50 Cent and French Montana

Hip-Hop Rumors: Face Off! French Montana Challenges 50 Cent To Drop His Album On The Same Day!

It doesn’t look like the French Montana vs. 50 Cent beef is going anywhere anytime soon, but things just got a lot more interesting. French recently challenged 50 Cent to drop his album on the same day as his highly anticipated debut, Excuse My French. French tweeted, “@50cent if u really about Dat life lets drop our album da same day and see who sell more u had your turn old man.”


Now, this challenge is one that I can get into! Do you guys remember when Kanye West and 50 dropped on the same day? 50 promised that if Yeezy sold more than he did that he would retire. As we all know, 50 reneged on that threat and hasn’t been quite the same since.

50 Cent and Kanye West

So far no response from 50 on the challenge, but I think this could be good for Hip-Hop. Do you think 50 should take Frenchie up on the challenge? If he does and French wins, I’m pretty sure that could be the end of 50’s musical career. What do you think?

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  • King Flashy TheFirst

    Two weed plates dropping on the same day? Tell me why I should care about either of these albums? French just trying to ride 50’s coattails to a big opening week.

    • RichFromBX

      weed plates…lol…back in the day I remember that if an album so trash we didn’t even want to break weed on it fearing the trash would bring the weed down with…

      • johnblacksad

        Trill sh!t

      • Ill-Will


      • Johnny Sanchez

        yo… that was a breath of fresh air right there… shows there are some heads on here.

    • Who uses a cd to bust up weed ?? , obviously you and 21 other people..if you mean the CD case, then I getcha..but naw… lol…million other things around then a CD.

      • TheGreatGazoo2012

        Magazine just saying

      • Dee

        those party flyers i luv those

      • hoeyuno

        yea cd cases are more for bustin the bumps out…ha ha

    • PureMagic

      Weed plates….thats funny lol

  • 7yoyo7

    Publicity 101 (brought to you by Sydney Lame)

  • game213

    Its obvious they both planned this. French been talking too reckless about 50, 50 has given him the green light to talk crazy about him so to promote himself and 50 at the same time, and french is really cool with yayo and them boys, so i always knew this beef was fake
    as far as them dropping the same day, as things stand right now i doubt either one will move over 200k

  • Alf Capone

    i wont be buying either………..french blows………50 isnt what he used to be

  • Galactus

    “i think it will be good for hip hop” what would you know whats good for hip hop when you and the website you work for are part of whats destroying smmfh

    • Johnny Sanchez


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  • Dadon850

    You know the game done changed when a fool as wack as French Montana makes a challenge like this toward 50. French will never and I mean never go Plat. 50 is done but he’s still one of the highest selling artists in history. French will sell less than 200k and 50 will move less than that. It’s a different game folks. Gone are the guys that can actually rap. Now we have Chief Keef, French Montana and Captain Bufaoon himself, Trinidad James.

    • Hector G

      you jus remember that you said french montana was gonna sell more than 50…..wait till you find out how big 50’s fan base is….you must be new or some ish cause 50’s gonna dance on this fool

  • French Montana, possibly one of the worst rappers ever.

    • Lefty

      I agree

    • therealest1

      Not worse than Nelly though.

      • AK

        on a whole nother level of worse then nelly

      • $18592567

        Nelly is Nas compared to French
        Nore is Biggie compared to French
        Bleek is Jay-Z compared to French
        Lil Zane is…

        U get the point.

      • haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa so true!!!!!!

    • $18592567

      Best quote of the night…

    • hostil666

      ah men

    • Lolrax

      Completely agree, French sucks in ways I can barely even comprehend. Sounds like he has a sinus cold 24/7 MUNNNNNTUNNAAA!

    • This could end 50’s career for good, if his numbers are less than French.

  • Suava

    50 can buy amillion of his own albums doe like the been doing for wayne all these years

    • hoeyuno

      that’s a jay z/rockafella move. I’m sure fif would do the same though.

  • JohnnyQuesst

    Bruh. Sydney. Bruh. Stop it. Stop posting stuff. Please.

    • Yo! Famz! Where you from?

      • JohnnyQuesst


      • I know a J Quest.via my peepz, unusual name, thought it might be you.

      • JohnnyQuesst

        Oh nah. Don’t think I’m him. I’m just a nigga that really likes that name and mostly just use it as a username for iphone apps.

      • JohnnyQuesst

        But to answer your question. South Carolina

  • Jealousofmyrezn

    French needs to sell a few albums and get an actual catalog before challenging anyone. Dude’s at rookie status with a big mouth

  • Word7

    SKI drop Feb 26 French dumb ass

  • Dontoure Smith

    This story is already a week old

  • buffer

    We all should stop supporting Sydney
    French wanna challange 50 ? Why not a lyrical battle ? iknow 50 aint what he used to be but he still will murder French

    • Ill-Will

      That is SO true, French is depending on hooks and features to get him through songs, but in a battle you can’t do that, so he takes an automatic L

    • Weedras

      If you look at it from another standpoint French is using 50’s tactics against him… in his beef with Ross 5 was more abt the antics rather than the lyrics… so 50 set the trend now its being employed against him… even though he will still smash french on both lyrical and commercial aspects in my opinion..

      • andone

        tia told me… ill be the shooter… officer down… the unit came wit some serious lyrics during the height of that beef its jus the majority of ppl ignored them tho… and while some say this is a hoax(which i doubt), others believe its legit… but with “dunkey” being ur go to diss its more like he’s takin the rozay approach “munkey”, both of them came outta the blue talkin bout how ninjas look/dress(instead of the real issue’s) is mad suspect/corny and thats nowhere near the level of embarrassment 50 put them through… its quite obvious the only thing fm is employing is “the money makes the man” rather than “the man makes the money” mentality!!!

      • Hector G

        i agree with everything being said here pretty much except honestly 50 is growing more lyrically now…if ppl arent used to a rapper good enough to have a long career anymore then screw them…in 10 years when its pretty much all said and done these characters who will remain nameless will jus be a mess and a joke compared to artists like 50 and em.

  • man 50 cent is not gonna boost up french number …french will sell like 30k his first week

  • King Cold

    Somebody please fire sydney no taste. This is funny as hell french only wants to challenge fif because he knows he has no hits for his own shit and french knows his debut will flop hard without some controversy.smh. as for 50 if he can keep spittin like he has been on the mixtapes he’ll do good numbers.

  • His bitchass is tryin to get some hype goin, cause his album is gonna push like 12,000 units its first week, watch.

    • Ill-Will

      I say 10K

  • KLewis

    After extensive research [a quick trip to Wikipedia], I have found out that 50 Cent is 37 while Officer Ricky is 36. According to their birth dates, Rick will be 37 before Curtis will be 38. So for about 6 months, they will share the same age. I know it’s small, and damn near-irrelevant, but I always wonder when one rapper brings up another rapper’s age conveniently forgetting their boss/close-associate’s age. Not to mention Montana’s other boss is 43.

  • 50 ain’t selling 10 million or even 5 million any more, but really who the hell is? No one in Hip Hop.Will French even drop an album? It was supposed to come out in July, 4 months late it is still not here. The buying public, the consumer tends to not care about as much time goes on.

  • Two interscope artist hmmmm? Jimmy iovine is sittin back loving dis dis is just a cooked up publicity stunt made by da good people of interscope records 50 and french really cool as fuk wit each other dis rap industry is 1 big community if they got so much beef is much easier 2 just go c each other or pickup a phone I’m pretty sure fif had french numba since cocaine city dayz

  • bigdoe6

    French desperate for success. He want to use 50 to sell records. Of course 50 will sell more. Why is he so fucked up in the head?

  • Joe

    French just lookin to sell his garbage album….

  • bigdoe6

    Why do people want to hear 2003 50cent is beyond me? I mean it’s cool to hear the vintage 50 but come on man, dude has grown up since his first album. It’s a new day and new era. In the past 2 years 50 has dropped quite a few good mixtapes, not the same same caliber as GRODT but the were decent. Most of the fans today are dickriders. They hate 50 cause he beefing with ross and they taking sides. But then again these same people who dickriding ross are the same people who bought 50 albums. lol.

  • 50 is crack, french is just wack.

  • them dropping on the same day would give the only promotion to frenchys record..the only buzz frenchy ever got was when he was the camera man for gunit all those years..and 50 outsold kanye worldwide, doesnt matter about just the states..jus sayin

  • STP

    Good for Hip Hop??? Pshhhh…U mean good POP!!!

    • STP

      “Psssshhhhh” (In my Edbassmaster voice)

  • i see french montana is trying to have a permanent vacation.

  • dominicancoke

    French u from my hood and all but you trash.u challenged 50 Cause his musical careers done right? Ha! Son u will never ever have a career like 50 had in his prime i mean you will never go platnum and have that fame or star power this is like roy jones challeging sugar ray

  • brotha_man

    french is probably more on nick cannons level as far as rap goes

  • Dee

    for sydney to write this blog and call french album highly anticipated she should be fired

  • brotha_man

    both they albums gonna get leaked nowadays sales prove nothing street ish is not based on record sales

  • Ladies & Gentlemen, the state of New York Hip-Hop

  • dominicancoke

    is like a new comer challeging ali or tyson picking on ali cause he has parkinsons or tyson cause hes been retired yet you a nobody boxer with a few weak fights and no belts f#ck outta here wack montanna

  • 50 sold more on 1 album then French will sell in his entire carrier! How are people even entertaining this sh*t! LMAO… You don’t have to like 50 even though the majority of you haters were his biggest fans… SMH! Switch side a** ni**as… But any way French is straight garbage! If it wasn’t for all those features we wouldn’t even be talking about 50’s old camera man! And 50 needs to go back to the music he was making on those classic G-Unit radio mixtapes or hang it up! If it wasn’t for him, the mixtape wouldn’t be what it is today for artists. EVERYBODY is making mixtapes because of 50! That’s a fact! And the game would have gotten sweeter much sooner if it wasn’t for 50 going in on all these undercover fa**ots!


    french Montana needs to learn how to rap first cuz DAT nigga succ


    Worst than Nelly.I hate to say it but Nelly can actually rap unlike French.

  • Both Albums will sell enough to go rusted penny.

  • Dointer

    For me its not about the album sales thats just a cop out by French, if it comes down to accomplishments, industry respect, skill and overall impact… 50 is streepsweeping this fool.

  • probable cause

    SOHH posted this like 2 weeks ago bruh’

  • They both signed to Interscope so aint no way 50 can lie and say his album aint ready. 50 is the better rapper anyway but French hot right now (because of producers & worldstar videos) if hop-hip *no typo* was about lyrics French would be working at McDonalds.

  • Bryce13

    I am not a big 50 fan but in comparison to Stench Montana, he is one of the greatest rappers ever. That fool Stench has no understanding of spelling or punctuation… he is one big run on sentence, and talks about nada. He looks like Humpty.

  • hoeyuno

    this could be good for French(no bear hat) if fif agrees. I doubt fif will tho, too much to lose. and I’m telling y’all that mac n cheese 3 is a good tape. get past the rick Ross songs and its dope. good chillin and gettin high music

  • 8Galaxy5

    French trying to get some promotion for his album by dissing 50 and thats why french wants to drop the album on the same day as 50.
    French doesnt have anything to lose and will gain alot of free promotion,50 should ignore it.
    French should sell his album on his own,but he knows it wont sell and now uses 50 for what its worth.

  • ulostatlife

    French is terrible lyric wise but Fiddy at this point is a troll and the fact he needed to call the white boy army to gain relevance shows you all you need to know about this fake tough guy…50 stans coming out the woodwork in 5,4,3,2,1…

  • Terrance Goodman

    I challenge both to retire

  • Abrasive Angel

    If 50 lost it wouldn’t end his music career he only has one final album owed to Interscope so if he wanted to retire after dropping this owed album wouldn’t mean a thing. There is life after rap and way more money. Hip Hop is in zombie mode right now anyway.

  • French would lose BIG. He’s in denial about how late he is to the party. The Swag Rap Era is declining fast.

  • disqus_lvyP6cbNvl

    You can’t compare someone’s first Album…to someone’s 6th. French is trash…he needs Ross, Wayne, Drake and Mills as a crutch.

  • If French is the worst rapper ever, and he sells more than 50 cent, then there will be a lot to say about 50…#justsaying

  • JohnDillinger

    Why yall always gotta be so late on things man…Ya’ll got several peoples spying on red carpets nd’ shit, but can’t even post a news article all over the net on the right time.


  • Vanna Huot

    This nigga French Montana is french toast if he wants to compete wit Fiddy. I’d suck boft them off though. Esp 50 cent.

  • brollya

    how old is this rumor…. did ya jus post this are did ya dig it up out the crates and bring it back to life….. 50 need to jus ignore des clown ass niggaz cuz they cards gettin pulled one by one anyway…

  • Wait French is a rapper??lol I though he just held his nose closed and talked over beats? thats what it sould like to me, get this cat some vicks – too much CoKe Boys lol

  • Richard Savage

    French Montana been drinking WAAYYYY too much ciroc… lmao put that drink and coke down boy. The only way french motana would outsell 50 is if Puffy’s ass goes out and buys AT LEAST 2 Million copies with his own money

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Both of these rappers musical fate rests on the commercial masses which includes my 14 year old niece and all of her middle school friends… I don’t mess with what kids of that age are doing… Point is that even if they drop their albums on the same day and French wins, he still garbage. I’m not a 50 fan but he way better than French. Yo.

  • disqus_at4jr0sj3E

    He tryna create some album sales don’t do it 50

  • JimJames29

    I can’t believe yall falling for this. This is the fakest beef I’ve ever seen. Montana and 50 used to be tight. And now they’re both dropping an album soon, possibly even on the same day, and both pretty much got their careers riding on it. What this tells me? Cahoots, theyre IN CAHOOTS.

  • webhead92773

    what goes around comes around…….#karmaizamothefuker

  • Mark David

    he garbage, but the haters will by his over 50’s just to shake the GAME up. AND THATS WHAT IT IS……. BY Mark David.

  • Lorenzo Middleton

    Highly anticipated by whom exactly?