erykah badu and jay electronica

Hip-Hop Rumors: Erykah Badu Puts Jay Electronica In His Place

Although Jay Electronica has been spending a lot of time in London, he still makes time to hang out with his daughter, Mars. Mars is Jay’s child with singer Erykah Badu. Unfortunately, while hanging out with her, Jay intsagrammed a photo of her to his followers – something Erykah Badu apparently told him not to do. Check out her chastising tweet below to Jay Elect:

Erykah Badu tweet

Below is the photo that set Erykah off:

Jay Electronica and Erykah Badu's daughter

Cute kid! Do you think Erykah has the right to order Jay not to post photos of his own daughter? Also, couldn’t she have called or texted Jay Elect directly with this information? Why make the request so public?

  • Guest

    too bad.. hes a grown ass man. Plus thats his daughter to.

  • Negro Peligro

    Nope you take child support I do what I want.

    • anthonyward1

      Hell yeah, I agree with that, baby mothers forget we have rights too, aint no harm in him sharing his beautiful seed with the world if that is his choice, she got her nerve…..

    • Alf Capone


    • Even if she didn’t….but definitely “YEAH!”

    • mostofyouarepeons


  • wickedjones

    Too bad. He’s a grown ass man. Plus that’s his daughter too.

    • anthonyward1

      i agree 100%

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  • Six7

    Broads be trippin’ with that “MY” kid. Btch it’s OURS!

  • Erykah got that grade A love tunnel! If Jay E smart, he gonna chill with hopes of sailing down her love tunnel again in the near future!

    • Nah, that illumanti stick chick got the $$$$!

    • Negro Peligro

      She shut that tunnel down it’ll be worse than LA Carmageddon for niggas in the industry.

  • Adrian Barron

    it’s not about the MOTHER or the FATHER’S parental rights … its about the safety of their CHILD — something he’s not thinking about for his own selfish reasons – being a father i understand why he would want to – he was prolly excited to see his daughter and happy to be spending time with her – but the fact that the parent’s lives are already PUBLICIZED and SCRUTINIZED – that maybe something she wants her children to stay clear of –

    • anthonyward1

      thats a valid argument, people in the public eye have to be careful, but I know some women who dismiss the rights or wishes of fathers without discussion. But you make an interesting point.

      • Adrian Barron

        sad to say … its the majority of BM’s will dismiss a father’s rights/wishes out of spite that’s why i champion the good one’s that put the importance of the CHILD 1st

    • Don’t nobody wanna hurt Erykah Badu’s kid because they saw a picture. If somebody wanna get at you, they gon get at you.

      • Adrian Barron

        i hope not BUT what about the opportunists, haters, pedophiles, hanger-on’s, disgruntled employees etc… you obviously one of them people that “DONT THINK IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU” – you’ve heard stories about stalkers breaking into star’s homes just to try on they clothes – you’ve heard about SELENA and how a starcrazed fan that actually worked for her was her demise/death – what about the kids who get teased at school because their parent is a celebrity – she obviously wants to keep some kind of NORMALCY in her child’s already chaotic life of having CELEBRITY parents

      • Irvin Findlay

        i understand what you mean and you’re absolutely right but i think jay electronica did it because his daughter is a pretty little girl i don’t blame him but yeah it’s important to be mindful

      • Adrian Barron

        no doubt – im sure he did it cuz 1. he probably hadnt seen her in person due to travel and location in a while 2. she was probably just as happy to see her dad and spend time — he’s not WRONG at all for wanting to show his pride n joy off to the world HOWEVER he has to be mindful of the boundaries the primary care giver has established and the ramifications of being public – the things we keep private are what we hold most sacred or whatever the saying is lol

      • AfricanSoul

        I don’t think it is only a matter of safety though. Badu is a spiritual person so she may seriously be afraid of the “evil eye” as well; that is really not a far fetched reason for her reaction.

    • Yeah, but what about his view?
      Equal rights?

      I see her point, but Oh Well!

      • Adrian Barron

        no one knows his view – cuz he’s not the one that spoke up or out about it

        equal rights?

        i’m sure she allows as much right to his seed as she has given the fact that he was able to physically spend time with his daughter with no arguments or issues – erykah aint putting restrictions on him seeing his child because if she was the TITLE of this blog would read different – she’s putting restrictions on promoting her child to the public – regardless of how cute the pic was to maintain some sort of normalcy in the childs life – i would suspect

      • What I mean is, suppose he don’t want his daughter around other Ninjaz!

        Granted, it’s a respect issue, etc., but if Eryka decides to be with Weezy? Jeezy? Kan Yeezy? or any other Eezy? would his wishes stop her if she felt different about bringing HER daughter around them?

        Either way, either side is reaching, or over reaching.
        Not for Jay to say what she does, within limits, nor is it for her to say.

        Courts will come into play on certain issues, religion, education, medical and decide who is final, but personal stuff like sharing pics, company the other keeps, etc. is usually off limits except under extraordinary circumstances.

        Tweeting a pic isn’t one of them, especially when Eryka was walking down the street naked.

        Broads always complaining, because if he didn’t tweet the pic, spend the time or pay the support, she’d be beefing about that too.
        Then to take it to twitter?

        How many baby dad’s does Eryka have?
        How many Baby Momz does Jay Electra have?
        Eryka’s twitter rant exposed the child more than the pic.

        Think about it, did you see the pic when Jay tweeted it…or did it come to your attention after Eryka made it an issue?

      • Adrian Barron

        even though its off subject of retweeting pics – thats a sensitive topic for any parent to discuss because no man wants some other dude walking around like VING RHAMES in BABY BOY around their child – men are territorial, right? Same thing can be said about women- they uh shyt bricks if another woman is around their child –

        1. erykah walking naked is irrelevant same as electronica dating the ROTHCHILD chick is irrelevant to a TWEETED PIC

        2. she got three kids by three different rappers and only really 1 of them had that paper (andre) the D.O.C. prolly living check to check or off badu allowance lol, and jay e just came up — but have you ever heard any of her BD’s berating her, talking down about NOT getting to see there kids, issue of child support = NO

        3. Did erykah make it an issue or puclicly address the issue – JAY E made it an issue because she has obviously already asked dude NOT to put the kid out there

        she got hella baby daddies TRUE but she had them baby daddies when he chose to lay down and get her pregnant also – when he made the choice to give erykah full costody as opposed to joint – then he forfeited his own rights – if he was the primary caregiver then he could ultimately be the one to say IM’MA RETWEET THESE PIX but when you only a weekend parent – unfortunately, you forfeit your own rights away — and im not talking about VISITATION rights im talking about THE RIGHT TO SAY YES OR NO when it comes to your child

        yeah women play games with kids – but this aint that type of issue
        you gotta seperate the one’s that play games from the ones that mean the best – and treat them both separately but accordingly

        i dont think the 2 have bad blood or issues with each other personally – remember not long ago he had threatened to come see GAME for mentioning BADU in a song and they were broke up – she retweeted that player player tweet about thw rothchild chick too (which kinda had a salty undertone cuz no STRONG black woman wants to lose out to a stick figure white girl with money – but dont compare their relationship to the normal ratchet relationships US “normal folk” experience with out BABY MAMA’s – i think this one is actually genuine – and they both look out for the best interest of their child – never know he might just have to check her for dating one of them “EEZY’s” you referred to later on down the line about being around his kids – parenting has checks and balances too – member when pops useta let you get a sip of his beer between rounds of the HAGLER/LEONARD fight – whats the first thing he said “dont tell your mama” – i say that to say this – sometimes we need to be reminded of implicatoins caused and sometimes we have to do the reminding

      • I agree, but even as a non primary care giver, he still has the right, legally, to tweet the pic. Respect issue aside.

        “Your rights end….where the next persons begins!”

        That’s like, in abstract, a female saying you can’t show relatives your baby’s pics. (IE: They only have twitter, FB, or it’s just easier that mass emailing, etc.)

        Legally speaking:
        Badu being naked, in public, is actually more of an issue about the child’s physiological development. IMHO

        “Got naked pics of your mother? No? Want some?” – type jokes are the opposite of the adulation the child would receive for being doted on by Jay E.

        Tangible consequences, as opposed to a what if type kidnapping threat.

        If they were together, would it still be an issue?

        Just like Jay E forfeited certain rights by giving her full custody, she forfeited certain rights by not working it out with him. One of them is the right for him to GAF about her opinion or wishes.

        This is something that they have to work out through consent & mutual understanding, but she is in no position to dictate what he does with his seed, on his time. They went to court, so now their family’s destiny is in the court’s hand.

        She’s gonna have to move the court to get results, or get Jay E to fold. I doubt the courts will consider innocently tweeting a family pic, a child endangerment issue, more like the mom acting like a B’ish!


    He’s not abusing his kid + spends time & takes care of her……..end of story!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adrian Barron

      true dat he’s not abusive and he’s prolly a GREAT father even when he’s not around – but a GOOD mother’s maternal instinct is to protect the flock and again he’s not around the child EVERYDAY therefore isn’t completely honed in to his own maternal instinct as much as erykah is or as much he is his own stronger DESIRE TO BE WITH HIS CHILD – for example i raise my son but when i send him off to his mother for holidays/summer vacations it’s a list of stuff i rundown from hygene to prayer – to monitoring his FB/instagram activities etc… a child’s protection is sacred and when thats something a parent fights to protect everyday – its almost 2nd nature to see even the smallest things from a broader perspective – too many predators that prey on childern to take in any chances – in a nutshell

  • I guess she doesn’t want any kidnapping attempts?

  • Bryce13

    Wow, I had no idea that they had a child together.

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    Domestic issues, Instagram-style…

  • Dave

    He shouldn’t post her picture maybe she doesn’t want her daughters face out there to be harassed and watched the rest of her life. Damn let her grow up

    • thisnigga

      Harassed??? not like its Janet’s daughter or sumthin…tell erykah to lighten the freak up!

  • Maybe Erykah should take the hint. Stop focusing on what your telling him and focus on what he’s telling you, which is, “I’ll post pics of my daughter if I want to”. Sidebar: Don’t asked a question, then get mad when the answer is no.

    • Adrian Barron

      maybe you just missing the point and the bigger picture – she obviously has already brought the issue up with him once already (referring to her tweet) and he obviously agreed to NOT do it – or maybe just gave her the “yeah aight, ok” to pacify her – bottom line is SHE’S ALREADY ADDRESSED THE ISSUE BEFORE – not ever celebrity wants to “market” their kids out for publicity and fame like JADA and WILL – im sure there’s a side to PUBLICITY that she doesnt want to expose her kids to at such a young age – look at her history – she’s got kids by a few rappers ANDRE 3000 being the most noticeable – and how often do you see that kids picture passed around in tweets be the father – she lives her life under a telescope for all to see and more than likely wants to keep “family” as private as possible

  • CThaGod2389

    adrian barron has way too much time on their hands

    • Adrian Barron

      nah its called the power of MULTI-TASKING or “walking and chewing gum”

      i can work, read, chill, text, etc… and still respond in detail its not as hard as you think to formulate your thoughts in words TRY PICKING UP A BOOK fam

  • KMajor87


  • Q.

    This is what’s wrong with “social networking.”

  • Guest

    She left a comment public bc he made it public. Noone should post pics of their kids online. Sad she had to tell him.twice!

  • Erykah Badu has every right to say what she said to him. Jay Electronica was with Erykah and then left her to be with individuals who are clearly associated with Masons and a bunch of others who are the key people the Erykah Badu is trying to save her people from. Those folks that Jay Electronica have since gotten into bed with, are not good people. Erykah Badu is trying to save her child and family from any wrong doing. She has every right with the given information.

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      you don’t know WTF you’re talking about

    • johnblacksad

      ain’t nobody followin your mason paranoid azz… gtfoh

      Just say you love the b!tch music, that’s it… that strong black woman sh!t is played out

  • Dude, she’s totally right. I wouldn’t put my kid out in public, to the same public that would scrutinize me for anything.

  • AfricanSoul

    I completely understand the need to shield children from the public eye but: 1) “MY” daughter? 2) She could have sent that msg. privately 3) He has the right to post their daughter’s picture so him agreeing not to post would be more of a courtesy and not a legal requirement (unless there is one sanctioned by court?).

    Always felt Badu had a little bit of a power trip…

  • YungKizz

    Erykah Badu dudu shut up quit makin babies wid rappers wit yo ho azz

    • Anthony Mason


  • johnblacksad

    so if she warned him, and he still posts a pic after that, doens’t that mean he’s gonna do exactly just what he wants to do?! This b!tch needs to chill and start lookin for the next rapper that’s going to impregnate her… doesn’t she understand aint nobody tryin to take orders from her?!

    Power trippin for real like somebody said…

    “Cause a b!tch wear a kufi, it dont mean that she bright”

  • gary

    who cares about this? If you do, get a life.
    Put out an album JAY!!!!!!

  • brotha_man

    she right. he out here fux’n with wit dem white folks, never who out there and want the get back

  • Abrasive Angel

    This simply has to do with people finding out what the child looks like then start plotting on kidnapping her for ransom and knowing how niggas are these days they would try to get the money and still kill the child. It has happened so many time in the past 2 years alone and being a celebrity is money in the bank. Look at what happened to Jennifer Hudson’s family, the little boy got kidnapped and was later found shot in the face. When you’re a celebrity you keep your seeds out of the spotlight to prevent dusty nigga moments.

    • heavyboy

      I never hear of it happening in the states and the Jennifer Hudson situation was not a kidnapping for ransom***

  • Torey

    lol she said “my daughter” women smh

  • heavyboy

    Asking the father of your child not to post pictures of you two’s child for protective purposes if ok…. but messaging a demand to him in front of millions of people regarding something that he actually has every right to do? Unless the two of you agreed on this prior to hitting the sack, then naah*

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    I’m the same way with facebook, that shit is not cool too many weirdos out there whether you are a celebrity or not I never post pictures of my kids online

  • nastinupe

    How many baby daddies does this rap groupie have?

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    I don’t post picture of my kids anywhere online ever, I don’t let them sit on Santa’s lap either

    • Anthony Mason



    Stop Posting pics of your Beautiful Kids Online unless you want Jared Fogle to Jerk Off to Em.