Chief Keef

Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Is There A Chief Keef Movie On The Way?

I hope you’re not tired of Chief Keef just yet, because you are going to be seeing a lot more of him in the near future if Jimmy Iovine and Interscope have anything to do with it. According to an exclusive source, Jimmy Iovine believes that Chief Keef is the next 50 Cent and has gone into overdrive trying to spin the young rapper’s career into a goldmine.

Chief Keef and Jimmy Iovine

Iovine has allegedly already secured a movie deal for Chief Keef through his Interscope motion picture division to bring his life story to the big screen.

“Jimmy thinks that Keef’s life story is movie gold and he thinks it will be even more successful than 50’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying.”

According to my source, they are prepping Chief Keef for acting classes and have secured several script writers to begin working on the screenplay.

Hopefully, Chief Keef can stay out of trouble…and out of jail until then. I’m not sure if people are invested enough in Chief Keef to want to pay $12.50 to see his life story. What do you think?

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  • This NINJA is a Special NEEDS RAPPER.

    • Jake

      this ninja here is a special NEEDS HATER

      • mosestobymcgeethree



        damn , Jake that’s his fuckin opinion bitch

      • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown


  • That_N

    A movie??? LMAO!! I just don’t get what’s so fascinating about this dude.

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      There are lots of movies that you probably don’t find fascinating.

  • Mr Smarty Pants

    this fool is trash. period. “I Don’t Like” was about the beat


      So true, Nothing he did on the song made it special. any fool can do that. A 5 year old can rap like he do

      • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

        if any fool coulda done it…why didnt they? get money fam

  • Bryce13

    Hell no! What is the movie gonna display – him running around shirtless talking gibberish? Please Boondox create a Chief Reek character, but that might just be too easy. That boy is an IDIOT…

  • Bryce13

    It kind of looks like him and the devil Lovine have something homo going on! Lovine looks like he offered him some food and candy in his windowless white van. Lovine probably got his old ass ears pierced.

  • I swear im about to start rapping, all you need is a hook and good beat nowadays. Bars and lyrics is no longer a factor.

  • therealest1

    Jimmy is delusional to think this guy will be relevant like 50 was.

  • lmfao..end of society as we know it..

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  • Numbuh Four

    Can this fool even read the script though???

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    i know everyone hates this kid, but he helped bring a spotlight, though not intentionally, to a lot of the problems that we have been having here in chicago. Furthermore, he brought a spotlight to Chicago’s hip hop which always gets over looked.

    • RichFromBX

      Ever hear of Common, Crucial Conflict, Kanye West, Twista or Lupe Fiasco? they got Chicago some attention and they didn’t have to be retarded to do it…

      • He’s talking about the negative issues, and he’s right, the violence is an issue that needs to be addressed.

      • RichFromBX

        Keef is part of the negative the issues…it’s not like dude is out there saying “look at this fvked up sh!t, we need to make it better”…he’s out there acting like it’s all good…his first reaction to lil JoJo’s death was to crack jokes…no city needs that type of attention…God helps those who helps themselves and this cat makes it looks like Chicago ain’t doing sh!t to make itself better…as far as a spotlight on Chicago’s hip hip…everyone I named is the reason why Keef even is even getting a look right now…

      • Agreed, but his action / reaction makes others, like us, say “”look at this fvked up sh!t, we need to make it better”…so in that regards, he does bring the issue to light!

        Lyrically? He’s trash, in a ziploc, solar bag, in the sun, 12:00 noon, at the height of a record breaking heatwave….in other words…Hot Garbage!

      • RichFromBX

        I feel you but man, I’m just tired of these empty heads making the most noise…at some point they’re needs to be a stand taken…cats like this create a divid…you only have but so much energy and I would rather spend it helping in places where people are showing they want help…making this cat famous with local support tells me to move on because people here aren’t complaining…

      • That’s the exact perception & reaction the powers that be are trying to create!


      • Brian Andrew Smith

        looks like i missed the party, anyway, you named five different people. when those cats came out, no one was checking for other stuff from chicago. with the exception of may do or die and crucial conflict, pretty much all of the chicago artists to get some major love are completely distinct of eachother in their origins.

  • Idk how many people would be interested in watching a movie about an autistic kid who tries to be gangster and makes a shitty rap song in the process.

  • PureMagic

    yea id go see it..for real…

  • They look like lovers!
    Jimmy has his hand on him like the gay king from 300
    “It’s not my whip they fear…it is my divine POWER!”
    >> Touches Leonidas’ shoulder in a mad feminine way!

  • Dadon850

    Jimmy Iovine has been making money off Black people for a long time. Why do y’all think he takes a young unremorseful gang banger and shove him down our throats?? Chief Keef will be dead and Jimmy will be counting money and releasing memorial albums. Jimmy is heartless, and loves only money. He has already plotted out a two year run for Keef. Sell records, movies and stay in the studio and when he turns up shot to death, I bet the contract call for the money to stay in Jimmy’s pockets. No royalties or publishing for Keef. You can damn near see it coming

  • plsDontreply

    I think on Tuesdays movies are $5… Ni99az on the net act like Chief Keef is a terrorist so I will go see it. I like scary movies. Even B movies, lol

  • therealest1

    This kid looks like a homeless kid with a record deal. Is he Whoopi Goldberg’s long lost son?

    • mia

      but he anit he can buy u

  • rumor has it chief keef left the acting teachers somewhere in the saraha for 3 hours..

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  • Lolrax

    They wanna catch his street cred and bottle it up and sell it but the dude is just too damn unreliable.

  • Alf Capone

    i seriously doubt this is true………..who would go see that movie?

    • mia

      i like adventure time and keef and if u go hate on him like the rest juss dont have fins face right there

  • this is gonna b a straight flop he hasnt even got an album out an like 50 sed he aint sold any records they shud do 1 wen he has released like 10 albums or more 2 even b thinkin about doin a film 4 his wack ass

  • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown

    SMH @ deez lame ass cryin ninjaz on here. “its not fair! why is HE so special? why is HE gettin all this money? he’s not even smart!” go get you some money and shut da fug up….crying like some b-tches

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  • Every rapper is feeling his self 10x more than the last one, but wheres the skills at?

  • ant662

    if anything he needs to start putting on lotion and then maybe if he becomes less ashy he can start doing lotion commercials

    • mia

      when is he ashy he is exra black

  • mia

    MZ.COZART here

  • mia

    and if there is a movie on the way i gonna watch it bitches

  • Carlos JImenez

    Yes I would pay $12.50 to see a Chief Keef movie

  • Navy Boy Chiraq

    I mean, Think about it. His movie damn near would be better den watchin them disney ass movies they b havin out. people would go watch the movie, teens. wont flop