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Hip-Hop Rumors: Chief Keef May Be Going To Jail, But Don’t Bet On It!

Uh oh! Chief Keef is going dowwwwwwwnnnn! Well, not quite. But, it looks like the authorities out there in Chicago, namely his parole officer, have some serious questions. Apparently, he is on parole – DUH. And, he did an interview where the media outlet Pitchfork took him to a gun range to make it interesting. How typical. And, being the smart dude that he is, Keef forgot that he wasn’t allowed to buss his gun at the range. Its a violation of his probation. Well, nobody fully knows what is on that video, but it was taken down after the death of Jo Jo.

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Anyway, it seems that the Pitchfork has been ordered to give up the uncut video of Keef with a gat. I don’t know the specific implications of Keef having a gun, but they can’t be nice. The news has some people rejoicing, but I’m not happy that Keef may do time. I think that he should do some time with Jim Brown, Muhammad Ali or Denzel…somebody that can help him get a new perspective.

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With a movie on deck, ain’t no way Keef going to the BING. Jimmy Io ain’t going to have it!

Anybody out there know what Chief Keef may be facing?

Illseed, Out.


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    This kid sucks soooo bad, Hip Hop needs a development league to make sure rappers like Cheif Keef don’t get off the bench..:)

    • Stay Phokus

      no, we just got to stop calling people haters because they dislike something. Hip-hop should be called dick-hop the way everyone is dick riding each other just so they won’t be called a hater.

    • Celz

      Going to jail might be a good look for him.. He needs to sit down and figure what he’s going to do with his life.. Being a Chicago Gangbang Rapper isn’t going to last too long with his level of talent..

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    what’s muhammed ali gonna do for him? make him a milkshake?

    • Alf Capone

      i know right………..all these years later……….looks like frazier won the fight to me………..even tho hes dead

      • Nah, Ali = 5x HvwT Champion.

        People have died trying to achieve that goal.

      • TruthSerum

        looking at Ali’s life I’d rather be the loser, lol, he’s been shaking like tree branch in a hurricane for 20 some years now, not the way I wanna go out.

      • Yeah, but it was the way that he did!

        YOLO because before Drake said it…suckaz thought they could live twice!

      • breed500

        makes a good ,funny line..but i think he deserves a little more respect..just saying..

    • Inspire him!

    • Irvin Findlay

      lmfaoooo make him a milkshake

      • mosestobymcgeethree


    • Doe Boy

      that was wrong…funny as shit but wrong

    • sosablock


  • TY


  • Guest

    312-933-0999- My name Pahkie andrews. Call me fellas

    • >>Goes into “SIMP MODE” , starts Dialing frantically…

      >>Hangs up after finding out it’s a bald headed, fat white guy, with boxer shorts on backwards, hand in crouch, on AHH MAGging as Noles & King.

      MAG = Multiple Account Gump / Sock Puppet

      • mosestobymcgeethree


  • Bryce13

    That would be sweet because he sucks and doesn’t love black people. He reminds me of that African in Sugarhill that called Wesley Snipes character a cotton picker when refusing to sell him weight, but the gay shirtless version.

    • The “sleeping pills” part, slapping dude with the black jack, pissing in his mouth was crazy!

      • Bryce13

        Are you serious, I am glad I have an alias on this. Did he have no shirt on when he committed those evil acts. All joking aside, I don’t think Martin Luther King pictured todays society in his dream. What happened to Hip Hop? Oh yeah, that devil Jimmy Lovine can eat a dirty dick!

      • Alibi * not alias

        I don’t think he had on a shirt, it’s been awhile, I’ll check again, but that “sleeping pills” part was classic! LOL

      • Bryce13

        No I meant alias, due to the fact that my real name is not Bryce13. I was just trying to joke about such ignorance and sadness in so many young minority men in this modern society. Chief Creep is a joke but a sad one never the less.

      • That’s why they call it programming!

  • Bryce13

    He should do some time with a big fat ass Neo Nazi that butt rapes his little mark a.. every time the lights go out, while playing Teddy P’s “Turn Off The LIghts.”

  • king

    He is not a great rapper not sure what’s his claim to fame is

  • take his wanna be ass to jail he must thank he boosie bitch please you ain’t shit che if keef

    btw diz yo girl babyloc