Gucci Mane

Hip-Hop Rumors: What Cali Rapper Wants To Fight Gucci Mane FOR FUN?


The shenanigans don’t STOP!

Just a few second ago, Murs, the living legend from the Cali underground just revealed that he wants to fight Gucci Mane! Now, this is real! It is not a stunt. I have sources and they are telling me that this is real. Now, Murs wants to do it for charity, but I am hearing that he’s already consulting people on making this fight happen in real life. NO LIE!

Check out the tweet!!


Who do you think would win?




Illseed, Out


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  • Terrance Goodman

    Murs would beat the ice cream cone off this nigga

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  • damn when is that nigga Gucci due? Been pregnant for a min now lol

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    isn’t murs a ju jitsu expert or some shit? he would kill him

  • tourdefuckyou

    Too Underground? Is that code for too talented, too intelligent, too soulful, or just too damn good. Much love to @Murs and the @livinglegends.

    • anemia716

      all of the above haha

  • Lmao this Murs nigga is just doing this for attention to try to boost his rap career. Watch this become a new trend. Broke niggas callin out rich niggas to box

    • Mos High

      How about we call in Mc’s calling out wack rappers

    • King Flashy TheFirst

      Gucci specifically challenged any and all rappers to a fight. The game and 40 Cal also accepted Gucci’s challenge to fight but he has been ghost.

    • Nah, Gucci issued the challenge, Murs was the first to accept!

    • Broke? Are you kidding? Lol, you obviously don’t know anything about the Man Murs. Murs is one of the independent artists that has more assets than most Major Label artists. He throws his own festivals, he doesn’t just get Booked for shows. Him and Tech N9ne are true business men. You wild for that one.

    • Eli Pinilla

      Murs is the head of the up and coming section of rock the bells….the boy aint broke.

  • Tril Beats


  • Murs actually is from a hard block and I hear he got hands for real and used to beat niggas up

  • dominicancoke

    Murs knows kung fu dont under estimate

  • beating up pregnant women is not fun…smh at murs lol

  • Black Exodus

    If not Gucci, watch another rapper accept his challenge…who do think it will be??? I’m saying 50 cent….who you got?

    • Nah, 50 not swinging them things! #Ijs

      • 50 would crush your face into 500 pieces.

      • Just because he can beat you…doesn’t mean he can beat me!


        He’s still not swinging them things!
        2 Much $$$

      • I never said anything about myself, I was replying to your first comment. If anything when you have money you can be in better shape, because you don’t have to go work some 9 to 5 like yourself. No one cares about your hash tags, this isn’t twitter. You spend way to much time on the internet to be a problem.

      • If you had $$$, you would know that there are certain things you don’t do anymore, the money changes you. Now you don’t have that type of money to understand that, so you think just because you don’t mind getting punched in the face now, you think you wouldn’t mind still getting punched in the face if you suddenly got money!

        If fighting was all about being in shape & strong, body builders & gymnast would be champions.

        Honestly, fighting is for the uneducated and financially challenged such as yourself. Combat sports are a different story altogether!

        Step your heterosexuality up & stop following me around the site like a B’ish in heat, You ‘Ole negative attention seeking @$$ Ninja!

        The type to spend 2 weeks pay on a Stench Montana bear hat, knowing damn well, the first time you wear it, it won’t make it back home, because some one punched you in the face, took, wore it for the rest of the day & threw it in the trash, while your home, looking at your freshly broken teeth, talking about “At least he knows me!”…from punching you in the face & taking your Stench Montana hat! LOL

        Get off 50’s 4-9-3-11 Stan!

      • How is me commenting on article, an you getting all emotional about it me following you on the site? It took me two seconds to click on your name on here to see how much you comment. Funny you use the word “negative”, from your comments it seems that is all you do. You come on here every hour, of every day and try your hardest to be funny to compensate for the lack of attention your Mother gives you in the home, lol. I’m no shrink, no doctor…it’s just easy to see. It’s what I used to do back in the day, difference is I was like 9 years old.

        Not really sure how me saying 50 would smack you out, makes me a “stan” , but sure if that makes you sleep all night and not wet your onesie’s, then cool with me.

        I don’t listen to French Montana, never have..and never will… I will leave those type of cats to you, a blog or website tells you to like them, so you like them. Stop trying to be slick, you don’t have the wit for it.

      • It’s E Beef Famz, lighten up!

        Move on to the next thread!

        P.S. Clicking another man’s profile is some Frank Ocean ‘chet!

        Thanx for caring enough to check my profile! LOL

      • You just dedicated your day to me, so if taking 5 seconds to click on a profile is “Frank Ocean ‘chet” then you must be full blown Perez Hilton!!! Your dress is up over your head.

        E Beef? What the hell are you going on about? I commented on an article, you started trying to be an internet tough guy, tried to be slick…got clowned, now your leaving with your tail between your legs. I told your Mom to make sure she cut’s your crust’s.

        Now stop talking to me. Go start some more point less arguments.

      • LOL!

        I don’t mean to laugh in your face but your funny.

        First you jump on my nutz like some kind of rap super guy, when I was talking to Black Exodus, then check my profile, get all psychological like you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night and it made you feel smarter, then you get all sentimental about how you grew up a B’ish @$$ Ninja, in a weak attempt to justify why your doing the same B’ish @$$ ‘chet now, replacing me as your role model you aggravate for attention, then after I wipe you off my nutz & dismiss you, you act like you were leaving anyway, on some sour grapes ‘chet, talking about I dedicated my life to you, when you dedicated yours by stepping to me first!

        Your gay and you don’t even know it!


        Now that’s some funny ‘chet!

        Only things missing are the over sized red wig, nose & shoes!

      • Not really going to waste my time reading your tearful grabs for attention, have fun being the #1 allhiphop troll. You write paragraphs on every article, wow…must be rough having no life beyond your computer. Go hang yourself.

      • Why you so mad about me talking to another man?

        Hahahaha! You’re really a B’ish!


      • You use words like “bawahahahaaa” and “b”ish”, your either gay or a female, I am guessing gay by what you just said. It is one of the gayest comments I have ever read on the internet.I wasn’t even going to indulge your pathetic mind with a reply, but damn your gay as hell.

      • Your excellent at projecting your weakness on to others!

        You troll, do gay ‘chet, worry about other men, even log on for the purpose of getting their attention, your a liar, and your Olympic level, nut riding generalship is the epitome of what’s wrong with today’s generation.

        I bet you wear skin tight jeans with matching jeggings & think you look tough in them, when you really look like Lil Wayne!

        I’m busy now, so I’ll let you get the last word, but get at me on other threads if the attention whore in you fights its way to the surface again, as usual.

        Until then, your Hip Swinging, heterosexually challenged @$$ will have to settle for looking at my profile again, to quench the desires of the fag in you!

        P.S.: The reason you had to aggravate your mother for attention is because every time you pulled a ho move, like you did when you stepped to me, it made her hate herself even more for not swallowing you.

        She wanted a son & got the B’ish in you instead!

        Thanx for the laughs! I think it’s He-Larry-Us that your gay…..and don’t even know it!

      • Hilarious how angry you are that I owned you over 7 hours ago, you say bye, off to troll the next article, then you keep coming back, and back, and back because you lost… does a website really mean that much to your rep? Like really?

        Nothing you said was a fact, or supported by a fact…that’s what women do, or persons with female tendencies. Get emotional, can’t do anything physically, so they make up stories and spread em around. I thought after you admitted your homosexuality you hit a low, but now you pulled the ultimate hoe move. You try oh so hard, and still fail….lol…go get a job.

        All this because I said 50 Cent would smack your skinny nerdy white ass out, lol…how does that “chet” as you call it sit with you? What the hell is chet? Are you French?

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  • Looks like a good one, but I’m going for MURS!

    • I got at him on twitter and he never responded. Gucci is definitely on some serious drugs G. He is just talking now that a lot of people called his bluff. He was stupid to think no one would respond. I am not even as tall as Gucci which I heard he is tall but I have knocked out a 6 foot cat before with hands so that means nothing. Gucci doesn’t seem intelligent enough for fast thinking. I think Murs would duff him out like a bad day.

      • You know Gucci a sucka for a left hook! It’s written all over the right side of his face, step to the left, slow, like your stumbling, confused, (*but it’s actually a disguised wind up ) and he will follow…right into it! LOL

        A challenge like that will be accepted, when no loot is involved, like Meek & Cassidy, now putting up the $$$$, is a different issue, so you know Gucci fronting.

        Still, he’s getting that buzz, just like you would after knocking him out.
        He isn’t a fast thinker & an MMA fighter will tie him up like a pretzel & submit him….probably instantly, but boxing?

        I think Gucci would fight not to get KO’ed, which would make it boring & frustrating, because he’s not trying to win, just survive.

        I would like to see Jeezy & Gucci though…and all rap beefs take it to the ring on some UFC or Boxing tip!

        Bring back the fair 1!

  • AK

    murs is a homo

  • therealest1

    Gucci Mane would win the fight, but only if he can use a gun, just ask Young Jeezy’s peeps who tried to rob him since Gucci shot and killed one of them.

  • Swaggout

    Andre 3000 vs Yasiin Bey/Mos Def. – Murs vs Joe Budden. Rick Ross vs Birdman. Gucci Mane vs Young Jeezy. – Pusha T vs Gunplay. Diddy vs Jay-Z. and finally… Frank Ocean vs Rihanna – PLACE YOUR BETS!

  • hoeyuno

    murs is in good shape(no homo) id like to see him whip guccis ass.

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  • Guest

    They both could use some work in the gym

  • darius jones

    It would be a victory for cooning.

  • Bleek

    That nigga Gucci would beat the dog shit out of murs, like he said” I dare anybody to touch me”, but fucksd with murs, just ain’t seeing Gucci in no fight.

  • Alf Capone

    murs is in shape………….gucci isnt……….murs would crush him

  • Darkfather504

    Once Guc says Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr Murs is done …lol

  • WatDaFuckIsWrongWitYoFaceNigga

    But Murs is gay though. Youtube that shit.

  • brotha_man

    gucci would win…he about gun play

  • People remember that Gucci is a bit retarded,so maybe it would unfair

  • BoldSpice

    Ya’ll killing me with the Murs living legend stuff. Don’t nobody know who this monkey is.

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