LAPD Apologizes To Biggie’s Family Over Autopsy Report

(AllHipHop News) Representatives for the Los Angeles Police Department have issued an apology to the family of the Notorious B.I.G., over the unexpected release of the slain rapper’s autopsy report.

Captain Billy Hayes issued a statement in regards to the autopsy, which revealed that B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace, was shot four times, with one of the bullets ripping through his colon, left lung and heart.

B.I.G. was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital in full cardiac arrest and despite attempts to revolve the rapper, he died shortly after arriving at the hospital on March 9, 1997.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the autopsy was released prematurely due to “an administrative error,” the LAPD said in the statement.

“Our detectives personally spoke with the Wallace family (Friday) night, and apologized for not notifying them prior to the release” said Captain Billy Hayes, head of the Robbery/Homicide Division. “Obviously this has been a challenging case for us to solve. We hope that witnesses or other people with information will come forward and give us the clues we need to solve this case.”

A security hold on the autopsy and other documents relating to B.I.G.’s murder were released after a security hold on the 23 page report was lifted last week.

The LAPD claims they are looking for new leads in the murder case of Notorious B.I.G., who was killed in front of the Petersen Automotive Museum on Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles.

His rival, Tupac Shakur, was shot on the Las Vegas Strip on September 7, 1996. He died from his wounds on September 13.

Both murders are unsolved.

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  • Terrance Goodman

    A PAC fan says this, as I was n am a fan of big n
    PAC . 2 greats lost to soon. Take lil gay, wheel
    Chair jimmy. N the hooker as well as a host of others
    Just give us PAC , big, big l, pimp c, soulja slim .
    Easy e, n dolla

    • This ^^^^^

    • Adrian Barron

      you had me til you said DOLLA (rest in power) but dude was nowhere in the same vain as the artists you listed –

      • Terrance Goodman

        Listen to Georgia nights brother

  • YungKizz

    ef LAPD

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  • Dadon850

    I’m damn near starting to think like Saigon now. The government silenced Pac because he was too powerful and could lead way too many people. Biggie was killed to make it look like a east coast west coast rap beef. I mean damn, somebody gotta know something right?? Both killed in public, and in Pac’s case, killed in front of tons of people and nothing. How in the hell?? This is bigger than rap cause the cops have no problem locking up brothers.

    • BeHonestWithYourselfAtLeast

      I give all those tons of people standing around credit. None of them snitched. They all stuck to the code of the streets. lol

    • EL_BARK

      If thats the case you and saigon are both some dnmb stupid mofos.
      The Gov kill real leaders, who are a threat to them. Lil bishop was no threat to the gov none what so ever… They have no reason killing a rapper, rhis pac myth is or was created by stans like yourelf.
      That statement does a big injustices to real leaders who gave their life for the struggle. Pac was in no way shape or form that.
      Talking about killings kids, and killing cats cause the niggas who did you in,
      You are really scared of is not not honorable.

      • Dadon850

        Leaders are not developed by the age of 25. Ya never know. The government has done some unthinkable things to its own citizens so I’m not going to put anything past them. I suggest you do some book reading instead of letting the Internet raise you.

      • Adrian Barron

        dude aint ignorant at all – he just detest PAC

      • EL_BARK

        North Dollas?
        Recognize the type style. Lol

      • Adrian Barron

        awe-ready myG

      • EL_BARK

        Execpt i dont detest pac, just calling it like i see it.

      • Casor_Greener

        Pac wasn’t no King Jr or Malcolm X, stop it with ya nonsense

      • Dadon850

        When Malcolm was running hoes and going to prison, who could’ve predicted what he would become. Pac died before he could realize his potential, whatever that may have been but we’ll never know.

      • Adrian Barron

        you right about that – HOWEVER they were both men with just as many character flaws – but what did pac rap about that was so much different from how MLK and X were living? Was Martin Luther King a womanizer? Did Malcolm X preach about arming ourselves? Did the “nigga” we all have in us come out of Malcolm when it was time to protect his family or himself? Would Malcolm X /MLK NOT ride on his enemies lol ? All 3 are polar opposites that have the same traits as you an I – to cry foul when there’s a foul. To expect justice and to learn the truth to combat the lies we’ve been told – we all have ying/yang to us myG …

      • Adrian Barron

        take IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE for example – dude tours all around the world speaking TRUTHS about culture, history, social and economic injustice, etc… and he spent some time in the FEDERAL pen

        didnt BLACK JESUS offer salvation to one of the murderers hung from the cross/tree beside him – were most or all of the disciples that followed him at one time thieves, rapists, murderers, etc…

        wasn’t BLACK JESUS’ closest companion Mary Magdalene the scarlet …

      • Adrian Barron

        this comment comes from your hate of all things PAC lol – nah for real doe, who knows what happened at his point its all guess work, right? Speculation at its finest. Before giving the gov’t credit of only killing so called leaders let’s look at the facts: 1. FEDS (a govt agency) conspired to have PAC locked up on trumped up rape charges assisted by a Gov’t SNITCH < seems like GOV'T involvement to me … 2. these powerful music execs own record companies, that are under the same umbrella as media outlets and movie companies – same people who run these companies either are or run in the same circles as these WORLD BANKERS, etc… 3. these agencies use agents and smokescreens to do their DOUBLE WORK as so the evidence doesnt trail back to them without digging up the wormhole

        no PAC wasn't a "leader" by its definition however, people did follow him and hang on every word he said like it was law and i liken him to MICHAEL JACKSON because they both had fanatic borderline maniacal fans – being the fact that RAP MUSIC is a media outlet of sorts – besides the promotion of THUG LIFE dude was able to rally the hearts of people thru the power of speech/spoken word/lyrics – in and out of the booth. Hell even WHITE people were attracted to how eloquent dude spoke in interviews – though they were turned off when he was on his THUG LIFE shyt

        Pac had just as much eyes and ears on him as example: MALACHI YORK (see what they did to him) or CORNEL WEST … are they leaders by the dictionary definition, NO! But people did pay attention to what they had to say rather they agreed or not. It's not the MAKAVELI or THE THUG LIFE RAPPER that was on their radar – it was the son of famed BLACK PANTHER 21, ROSE THAT GREW FROM CONCRETE TUPAC SHAKUR that they wanted to silence. Example: when i was 15,16 PAC was one of the only people i know PERIOD that mentioned a BLACK JESUS in songs – i thought the shyt was BLASPHEMUS lol UNTIL i matured and began to educate myself on the topic – low and behold, JESUS (AVATAR) WAS/IS BLACK! That alone is powerful enough to be silenced because you were told that JESUS (his greek term lol) was white. Not to mention, the many other occult/hidden truths about our history.

        You know about Co-Intel Pro … sometimes it's not about getting at said leader more than it is making sure the people are docile, reject truth, stay at each other's throats without uprooting the gov't foot on they neck. Hoover didnt pull no triggers but he did pull strings that eventually get niggas triggered, if need be!

        Dont think these celebrities turned activists, polanthropists, freedom ralliers like LENO, BONO, MARLEY, DIXIE CHICKS, etc… to name a few aint on these people's radar. Do i think CLINTON put the squeeze on BIG and PAC – even though CLINTON was crooked as well – i highly doubt it – but do i think it's a bigger plot behind what happened and that the FED's were well aware that both their lives were in jeopardy due to surveillance they were keeping YEAH – "let'em kill each other while we sit back and collect" HELL YEAH! They do it to all black people with a platform to be heard.

      • Q.

        Right. All one has to do is look at U.S. history (and beyond), and see Black people have been under physical, mental, and spiritual attack since jump, so orchestrated murder is more than plausible. Back in the day, I thought 2Pac was a clown for his thug antics, but when he demonstrated how his intelligence could influence the streets, that’s when I understood how much of a threat to the system he could be. However, I do believe that Pac was sacrificed as part of industry blood ritual. Biggie’s murder was either a parallel ritual or just a collateral killing to legitimize the East-West beef.

      • EL_BARK

        I disagree. Pac panther lineage had nothing to do with him being a target of the gov. And this is coming from a person, who mothers was also one. And was into it very deep. Facts is pac in the. 90’s was far enough removed from any of his mother activities. Tell me one good reason, why the fed will need to go after pac base on his MOTHER panther backround. When was 20+ years prior to him be a rapper.?
        Was bishop moving guns, stock piling weapons of mass destruction, to start a revolution? Was he robbing banks, to fianance a coup of the gov. Did he had an militia on the low thug life gang, that plan to storm
        The ehite house. Dont get me this bologna that he was uniting people, how in what way. He was a musician who made music & had a kit of fans. That it. Oh wait he was an actor. & a very good one cause he had & still have yall fooled. Truth is big and pac were under fed radar because of one reason. You lay down with dogs, its a chance you get fleas.!!!!!! In NY pac started hanging with guys who were. Of an criminal element. Then his quad shooting, by these same individuals is what put them on there radar. Anybody who ever been investigated by the feds know this…. As far as him being set up by the gov, please did jack do him dirty its a chance, You take when you run with street niggas. A niggas did something, he got blame for it. Happens all the time in the streets. There is no evidence that jack is an fed infrmant or was in some type of plot to set pac up. Also again what eould be the gov motive for wanting lil bishop in jail in 94. He was becoming more popular as an actor then a rapper. This is monsense created bu his fan.
        Jack maybe a rat, but what i did see was tupac yall idol dry snitching in the media, like a lil girl. Crying he aint do nothing. And yall calling jack the rat.??? That ass backwards. Lol biggie was under surviealance because pac knowingly accusing them of orchestrating a hit on him.
        Pac snitching is what launch the hip hop police. Not him being this messianic like prophet figure…. Once he started name dropping all rhem cats, who were already had fed heat prior to this situation, just made the gov go after them hard. I guess puff got set by the feds when he caught that gun charge,? I guess tut got set up by the feds when he got 3 strikes, i guess jimmy got set up by the feds also. Is there a chance that the feds were watching biggie as well as pac cause of the people they were hanging with??? Like suge night a known gang member???? I guess the feds made orlando snatch that chain also?

      • greeneyedbandit

        Hope you don’t develop carpal tunnel typing about some sh*t you know nothin about……Have a Great Day Hater~

      • EL_BARK

        You comment or lack of rebutal just show.
        Um um ” you know damn well i am right”
        That why you cant dispute nothing i said.

      • Casor_Greener

        Yeah this gov’t and Pac nonsense has got to stop.

      • Adrian Barron

        1. it’s not the lineage i was referring to it’s more so the INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE learned from the Panther lineage that’s dangerous to them. Anyone with a voice and a platform to be heard; armed with irresputible information about gov’t conspiracies, coverup’s, and hidden truths about our people is a THREAT.

        2. You took most of my words out of context – was PAC leading marches on washington NOPE – we had Farrakhan and the FOI for that. Everything has a process and in that process are different levels. For example, to become a MASTER TEACHER with 360 degree knowledge takes 40 years of teaching and that 40 years of teaching there are different levels you ascend to. I say that to say this … PAC opened up some people’s 3RD EYE to things they were otherwise ignorant too ie: BLACK JESUS being one of them – that alone “LEADS” a person to question their curiousity and to question your curiousity means you would have to do some sort of research to quench your thirst or curiousity. Thru that research that 1 out of 1,000,000 people that bought that album MIGHT be lead to research the bible, then from there the quran, then the torah, then maybe the 1611 king james, or the apocrapha NO F7 – the MOST HIGH works in mysterious ways – sometimes we learn from the GOOD and the BAD in people

        again was he a leader by the dictionary definition NOPE however he was still used as a catalyst for change in someone and thats proven my the scenario explained up top – if you break it all down everyone INDIVIDUALLY rather you have fame and fortune to catapult your message to a higher magnitude/multitude or are regular beings like you and I are all catalyst to CHANGE in someone’s life – rather it be the good i’ve done or the bad – someone learned from my mistakes and my accomplishments, right?

        3. NEVER said the FED’S pulled the trigger, jumped ORLANDO, held a gun to anybodies head in the MGM Grand that night lol — however, they were in the know about the details to what was going down that night and decided to “stand aside” for whatever reason just like they were in the know about malachi york, jfk, 9/11, or the countless other names we could associate with HOWEVER if you are not apart of the solution than you become apart of the problem.

        4. Pac aint my idol just like i hope BEANZ aint your idol – however we learned from the both of them some things PRODUCTIVE but most things UNPRODUCTIVE – bottom line is what we learned GOOD/BAD still institutes and promotes CHANGE in ourselves

      • dayleedumped

        and your saying tupac wasnt a leader and wasnt a threat? dude brought all black people together and could have been the voice of a revolution.

      • EL_BARK

        You know how dumb you sound????
        Mlk bought people together, malcolm x, huey newton,

        Where was i at when pac united black people. I must had mis this big gathering. Please where did it take place . Ny Or LA,
        Was it just bloods who were there, or was crips allowed.
        Cause all i see dude do was the exact opposite. I see him, lie and set up a chain reactions of events based on these lies, that divided two coast and lead to them hating each other. I saw that.

        I wait for you to tell me exactly where this great uification of black folks took place, that tupac was resoonsible for!!!!!!!!
        This shet is all in yall heads.

      • Adrian Barron

        bob marley brought people together, bono brings people together, michael jackson brought people together, james brown brought people together … all musicians who were asked to give their political views at various times during recession, war, social and economic injustices, etc…

        i think you are confusing UNITING black people with establishing a common ground – black folks have never had UNITY in it’s entirety therefore MALCOLM X nor MLK never actually UNITED black folks either – i distinctly remember Malcolm X and KING being at odd’s for the most part and X talking down on MLK until he returned from his pilgrimage to Mecca with a lighter point of view on humanity after his defunct followers left him for the wolves … so we’ve never had UNITY – we’ve only been able to establish COMMON GROUND about OUR HISTORY and the fact that we’ve been lied to and deserve to be treated just

        in essence NO ONE from Kunta Kinta to Tubman to Garvey to X, from King to Obama will be able to UNIFY black people – you and i both know that – hell even BLACK JESUS couldnt unify all BLACK PEOPLE his own homies/disciples and native countrymen “The Jews” sold him out to The White Roman establishment

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  • johnblacksad


  • Paul Hansborough

    Those murders won t be solved believe that!

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  • LAPD can’t afford to pay Biggie’s mom what they owe for murdering her son. What he would have made, professionally, etc. They can’t pay that debt, look how they movin slimy, like they wanna “solve his murder” & then call the release an accident. #Grimy

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  • eddieknucks

    The government didn’t kill these cats. They just let them be killed. Both were under survilence by the feds at the time.

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  • greeneyedbandit

    El Bark, if you don’t mind, would you tell me the name of the song that Tupac talked about killing kids? and you need to learn how to spell before you talk down about Tupac Shakur! so jealous, you can’t even spell….Peace~

    • EL_BARK

      “My 44 make sure all your kids wont grow……..”
      Also i dont get paid to post comments on here, i do it to past time. Give no fuks about my grammar on this platform. Also its clear they are typos & not lack of proper spelling.

      Also you so much of a stan, you dont even lnow your idol music smh

      • andone

        wat u fail to admit/mention is the fact that pac was making blatant threats directly to his enemies as to intimidate(we kno he wasnt interested in hurting them seeds, therefore no harm= no foul) but it wasnt some made up type ish “kidnap kids, f^(kem in the @ss throw em over the bridge”(i like both tracks btw) either so stop reaching if ur not going to hold other rappers to the same standard… bottom line tho, u cant name a song where pac said anything remotely similar for no reason bcuz there isnt one(that im aware of)… case closed(no pun intended).

        R.I.P PAC, R.I.P BIG!!!

      • EL_BARK

        Bull shet….. I dont know what his intent was. Other then he was delusional and paranoid. And as far as i know,
        CJ or tyanna never did anything to pac. Also the comment was what song did he threaten to kill kids??? And i stated the exact bars. Actually your thinking is ass backwards. Biggie verse was no harm no foul, because he was rapping in general. Also you cant say what pac intent was one because he blame biggie for something he had nothing to do with

        Also pac & suge also tied & beat up a a promoter from ny that was cool with puff, in hopes of getting puffy mom adress. Your boy pac also piss on this guy after the beating. Again a innocent person who, had nothing to do with the beef, was a victim on his so called thug life.
        So therefore you cant say what pac intent wa. I can only take his words at the time.

      • andone

        okay yeah cuz pac was deff bout to do cj and tyanna inn right, SMH… u can call him watever u feel like, they are purely opinions(mixed wit a lil bit of a one sided truth) i could care less really… and @geb asked “if you don’t mind, would you tell me the name of the song that Tupac talked about killing kids?” where is the word threaten?… dont forget their beef was real(wat else do you expect) therefore the track qualifies/serves as a warning shot, nothing more/nothing less… whereas BIG’S lyrics were rather explicit and honestly quite disgusting(which i dont mind since its fictional) for no reason @ all… so like i said hold them BOTH to same standard when u choose/decide to criticize, instead of that double u workin wit…

        and im not interested in any other incident outside of the topic @ hand… i know pac wasnt no damn st.(esp after joining dr) so miss me wit all that extra talk… like i said u cant name any other song and that was my only point dude, no hate???

      • Adrian Barron

        when a man is angered he will say anything to soothe his soul … example: the hateful things Farrakhan said and allegedly was apart of concerning his detractors or better yet “Malcolm X” – but is Farrakhan still considered a leader? A tool to promote and institute change … understand that their are Leaders with a Capital and leaders in the smaller case as well

        is Farrakhan as delusional and paranoid as Pac is lol

  • Adrian Barron

    too many head’s gone roll if they solve this case – and it will fan flames to LAPD’s already bad stench – not to mention the amount of money they would have to pay out would make RODNEY KING’S settlement look like minimum wage paycheck – them people aint about to give up their high rise corner offices in honor of Voletta – Chris Wallace – that’s why you gotta admire the good fight / uphill battle she’s been fighting since his demise – hope she continues to put pressure on these attorneys, detectives alike until she’s vindicated

  • Q.

    I almost thought the LAPD was going to apologize for the murder. LOL

  • hoeyuno

    I dont think there is a big government conspiracy behind big and pac.. I think one day we will see puff in court defending his ass about knowledge over the murders though. We all seen the footage of pac beating up that cryp anthony blah blahh in the casino a hour or so before his death. Doesn’t take CSI to figure the rest out..RIP 2Pac, Biggie, Big L, freaky tah, MacDre, Eazy E, Big Pun, ODB and all other rap artists takin too early.

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