Game’s “Jesus Piece” Deluxe Version Contains Single “Blood Of Christ” Dissing 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Shyne, 40 Glocc

(AllHipHop News) Compton rapper Game is causing controversy on the same day (December 11) his new album Jesus Piece lands on shelves.

The deluxe version of Jesus Piece contains a scathing diss track titled “Blood of Christ,” which takes aim at a number of Game’s rivals.

Game calls out 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Shyne, 40 Glocc, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo on “Blood of Christ.”

Check out “Blood of Christ” below:

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  • dunk

    that song is acutally better than the majority of the bullshit on the album..and thats not even a good song for games standard..shows how goo the album is really

  • Soulgasm

    In the words of Shyne…. “This album is trash”. The ENTIRE album… and I’m a Game fan.. but this one didn’t do it for me. This truly should have been an EP or a Mixtape…

    • Future Patrick

      I dig the album. had to run it back twice but he spitting. especially when you add the Sunday Service missing tracks on there and Murder with Scarface. kevin hart makes good transitions. im glad this was left off the album tho.

      • Soulgasm

        Maybe I was in a bad mood, cuz I definitely wasn’t feeling first time around. I’ma give it another spin thru, and see if I have a different feeling about it…

      • brotha_man

        i agree…something about this album just doesnt do it for me……i def dont like all the features

      • Soulgasm

        Exactly. The features are definitely a bit extreme…

      • Soulgasm

        Nope! Same feeling. I guess since this was his last record on Interscope, he was like, “F-It”… because it definitely shows in the product he put out…

    • mosestobymcgeethree

      This album is nice, i don;’t know what you talking about.

    • Same here. Im fan of his music,but the album sucks. Not even one decent beat. Usually Game has selected good beats,but the beats on the album straight garbage

      • Soulgasm

        Say word…

  • YaheardSyndicate

    Sounds real disrespectful to Biggie and Puffy though. Im sure biggie still has people who will not like to hear someone celebrating “the Mfers who killed biggie”

    • Fugg Diddy!

      Still, GAME bugging on the Biggie tip!

      Song was ok at best, shows Game has talent, content is wack & the artwork disrespects Jesus.


      Puff set up Big? He did benefit!

      • Aurelius Seven


      • I did, and putting a gang bandanna on the face of the mightiest messenger of GOD is disrespectful IMHO. YMMV

      • Edward Usman

        and he is brainwashed because???

      • when did jesus promote violence & gold chains?

      • Abrasive Angel

        Who can even prove that this jesus person even existed? Nobody can because he is a myth from Rome. Niggas still on that “I love Jesus” bullshit. That’s one of the main things that got you still mentally enslaved but, to each their own.

      • The scriptures speak of him, Quran, Gospel, Torah, etc.

        If you have evidence to the contrary, or wish to advance a contradictory theory, I’m definitely willing to listen & evaluate your conclusions.

        I’m offering you & Vince Smart an opportunity to substantiate your claims.

        Drop the knowledge if you have it!

  • jbeamazing

    game fell off hard so hard he went back to dissing 50 to try to get shine no pun intended but this lame can’t make a song to save his life tell jeezy to eat a dick nas was right years ago this shit mad dead

    • Paradox1521

      50 was the one to start the beef again after dissing the game on his my life single

      • aye-dre-dre

        Nigga the track is 2 years old…..He kept the line in there cause it was relevant to where he was then…..Give Game 2 mos he will be wanting to do Throne album with 50……..

  • YungKizz

    get em game

  • Siflan

    Eh, wasn’t feelin’ this or the album. There are some verses that were good, but I think he could have spent a lil’ more time on this one.

  • buffer

    album is boooriiing shit is trash

  • 2real4u

    this shit is hot…garbage

  • King Cold

    Smh… jay-z said….game pull the trigger. This shit was pure garbage. And after it flops watch him scream g-uniiiitttttt!

  • Craig_r

    This album is dope …up their woth his first 2 IMO. Games been who he is since day one. I’d rather hear names than sublims any day. He’s what real hip hop is …dope lyrics. Tight production and battle flow. Go suck a French wacktanna dick.

    • real hip hop is doing your own thing, being real, making good music & not being on everyones nuttsacks. mcs are lyracists.
      game is a hater & cant do his own thing

  • brotha_man

    Biggie – puffy reference might touch some the wrong way. Game better stay in his lane. cats dont know how to diss anymore.

  • ”new york” niggas is gonna hate you for that biggie line!!!!!!

  • Clown.

  • Galactus

    This nigga is WACK. Ok Why he got that william ross flow??? f*cking fake ass industry clones. Unnecessary rap beef?? Damn Times is so hard we gotta go back on that east west bullshit?? Not for nothing, but it seems like niggas like the game and ross got A SERIOUS DEATH WISH. SMH Stupid niggas.

    • Don Wann Cook

      The difference between the Game and Ross is the Game represents that Blood Nation so he good wherever he go bckz Bloods are everywhere especially in ny and Texas and out here on the west he super good. Even if he a so called fake Blood he repn that life and Damu niggaz got love for him bckz of that. Back in the death row era everybody thought cali was all crips c walking the Game put that Blood shit out there and I got luv for him for that so we Riden wit Game no matter what

  • Yes. LOVE this track title , WHO SWITCHED TO JEWISM !! lol ..get um Game
    The Genre of this album lured my interest &iwas NOT disapointed.
    ‘see no evil’ is my personal favoite
    So glad He made this religious album.
    the rap-game needed this
    nvr mind the negative input ^ v

  • Shotgun_Packa

    th ebeats dont do it for me. but his flows make up for it. i will always find the hidden message in game’s music. tupac didn’t have the best production after he died and thats what fucked his albums up.

  • dunk

    ok look the MAIN reason i think it really don’t like this album is because of the features..they are shit and game just not bring it like him oldself cause if he did..every one else on the album would look shit.. i mean damm look at the game & bone thugz mix that shit is awsome! need more people like them on the album..instead that other version of celebraiton is the main single..and i dunno i am confused!whats next for game?!

  • lloyd banks name is mentioned twice

  • yo the n*gga gets murdere on every feature,……….pathetic

  • yayareatho

    i like this beat. the lyrics are trash tho



  • Not feeling them Biggie lines! Real disrespectful! F*ck this clown! Every time I try to give this fool a chance he pulls some “hungry for attention” sh*t like this! SMH! Game watch your f*cking mouth! And Dre don’t need you and stop riding Kendrick Lamars d*ck. Get your own wave groupie a** n*gga!

    • Don Wann Cook

      The Game aint dissen biggie he just basically saying he from compton where niggas is killas so he warning niggas who want it with him that it can get ugly. And Kendrick is from compton that’s games Lil homie so he gon ride for that nigga if somebody diss him not only Game got his back but the whole west do he bringing the west back so we gotta protect him he like our 1st round number 1pick in the draft Quarter back. If you heard Kdots album you would have heard a verse in one of his songs about The game and knowing him and seeing him blow up so that nigga game aint trynah get no fame of off kdot that’s fam and they both damuz