Lil Kim

Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Kim Disses Boyfriend On Twitter! Illseed’s Quickies!

I think Kim needs to settle down and not with a dude named Mr. Papers! Maybe she found out his paper wasn’t what she thought. I don’t know, but she dropped him like bad habit on Twitter. Seriously, I didn’t know that people even cared about this whole matter! What the hell is going on? Why am I even writing these words on this topic? From me to you, I’m sorry for wasting your time. Anyway, here is the announcement.


I’m hearing MySpace is about to comeback with a vengeance.

There are some interesting rumors about Drake floating around. I’ll get it together and post later.

Nicki and company are PISSED that she didn’t get a Grammy nomination this year. I didn’t hear her album so I cannot comment too much.

Rihanna is rumored to have a Nicki Minaj tattoo somewhere on her body.

Katt Williams has un-retired. Sheeesh! Suge is really good.


Game talked to Big Boy about Shyne. At least they know its silly!

Illseed, Out.


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  • johnblacksad

    We been told Nicki to let a sextape leak or just shoot porn… still won’t listen to her music but at least it’ll get her talked about again

    Kimberly… i will not comment on the face but the thighs still get attention.

  • johnblacksad

    Krack Williams sobered up just long enough to realize he needs to finance that habit somehow… Walt Payton sh!t… running back

  • Amaron Mathis

    WTF?! THATS lil kim now???!!!

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      she looks like a golden chinese cat statue.

      • It’s called a Maneki Neko! LOL

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        Thank you, always wondered what they were actually called. They are creepy as hell. At least we still have the cover of Notorious K.I.M. to remember her by.

      • I’d rather remember her mugshot, for smoking weed in the mansion.

        Looking back at it…she was beautiful then, now she looks like that rich lady, The Bride of Wildenstein.

        Tip : What ever you do, don’t google : Krokodil

        Tip #2: After you google it, don’t blame me for the images.

        That drug is worse that crack, heroin, meth combined.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        Krokodil is some fcuked up shyt, and yeah Kim was a dime back in the day. But damn, bride of wildenstein, thats harsh, but probably what she is going to look like in a few years.

      • Nah, google “lil Kim before & after”..then hit the images tab.

        She looks like that now! SMDH!

    • Nah, Lil kim is on the left…..I think!

  • LOL, Game you are a FUC@+N fool for making me laugh so much.

    That’s one hell of a video LOL. That video earned Game a few points in my books

    • Yeah! Fugg Game for making me spit perfectly good beer all over my monitor LOL-N @ That ‘Chet!

      “Rhyme like PoOOOO!”

  • greeneyedbandit

    As of today, Lil Kim is still havin a hard time makin a comeback…..too busy tweetin instead makin music. former fan~

  • daveofthematthews

    Woah Kim looks more and more unbelievable every time i see her WTF happened to that woman? And Game always makes me laugh, Admittedly he does get into some nonsense with people but the dude is smarter than others give him credit for and he always funny as hell Him and Fabolous should hook up more as they both on the same level IMO.

  • Tril Beats

    Lil Kim look like La Toya Jackson… & black people that bleach they’re skin to please they’re white daddy…. FAIL!

  • Fukurpost

    Niggaz still wifeing lil Kim smh

  • RevrendIke3x

    Who’s that Korean lady in the pic? Lil Kim has turned to Lil Kimchee.

  • therealest1

    Did she dump him because he didn’t have enough money to finance more plastic surgery for her black Catwoman looking ass?

  • Bryce13

    Damn Lil Kim needs to be thrown in the zoo. What in the hell was she thinking?

  • Swaggout

    Really sad what’s happening to Shyne. And Game sounds EXACTLY like him.

  • Ravishing Quinc Rude

    Man, Lil Kim looks like Ms. Pac Man….

  • hoeyuno

    HAHA at shyne being a lowkey but pirate… Game, sometimes you say funny shit.

  • king

    I would still hit it that’s chuuch.

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  • ant662

    im a game fan and i got most his albums but he did the same shit with dre when he first started tried to sound like him he also did it to nas and jeezy. the only difference is shyne washed up and couldnt find a style to steal

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