above. The funny thing about church people is the stuff you don’t mind or don’t do don’t apply it only applies if it don’t apply to you.

  • Biba Adams

    Even gay “hip-hop” artists like ’em light skinned with long-hair and foreign. *shrug*

    • What you mean “Even”?

      • johnblacksad

        LMAO! Yeah, what he mean “even”? i need that clarified… lol

      • I hope “HE” is a she!

    • Negro Peligro

      Man Wayne been kissing Baby since he was 8.

  • Is that the dancer dude from Black Eyed Peas?

    • mxtralive

      nah…kinda looks like em tho. lol

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        Each his own, but SMH!

  • josh

    You guys are idiots if you think Frank is actually gay. Like publicity stunt to the max. The video for pyramids shows how he openly clowns people who think he’s actually gay or even bi.

    • Negro Peligro

      I don’t follow nothing he do not because he sucks “” but because he sucks “”.

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  • Richie_Ochoa

    This nigga aiand are scaredt hip hop and hip hop sites needs to let it be known instead of promotion this ahit. MAINSTREAM MEDIA has been trying to soften hip hop since its birthday. Just look at hip hop nowadays everybody got small clothes on and are scared to battle

  • Bryce13

    The biggest irony about Ocean hole is that his music is not that good. I would put BJ The Chicago Kid way above Ocean. It seems that his coming out has created more of a buzz than his actual skills. Also, he is not Hip Hop, he is an R&B singer. The antics of him and his crew seems to hide the fact that none of those suckas are really talented. They are the colored version of the Jackass crew. I am waiting for some butt stapling, excluding Ocean hole of course. Even in the pictures for this article that guy looks like a sneaky perv. Any candy little boys?

    • Mark313

      you are stupid. stop embarrassing yourself.

  • a ymcmb wedding?

  • Alf Capone

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  • Negro Peligro

    Man the one reward of being gay is Two incomes. Dude look like he sleep on couches and don’t work.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Homosexuality is the American way…be proud to be apart of a country that thinks two boys assfukking is kool…

    • jacksjus

      Be proud to be a part of a country that allows you to do what you want. People take their freedom and rights for granted. It wasn’t that long ago when you couldn’t go even drink out of a water fountain. Always remember that before you discriminate against others.

  • jacksjus

    Stop crucifying HipHop. Frank Ocean is an R&B singer. Lol!

  • Southcidal

    I’m sorry my homo folks, but this shiit is just disgusting.

  • InnaLeigh

    AHH, yall be steady reaching! LOL!

  • johnblacksad

    The look of love is in your eeeeeyes… *in my no homo Isaac Hayes voice…

  • YaheardSyndicate

    who in this article is a hip hop artist and R&B singers have been gay for years.