Lil' Jo Jo and Chief Keef

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Chief Keef Have Something To Do With Lil’ Jo Jo’s Murder?

Slain Chicago rapper Lil’ Jo Jo’s mother recently made an appearance on BET’s Don’t Sleep! with T.J. Holmes and during her appearance she said that she believes Chief Keef is responsible for killing her son. Check out what she said below:


“I don’t believe him (Chief Keef), himself pulled the trigger but I believe he paid somebody to do it. I would like justice to come from this and to show kids it’s a better way to get an education and yes, I fear for my own life. [Police] have a couple leads, they’re still working on it.”

Before he was murdered, Lil’ Jo Jo and Chief Keef were known enemies and often went back and forth on twitter hurling insults at each other. Lil’ Jo Jo was gunned down while riding on the back of a friends bike in a Chicago neighborhood, after tweeting his location. Let’s hope the police solve the case soon and gives this grieving mother some justice.

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  • remy730

    if chief keef is responsible then so are you. At the end of the day, you let your son flash pistols in videos, claim to be BDK, and do drive by cussing at 2 people and he in a car full of people. He could have squashed this stupid shit right then and there. You should have slapped the holy living dog shit out of him for even thinking this beef was a good idea.

    • ur soooooo not gangsta

    • Casor_Greener

      Yep another shitty mother crying too late

      • stay classy

      • Ronny Dæili

        San Diego..

      • its latin for a whales vagina

      • How do you know she was a shitty mother? She’s probably raising him alone and working who knows how many jobs. FOH you middle class brat.

      • Adrian Barron

        tacky comment but it was on point and funny – myG

    • Nemesis_Enforcer

      I was going to say the same thing. These people kill me. They don’t raise their kids and allow them to run wild in the streets, and then want “justice” when their lack of parenting comes back to bite them.

    • So that means he deserved to die? FOH.

      • kickrox

        Dude didn’t say nobody deserved to die. Be stupid and stupid shit will happen to you. Even Forrest Gump could understand this.

  • Choppaliss

    im sorry but i have no remorse for ignorance

  • Alf Capone

    that doesnt make me sad at all………..lil nigga was asking for it

    • Still, his mother’s pain is universal, regardless!


    • but he asked for anal sex too an never got plugged, life ain fair, I swear

    • That’s cuz you ain’t never been through shit.

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  • baller187

    i was wondering how he didnt get away once he tweeted were he was, wtf r u doin ont he back of a bicycle

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  • Lil JoJo mom need to stop the bullshit her own son made a music videos wit semi automatic guns talking bout killing and street shit and all that. He is to blame for his own death. Anybody from the street knows theres two sides to beef no matter the age. I feel bad for the Mom i do but she don’t mention her son and wht he stood for which is a young Official Gangsta Nigga and somtimes they get Shot and killed it comes wit the turf. Don’t blame that on Chief i blame that on the parent especially if the kid is 13 or 14.

    • well if keef set it up then he really is the one to blame. lol

    • The kid was 17. You act like she was part of the click or somethin’. I’m quite sure she tried her best to keep him out the streets but you can only take a horse to water. Besides, flashin guns in videos and talkin shit don’t mean a killer shouldnt be brought to justice. I hope that if somethin happened to you, you would want your mom tryin to figure out who the killer was. Not sitting back saying, “my son probably started it”.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Shit way to space shuttle put a fool on blast . With
    That being said the hood know n he n god know

  • Terrance Goodman

    Baby faced nigga needed to be playing opps instead becoming 1
    Cut up kris Kross eyebrows n dreads don’t make ya hard. Rip lil jo jo
    But in grown men games boys should ride the bench .

  • Negro Peligro

    I mean I feel bad cause he was 17 no matter what you say you acted out at 17. Did all kinds of dumb stuff and got into fights at 17. Then you grew up and hang out with the same folks you got into a fight with. I FEEL bad for this dude. I feel bad for Chief Keef. Cause he acting like that today but someday he’ll look at some kid hurt and be like man he was only 17 of course he gone act stupid.

    • Celz

      At 17 you are old enough to drive, get a job, go to college, get married, have a baby, and get tried as an adult… That’s no excuse.. I did hella ignorant shyt when I was 17 runnin with the wrong cats but we never played with pistols like movie props..

      You say you are gonna shoot someone and then make a diss video with guns in it.. You had better keep those guns on you at all times

  • Bryce13

    “Chief Keep him away from the children,” doesn’t love black people. Ignorance seems to be the foundation of this lost young generation. Besides the fact that he sucks! F Jimmy Lovine and all the other devils in the music industry. Oh yeah, F… K Gay Kwest and his supposed conscious rhymes when he is one of the very devils in the industry or f… boy!

  • maya

    Is Chief Keef sick? His eyes look jaundiced in that pic.

  • brotha_man

    all this shows is mothers and fathers need to step up and be more involved. I dont wanna hear the “my son does not associate with gangs” when it is clear he does. please save the baby (Wayne voice)

  • maybe as a mama u know where ur son got all them damn guns from?

  • some people start shit..and others finish it

  • dayleedumped

    if anybody is to blame its the parents. aint even watching out for your kids, at the end of the day if you aint got your kids in checked, its your fault.

  • King Cold

    This is what I don’t like. Can’t go pointing fingers because if you were a better parent he wouldn’t. Be gone in the fist place. Parents need to stop talking and put some fear into their kids. Forget a time out utilize the belt

    • Ohhh so if she would have just beat him harder he would have been a boy scout? So, be more violent and that will make him less violent? Middle class brats talkin like they know…Thats that shit I dont like.

      • King Cold

        Umm grew up poor on the west but that’s none of your concern. I’m not saying just the belt there’s methods in parenting that can be used to prevent things like being strict on curfews and finding out who he was friends with, no privilages unless grades were good. Things like that could’ve saved his life. Trust and believe I know all about the streets and majority of the kids who start gang bangin is those kids who’s parents didn’t give a damn or didn’t give them much attention at home which resulted in. Rebelious acts, crime, and seperation. And then look what happens this…………………

      • Shut up dude lol ur not getting it

  • RichFromBX

    it’s amazing that people only look for justice when it immediately impacts their lives…there could’ve been 50 people out there who saw who pulled the trigger and Keef walk over with a stack of 100s to pay him but the ‘no snitchin’ culture that’s been fostered just means that this will go down as another cold case and mother left crying over their child’s murder…no doubt this is a sad story but this is 1 of a 1000 and it looks like that ain’t changing any time soon…more and more this happens where it’s gone from news to just something that happens everyday like taking a piss…if sh!t don’t change from the inside then you can’t expect anyone from the outside to give a fvck…

    slightly off topic, I know, but this is what I think every time I see a mother holding a picture of their dead child looking for “help”…


    I am so sorry for her lost. It doesn’t matter what her son did or said to offend someone, he did not deserve to have his life taken so callously. Where I depart from Lil Jo Jo’s mom, is blaming Chief Keef for her son’s death; I agree, Chief Keef is an irresponsible and reckless dustball. In fact, at the rate he is going (I will go further and predict) he probably wont live to see twenty-three. That being said, Lil Jo Jo’s mom just admitted to TJ, she wasn’t aware of her son’s lifestyle outside of the house. I mean, c’mon…at some point, someone has to take responsibility.

    • Oh so you were there during his upbringing? Judge much?

      • GLEAZC

        Who am I judging? Read my comment again? I’m not blaming anyone…I am simply implying, how could she not know what her son was up when he wasn’t in the house?

  • Jojuan Carey

    yall young dumb ass mf’ers sound stupid af ….this why i cant stand my own race cause yall mf’ers so damn stupid

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  • jonatan aguirre

    lil jojo sucked anyways

  • jonatan aguirre

    i would of killed him

  • jonatan aguirre

    jkjk but i dont think hes all that

  • korey jamal harris

    thats some crazy shit im not blaiming anyone and it was silly to tweet his location