Hip-Hop Rumors Exclusive: Lil’ Wayne & YMCMB Come Face-To-Face With Fabolous!

Last night, there were celebrities galore in Miami at the Beats by Dre Art Basel affair presented by Hennessy V.S. After getting their art fix during the day at Art Basel and their basketball fix watching the NY Knicks demolish the Miami Heat, the celebs jetted over to Mokai. Beats ambassador Lil’ Wayne was in the house, along with his YMCMB family, including Birdman, Mack Maine, and Cortez Bryant.

Bridman, Weezy, Yo Gotti, J.R. Smith

Our spy tells us that thing got pretty interesting when Fabolous arrived at the venue, and it was announced that he was going to perform. “All of a sudden, you could see Birdman and Wayne whispering about something, they seemed concerned.”

Fabolous has a song out called “So NY”, where the hook says – “I’m so NY Weezy probly don’t like me.” Would Fab dare perform this in Miami, in front of Li’ Wayne and his crew? Although it would make a hell of a story, that certainly did not happen last night. We hear that Fab performed a few of his hits, including,”You Be Killin em'” and several new tracks from his latest mixtape, The Soul Tape 2.

Fabolous Performing

According to our source, Lil’ Wayne and Birdman never spoke to Fabolous once during the entire night, even though they were only a few tables away. Do you think Weezy feels some kind of way about Fab name dropping him in the song?

Trinidad James Performing

Crazy looking rapper, Trinidad James, also performed his single “All Gold Everything”. The newcomer got a pretty good response. Nothing like his show at SOB’s in NY, but he was well received.

AZEALIA BANKS & Teyana Taylor / Thaddaeus McAdams ExclusiveAccess.Net

Female rapper Azealia Banks was also in the house and danced with singer Teyana Taylor for a good majority of the night. Could these two have some kind of musical collaboration in the works? That would be pretty interesting. Below are a few photos from the event:

Photo Credit: Thaddeus McAdams – Exclusive

Azealia Banks and Teyana Taylor dancing

Fab Performing

Killa Kev, RedCafe, Fabolous, DJ Efeezy / Thaddaeus McAdams

Birdman Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti

Mack Maine / Thaddaeus McAdams ExclusiveAccess.Net

Cortez Bryant YMCMB

Teyana Taylor and Azealia Banks

Hennessy Bottle Parade

Trinidad James/ Thaddaeus McAdams/ExclusiveAccess.Net

Is it me, or doesn’t Trinidad James look like the character of “Jerome” from Martin?! They’re like long lost twins!

“I said Jerome’s in the house!!!!”


  • looks like a sausage fest and 2 ugly bitchs.. FUUUUN! not

    • Negro Peligro

      I stayed home with my niggas and did the same thing last night. Didn’t have no beats headphones.

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  • Alf Capone

    i saw the pic of this trinidad james guy and all i thought was hip hop has become to much of a circus for me

    • You mean like how Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five or Afrika Bambaataa use to dress?

      • AH! Man!

        Is this Monte’? You Queens dudes already fugged the “Message” video up for me, leave Mel alone!

      • Huey Mansa Musa Abeyi

        Awesome response! These clowns have absolutely NO true history of hip hop passed the 90s and be the first ones hating smh!

      • Alf Capone

        just cuz i like grand master flash music doesnt mean i didnt think he dressed like a weirdo

      • Bumpy Johnson

        lmaooooooo….cant lie you nailed him….but the diff is they had to dress like that so people can remember them back then you’d have to do that.

      • Kevin Farley

        yeah but those guys had talent and were doin somethin different and groundbreakin

    • Choppaliss

      i see its all young niggas liking your comment ……….. forgot young Busta Rhymes?, i understand if you dont like dude or music but this is hating on a black man’s shine

      • Alf Capone

        ive not even sure if i have heard his music………i just looked at the picture of the guy and thought to myself “thats a grown man dressed like that”

    • Aint that the truth

  • Bryce13

    Azelia Banks seems to be competing for the most confused rap chick award with Nicki hidden Sausage. What is up with those fake a.. colored contacts. Goofy chicks and goofy a.. fools.

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  • Bryce13

    Also Birdman looks like he got AIDS in the county jail. All that money and such a no talented bum. His tattooed tear has made that whole prison mentality seem more guy than scary.

    • Martin Raheem

      Seriously? AIDS, wow. You certainly got a talent for spotting diseases Bruh. Guess your a doctor.

      • Check out the sunken in eyes, pale, chalky, grey, scaly complexion, etc.

        I’m not a doctor, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn express last night, but I have lost friends & family to AIDS, with some suffering from it now.

        +Former certified EMT

        Bryce13 ~

        Could just as easily be the lighting?

        Dude in the $5 red snap back on backwards, looks like he feeling lucky to be in there, for free, , no dough, hook up, excited etc., enjoying the ‘chet out of the night! You can tell by the look on his face, that not a single Fugg was given on that day, demonstrated by the $5 red snap back on backwards, widening his field of view.

        The only other dudes wearing hats, to the front, are wearing them as fashion accessories, accenting the brightly colored outfit, face exposed, etc.

        Birdman looks like he is trying to hide, when he can’t, so it looks like he is trying to hide something?

        Could just as easily be the stupid @$$ tattoos, imagine being old with a big @$$ red star on your head?

        My peeps with aids, loves sugar walls. Playa’, hustler, bo$$, etc.
        Unlimited amount of proper buns.
        Poked the wrong female without a hat & got sick.

        If your community is ravaged by aids, you can Wreckonize the symptoms and characteristics of the disease’s progression.

        Of course it’s just a medically unsubstantiated opinion, but experience plays a role in forming that opinion.

        Someone who has lost 5 close people & their 5 spouses who have caught and died from aids, has first hand substantiated experience supporting their opinion…..which is still worthless, but……

        On Rumors:

        James does look like Jerome’s son!

        Never seen TJ before, or heard his music, but the way iLLseed dropped it, I thought that pic of him, was WEEZY at first, and the Aziella pic was James.

        I know, I know, but when he said strange looking, and I saw the two chics, I thought he was the second one, figuring it’s normal for a “TOP” / “HOT” “#1” male rapper to dress like a woman, so it wasn’t surprising to see one look like a woman.

        SMDH @ the state of Hip Hop.

      • Martin Raheem

        SMDH @ the state of Hip Hop, im not. After youtube’ing some old Freestyles with Bizzy, Krayzie, Bun B is safe and will alwayz hold it down 4ever. And cats like Fabulous, Vado, J Cole, Freeway just dropped a dope A# album that made me shit my pants. Just listening to Wayne Da Drought, witch gives me a hard-on (no homo). Father and son is impeccable and no diss to homos if you laid that way. Pz!

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        man, i was about to apologize for clowning on you because you were a man and apologized about the AIDS comment, but then you said witch. It’s which, c’mon, step it up. You’re almost as bad as @illseed.

      • Martin Raheem

        My condolences bruh. AIDS is serious and i blame my bad english for misunderstanding ur comment.

      • >>Throws up the Peace & a As Salaamu Alakium!

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        man, as salaam alakium, i don’t think that is how it’s spelled. nah, I’m just fcuking with you.

      • It’s the thought that counts! 🙂

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        It’s As Salaamu Alaikum bruh bruh….you were pretty close though

      • Walaikum Salaam * Edited for correction



      • NP, I wasn’t saying he had it, just saying that he does look sick or something, like Bryce said.

        It happens!

      • mike malarkey

        or maybe hes high off them drugs…. 99% of them industry niggas is junkies

      • Bryce13

        Sorry, no disrespect was just trying to relay what a clown old dude looks like. With age tattoos definitely do look good. I am glad that my pops threatened me if I either got ear piercings or tattoos when I was younger that he would whoop the shit out of me. AIDS is nothing to joke about but Birdman, Rick Lost, and Cheef Creep are.

      • 13veteranos

        bro..stop judging people who have piercings and tattoos. old or young.. real or fake. it is what it is.

        you are who you are regardless.

      • Bryce13

        I am sorry that you take my opinion personal but I will continue to do me and make my comments on perceived idiots or idiotic behavior within our society. I am not trying to change any of those fools, the purpose is to either make interesting or comical remarks about these characters that make money through selling an image. Oh well… Life’s a bitch and then we die…that’s why we get high! Do you and simply continue to do you, while I do I…bro…

      • plsDontreply

        one down… This response was waaaaaaaay too long.

      • and i guess YOU’RE a high school graduate because YOUR use of grammar is spot on Bruh,

    • Doe Boy

      for real tho…tattooed tears dont mean shit no more…its jus sumthing nigga doin now

      • 13veteranos

        its just entertainment tears and who has em is a different subject homie. i see some brothers greeting each other in arabic on here..thats powerful ese.

        why are some vatos talking about how birdman has Aids..or that he is some kind of low life. hes far from enlightened..but no reason to wreck a vatos reputation.

  • fabbidavisjr

    Azelia is a Tranny

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      black female stars of today – are Ugly – I’m sure they look a lot better Without all the fakeness on, – wig, lashes, lipstick, etc. – it all looks clownish and un-natual

    • You can’t be a black man with that name disrespecting black women. I know you are not. You probably like gay men yourself.

      • So_Subby

        Beauty is not being fake, makeup and fat asses are disgusting, but to single out one group is wrong but he speaks the truth.

      • timwest1000

        makeup and fat asses are disgusting? Shut the f#ck up yo!!!!!!!! You talking waaaaay too much!

      • Fake Fat asses that have to be molded back into place after sitting is wack, coupled with enough make up to choke a horse?

        It is wack!

        Look at Lil Kim, she was beautiful before the surgery fail!

      • timwest1000

        fat asses are disgusting? FAKE fat asses are disgusting. Real fat asses are AMAZING!

      • So_Subby

        What about makeup, a fat ass, is nothing. You will find a girl that will use the shit out of you case your gonna marry and get a girl pregnant because of a fat ass. Fat fake or not is disgusting bruh. I rather have a natural girl that’s not fat

      • timwest1000

        Thats your opinion yo! I find skinny girls to be disgusting! I like em thick and natural, like my wife. I like a lil fat. You sound like a Bryant Gumble type with that sissy shit you talkin’. Give me Amber over Cassie any day coon.

      • So_Subby

        Your wife is going to continue to grow and be fat, probably like your fat ass mother. Good luck on your diabetes, fat ass couple.

      • timwest1000

        My mother has been dead since i was a kid. when you suffer some terrible fate, think about me. I am hoping you learn a lesson for talking so much. Think about me when someone close to you dies or gets hurt. Hopefully you will be the one who suffers.

      • So_Subby

        You disrespect me imma do the same, like I said I’m dying, so what more can you do to me my dude lmao, I don’t fear death at all, especially since I have my date to die. So I’m asking you to come kill me my dude.

      • So_Subby

        Nigga I have cancer so I’m already suffering, learn a lesson don’t disrespect and expect the same in return. You called me out as gay, and you get sensitive over what I said? But if you wanna take it the lets go, I already have a court date for the same shit my dude

      • timwest1000

        Thanks to the power of internet application, I have your IP Address. I will come handle you yo. I will hack into your crack addict mothers laptop and take your welfare checks yo. Shut up while you have a chance. You fuckin with a monster.

      • So_Subby

        That’s for telling me what your going to do, because you ain’t gonna do shit fatty, and if you do I have evidence. Ever heard the quote ” killers move in silence” dumbass

      • So_Subby

        And now you claim you like natural woman but got upset at dude for saying lip stick and make up and other falseness is disgusting. Your contradicting yourself dumbass

      • timwest1000

        Look bitch, I only replied to the part about a fat ass being disgusting. The fact that you hate makeup is your problem. I think you are gay. That is your problem. You want a fat ass.

      • So_Subby

        Now you just sound like your crying and making no sense. I said I don’t like fat asses, how is a fat ass attractive? It’s fat… And stupid we all can see your comments, you replied to me saying makeup and fatass. And why are you contradicting yourself, you said your wife is natural, how can you like make up and claim your fat ass wife is natural. Dummy

      • timwest1000

        Thanks to the power of internet application, I have your IP Address. I
        will come handle you yo. I will hack into your crack addict mothers
        laptop and take your welfare checks yo. Shut up while you have a chance.
        You fuckin with a monster.

      • So_Subby

        I’m so scared o no, please don’t harm me. I’m shaking in my boots, fat ass, maybe if you kill me I can train your mother in heaven to get the fat off her neck lmao

      • timwest1000

        Its on

      • So_Subby

        Is it on like donkey kong? Lmao fat ass, how you gonna kill me? You gonna sit on me or something? Lmao

      • timwest1000

        You big lip bitch, Jersey aint far from me.

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        you gon learn dawg

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      • So_Subby

        I’m ready, bitch nigga. Are you using your Internet application? Lmao or twitter? Lmao

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        you gon learn shaka

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        LOL-N He said a fat @$$ is disgusting!
        He mad at big titties too?

      • timwest1000

        This lame is stupid right? WTF is he talking about? Then he sells diet pills on the side while playing ps3 all fuck!ng day

      • Preach Brother!

        >>Bangs the tambourine in rhythmic hand clap, while brothers are falling out in the pews!

      • So_Subby

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        Especially one that is gay, but doesn’t know it yet!


        LOL~N @ >> Not gonna say names:

        Follow My Eyes : QQ- – > > So_Subby

      • So_Subby

        You watch to many music videos or something, because beauty is not fake asses fake breast wigs, weaves, and make up. Take all those fake things away and you would be disgusted dumbass

      • timwest1000


      • So_Subby

        Stealing? Pioneer? Wtf are you talking about, my first comment say beauty is not being fake, make up and fat asses are disgusting and it is. Do you know what fat means?

  • Synista

    What sign is Azelia banks ?

    Is that the universal “I eat at the Y “sign?

    I bet there was some serious kitty licking after all that dancing.

    Birdman looking like “Mayne I wish these youngns would leave so i could be alone with my bitch ”
    Either that or he feels like the OLD guy in the club.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    trinidad james looks like a skinny copycat of mr muthafcukin exquire, with the ignorance of YMCMB and BSM fools. do us a favor, jump in front of a bus.

  • classic martin episode.

  • Johnny Sanchez

    YO SYDNEY! Do not get it confused with Miami… them cash money boys may be living out here but they do not run shyt out here. You talking about will Fab dare to perform his NY joint in front of these spineless Louisiana boys… Please. FOH with that.

    • LouisianaHotBoy

      Come on down to da boot (Louisiana) and see how spineless a nicca is bitch! Better yet post yo social security and address!!!

      • Hell Yeah!

        I’ll be the first to get a Credit card in his name & run it up!

      • LouisianaHotBoy

        Lol Hell yeah, u and me both my nicca! And its Christmas time too lmao!!

      • >>Walks right up & says “Charge it!”

      • Lol

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  • jondoe

    the fabolous line wasn’t even a diss i dont understand why you think it would be drama or disrespectful if he did do the “so ny” song with wayne there…Hip hop fans take the smallest shit & try to turn it into a issue

    • Kevin Farley

      right.wayne said somethin about not likin ny and that wont go there bc of the gun charge he caught.fab just flipped it he didnt diss him or anythin

  • dayleedumped

    damn i thuoght fab and wayne were kewl. they had some sick hits together

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    What face off….a face off means a confrontation face to face, words exchanged, some blows thrown…NONE OF THAT HAPPENED…ya headlines suck and are often lies told to garner attenfion for an otherwise lame article…get a life AHH

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  • So_Subby

    How are you going to steal a joke about him looking like Jerome? He had a interview with 105.1, this is the type of editors I dislike to the fullest, come up with something original not used and talked about since 3 days now. Pretty lame

  • C. Black

    Birdman looks photoshopped in to both of those pics. Quit playin.

    • So_Subby

      Do you know the purpose of a photo shop? Why would any one photo shop him?

  • ddsdavey

    Am i honestly the only one to notice the dildo on top of Yo Gottis head LMFAO!!!

    • the YMCMB posse rocking it in the gay section

    • So_Subby

      You have to be gay to point that out, it’s a picture behind him

  • So_Subby

    Put my comment where it belongs, just because you stole a joke doesn’t mean i can’t say it, it’s a reason why your in the rumor section, your un original. Original comment –

    How are you going to steal a joke about him looking like Jerome? He had a interview with 105.1, this is the type of editors I dislike to the fullest, come up with something original not used and talked about since 3 days now. Pretty lame

  • timwest1000


  • Negro Peligro

    Why can’t females dress. Why they all trying to be so different. Regular females on Wednesday night happy hour after work in some jeans look better.

  • im surprised azelia banks was der

  • Negro Peligro

    You wrong for that Jerome look. Trinidad jones high school pic gone have him holding his chin at the all yacht male catholic school for rich kids who’s dads was in skull and bones watch. Some of his songs is bumping. But you don’t get that made up unless you hiding something.

  • Eli Pinilla

    fab posted a pic with wayne oike a week ago

  • Hussle

    YMCMB dont want it with Street Fam. its not even hard to see why. One click is real and the other one is full of posers

  • Q.

    Music aside, this looks like a clown galery.

  • Rappers are all fake Fabolous would never perform a song in which he goes at Lil Wayne who is satnding right there….All rappers talk smack they are all fake, but again why do you all ALWAYS point out rapper Rick Ross as the if he is the ONLY fake rapper in the game?


      why would he perform SO NY in Miami (where CM is centralized at)? Also, he just dropped a new tape.

  • Adrian Barron

    all gold everything huh – trinidad james blew himself up in like 3 months – dude only been rapping (bka making music) for about a year – he been dressing WEIRDO before the music – its kindah refreshing to see someone new doing they thing

  • Vic Sage

    Those clowns Wanye and that cornball baby don’t want it with Fab and Street Family…The rest of those so-called rappers look like all clowns too…Trindad Jones my god…Invoking my man Nas Hip-Hop is surely dead…” Real Talk.Brooklyn Lives…

  • mademan3000

    What’s so funny bout all this is ninjas taking sides defending these rappers and really getting mad @each other…them ninjas gone continue to get paper, pop bottles, jumping in their nice whips off to their nice ass homes! Meanwhile yall ninjas will still be on here talking bout who doesn’t want it with who, who’s gay and who’s not, who’real and who’s fake, but likely don’t know any of these guys personally. Not realizing those rappers really don’t give a damn bout yalls opinion! I honestly can give a fux bout these cats personal lives, reason being bcuz IMA GROWN ASS MAN…I strickly go off if the music is hot or not…I DIGRESS!!!

  • Vic Sage

    YMCB CLOWNS..Call the muhfckin circus…

  • It takes balls to wear some of the ishh Trinidad James wears..listen as long as he isn’t wearing a blouse, lipstick or concealer we cool..if he’s actually spitting some ishh then cool wear a dress for all I care…hell weezy been wearing the ladies line of jeans from Neiman Marcus for years now..

  • And they totally missed the fact that JR Smith was kickin it with YMCMB fresh off the knicks W against the heat.

  • johnblacksad

    115 comments?! whaaaat… i didnt get the memo that the IC is back

  • hoeyuno

    Lil Wayne is gay. Iknow ya’ll knew that tho. Ahh hip hop fans are a little smarter then te average…

  • people get tired of seeing the same old shit.Besides more gangstas are not needed.Trinidad james is a breath of fresh air.NOT spending his time trying to be some tuff guy..That everyone is trying to prove is not actually tuff.

  • Tony G.

    I don’t think the line was a diss to Weezy….and if it was why not perform the song anyway…come on Sydney…

  • D_Ably

    the way the snakes be lying down in the grass and keepin their mouth shut is funny to me

  • Wayne actually said he didtn like NY…cause he was arrested there, I guess. Fab made a spin on that. Thats not beef. AHH gas is in full effect!

  • mike malarkey

    ummm and this article is another reach 4 beef… booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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  • Brian Hoffpauir

    I dont know whats worse… that 512 people actually read this article,or that someone actually got paid to write it…. but whats probably the most shocking is that 49 people have actually signed up for this site,and are at least one time returning visitors.

  • im so ny



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