The 20 Funniest Manny Pacquaio Memes After Juan Manuel Marquez KO!

Okay, so just in case life isn’t unbearable enough for the homie Manny Pacquaio these days, these internet mugs are making sure that he never wants to see the light of day again!

It’s been a couple days since poor little Manny got KNOCKED THE F*CK OUT by Juan Manuel Marquez (after gettin’ a daggone pre-fight pep talk from another loser? “Mittens”!!! Why, I ask???), but the jokes are non-stop!

HA! And some of y’all out there are actually pretty funny. Check out how the ‘net keeps goin’ in on Manny!!!!




And, at the end of the day….

  • Chris

    “But he got money, doe.” Sh*t is so lame. SMH.

    • what u got? …exactly..

      • Chris

        I’ve got a home, multiple vehicles, and my wife and seed are taken care of. Why you on my sack, doe?

      • aint no body on yo sack pfff lmfao

  • Oknas

    lmao yall wrong 4 dis

  • theunholy1978

    MJ was the best one to me.

  • BruceLeRoyGlow

    lmfao that boyz in the hood is killin me

  • AK

    pacquio marquez 50 lmao!!! i could see it happening too

  • Q.

    “Manny, are you OK?” <—Genius.

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  • y’all goin to hell for dis… but shit the MJ had me laughin hard

    • Yeah…that was fugged up!


      >>Puts straight face back on and acts offended

  • J.R Smith & Wesson

    LMAO! @ “You laugh at my knockout” & “I laugh at your bank account”…But in life you lose some and win some…I read a comment some where that he got a pep talk from Romney before the fight, I thought he was joking but looool…That proves it don’t get a pep talk from a loser..

  • YaheardSyndicate

    they are hillarious. But in the end, you can only lose by fighting and Manny made himself rich by fighting the best and going toe to toe. Some boxers dance around the ring for 12 rounds, win 30 times by decision, pick their fights a little too wisely and fight the tough guys when their careers are already on the decline. Manny fights, and part of boxing is losing. Muhammed Ali has a tleast 6 losses, Tyson has a good 6 losses, Lewis has losses, etc. Its all about them wins though and Pac Man has 54 of those.

    • Shalove2

      No, Ali had only 5 loses; Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, Larry Holmes and Trevor Burbeck.

      • Berbick was at the end of Ali’s career.

        Berbick’s 2nd footnote in Boxing ( First being last man to beat an aging Ali, Trevor Berbick ( RIP, He was hacked to death with machete’s in his native Jamaica, like Hector Comacho being shot to death in Puerto Rico ) holds the distinction of being the only HVYWT Champion to have been knocked down, 3x, in a title fight……with 1 punch.

        See: Tyson Vs Berbick KO

  • dude

    Shit floyd is gonna want to fight this nigga now.

    • Alf Capone

      floyd still wont fight him in my opinion…….which doesnt mean much……….but yeah……….floyd is pu$$y

      • Nah, it’s business, but yeah, Floyd should have fought him instead of Bradley….from a Boxing fans business perspective.

      • LoStranger

        Manny is irrelevant now I’d rather see Floyd tested against Bradley or Canelo

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  • Alf Capone

    someone explain the trinidad james one to me please……..not all that familiar with the song or video

    • IMHO, the meme is saying, or means, is if you listen to Trinidad James, you should be karate chopped in the throat!

      I can’t be sure because I don’t listen to Trinidad James.

  • Ninjaz ain’t ‘chet! LMAO!

    That was some funny chet, but last pic should have been the bank account meme, but all dem ‘chets was He Larry Us!


  • MadVillain

    lol gotta love memes

  • dayleedumped

    so what yall wanna say.. but pac man down to FIGHT WHOEVER that wanna go at him. nigga got heart and at the end of the day, wasnt that what we were taught? You win some, you lose some, but you live to fight another day

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  • imaginaryGHOST

    Im surprised Chris Tucker didn’t make an appearance

  • Tril Beats

    The MJ one hands down…. lmfao!

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  • that boys in the hood in the grass had me DYING that was straight up hiliarous..

  • somehwere inside mayweather just had a sigh of relief bec he dont gotta fight.. he killed boxing with his B.A move he pulled.. Ali, tyson, and so on would of NEVER made excuses to fight the big fight..IMO floyd will awyas have an * next to his name for this one regardless that pacman just lost

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