Paid In Full

Roc-A-Fella’s “Paid In Full” Still Changes the Game 10 Years Later

I love the game, I love the hustle, man… As long as n*ggas is feeling it, a n*gga like me could hustle it. That’s my gift in life, ay, you know?” Mitch, Paid in Full

It’s impossible to believe it’s been 10 years since Roc-A-Fella Records released the movie, Paid in Full.

MitchThe film was heavily themed on money, power, and respect – the key ingredients to every ‘hood classic ever made. Based loosely around the events surrounding the 1980s Harlem drug kingpins Azie Faison, Alpo, and Rich Porter, Paid In Full and its director Charles Stone III brought out explosive performances by rapper Cam’Ron and Hip-Hop-flavored actor, Mekhi Pfifer. Wood Harris would shine in the film and later captivate us as “Avon Barksdale” on HBO’s “The Wire”, also directed by Stone. takes a look at how Paid In Full changed the game through videos, lyrics, “Money Makin’ Mitch, and even a few rap names:

Young Jeezy’s “Soul Survivor” featuring Akon – When the song came out, it was explosive on its own merit. But, it was the visuals had all the dope boys going crazy about the video.

As a movie, Paid In Full has stood the test of time – 10 years later, and everyone from Meek Mill to Curren$y are still referencing the movie.

The character “Mitch” alone seemed to make a profound impact on viewers. His scene has been sampled by numerous artists, from Wale’s 11/11/11 mixtape, which features a snippet from the movie, to Ghostface Killah featuring Trife da God’s “Hustle Hard” lyrics.

On Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares, the young MMG star explodes on the intro to his debut album by referencing Mekhi Pfifer’s character, Mitch.

On The Diplomats’ “I Really Mean It”, Cam’ron even made mention: “First role ever/ I killed Mekhi Phifer…”

Money Shot

Ultimately, Paid In Full shows the rise and fall of three drug dealers and how the game is loyal to no man. It seems the love of the game will never change, and the hustle will never stop! Most rap music is a reflection of what’s happening in communities across our country. Perhaps Paid In Full’s genius was the glimpse it offered into the mindset of what’s really good in the ‘hood.

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  • mxtralive

    “Money makin Mitch”

  • K10z

    RIP Rich Porter

  • Truth Powell

    This “article” is like a bad high school paper by some corny fake overachiever girl that really doesn’t have the intellect or smarts to pull it off.
    This kind of shit makes the cut on a nationally famous website???

    • Jocelyn Noelle

      Thanks for your opinion. It’s like an a$$-hole…..What would you suggest I write on Mr. Powell since you seem to have so much to share

      • Focus on the 3 E’s – Energy, Economy, Environment in any abstract form.

        Google “$school ‘Em $aturday$” from iLLseed’s rumors section.

        With that being said, it’s a good article, & all AHH writers catch heat! Ask Illseed, Sydney, Chuck, Truth Minista, well, except for Davey D, but that’s Davey D >> Shrugz E Shoulders

        Hate is the new love, so >> In iLLseed’s voice : “When they stop talking…..start worrying!”

        Congratz! on joining Team AHH!

        No typos? Impressive!
        It shows you care enough to proof read, because one mistake….& we will curse you forever!

        Po & them made rappers pretend to be drug dealers, back when drug dealers were pretending to be rappers.

        The impact is undeniable!

        King of New York
        New Jack City
        Paid in Full
        Blue Hill Ave

      • Jocelyn Noelle

        Appreciate it! In the words of my boy Tone Trump “If they ain’t hating, then I’m not winning” 🙂

      • plsDontreply

        down arrow on all your comments, because I’m a hater. You wrote the article dont fill up the comment section its ours;)

      • Hahaha!

        I think it’s dope when a writer takes time to interact with the audience, accept criticism, etc.

        Either way, folks are gonna hate, soooOO?

      • Looks like you winning from where I’m at!

        Keep up the good word!

  • Gulley

    Whoever wrote this article does not understand the message of the music, the way rappers distort it and the pervasion of ignorance in the black community by the same people who claim to represent it. Allhiphop, do yourself a favor and hire real journalist that do.

    • Jocelyn Noelle

      Hello Gully! I certainly understand the music, I understand what crack and this life has done to our communities and I understand how the various snippets other artist use it to continue to perpetuate the stereotypes. Love the comments keep them coming.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        The movie was trash…more should have been said and done…I respect Rich Porter and AZ….death to the snitch bytch Alpo…the real life events depict whatwent on in every hood across America during the crack exxplosion…the rise and fall of teenagers in the drug game, the riches, the bytches, the cars, the clothes, the betrayal, the deaths, the lack of love and loyalty, the devils plot to divide and conquer by way of greed….the movie was watered down, facts were corrupted and replaced with whole lies to disguise the shyt for what it was…it doesnt take much to influence hip hop or its rappers and the movie was horrible

  • djdyce210

    wow this movie was so dope i even titled a mixxtape i did Paid in Full…but i think ole gurl who wrote this is mad..smh isnt this what comments are for….Anywayz Paid In Full is def my fav movie..No Doubt…

    • Jocelyn Noelle

      Hey there. I wrote the article meet Jocelyn @JoceBrownSugar. What am I mad about? The article is about nothing more than how Paid in Full has inspired videos, and music. I didn’t add a personal twist. Just facts.The movie was hot then it is now. It’s a subject that has and will continue to carry on. LOVE the feedback keep it coming.

  • gomer_1

    That ghostface and trife was hard ass fuc. I’m still mad i left the cd in a car i sold.

  • Most of them rapper faggots took they steez from the Hustler’s…salute Azilla…fuck the Rat…

  • C. Black

    Yea, this movie is the business. Matter of fact, time to pop heem in the dvd deck this weekend

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  • ccwaterbound32

    the term hate should be replaced with the proper term dislike… and disliking something is a personal opinion on the latter while hate encites violence and negativity… to the writer of this particular article you pretty much glamorized what the overall message was about… it’s like how some people chop up bits and pieces of a particular article and focus on that one line to draw their readers in just to read the entire article. see i don’t even know you but just from what you’ve written i can tell your a bit materialistic and shallow, you probably wrote this article glamorizing the drug culture hoping the ignorants (yeah i said ignorants its my word and don’t bite my s*it) and low I.Q types would mozy along and give you a high five for your little contribution… that gesture alone is a slap in the face to the entire community’s intelligence. i guess it’s true what they say “like minded people socialize with other like minded people.” and you obviously are fishing for like minded individuals to big you up and give you a pat on the back for this trash you call an article… now im going to say this once and only once so please pay attention…. i don’t hate you or “hate” as you call it on anything it is you do however i dislike what you are doing i may not like what you stand for but i can still give you respect as a fellow human being see hate is when someone tries to bring bodily harm to you or to your loved ones for no apparant reason. or when someone tries and prevent you from generating a legitimate income to support yourself/family. and i don’t recall doing that to you because i don’t know you or have any reason to do such a thing to you for in the first place. so i hope you learned something i hope you improve your articles and hope you don’t take this to heart. peace n luv baby…

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