Rick Ross

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Rick Ross Issues Statement; Cancels Rest Of Maybach Music Group Tour

(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper Rick Ross has come forward to clarify recent reports surrounding the cancellation of dates on his Maybach Music Tour.

The Maybach Music Tour, which kicked off on November 2, was originally scheduled to run until December 2.

Representatives from Rick Ross confirmed AllHipHop.com that the tour was supposed to continue until December 16.

But the outing was abruptly canceled by promoters in Greensboro and Charlotte North Carolina.

Reps for Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com that the first leg of the tour was completed successfully without incident, but due to the “apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of the tour promoter,” the remaining dates of the Maybach Music Tour have officially been canceled.

“I want to apologize to all of my fans who I missed performing for due to the cancellations and want to let them know that I will get back to their cities,” Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com. “I enjoyed my experience with my little bros Wale and Meek Mill and I’m ready to get back in the studio to make good music.”

  • therealest1

    Fat fraud shit catching up to him.

  • GGGGGGUNIT. 50 gone have a field day with this

    • Casor_Greener

      another dick rider

      • World Wide

        you over there dick riding a c.o though

      • What’s wrong with being a C.O.? Seriously..hell half the mofo’s on here would happily take a 70k a year job you only have to do for 20 years and walk away with a 50% pension..that’s 35k a year without working the rest of your life.

      • World Wide

        You’re asking the wrong person that question. You should be posing that question to Rick Ross because he was the one that denied it. I for one do not have a problem with a rapper having a job at all.

      • Reason

        Rappers have jobs, they may be dope jobs but its still a job. Also Phantom killed this thread with the Juvie quote so we should all stop trying. Ha has the best hook but i dont know if you could call what Juvie is doing actually rapping.

      • hoeyuno

        I don’t think anyone woulda cared about the co thing if he didn’t lie to us about it. I mean a co is nothing but a security guard. he coulda said I had this job when I was young and met the right ppl in there to start making money… I don’t think anyone woulda cared.

      • Calico Joe

        Exactly. That would’ve been the smart thing to do. I said the same thing when the pictures first surfaced and I honestly thought that he would’ve used it to his advantage. Instead he denied it til his album dropped, then wait two years later to try and come up with a back story in Rolling Stone. He deserves no respect and should’ve been ran out the rap game a long time ago. But the world we live in today…….

      • That’s fine and I agree, but the man was on the come up..you’ve gotta consider the risk of all that falling apart. I think most of us here would deny something or the other if there were millions on the line based on the answer.

      • hoeyuno

        I agree. And he is far from the first gangster rapper to exagerate his street cred. Rick Ross is just a weird situation thats about to run its course tho…On to the next fake gangster!!!

      • Tony G.

        Don’t no damn CO’s make 0K a yr bro..sorry

      • Really no C.O. makes 70k a year..my friend google is at your fingertips use it.

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  • Ronlg1

    In other words…I couldn’t beef up my security enough and I aint trying to get GOT!!!!

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  • We call this being a “Shook One” where I come from..

    • hoeyuno

      homie is shook. and trying to blame it on the promoters…… ninja please!!!!!

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  • Amazing. Those are the cities the original GD’s promised he would NOT come to are located lol

  • Super_Villain

    *Juvie voice*

    Them niggas don held ya back, ha
    You owe them GD boys cause you been talkin’ all that smack, ha
    You said you were Larry Hoover, ha
    Put ya career on hold, ha, worried ’bout them shooters, ha

    • Casor_Greener

      If you think Rick Ross fat ass was scared of them corny nikkas on youtube you out yo damn mind. I bet them promoters were scared because they would have had to pay out some insurance money but not Rick Ross. Them clowns on youtube weren’t going to do $#!t.

      I’m glad the concert got cancelled because it’s some trash music but ain’t nobody scared of some gangsters from Greensboro AHAHAHAHAHAAH. A bunch of bama goons talking reckless on youtube, aint stopping nothing.

      • DADE COUNTY 305

        So trill homey

      • Bumpy Johnson

        go there nd tell’em that then….greensboro is way more gangsta than your town dont front.

      • Guest

        Gangstas dont do social network. Feds do.check w ur homies again

      • siixmac74

        betta do ya research b4 you bump yo gums…


      FUKK GD


      • Put your moms number on here. Grow up as a person before posting incriminating things please. If y’all had brains y’all wouldnt broadcast this. All y’all doing is giving Ross’ security justification to air y’all out. (I use the term y’all loosely)

      • DMO

        Why the f*** would someone post their Social Security number on the internet? Dumb ass fake gangsters.

      • You a follower when your leader says sit you ask “in what chair”, gang members ain’t no different than hoes on the stroll…pimp says..hoes do..

      • hoeyuno

        i heard Alaska gds battle polar bears over turf. chill life!!!

      • phillip martin

        All day, everyday. They stay peeling polar bear caps back.

      • Choppaliss

        how bout you come visit the caribbean

      • Alf Capone

        alaska gd…………….hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha………….i can die happy now

      • johnblacksad

        All caps dont make you gangsta… and threats are on clearance : real cheap!

      • aint no gangstaz in alaska lmao get off the computer wit that social security number shit

      • Reason

        Just crazy ice version of hillbillyz with way to many guns. But no gangsters. Saying Alaska is gangster is like saying Spokane Washington keeps its gangster which it doesnt its full of drunk WSU fans and a bunch of loose HIV infected hoes

      • Bumpy Johnson

        there obviously is dont be an idiot.

      • hoeyuno

        you couldnt find the person by just there address????? ijs

      • beemen

        how bout you stop livin off social security get a real job and grow the f*** up. internet thugz lmao

      • Guest

        Israel wants their f….oh nmind. Close the window, kiddo.

    • smh


      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        I agree. But Hip Hop history? This ain’t nuttin new, bruh. A lot of your favorite rappers had to pay to play. Im glad it made its way to the fakers like Ross. Wayne need to be next. Dont claim this life if you aint bout it, rappers

      • Adrian Barron

        you hating on the low fam – why would you be glad that niggahs are extorting each other – and what do you stand to benefit from the foolery … NOTHING! you niggas act like RICK ROSS and WAYNE are the only 2 niggas that lie to ya’ll constantly – every rapper lies embellishes and exaggerates the truth to sell records, entertain, and to make themselves LOOK like the image they portray – end of the day NOBODY is promoting anything worth listening to – how can you support JEEZY but then turn around and diss ROSS – ICE CUBE wasnt NEVER a GANGSTA, G, THUG, DOPEMAN, either — if you gone ride on 1 than you gotta ride on them all –

      • This is the truth here.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        ICe cube was a real nigga from compton…he said he wsnt a gang banger…he was a conciious guy that was true to the game ..

      • Bryce13

        Man he went to an artistic school, much like Pac, though Pac did really put it down… at least the revolutionary pro black aspect. i.e. the shootout with those racist ass undercover while off duty cops.

      • Adrian Barron

        based on the fact that you live and breath as a black man makes us all REAL NIGGAHS lol – real niggahs lie, cheat, steal, read, work, study, hustle, gangbang, go to church, etc … point im trying to make is some REAL NIGGAS LIE CHEAT and some REAL NIGGAHS are loyal, stand up – etc… nigga is till a BYWORD – and yes CUBE being one of my fav of all time DEATH CERTIFICATE being one of the most complete conscious rap albums of all time – but he still blurred the line of FACADE in his raps – refer to the WESTSIDE CONNECTION album – or some fo the early NWA recordings or better yet the NATURAL BORN KILLERS single with Dr. Dre (who admitted a long time ago on the SHOW sdtrk – that rap is a facade and used as entertainment … “and anyone can talk about doing something on a record but wont really go out there and do it UNLESS you, you just stupid” – Dr. Dre

        BUT, BUT, BUT WAIT IT GETS WORSE – Busta Rhymes

        all they do is throw a little of REALITY in with their own selfish embellishment and gangsta fairytales – its like THE BIBLE in a sense or better yet a slab of bacon … you have to cut thru the fat to get to the good meat …

      • I think that was onyx not busta but great comment.

      • Guest

        That larry hoover dude whos honour n “street cred”they r supposedly protecting is trying to play a good guy w “conscious “pro black unity appeal to get the fk outta jail. His lil homies r not helpin him by doin this lol.

      • shayleshay

        7-4 Til da world blow. Blue n’ Black 6etcha head cracked. Naptown 317 William Roberts the III aint wanna Have no GD ni66as Whoppin at his tour bus in North Carolina. Dont Believe the managers. Officer Ricky is scared of us.

      • black power1

        …but these krakkas are not, and you know it. the only people you will harm are YOUR OWN. clown.

      • Kevin Farley

        you are a clown…you play yourself with your comments

      • You sir can suck a fat dIk..gang banging in alaska..g t foh..what you banging on ice trays and mountains..only mofo’s who resort to joining a gang are the ones who have no heart to stand on their own and need a pack to help them grow some confidence. 99 out of 100 of ya’ll would turn states witness in a blink of an eye facing a lifetime bid..if you over 21 and still have a gang pack mentality do yourself a favor walk to the nearest iceberg in alaska and faceplant from it..loser.

      • Skeeter Cooper


      • DreamZ

        Gangstas in Alaska hilarious

      • Bumpy Johnson


      • Bryce13

        Because everybody has seen Gangland Alaska! Though there are crazy idiots everywhere… Just to get a rep!

      • black power1


      • Bryce13

        That is hilarious…jump off an Iceberg.

      • Joseph Thomas


      • baller187

        nigga u all bark, bow down nigga

      • black power1

        …yet you allow these krakkas and other races continue to abuse our people, while you sit scared and do NOTHING. Be real CLOWN.

      • phillip martin

        And your doing what for our people? Lol, you black power nigga’s kill me. Its like your stuck in 1968, speeches didn’t change shit then and it won’t change shit now.

      • Chon Cosby

        So Martin Luther King speech didnt help you sound ignorant as hell lil nigga study your history before you say some dumb shit like that. Words are more powerful than pistols. But I bet your lame ass wear skinny jeans to.

      • Bryce13

        You better go out of state to extort that fat, nasty, ignorant as parole officer….because nobody that is anybody performs in Alaska.

      • Guest

        Lololol black ppl in snow…bangin! U deserve a sitcom.


      • phillip martin

        Nobody wanna watch you nigga’s doing drive by’s on snowmobiles and dog sleds, lol.

    • Jackson Willis

      ha? What you juvenile?


    • Reason

      You a paper chaser
      You got your block on fire
      Remaining a g until the moment you expire
      You know what it is yo make nothing out of something

      You handle your biz and don’t be cryin and suffering

      Come on i cant be the only one thinking this.

    • Now that was the funniest shit I read all day….I swear I can hear that shit over the old cash money beat and every thing LMAO

    • Irvin Findlay


    • Ronny Dæili

      Support the REAL…

      Greetings from Norway.Glad to see Ross is over…

    • DCODE


  • ccwaterbound32

    this guy is a perfect example of what not to do in a real life situation.

    • Bryce13

      You ain’t lying, studio gangstas are confused as hell, and consequently Rick Lost is the ruler

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  • Bryce13

    Yeah right, security needs to be beefed up like 50 back in the day. He better go in hibernation because even the Alaska BGD’s are after him, which is kind of hilarious because I didn’t know any artists performed in Russia (I mean Alaska), of course, excluding the local artist’s!

    • Reason

      I can guarentee no artist wants to perform in any former soviet union country. I got friends from Ukraine and i grew up in Detroit thinking Detroit was f*cking crazy, it doesnt hold a candle to Eastern Europe. I think i would rather get dropped off in Iran then Moscow.

      • Bryce13

        Sorry bro, you misunderstood my statement – I meant that Alaska at a hostile period during the “cold war” was almost taken over by Russia being that they are so close and would have been a very strategical advantage if war had ever truly happened. My fault, no disrespect to Russia and how tough and hard it is. One city that I would say that is possibly more dangerous is Lagos, which is also very scary and grimy. R.I.P. Patrice Lumumba of the Congo

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  • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

    I wonder if Rap Radar aka We love Rick Ross central, will report on this?

    • MaDD MaXx

      it’s on their website white-skin.

      • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

        I’m Latino lame-o. lol. Oh, how I love what lames like you reveal about yourselves. Thank you

      • latinoscansuckmeoff

        0o shit hes latinoooooo…means he has about 3 kids with 2 different baby mama;s, rocks a nissan maxima like hes balling, beats his wife, n thinks hes a latin king

      • p0is0nedkoola on Twitter

        So you made a fake account to leave this lame response? Seek Jesus ASAP! & oh yeah, the generalization was sooo unique. Oh, never heard that before! Oh and it’s so true, ya nailed it. You are a certified genius

      • Bryce13

        Ignorance shines even in the light, that is clowning how he changed account to respond in such an ignorant manner. She also needs to learn punctuation and spelling. She was only 16….

      • Reason

        White skin. Okay black skin. Stupid race obsessed faggot. You like the taste of Ross’es cum or something?

  • andone

    a cop would issue a statement lol… but seriously tho all jokes aside, that wasnt much of an explanation… 3 sentences/quotes(the last one had nothing to do wit this)???

    either way gettin back to the extortion thing, i am curious about wat amount is being demanded by the gd’s… rozay got m’s but not as much as some might think… and also how do they expect payment… direct deposit, money order, pay pal(lmao)???

    even IF it happens i wouldnt accept rozay gettin a pass via extortion.. i would rather they jus knock every fraud off the map jus bcuz, no other excuse needed… ppl callin them broke and bummy from the outside lookin in, but for the most part it appears that they have no other motive aside from the star of david reference and name droppin L hoover imo… long story short IF it in fact has to do wit the gd’s then ricky better fix this a.k.a “check in” if he wants stay active on the scene “without incident”, after all they have nothing to lose!!

    p.s: how can u cancel somthing that already ended(december 2nd or 16th), was that a typo??

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  • AK

    LOL some boss

    • hoeyuno

      its time this poor excuse of a rapper gets exposed for all his lies. I didn’t understand why this down syndrome(no disrespect to my downs homies) fake rapper has been selling records…. But I have never understood alot of the commercial acts.

      • Yet most of the rap today has been as fake as ross and been fake for years.

      • Reason

        The beats. I mean Ross isnt the worst rapper, i mean lyrically. Now dont get me wrong he aint a GZA or Nas in his prime but he isnt….. lets say… like a Birdman. Plus if you can get can any part of the Florida market behind you those dudes is way more loyal than New York in supporting local artists. We all agree Ross was a CO, okay take that or leave it, its not changing his music. But like Afi said almost all rap today is what we we call fake so its just another example of the same bullshit. I would way rather see Ross then a Wiz Khalifa concert or some shit like that. That Taylor gang shit was so f*cking funny, only reason people were at the concert is cause a real dude like Juicy J was on the bill and true to form he got no less than 100 bitches on stage to shake their shit, make up, flash some titties. I check offstage like 20 minutes later and 10 of those bitches were getting led backstage to have a train run on them im sure. Was funny as shit he got two guys on the stage just to involve the dudes, and one dude was hooking it up making out with bitches and this other guy was going up to chicks trying to make out and getting shot down. He then proceeded to walk around the venue the rest of the night bragging he was that bitch on stage who couldnt get any play at all. This was the night after Weed was legal in Washington, i have never seen so much weed smoked in front of the police in my life is was a thing of beuty. Then some dude named chevy woods (who had probably the best non juicy J set) comes out with some street sign from i dont know where going MAN THATS WHERE I COME FROM. WIz is a drunk for real ill give him that, he was faded like no bodies business but still didnt f*ck up. I heard they had guests on other cities and i was dying hoping DJ Paul, or even better Snoop was gonna get up there are rock that shit right. To no avail. THe wamu theatre is a jock tho, i got in there with my gun, they had no metal detectors just old scary fucks giving you a half ass pat down.

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  • keylon jackson

    lol most of the comments are funny most of these dudes on here talking like they know this and that.. the funny things is none of yall are related to no gangs and if yall was in trouble wit some of them lol ik most of yall will call the cops for rescue… niqqas on here are talking about niqqa being a cop n this …. but all ik is when yall get in trouble the only number yall dial is 911 so plzz lame be quiet … 50??? hey he went to the cops he called the cops when he was performing in QB on his ex friends so plzz guyz stop the shit … ross a fraud ???? wat about 50, TI, JEEZZY, WAYNE, DRAKE, AND MR JAYZ CMON THESE NIKKAS ARE ENTERTAINERS PERIOD real gangsters are in jail for 20 years and when they snitched they get half , Gd??? cmon they from chicago ross was there and ntn happen so these nikkas in da south are just thirsty hoes thats it … if you look fa real gangsters go to the jungle but guess wat most of them wont let you get an autograph cause they will rob ya stupid ass wit yall blogheads , and make sure that u know that life aint about you , cause u aint about it, ” if I wasnt involved you wouldnt hear about them” ross quote to the Gd’s who knew about them dudes nobody ross put them on the map now they thuggin so yea this entertainment ntn else n nothing less # nikkas #withglasses #talkinghardonhere #lmaoo #lamezbequiet

    • Dee

      1st off just cause you in jail dont make u a real gangster it just mean u got caught slippin 2nd you dont know who these niggas is behind the screen name 3rd u talking down on GD’s like they not known 4th how ross put GD’s on?and last but not least get ross dick out ur mouth ya bitch

      • keylon jackson

        girl plz wat dicks you got in ya throat huhhh did I hurt ya feelling all these niggas are frauds u dont like it hang yaself or gag on these dicks

    • Hector G

      ahahahahaha @ you……you jus typed a long ass paragraph and didnt say shit….you wish 50 and TIP as soft as fat boi rick

    • DADE COUNTY 305

      These dudes have no life and mostly won’t be in line to catch the amount of time the fool will get for harming Ross nor the retaliation that will come back from Miami

      • Calico Joe

        Yall make fake niggas feel welcome in Miami

      • Dadon850

        Dude stop it. The only retaliation coming from Miami will be the US Marshalls. I’m sure Sgt. William Roberts has given the law all of the names involved.

    • bunzallday

      ever seen gangland? they talk about Hoover and them GD’S and im sure ross was watching them shows too..

      • keylon jackson

        I dont watch gangland, cuz i dont think a gang care about me or none of yall sooo i don’t see the necessasry to look fa them… but ik crips, bloods and zoe pound other than that, these niggas was unknown …. rick ross put them back on the picture you can see how many websites and ppl was talking about the Gd after ricky got involve in it more than 100, before ricky get involve in it there was ntn about them cats, only larry hoover was the GUY… huh i forget rl GD from chi don’t have no beef with ross weird they let him do his concert… weird jojo one of the Big GD was there … smh its stupid to see how niqqas are retarded on here lmaooo #

      • bunzallday

        so u care about crips and bloods ? well i guess its depends on where you live that gives you certain knowldge about certain gangs.. but GD’s been expanded across the midwest.. there were even a movie on it with treach and omar epps called first time felon a long ass time ago.. vice lords and GD’s.. waaay before he came on the scene…. american gangster on bet aired a show on larry hoover and the GD’S.. therefore it was mainstream whether u were paying attention or not.. Rick bein a CO.. prolly came across enough of them while working at the prison.. he didnt put any of them on.. he was just using there name so he can seem more authentic to the real people hustling in the streets.. unfortunately for him it backfired…people are talking about it now cuz them GD’S whther they are real or not used a mainstream outlet to air out their frustrations.. it wasnt rick ross.. ppl knew big meech before he named dropped him as well on the same song.. still trying to authenticate hisself… i do agree some people one here are dumb… but a real nigga dont choose sides or isnt biased.. he just calls it as it is.. and this is how it is..

      • Calico Joe

        True shit.

    • Calico Joe

      Clown ass nigga

  • Martin Raheem


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  • Harriet__Tubman

    This is a PURE example of “When Keeping It *”Real”* Goes Wrong.” *notice quotations on real.*

    • jondoe

      that statement has nothing to do with the subject at hand

      • Harriet__Tubman

        #1. You can’t read
        or #2. You never heard of Rick Ross, who is a fake imposter.
        With that being said, my statement has everything to do with the subject at hand.

      • jondoe

        No because rick ross was never real to begin with so how did he go wrong keeping it real

      • Harriet__Tubman

        I was being sarcastic you dumb f*ck. Thats why I put my whole comment in quotations and even TOLD the reader to note it. That’s why my previous comment got 20 likes because smart people got the hint I was dropping but not you because you’re autistic. Get a life.

  • Jon Mac

    more like “we aint selling enought tickets”.

  • Synista

    Guess Rick FALSE felt that PRESSURE fat ninja might have a heart attack from that high blood pressure or another seizure.

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  • MaDD MaXx

    Promoters don’t want to be held financially liable if negroes harm the fans in the venue.

    White-skinned people might see this as a victory or something to celebrate because 2 concert dates were canceled in North Carolina but the fact still remains that these artists are still Grammy-nominated multi-millionaires who can sell out venues around the world were promoters aren’t worried.

    Many celebrities get death-threats and some are even killed like John Lennon but millionaires in this era just bulk up their security and continue to make million.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      shut up man. ain’t nothing about black or white. its about real and fake. ross is talking, i think i’m larry hoover. Man, you called your album black bar mitzvah. We all know you were clowning with that illuminati shyt, but really you were boasting about the six point start ala Larry hoover. Acting like a thug on screen, is one thing. telling coke stories as a straight up story teller is another one of those( good looking ghost, rae and biggie). But when you try and make that the actual person that you are, and create an entire new life and persona on the lives and the deaths of people who actual lived that life and died that life, you should expect some of that to come towards you.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        also, lennon was killed by a severely mentally deranged individual who told the police that the novel Catcher and the Rye was his official statement. bad analogy.

      • MaDD MaXx

        You white-skinned people are odd.

        Rappers get shot at every day and some of them get hit and some of them get killed, it is what it is if you Black in Amerikkka.

        Ignorant and freakish people like you might think that a “Six point Star” and “Larry Hoover” had some kind of connection to a Jewish themed mixtape using a Jewish symbol known as the Star of David.

        the one thing that’s REAL in this world is success and I salute all these hustlers making legal money reciting street poetry over beats and building careers for the people in their circle.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        it has everything to do with the gangster disciples. what is there symbol? its a six point star. yeah its the same star as the jewish star of david. nothing about that album, nothing, has anything to do with the jewish faith. sorry but you are ignorant if you do not understand what it really means.

        oh yeah, and you can go fcuk yourself for bringing up race you ignorant c*nt.

    • Reason

      John Lennon didnt receive death threats, he was killed by a psychotic fan. Lets say the GD’s were serious, cause honestly its just a bunch of fuckers on youtube talking reckless and seems to be mostly to promote their faggot as songs. If a for real street gang, hundred + deep really wanted to get at Rick ross the most serious security could not stop that shit from happening. Ill agree the concert promoters are over cautious bitches who cancel shows that might get out of control because of how litigious people are nowadays. Its a reach to think Ross cancelled shows because of stupid youtube videos of supposed gang members threatening Ross. Who knows why he canclled, maybe it didnt sell as many ticketsas they wanted to so they said f*ck it, mabye there are other reasons. My point is what do white people (or any race of people) have to do with it? I agree that there is no doubt celebrities get death threats all the time, and mostly its from crazy ass fans who have serious mental problems, not from gang members posting stupid videos on youtube. I just cant understand what white people have to do with any of this (again or black people. or Asian people. or Hispanic people). Im white, you think im throwing parties because a Rick Ross concert got cancelled? Im gonna guess your black, are you happy when some white bands concert gets cancalled? Of couse you arent, you could care less (im assuming). Ross is doing his thing, making money, making (mostly) good music. Why do you assume that white people hate him or hate rap (though i agree there are alot of white people who hate rap, which drives me crazy but thats another discussion). And if you think Rick Ross has more money than John Lennon did at the time then you are straight tripping. I dunno maybe its cause its North Carolina where in general there are alot of racist white people, but again you dont see white people making youtube videos threatening Rick Ross, cept that weird GD video from i think Florida where there were like two white GD members which i dont f*cking understand at all.

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  • king

    Once again I will why do black people hate each other nothing but hate aimed towards Ross where were y’all cowards when that white man shot the black guy over loud music smh…….

    • Reason

      Also King they know when things like what happened to that poor black guy happens to a white person the police/crazy white people go f*cking out of control nuts and shoot first and never have to answer for it. Especially if its a cop, whens the last time a judge has ever disagreed with a cops statement? Never. Apparently cops never lie which is BULLSHIT, cops will walk up and shoot a man for no reason and can just say they thought he was reaching for a gun and thats a good enough reason to the judge. Until hundreds of years from now when hopefully most of the racist f*cks in charge die and their children die that we can hope to actually move foward as a country and be able to discuss racism in a serious way and do things to change the way the country has ran since its birth. But as a young white person i can tell you even white people my age (early 20’s) are for the most part racist as f*ck. Its sad shit, because they love rap, but still hate black people for whatever reason.

    • Calico Joe

      I think it’s more like real vs fake with the Ross situation. And as far as the white man killing the black kid, what you expect us to do. This shit been going on since the beginning of America. Hell it was once legal for whites to kill blacks over shit less serious than loud music, you couldn’t even talk back to a white man or even say hello to a white woman and not get lynched.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        All the more of a reason for black men to stand tall and not accept that behavior toward our kind…..kill a jew and all hell breaks loose…all them niggaz stand tall for their pplz…when will we stand tall for ours…here’s the crazy part of it…we accept everybody killing our kind including our own….like seriously, niggaz on this blog WANT TO SEE RICK ROSS DEAD for rapping…epic fail for the black race as usual….that’s that Willie Lynch shyt, that self hatred, self loathing and fear of whitey…when will the revolution start, NEVER, cuz we all too cowardly to stand tall like real men…real talk!!!!!!

      • king

        This exactly what I am talking about we need to really take a look at ourselves are we part of problem or part of the answer

      • Calico Joe


      • Co-Sign, as fraud as ross is, I Would not want to see him die.

    • Kevin Farley

      the guy who shot that kid was arrested.where were you when the thousands of blacks killed other blacks?



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  • Reason

    He scared to death scared to look, cause aint no such things as half way crooks. Blaming the concert promoters is a good bull shit cop out.



      • Reason

        Now forgive me for being ignorant about EVERYTHING to do with Alaska, but why the hell do you live in Alaska and is there for real GD’s in Alaska? Thats some wide spread shit if so even the Hells angels arent that far reaching. Thats what we do in America tho, our number one export is gang culture.

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  • WillVetterGoodin

    This lame aint a boss, this dude a straight bitch. Identity crisis, obese, Jewish correctional officer punk. hahahahaha, he’s scared!

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    if you talk that gangsta shit and claim to be about that life you will get tested at some point William just needs to finally come clean and tell the truth

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  • BilderbergSuperstar

    this is about insurance premiums..they already make promoters get extra shit for hip=hop shows ..he’ll going to have to lower his rates to get shows in smaller venues now..

  • iamKingG

    that fraud is scared……LMAO

  • iamKingG

    Its time to separate the studio Gangsters from the real G’s Ross aint bout that life

  • Lyve Wire

    bunch of tough guys in here. i guess if yall were important enough to get death threats, yall would go get a designer bullet proof vest like your idol and perform anyways… ok.

  • greeneyedbandit

    I remember a couple of years ago a gang member from Oklahoma threatened Snoop before he did a concert there….Snoop didn’t respond to the threat, nor did he cancel his concert.

    • queta

      and the dude who made the threat got his ass murked too

    • Reason

      Like that dude who was bragging about beating up Waka, at that guicci mane shoot. Who would bet his ass had a toe tag on him quick.

    • Bryce13

      He just got high!

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  • TheBigCheeFa

    why would Rick Ross owe them anything?

    • Bryce13

      I think because he was calling himself Larry Hoover, much like he took the name Rick Ross.

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  • Finally! I was wondering how many more identities this man would get away with stealing. Game is over Gusto.

  • PliggaNease

    yall going ham on Rick but i honestly think wayne is a way bigger fraud………..just saying though

    • Calico Joe

      He is, but since he started paying I mean claiming blood he safe in the streets.

  • PliggaNease

    why aint nobody fighting the white man doe just saying

    • Guest

      That part will come after they all get convicted for life n discover malcolm x book. U know like,larry hoover did?

  • Pingback: » RICK ROSS Is Receiving Death Threats – Shocking Gang Related VIDEO!! / Lisa Ford Blog()

  • Face it, karma is haunting this gusto type rapper, he knows it, unless he signs one of the GD’s to maybach that will save his so-called career and most importantly his life, he knows he’s dead.

  • Vic Sage

    Naw Rick you ain’t coming back…All that big talk finally caught up to you…The one thing that your not is stupid!!” So I’ll give you credit for that…Those GD’s dudes from what I read and heard are on it for real not no play play wax…My suggestion Ricky is to stop all that name droppin’ when its obvious that you don’t know none of these ni**as from Adam..” Real Talk..Brooklyn Lives..

    • Co-Sign, my advice for rick ross, start to clean up your mess with the GD’s and other and start being original for a change.

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  • starrsky

    Niggas gangbangin in allhiphop cmments now? This gang shit gets softer by the minute

  • LMAO @ some of these mofo’s on here talking reckless..bunch of future states witnesses just waiting to happen…Only Gangster I respect is GOD…

    • Guest



    I guess its true faggots respect pressure

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  • Alf Capone

    wow………this ni88a is really scared

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  • Adrian Barron

    niggahs call Chief Keef dumb for all the reckless shyt he does – “he’s a loser, he’s blowing his chance, etc…” but then turn around and call Rick Ross “shook” behind some cancelled shows and some random GD youtube threats – you niggahs aint shyt but instigators. Instigate a nigga to lose his life or freedom FOR THE SAKE OF being real – then when the “shyt hits the fans” literally mf’s start with the “he ruined his life/when keeping it real goes wrong” talk – i dont wanna see another niggah lose his life behind entertainment i dont care how much of a facade the rappers character is or not – end of the day the shyt is senseless

    • Ross needs to do the right thing and clean up his mess.

      • Adrian Barron

        they say its never too late … but in this case its too dayum late he obviously didnt learn from the lies he told about NEVER BEING A C.O. like having a job at any point in life isnt credible BUT then he was still getting endorsements, and contract re-negotiations, etc.. and continued down that slippery slope of creating more confusion and fell deeper into his own facade built in the booth instead of showing humility and easing up on all the fairytales BUT all it takes is 1 decent verse or conceptual song away from being back in ya’ll good graces again LOL

    • Calico Joe

      If you talk about it be about it. You’re right shouldn’t anyone die behind music, but he said it best himself its “Deeper Than Rap”. He not the first rapper to have this happen to him and won’t be the last. When you rapping like you a nigga from the streets sooner or later niggas from the streets gonna try you and see if you walk it like you talk it.

      • Adrian Barron

        it aint just the rappers that claim the STREETS though my bruvah – them humble rappers are looked at like EASY TARGETS and get extorted, robbed, punked for they chains as well (a shark smells blood) – besides that though lets address the fact that MOST rappers GANGSTA/backpack w/e are gonna say whats expected, trendy, or hot at the time for hopes that they record/album becomes a billboard smash – talk about it be about it applies to real life not RAP MUSIC as an artform or a cheap imitation of LIFE – SUGAR HILL GANG was broke but they rapped about riding limo’s, living the life, etc… there’s only a small percent of rappers that are brutally honest for the most part they all FAKE IT ‘TIL THEY MAKE IT – and even when they do make it they stick with they bread and butter

        “i really wanna rhyme like COMMON SENSE but i did 5 mill, i aint been rhyming like COMMON, since”

        “i dumbed down for my audience to double my dollars”

        under his own admission the bottom line is MONEY no matter how harmful the message, scripted to story, embellished the bars are – and we still hang on every word these niggahs say like RAP IS REAL LIFE (lol) – shows how dumb we are as fans in general –

      • Calico Joe

        Everything you said is on point. Nothing to dispute, which is why I believe most if not all these mainstream rappers are sellouts. That “FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT” aka “CB4” shit is destroying the minds of the ones that take these dudes serious. At the same time these rappers know what they doing and should be held accountable. Nobody’s forcing these niggas to lie on the records they make. It sends a message that no matter how fake you are as a person, as long as you getting money you good. I just find it strange how they used to say fake shit doesn’t last, when the whole rap industry has become fake and it has a big effect on the youth, then they grow up being as fake as their favorite rapper. It’s sad.

      • Irvin Findlay

        deadass! that’s where I see the direction of some of my friends smh

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  • cbennett7972

    So much for being a boss.Them boys got tht foo shook!!!!!

  • cbennett7972

    Nobody wants an apology! They wanna see u stand up & be the g you portray to be.Guess we shoulda knew better.Please run this foo out the game!!!!

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  • Ain’t know way yaw bagin in sub zero tepmpertures I’m from the chi where its gets retarded cold tempertures… if that’s true there are GD’s in Alaska, well stay warm my brotha and dont lose your fingers trying to throw up gang signs.

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  • Tony G.

    Tour goes fine for the first few wks and then ironically as soon as the NC dates roll around the promoters supposedly arent on their job and the tour gets cancelled…coincidence?

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  • Guest

    Look at this youtube internet clowns…what would happen if john gotti,gambinos, noreaga etc. whacked every rapper for using their stories,names n lives to sell dilusional records to masses? Theyd be no rappers left.wed also never have “cuban linx”album.who r this Gd clowns? None of yall are badman. Badman know this.

  • Guest

    Star of david with crossing pitchforks facing up, and GD ( jewish spelling for God) as a gang sign? Who smoked crack and ran into mossad truck? Fkn southpark couldnt come up w better joke. Save yaselves, kiddos.

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  • DOAP

    Real Niggas This…Real niggas That…Aint No Real gansta…lol….1st check out the documentary Hidden Colors and everybody know the Real Gangstas was back in tha day gettin there azzez hung ,,,,whipped…killed…fighting for Freedom…:)

  • reg joe

    Rick Ross(Roberts) should give up the cheese to the
    GD’s. If I do a song that someone else wrote, they get half the proceeds in royalties. He is using someone elses song-The real Rick Ross. All these other rappers are making up fake lifestyles, Ross is stealing other folks lives and portraying it as his own without them benefitting. Im surprised he hasnt been sued yet and lost the suit. Im not sure how its any different than music royalties. Just my thoughts…

  • reg joe

    Yeah, the haters are holding him back, lol. With all this BS about the GD’s, almost no promoter is going to touch Rick Ross right now. His venues are going to cost a mint to insure. Its high risk for any promoter. Until this mess calms down, I dont expect to hear him in concert except for a few venues where they can afford what its going to cost extra to insure a show.

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