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The Last Word 2012: Keep Your Political Self-Interests – We’ve Got “Super’PAC”

Our satirical and funny friend, Andre Leroy Davis, was back at it again in 2012 with “The Last Word”, his unique brand of cartoonish commentary on current events and politics.

Politics can be a petty, nasty business, and in 2012, we saw the worst mudslinging, self-interests we’ve seen in years. The “SuperPACs” (Super Political Action Committees) were determined to pull their weight and their pocketbooks all the way to the White House.

Andre knows that Hip-Hop lives by a separate set of politics – and we aren’t easily blinded by big talk and big dollars…unless it’s a raucous rivalry between rappers. Check out who he thought (in hologram and spirit form) could save our day:

The Last Word SuperPac

Check out more witty goodness at www.AndreLeroyDavis.com.

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  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Lmao…Pac made some socially charged statements but he could never be more politically driven than Professor Griff or Wise Intelligent from Public Enemy and Poor Righteous Teachers…and they are better informed….because ya momma was a Panther doesnt mean you’re adep at politics

    • which one of these rappers shot two cops & beat the charges, intervening on behalf of a Black motorist?…Prof Griff speak on the SAME shit Pac was speakin on & PAC HAD THE WHOLE HOOD BEHIND HIM, hence the need for him to go. PAC was in Bush’s line of vision, these crooked politicians’ line of vision, he posed the most threat to their establishment. You really sound stupid tryna speak bad on Pac not bein “adep” at politics–he wasn’t no fuckin politician, but he could break this dirty game down for the average street nigga & unite the working class poor against these few at the top. His Mama a Panther, God-father a Panther, Auntie escaped from prison & fled to Cuba. u really don’t know wtf u’re talkn about, no disrespect to Griff or Wise, but don’t put Pac down to recognize their efforts. you’re not very “adep”

  • nigz sittin in Jerusalem waitin for signs, God comin SHE jus takin her time ~Blasphemy

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      The average street nigga is dumber than a door knob is why they think Pac was the most intelligent mafukka alive….do not get me wrong sister…Pac was a decent MC…his last two cds being the only two cds I liked personally and I have no grudge against him…I’m just a real nigga and I call it HOW I SEE IT…maybe because I am not ya average street nigga…graduated from private schools with top honors…been reading black history cuz my dad was FOI in the Nation and his children were gonna know themselves and their history and been reading that type shyt since I was a child, for fun my sister…knew about the Panthers cuz I read about them, the average street nigga knows about the Panthers cuz Kadeem Hardison played in the movie…that life Pac talked about in his music I did that for real…by time he caught his first case I had already maxed out on an attempted homy my paid lawyer got downgraded to a 3rd degree aggravated assault wit a weapon…while jailin I didnt play cards, lift weights and stab niggaz…I offered salah and taught my niggaz how to read and write because I thought it was pitiful the first time a nigga older than me offered me 2 cigarettes to read a letter his momma wrote him…by time Pac tasted his first shell I had already swallowed one, had it tear thru my flesh and lodge itself near my spine, dying twice enroute to the OR…Pac telling us white ppl hate black ppl wasnt something we didnt know…Pac talking bout crooked police and corrupt politicians is nothing new sister….he didnt speak on it first nor will he be the last

      • you not the only cat who ate bullets or did time & cuz u older than Pac don’t mean you get to scorn this young man, who did a lot more in 25 years than talk about what he did. Pac didn’t “tell us white ppl hate Black ppl” & that wasn’t even what he was on before he passed. He was talkin about buildin a political party that INCLUDED the hood, Armenians, whoever…those at the bottom. He said next election he would be sittin there at the table, God willing, he’s alive. Four years later, Bush was elected & we know what happened next. Don’t get at me like you such an OG that everybody young and dumb & that’s the only reason they teach classes on Pac at Universities. Cuz they all dumb, right? And you smart.

      • P.S. u not the only one from the streets ever went to college & read Black history. Nor are you the only one with family who taught you your history. You not special for that, not unless you do more than criticize the next man you claim so much younger than you. Right here on this site was a whole plethora of builders who could claim that, teaching chess to young women, writing books, organizing.. RIP to Pac, ya’ll check out our video “It Aint EZ” by DLabrie feat. San Quinn & Keyanna Bean (aka Adopefemalemc) available on youtube & itunes

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Didnt say I was special….just pointing out that although Ima street nigga, a hood nigga, I’m not ya average hood nigga….SINCE YOU SPOKE ON HOOD NIGGAZ AND PAC’S INFLUENCE OVER THE AVERAGE STREET NIGGA and you, by your idol worship are showing who and what you are….you probably have Tupac posters, Tupac book covers, Tupac thong, whatever…I can voice my opinion, it’s like the human asshole, everyone has one….you love Pac, more power to you….you think he was the hood SAVIOUR, more power to you and by the way, taking Tupac 101 aint gonna make or break nobody’s future….it’s not a prerequisite for that 90k a year job at Goldman Sachs….that shyt isnt important to us….it is not an achievement….it may be an honour to him and his family but thas it..and in my initial post I wasn’t dissing your diety I was saying there are others more suited to be the political voice…

      • you hella funny, i stopped when i got to thongs. typical. Peace

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        I wasn’t vulgar just pointing out ya cheerleader/stan obsession with everything Pac…and did you stop because of my choice of words or because you achieved your goal which was to plug yaself and ya song under the guise of being a Tupac-ite…answer me this Ms. Cheerleader, aside from talk, WHAT DID PAC DO…he assited in getting a truce between gangs in a part of LA….Mike Conception did the same thing in Newark, NJ…so Mike is or should be this SuperPac because his feat is greater than Pacs…Pac was a celeb talking to his hometown niggaz….Mike Conception is a OG for real, who travelled to a hood that was not his own, where he was relatively unknown and got Bloods and Crips to cease fire…for a time…Tookie got niggaz to put the guns down….for a time and did it from prison…..Pac did nothing new….nor did he advance us as a ppl….he saved a black life, for a short period….am I misinformed, niggaz still bang in LA right…I thought so….what else did PAC physically do babygirl aside from spit verses, go to jail repeated for bullshyt, mash out the brothers, disrespect black women, and get sonned by real goons on two separate occasions but waged war on his friend (BIG) cuz somebody had to be his scapegoat in that situation which is bullshyt cuz just running wit Big in NYC and them Outlaw niggaz in Jersey he should have known that any nigga can and will get robbed anywhere and anytime in NYC/Jersey….I know niggaz that wouldve robbed Pac at the Grammys while on stage making an acceptance speech…anyway….what has he done sister sledge….lmao

  • These old cats need to get off the BS..that’s why there hasn’t been a successful passing of the baton, cuz ppl don’t know how to serve their purpose & exit stage left, let the youth carry the energy. You got old cats still talkn on what they done while the young cats was still wet behind the ears. If you so much older, you supposed to be taking on a leadership role, not still bragging on lower-level sh*t u’ve done. the question is DID PAC SUCCESSFULLY RAISE THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HIS PEOPLE? YES, TILL HIS DEATH..he spoke of Mumia Abu-Jamal before ppl my age were old enough to do the knowledge on political prisoners. Geronimo Pratt, etc. We got it from his music. WTF HAVE YOU GIVEN US?? Motherfuckers aint made one album talkin bout shit & wanna criticize a man who left a legacy. For any older Black man to criticize Pac w/ no merit, no acknowledgement of his contribution or life lesson on his mistakes is pretentious, and reminds me why we aint gettin no further. CATS IS HATERS. If you say, we don’t need another Pac, we need (insert name of person still alive here). WELL YOU BETTER GO TELL THAT MAN WE STILL NEED HIM. Cuz as far as I know, he aware of our plight. You too busy speakin ill of the dead & can’t get through a conversation w/ a female w/out bringin up underclothes & shit. Get higher & stop downtalknin those you think beneath you, we neck in neck fam, ppl like you get passed up by the youth cuz u still think yo lil few years longer on this planet make u ahead of somebody. While u sit around & reminisce what you done & scorn us, we takin it further from those wise enough to teach