Hip-Hop Rumors: What Old School Rapper Is Fighting To Get Out Of JAIL FOR LIFE?

If you said this man, you are right!

Unfamiliar? OK, what about this image?

Do you know who Cool C is? If not, let me run it down really fast. The short, fast story is that Cool C is a dope MC from Philly that sounded a lot like MC Shan of the Juice Crew. The irony of that is Cool C game in the game with a furor dissing Cool G and the Juice Crew, who was really running the game at that time. They had Shan, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Shante, Biz Markie, Master Ace, Craig G and a bunch of others! They were rocking out! Anyway, Cool C went on and overcame and scored a huge record with “The Glamourous Life.”


Quick Quiz! Who is the girl in this video? She blew up later on in life!

So, The Hilltop Hustlers was the crew and they were good. So, at the same time, Cool C was blowing up, Steady B was doing his thing too. But, when the 90’s kicked in, it wasn’t happening. They tried to revamp with a new crew and name but nope. Somebody came up with the idea to rob a bank. They tried and the end result was the first death of a Black female cop in the line of duty. You may already know that, but here is the rumor.

Both men are in jail for life. Cool for the murder and Steady for driving the getaway car.

Cool C, however, continues to appeal, claiming innocence. I am being told that he’s got a pit bull of a lawyer that is trying to get him OUT. When I say Pitbull, I mean I am hearing he’s like a mob lawyer – CO-NECTED! From what I have been told, the lawyer strikes fear in the hearts of anybody that tires to get Cool C to speak on it or to do interviews. Now, here is the other thing. They believe they can get out of jail. I repeat: They believe that Cool C…CAN GET OUT OF JAIL, I heard. Can he? I’m not so sure. He’s been denied appeal multiple times already. From what I understand, they may be looking to put Steady B under the bus somehow? I don’t really know and I don’t recall the details of the situation off the top. I’m going off what I heard. Hit me at my email and let me know what you may know.

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Here are the Hilltop Hustlers in their Hey Day. Notice Steady B giving the side-eye! Cool C is the tall one.

Here is Steady B now, with the legendary Philly DJ Tat Money.

For this one I take you back to the classics.  Steady B * Tat  Money    Dj. Tat Money
I heard Steady B in a completely changed man and has mentally turned himself around, even if he will probably never see freedom again.
Illseed, Out


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  • 2012Industry1

    That girl is Jill Scott! Even sexier now…#BBWLove!!!!

    • chippc

      Been wodering that for years. Thanks. Anybody know who the drummer chick is??

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  • mosestobymcgeethree

    I need them sweatpants, b

  • Opposite Of Everyone

    How bout proof readin your ish before postin sunshine ? Cool G from Juice Crew ?

    • $18592567

      game in the game? This site sucks.. Good story tho.


    illcoon you a clown, you dont know the details because you aint the orginal illcoon.
    And even if you were, you are so far remove from
    Hip-hop at any era, that you dont know nadda.
    Cool C is not by any means getting out or getting off of deathrow.
    Point ________ .

    A judge who even thinks about granting him an appeal, would commit career sucide.
    You are clearly as dumb as you type.!!!!!!!!?

    • Casor_Greener


      Cool C is guilty a charged and ain’t going nowhere.

    • DJ Spigg Nice from the Lost Boys is doing 40yrs in Raybrook for Bank Robbery too!

      Dudes be chasing that paper at all cost!

      Now you know iLLy ain’t from Philly, so cut him some slack, and he asked for the scoop, so hit him up & let him know the real deal in ILLadelphia!

      Can’t expect iLLseed to have the scoop, if we don’t share it with him!


      • EL_BARK

        My man is doing a bid in raybrook FCI, How tuff is that joint?

      • Raybrook is a “SWEET” joint, meaning the inmates run it.

        They bidding off Spigg Nice though! He’s a good dude, but that don’t count for nothing in there!

      • EL_BARK

        Me help illcoon?????? Lmao edog uou funny lol.
        Clears throat…..

        EL consultant fees start at 500.00 depending on how exclusive the info is….
        🙂 i sure him & chuck can respect CREAM…. Lol look at all the sponsor on this page???? Naw change my
        Mind i need atleast 750.00 a piece.

        Tell chuck i can get them an exusive behind the bar interview from b sigel if they interested. ??? For a small fee…..
        By the way chuck, how is jimmy doing.????? Have Yall chop much lately???

      • EL_BARK

        Also philly is right next door to delaware. 20 mintues.
        Its nothing that cool C can really appeal on.
        Your co-d snitch on you. The dumb fool shot a female black cop,
        Instead of just taking the 5 piece. Granted it was prolly impulse, but he had his gun drawn already. She walk in to the bank thinking it was a false alarm. Gun wasnt even out or drawn. All he had to do was instruct her to hit the floor and take her burner… . And i follow this case when it happen cause i was shock, when i heard the rumors he & steady did it.
        Mumia is innocent and it took the supreme court to get him off of deathrow…

        Cool C is guilty and its now way in hell he gets out or off.

      • Fugg that! Get me the B Sigal behind the bars interview for 4UMF!

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha get’em ed!!

      • Ya’ Heard!

    • Galactus

      The bol illseed on philly’s nuts hard though ctfu!! the funny thing is you can tell he don’t know what the f–k he talking about, just saw it was an old school rapper who has a high profile case and decide to report on it so he can show the board he’s down… smh clown ass nigga ctfu

  • heavyboy

    Them dudes was like the flyest niggas on earth back then*

  • hoeyuno

    I thought u were gonna say x raided that dudes been in there for a long ass time. but I hope this guy gets his freedom. good luck holmes.

    • Terrance Goodman

      N the fool got more albums than half the nuggas
      Rapping lol . Ppl sleep on him

  • king

    Free steady b and cool c

  • water_ur_seeds

    ‘the water proof mc, you aint wettin me,

    you need to stop rhyming and start robbing banks like steady b’

    i always thought cool c looks like nick cannon lol

    i love oldskool philly hip hop, hilltop hustlers, phill most chill, 3xdope, tuff crew, mobb sqwad, larry larr, jewel t etc

    • That steady b Let the hustlers play is a classic track,….I was always waiting for Beanie Siegel to bring that joint back….

  • water_ur_seeds

    what up el bark and edogs!!!

    • EL_BARK

      I chillin what popping wit ya?

      • water_ur_seeds

        fck all cousin, being a grinch and not looking forward to christmas lol

  • Galactus

    Damn i remember when that robbery happened, the bank they robbed was in my old neighborhood, always respected steady B though, he was dope! #phillylegend

  • YaheardSyndicate

    This was the biggest rap song out at the time. I wonder if the lawyer is Fortunato Perry

    • EL_BARK

      Its not perri. Cool C doesnt have enough bread to pay hiscretainer fee, nor is perri going to waste time putting in the hours, when he can be getting bread beating murder cases. Its prolly a lawyer working pro bono and who is against the death penalty, also aint no high profile lawyer working on this. It would had been news in philly already. Plus perri is low-key, & wouldnt play himself buying even thinking about taking cool C case. Perri just recently made a name for himself only once sigel beat that attempt case, then cassidy used him as well. Its a lot more how-profile lawyers in the city, that ate better or top notch just like perri. He is pretty much a new comer compared to others, prominent attoreys.

  • Darkfather504

    I remember these cats! but back than the game was different, today’s rappers have other deals in place once they feel their music is declining, clothing, cologne, liquor etc. Back during the HH time they had nothing and at that time the streets were not like it is now. so robbin were they thing prior to Romper room

  • scullyson

    Cool C was nice on the mic….

  • Kevin Farley

    he didnt sound nothin like shan

  • Adrian Barron

    she’s a GLAMOUROUS GIRL and she came to rock my world
    all the guys wanna get wit her, step back cuz you know you cant get her
    1st of all you got to have mo-ney
    just in order to be her honey
    but hey thats down my line cuz i like a girl thats fine
    give her everything that she wants
    gold and money so she can flaunt and say that i got gucci, louis vutton
    MCM styles of every kind

    “uh eeeeeeewwww SHE GOT IT, the GLAMOUROUS LIFE
    UH ewwwww SHE GOT IT – go, go, go, go”

    that was one of the niggas i thought was the opitome of HOOD and COOL when i was a young pup


    He killed her with a single shot to the chest with a 380. cal, as he hid behind a door waiting for the cop to enter. I dont think he even knew it was a female, She was a mother, was well known in law enforcement, and was murdered in an ambush by a washed up rapper… so you know hes never coming home… I had a family member that was in Graterford when he got there and said dude gets no love for what he did… they didnt say lame back then but thats how he meant it

  • David Rose

    He a fried nigga in da mornin

  • David Rose

    Nigga gone an it about time they stick dat needle in him, a Steady B need the same thing in his monkey azz