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Hip-Hop Rumors: Katt Williams Slaps Fire Out A Target Worker! Chris Brown Is Back! Ryan Leslie Is Too!

Not a lot is going on in the world of rumors. Here’s just some of the stuff floating in the cesspool.

I don’t think I follow Chris Brown on Twitter, but I’ve got word that he’s back on Twitter! They just needed to let the heat die down from the blowback from that fiasco with the comedian. But CB brought a friend: RiRi! Dude is rubbing it in everybody’s face at this point. I just proclaimed my Person of the Year, but I think I may have to change it to Chris Brown. Dude is a G.

Here’s the pic.

Other than that, not a lot is going on.

Unfortunately, Miguel Cotto lost. That sucked, but good for Austin Trout, the champ.

Katt Williams slapped fire out of a worker at Target. Apparently, there was a target there.

That dude had GREAT composure! Wow, Katt may have caught a bad one with a ill figure four on the floor.

Here is the aftermath, but watch how Katt rolls out.

I took it easy on Ryan Leslie when he was forced to pay a million for that laptop that was stolen from him. He had put up a $1million and somebody actually found it. A court forced him to pay that paper, but R. Les has reason to be pissed! First, he’s upset a bit and commented on a report that called him a “rap weasel.” But he’s got a real reason to be mad. The music wasn’t even on the damn laptop! But, he’s not even a rapper! Oh well.

R. Les looked like he was going to cry a bit. I would too if I lost a mill and all that music!

Illseed, Out.


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  • Im not a fan of Chris Brown,but the dude is winning. He’s featuring in nearly every hip-pop song and he is showing middle finger to the media with getting back with Rihanna.

    • Hector G

      ya someone is winning cause theyre giving the finger?? would you wanna be known for punching out a girl? It’s ok…ill jus give the media and everyone the finger!?….you stupid for this comment

      • Got-damn, is he the first? Media love to lynch n1ggas, wtf ya’ll mad for if they worked it out? THE ONLY PEOPLE MAD ARE THE ONES WHO NEVER WANT ISH TO WORK OUT, SITTIN BACK THROWIN STONES, ACTIN ALL DAMN SELF-RIGHTEOUS. It’s mostly white people gettin they rocks off blamin the ills of the world on Chris Brown & the rest of ya’ll mad u can’t pull a RiRi. Sittin back prayin 4 this man’s demise over something u’ll never know the whole story about.

      • Hector G

        the media dosen’t lynch n1ggas you racist bird thy’ll do it to anyone…yer just mad you can’t name any recent white music artist that are WEAK enough in the mind to hit a female you care about then make excuses

      • watch who u call racist. your ugly pourin out all over the place. And u runnin out of lifeline. I don’t have to name white music artists, only people like you make their world that small. Every 36 hours a Black person is killed by a system that is racist. Fucka pop artist! lol..got bigger enemies, hon, u couldn’t even fathom. You the only one makin R&B singers your enemy online, askn me to get on your low @ss level & join you. “find a recent white music artist”. I can point at the country I live in, why u want me to find some aspiring artist to blame shit on???

      • Hector G

        “Every 36 hours a Black person is killed by a system that is racist” ahahahahahahahaha @ you, you are an angry, black, racist, exuse making, joke.


      • Dayum!

        Got all physiological and ‘chet!

        Blaming the worlds on aspiring artist? Better yet, asking you to do his research & find one to blame? SMDH

        RiRi ain’t that fly, my wife and you look better, but I’m happy that her & Breezy worked it out, so I guess that part was true too!

        Double OUCH @ “THE ONLY PEOPLE MAD ARE THE ONES WHO NEVER WANT ISH TO WORK OUT, SITTIN BACK THROWIN STONES, ACTIN ALL DAMN SELF-RIGHTEOUS. It’s mostly white people gettin they rocks off blamin the ills of the world on Chris Brown & the rest of ya’ll mad u can’t pull a RiRi.”…Adope

        >> In Joe Pesci Voice : “Okay! OKay! OKAYYYyy!”

        >> Found Triple P’s SoapBox

      • Hector G

        yer a tool who cant get half a point across and likes to act smart…calm down…I’m not gonna learn anything from your stupid ass “got all phycological and chet!”…i see all you low intelligence morons on these blogs and im goin in on you…girl

      • LOL-N

        You Lost! #I’mJustSayin’


        No shame, you swim with the sharks, your gonna get bit, you’re just on your menstruation, and the AHH sharks can smell pu$$y, especially the female ones……so you got bit….now you bleeding some more, you ‘ole Walmart’s cologne wearing, trademark scent, Tim McGraw, punk @$$, son of a no good dirty whore!, your Mum likes it in her bum, where she collects J’s Coleslaw. Get it? J. Cole, Coleslaw. your mom’s collecting J. Cole’s Slaw?

      • Hector G

        jus don’t type anything else dumbass…you already typed out a paragraph and didn’t say shit

      • Tre Robinson


      • I could name you white murderers/terrorists, but they’re usually deemed mentally ill or justified. “Stand Your Ground.”

      • Actually… Nicholas Cage, Mel Gibson are some notables… Then Gibson straight up blazed his daughter on an answering machine. It was a contraversy… But it didn’t last more than a few months… Let alone 4 years.

      • Exactly.

      • Tre Robinson


      • Who cares what he’s known for… He’s obviously not putting his hands on the chick now. And the fact that she’s back with him is validation that it takes two to tango. My nig did the crime, paid the fine, got back the dime… Let my dude shine. ~fake pimp voice~

      • Hector G

        fair…personally i jus think ppl are lowering their standards

      • Tre Robinson

        Both of them crossed the line & now they decided to forgive & forget. GET OVER IT!!!!

  • Hector G

    for sayin chris brown is winning you are a bitch illseed….people who hit another girl let alone a celebrity like rihanna should be expelled forever…anyone that accepts somebody back for anything after that is weak….i mean shows, relationships, jobs…these people are spoiled little rich goofs and they will never learn shit because people who are weak and want some money or to write an article is jus cool to get down with them again…illseed yer soft, chris brown yer a bitch and rihanna is weak for this and i dont even think shes hot anyway…she looks like f’n salt or peppa from the 90’s. Hip Hop today is ballz….

    • RevrendIke3x

      Did you just type expelled? What grade are you in? It’s deported, ex-patriated, expunged, thrown out, give the bum’s rush…. but expelled. This ain’t Glee or High School Musical.

      • Hector G

        whatever it’s still a word

      • Hector G

        your sense of humor is pathetic also…only person mentioning high school musical is you.

    • 1) Spoiled little rich goofs– u don’t kno wut he came from. 2) He winnin cuz ya’ll wanna see him lose 3) you could never EVER come close to the strength of a woman if u think forgiveness is weak..u need God 4) Talk about the people in your own damn community who don’t kno how to treat women..look up the local child molesters & take care of your own 4 u go throwin stones at the Black man….tired of u mufuckas.

      • Hector G

        ahahaha you actin like all men hit women….then turnin into some racist shit…you mus be retarded or some shit…I’m jus better than you and youre ranting cause you prolly punched out some chick yourself, are black and want forgivness….FAGGOT

      • you’re so funny. lol. no need for the homophobia, it comes from a weak & insecure place. As it says that I’m a female in my name, I’m sure you didn’t graduate. Yes, I am “Black”, although u told me race wasn’t relevant. I’ve never hit one of my sisters unless it was in self-defense & I have forgiven her for forcing me to defend myself. No rants, only truth. I’m not mad at any couples for working out, for damn sure. Love is a beautiful thing

      • Hector G

        ahahahahaha @ you…everybody that has responded to me today is jus an exuse maker goin through similiar abuse and assault problems…I’m jus better than everybody here.lol…if someone has hit you and you are still with them you are WEAK and jus have no options or PRIDE for YOURSELF.

      • class is dismissed, ho. I’m out.

      • Hector G

        you stupid for number 2 aswell: “he winnin cause you wanna see him loose” what world are pathetic ppl like you living in?

      • fam, u don’t even type in proper tense, cut it out w/ the elementary insults. “stupid!” “retarded!” c’mon, u can do better than that

  • So_Subby

    Allhiphop is always late with its info and news

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  • Weedras

    Target would need a recovery crew if Katt tried that shit with me… i swear this fool is losing his mind… smh..

    • Tre Robinson

      Cocaine is a hell of a drug!!!

      • Weedras

        didn’t even know he was a druggie… heard he was an alcoholic not a druggie..

  • I’m not one to speak up on a man’s behalf in the case of abuse, cuz there’s never an excuse, but people need to lay off Chris Brown. get off the booboo. Start gettin pissed at these cops killing people in cold blood every 36 hours. (Ya’ll know police murders INCREASED after Trayvon Martin protests..look up “Every 36 Hours A Black Person Is Killed In USA”) Ya’ll cowardly as ya’ll say this man is if you wont fight the system & those actually getting away w/ murder, but focus your little fuss on their relationship that already worked itself out. GTFOH. You go hard on an R&B singer for his mistakes while cops aint even sorry for taking sons from their mother. GO HARD FOR A REAL CAUSE

    • Tre Robinson

      They too scared to do that! Imagine what would happen if we all did? What a different world this would be.

  • hoeyuno

    I’m happy for the boy Chris brown. I’m not a a rnb fan but dude made a mistake and has learnt from it. ya’ll hating on the kid haven’t had much of a life. no its not ok to beat women but kid was 19 and obviously had a lot of anger issues. I’m mean if it happens again yea write the kid off. but until then this kid paid his debt and deserves a pass.

  • hoeyuno

    the way katt Williams is moving he’s gonna do some time. the short pimp with the straightened hair will be a hit in the pen .

    • That ain’t the 1/2, the slap took place during a high speed police chase, Katt shook the Jake, dipped into target, slapped dude, boogied in a handicapped electric cart, and stole some one’s soda, drank it, got back on his motorcycle….and dipped the jakes again!


      He’s drawling like a Mudda Chucka!


      Infact, I’m gonna throw up the Cotto fight right now for ya’ll!

  • Terrance Goodman

    Kat a fool plus he got a uncut plug hence his behavior

  • Negro Peligro

    She already got a black eye. I’m gone have to stop hating on every rumor. Its to easy though.

  • That Katt Williams video is old but he was in my city this weekend acting reckless! He was fighting at the Paramount and when he was at the bar he was trying to fight the manager right after he flicked a cig into some hoes face. He is most definitely on that shit!

  • Negro Peligro

    Speaking of stop hating on everyone in the rumors. I go to look up Katt Williams target slapping video. This dude gets arrested last night after the Target incident in a bar throwing rocks and cigarettes. Jesus Take The Wheel. He look like a Crack Head Riding out on that shopping kart. I thought it was Charles Hamilton. Them two do a show David Ruffin show up like something off the Walking Dead to smoke with them niggas.
    David Ruffin : Slapping. Before Ike was slapping’em it was me. I mean hammers, machettes, bike helmet. I was so hard on her she started having migranes at 12 cause I was her dream man. How much crack can I get for this Tomb Stone. Charles Hamilton stop smoking my tomb stone. .. . . You get high nigga.

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