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Hip-Hop Rumors: T.I. Says He’ll Decide Who The Next “King Of The South” Will Be

T.I. still doesn’t have a final release date for his upcoming album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, but he has already announced that he will be following up that album with a new album proclaiming his “King of the South” self appointment. The upcoming album will be a sequel to Trouble Man and is rumored to be called Trouble Man: He Who Wears The Crown.

T.I.In a recent interview with Ashley Outrageous, T.I. talks about coining the term”King Of The South” and says that he wil decide when his reign is over and he will be the one to choose and crown the next king of the south. Check out what he said below:

“Eh listen, man, there’s no denying or disputing of that,” Tip said when asked if he still feels he is the “King of the South.” “Honestly, before me the term ‘King Of The South’ didn’t even exist. Just like when you think of freedom for black people, you think of Abraham Lincoln. Although there will be another King of the South one day, I’m about my wits to know that. However, that will happen when I say so. I’m going to determine [who it’ll be]. I’m going to determine when that happens and who it happens for.”

Do you think T.I. and only T.I. will determine who the next king of the South is? How about the fans? What about the snow man?

T.I. and Jeezy

Who do you think the next king of the south will be?

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  • therealest1

    Self delusional shit.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    first off, did he really compare himself to Abraham Lincoln? And secondly, Bun B is the King of the South.

    • leftlanekb

      I think Bun B is a better rapper than TI but TI is the knig of the south. THere was no King talk until he said it and everyone from Bun B to Scarface agreed! I gotta say he the KIng!

      • On that TIP ( Pun Intended ) I’ll have to switch my vote & co-sign!

    • Choppaliss

      nah Bun B dont want that title …… he, andre 3000, Scarface are Southern Rap Gods, so T.I. could have the king title

    • Actually bun b claims to be king of the underground but its
      like pimp c said, it aint dat TI think he king over anybody else its just that
      before he came along and dubbed himself king nobody else claimed the title, its
      just a title he claims so no matter what anybody else say he gone stand by it
      cause he was the first

  • therealest1

    Bootleg ass king shit. Like my good friend said, this is America, we don’t have kings and queens. I agree with him, this country is predicated on democracy, not monarchy.

    Only in the current era, a rapper can anoint or dub himself a title. I miss the older era when artists who were way more skilled didn’t give themselves a title, they were more focused on crafting classic albums and letting the fans decide what was good and what wasn’t.

    You didn’t see groups like N.W.A, Wu-Tang Clan, and Public Enemy proclaim they were releasing classic albums, they just did the damn thing and gave us great material that still resonates with real rap fans today.

    • Had to double post this :

      “See kings lose crowns but teachers stay intelligent, Talkin big words on the mic but still irrelevant
      Especially when you’re not, college material
      Wake up every morning to your lucky charms cereal “…KRS – Criminal Minded

      “So I’ll remain free while you reign, I’m lovin it! You be the king and I’ll overthrow your government ” …KRS – House Ni99a

      Topic closed!

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  • 2012Industry1

    Album Release is December 18th Sydney….

  • johnblacksad

    King of fcukin up a career doin dumb sh!t in Da South! smh…

    • “See kings lose crowns but teachers stay intelligent, Talkin big words on the mic but still irrelevant
      Especially when you’re not, college material
      Wake up every morning to your lucky charms cereal “…KRS – Criminal Minded

      “So I’ll remain free while you reign, I’m lovin it! You be the king and I’ll overthrow your government ” …KRS – House Ni99a

      Topic closed!

      • fabbidavisjr

        His career looks fine on his TV show but his wife is hurt

      • She might look like the cookie monster, but there is no doubt that she will ride or die for him!

        That’s a win in my book!

      • fabbidavisjr

        Like the old saying goes wanna be happy the rest of your life marry a ugly person because they’ll do anything for you

      • Rather marry Ms. Piggy / Tiny….than Robin Givens!


      • fabbidavisjr

        I rather marry Opera then Megan Good haha

      • It’s a damn shame what we gotta do for the $$$!

      • fabbidavisjr

        “I’m a hoe i know I’m a hoe how do u know cuz i told u so”

      • I hope that was : ” >> In Whodini’s Voice” & not Master P’s….IJS

        He crooked the hook, line & sinker!

      • fabbidavisjr

        Ugghhhhhh…..haha I grew up on P not whodini…..how you do dat der west coast bad boys 1 and 2 slapp

      • Aw Man! LOL

        Check Whodini’s version from the 80’s!

      • Vanna Huot

        TI b-tch looks like one of them puffy fish face a-s-s. she so ugly. must be giv’n this n-gga some good as head and 3some for him to stick around wit her for that long. smh.

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    You like TI king as king of southan

  • Chris

    N*gga done bumped his head. F*ck outta here, TI.

  • Pierre Elliott


  • This dude T.I is a donkey….This is the same dude that was crying to not go to jail because he couldn’t handle it…T.I need to cool off and shut up….We all know that he is nothing but a dam SNITCH.

    • andone

      i think its *dunkey… haannnn lmao!!

      • This has to be the first time I’ve ever seen someone correct correct spelling lol

      • johnblacksad


      • Banksy

        whatever a “dunkey” is…I’m pretty sure it looks and spells like you.

      • andone

        smh… i guess that flew over ur head too… u dunkey!!

      • Ga, Ga, G’, G’ Unit!

    • DreamZ

      He the one that got told on……..yall act like yall know this man personally gtfoh

      • We know enough about T.I to make an assumption….Secondly if what your saying it that we the people should mind or business because he doesn’t care, then perhaps the same feelings should be applied when he is releasing new music, we should all look the other way and not care.

      • He released music?

    • leftlanekb

      If he a snitch why you here checking for him.
      sounds like hate to me.
      you say he a snitch, but buy his albums on the low SMDH

      • NoGoBoi

        why u call everybody a hater who say something about ti that you don’t like? shit, everybody ain’t gotta like ti, or his music, or what he is about and stands for. everybody don’t see life from yo glasses homeboi, u trying to chase down everybody on here rejecting what this dude sayin, u need to relax playboi.

      • leftlanekb

        Actually Opinions are opinions but if you dont like TI or any of these rappers you keep hating why read about them. Thats all I am trying say. If you dont like somebody why check for them? Sound like hate to me.

      • NoGoBoi

        Well let me put a flip on what you saying, you say opinions are opinions, and I gave my opinion but you then state it’s hate? Which one is it… remember though, after you answer that, ask yourself what exactly did you just give in response to my statement, was it an opinion or was it hate? You say I need to stop reading about them if I don’t like what they stand for or what they saying, well I guess that goes for you regarding everybody else right? nigga if u don’t like what people saying why read they post? You got a lot of contradictions in what you’re saying, while u thought u were “letting me know something”, you actually played yaself like the fool. Apparently people got your panties in a bunch while talking about your favorite rapper, but remember you just another mofo’ wit an opinion just like us, don’t confuse hate with an opinion, there’s a difference playboi. Now if you wanna hate something, hate the game I just put u on with for free lil nigga. Oh and you did get one thing correct, it is what it is…

      • leftlanekb

        I replied to comments that were in a blog that i wanted to read. You read a article about someone who apparently you dont like (see the difference) . All the lil nigga this and that show who you are, playboi this and that whatever
        Since you want me to let you know something I’ll let you know this .
        If you dont like someone stop checking for them. Cause when you do and say a whole bunch of negative shit its called HATE not game playboi out!

      • NoGoBoi

        exactly, we all posted comments about a blog that caught our attention, hints: “ti will decide who the next king of the south is”… now, you for instance chose to make a comment to others on here regarding comments they made about a blog, hints you are the one lurking and seeking what they say, as opposed to those seeking to find what you said. you chose to dispute another persons opinion on here, nobody was looking for you playboi. now i can read any article on the website i choose, i can respond in any form or fashion i choose regarding any rapper, story or song that is posted. now if you find the need to get uptight because people don’t see things the same as you, that’s what we call sensitive, and that my sir is a child or female trait. now that is showing who you truly are, lil nigga. if you gonna make a statement, make sure you fact check what you write first, i never spewed any hate nor negative comments about dude, you’re the only one who showed hate regarding comments made about him. “so what you trying to kick knowledge???”… Nahhhh…

      • leftlanekb

        Name calling is a child or female trait but i am sure you know that miss
        playboi out lil nigga

      • leftlanekb

        And for the record my favorite rapper is Nas !

      • NoGoBoi

        and for the record i could care less who ya favorite rapper is lil nigga, the statement was for premise, not inquiring who ya favorite rapper is lil nigga.

      • leftlanekb

        oh yeah, it is what it is and thanks for reading all my comments

  • CooL_KiD_305

    Rick RO$$ king of the south!

    • Rick Fawlse = King of The Fawlse!

      • leftlanekb

        I love it when you write that! But in reality all rapper are!

      • Just keeping it disgustingly real!

        Thanx for the support!

  • Lmao at the Abe Lincoln comparison. But everybody knows Gucci Mane king of the south. Burr! (Jokes people)

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    lil boosie the king ri now his music is too real hearted

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  • Opposite Of Everyone

    T.I ain’t even hip-hop.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      what now u sound stupid

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        and you sound like an adolescent… (real original name you got there by the way)

  • Galactus

    This Nigga Is LAME.

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    Gucci is killin’ the streets and his beats always be hot. So, really I don’t think T.I. is King Of The South. Every time I heard a T.I. song, I listen to lyrics and they be koo sometimes but his beats never hit me that hard. So, who is king of the south? Ummm, I don’t know. Can we get an artist with lyrical content and hot beats combined? That’s what I’m waitin’ on. Every song needs to be a banger, slow or fast.

    • Ear murder doesn’t count as killing the streets! #IJS

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I don’t really like the words anymore but the way the mixtapes be lined up, I can tell that Gucci be tryna make classics. Fans will tell you Gucci’s mixtapes are already classics. Trap God! LOL

      • I don’t really check for Gucci, except for the Jeezy diss, which was brutal.
        His off mic antics leaves plenty to be desired.

        Ice Cream face tat, tossing B’ishes out the whip….I mean, that was some G ‘chet, but was still a damn fail because he can’t BUY pu$$y!

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I always liked Gucci’s beat selection. That nigga crazy. I don’t know nothin’ about him personally besides what he says and what the media says but I don’t judge. (besides sayin’ that he crazy) But I think you can understand what I’m sayin’

      • Yeah, that Ninja is crazier than Cat ‘chet, but his beats are better than TI’s!
        He’s just crazy!

        Still, he’s doing his thing on the buzz tip with the beef!

  • johnblacksad

    If T.I. is ‘King of The South’, does that make Scarface an Emperor or something?

    • therealest1

      A few years ago my good friend said if there’s such a title of King Of The South, it should then be either Scarface or Andre 3000.

  • Jeezy maybe already the King of the south because he still has a street following where TI has kinda lost the streets!

  • Abraham Lincoln represents FREEDOM FOR BLACK PEOPLE? REALLY?

    • Kinda, he did end the Blackman’s slavery….by turning it into Bondage, along with every other American citizen, regardless of their race, color or creed.

      Abraham Lincoln = American Stalin

      • NoGoBoi

        u wrong fam, he’s no american stalin at all. lincoln never had his sights set on ending slavery, lincoln main objective was to save the union and if that meant ending slavery so be it but if he could of saved the union and slavery would of continued on, he was fine with that. for those who may not understand that statement, it’s the same as if president obama’s focus was to provide tax cuts for the working class family. say he knew he could provide those tax cuts and not provide healthcare for everyone, he would do it. so his main objective would not be providing healthcare for those who don’t have it, it’s all about the tax cuts and that’s it. so if he got a 2 for 1, hey let’s throw a party, but he’s not really for the whole, just the half and if the other half comes into play also give me props for that as well. i don’t praise lincoln, cause if you feel you can you can also find a reason to praise bush.

  • brotha_man

    BIG K.R.I.T if anybody aint know body following T.I except them trunk fit fans

  • Did everyone forget about Outkast?

  • Choppaliss

    Probably its because hes more popular and bringing out more material than Bun B, Face n 3000 put together right now ………… anyhow u look at it Thrones change fast in the rap game so he shouldnt be feeling himself that much

  • leftlanekb

    This should be called “The room of hate”
    where everyone just come to hate cause that is all I see

  • nino.brown

    how this nigga keep getting outta jail? how can a nigga be a king and a police informant at the same damn time

  • greeneyedbandit

    He might be the King of his house, but he’s not the King of the south! and I haven’t seen any southen rappers bow down to him yet….sorry!

  • ever since this nigga smashed on lil flip he been smelling himself

  • Pierre Elliott




  • binary_star

    “Just like when you think of freedom for black people, you think of Abraham Lincoln.”


  • king

    This ni$$er here

  • JayMunney

    nahhh bro… Scarface the real king of the south, when he’ll die, maybe Bun B or Trae will take over but no T.I.P. cause.he has a big problem between his ears

  • trouble man coming out 12-18-12 album of the year

  • NoGoBoi

    ti stfu

  • hoeyuno

    if anybody I would say that crown go to the boi bun b. and I bet tech n9ne with all his tourin and making top dolla on his records(that sell) make as much money as any of these dudes.

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  • Southcidal

    Brad Jordan is the King of the South.

  • Vanna Huot

    F-ck TI, he’s old and done. this nigga ain’t nothing anymo. New king of the south, my nigga Future.

  • Guest

    LOL at all the negative comments. Boy it hurt to see somebody win don’t it LOL

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  • ant662

    a couple of months ago i said this king of the south shit is starting to get gay and now it official