Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Starts New Label On Warner Bros?

Drake is down the page, but first….

ILLSEED QUICKIES: Katt Retires, Elmo’s Ex Gets Further Under The Bus

Katt Williams has announced his retirement. Just when Suge Knight was about to get back in the game.

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The voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash, got a word of encouragement from his former gay lover yesterday. Jason Murray (he dated the voice of Elmo when he was about 22) said:

“Kevin is not a villain. Yes, he had an affinity for younger men, but what successful [straight] man doesn’t have an affinity for younger women? It’s the same thing, gay or not.”

Some how…this does NOT help Clash’s plight as he is accused of underage relationships with boys.


I knew there was a reason I had not heard a lot from Drizzy Drake. He has been baking that CAKE. Drake locked in with Warner Bros, as Lil Wayne “retires” and Nicki “falters.” OVO (October’s Very Own) Records is down with the brothers. Feels like a “get yo’ hand out my pocket” move. The move has yet to be confirmed so it is still on the rumor mill, per Hits Daily Double. But this is a good move if you ask me. Honestly, I think Drake and Nicki need to do more of this, because Wayne is about to be a ghost. I see ya Drake…loosen up that collar!

Illseed, Out.


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  • $28825362

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • Davon Hardy

    Congrats! Though I know some will throw shade YMCMBs way, they still feed Drizzy and helped him establish his brand with the masses, oh and before anything else is commented about the YMCMB situation with Slim, Baby, Wayne, Mack and Cortez remember one thing, IF YOU LIVE IN A GLASS HOUSE, WATCH THROWING STONES! NOBODYS PERFECT! Again Congrats Dizzy, if it is true..

  • Drake is actually on course to be a legend in this music industry! 2 more albums will solidify him. He is like an updated Joe Budden, an emotional person but thankfully he isnt suicidal like Joey.

    • Oknas


    • PorchBoySlim


    • 7yoyo7

      Word? …… O_O

    • He is, he has accomplished a lot, no disputing that!

  • johnblacksad

    fuggin gays… fuggin pedo… fuggin gay pedo crackhead lookin mothafcukers proudly talkin on camera about n!ggaz they used to date, tryin to justify pedo moves and sh!t… what type of sh!t is that?

    what the fcuk is wrong with these n!ggaz??!!!

  • Davon Hardy

    Oh, I almost forgot, before the IGs(INTERNET GANGSTAS) attack remember, 500 mil sold, Mystikal and Busta havent dropped yet, oil, books, movies, clothes, art, YMs roster and still growing…Drizzy signed The WEEKND, just out did JAYs numbers #1s wise, not a block or town but CANADAS behind him, he’ll do his numbers regardless, point is: EVERYBODY WOULD STILL EAT! I’m not d!@# riden(NO SKITTLES, P-PAUSE!!), just a business man who respects a good business move!

    • It does sound like you got a bag of YMCMB flavored skittles in your pocket, while you sipping on Ice T, wearing a white hoodie!

      It is a good business move though, YMCMB be ‘chetting on their artist.

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    Drake paid his dues, Birdman and Wayne made alot of money of him now its time for him to be his own boss and drop his future albums under his own imprint when his contract with YMCMB runs out…Its a good move that he didn’t sign under YMCMB like Khaled did…

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  • Glad to see you return to the old format iLLSEED!
    Dope rumors!

    Drake label is confirmed via 4UMF. We had the rumors last week, ( Check ya’ inbox more often ) & confirmed it!

    Elmo dude = SMH

    Katt Williams shed a tear on the video, made me feel for him, but he was bugging!

  • D_Ably

    Too many labels not enough talent. Another crappy label to throw in the pile of crappy labels ran by rappers.

  • Vanna Huot

    omg drake, i luv you. you are sooo fine. get that money baby. show them haters you can make it rain all on your own.