Hip-Hop Rumors: Freeway’s New Business Venture Will Help Rick Ross!

Freeway and Rick Ross have a couple of enduring relationships in the game! What you may say? First they are both named after the great drug runner Freeway Ricky Ross. But, what is number two you may say. Well, two is that they are proud members of the beard gang. I don’t know if Rozay is official, but he is by default with that big burly beard.

So, I got word that Freeway is about to put out on the market some beard lotion for all the dudes in Philly and beyond! This will moisturize those scruffy beards. I think AHH’s Grouchy Greg may be a candidate for this as well! Peep!

Anyway! Support rappers with businesses! Here is Freeway’s pitch!

“It’s been scientifically proven that the ladies love a #ManBeard. If you’re facial hair hasn’t reached its full potential then Freeway’s #ManBeard Lotion is gonna change your life. Lookout for the infomercial dropping tomorrow!! #TeamEarly”

He may need a new graphic designer, but other than that – DOPE!

Illseed, Out.


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    No rozay is not a part of it illcoon. All it is a instragram account and that free started, and people take picture of their beards as they grown them & post them. Also its not lotion fool. Its oil that people use to grow and thicken their beards. Free prilly is just raking it and putting it in a bottle and selling it. Cats has been using it in philly for years.

    Also greg is one wierd looking mofo, no homo
    That niggah look like dan akroyd in coneheads. Lol

    • LOL-N

      Greg looks Grouchier than a mudda chucka!

      What I don’t understand is why call it a “Man Beard?”

      Philly chicks got beards?

      That FreeWay jawnt “Beard Gang” or something, is a certified banger, but imagine, Freeway, The Fake Rick Ro$$ & The real FreeWay Ricky Ro$$ together!

      Call one…..& all three look!
      FAIL BLOG!

      Use a ninjaz credit card without permission, go to jail…use his name…win a grammy!

      Something is definitely wrong with this system!

      • Hahah lmao call one and all 3 look lmao

      • “Yo! Freeway Rick Ro$$”

        >> All 3 looks @ same time

        >>Everyone else looks to see who they talking to so they can decide if they want to listen or not!

      • EL_BARK


  • Negro Peligro

    Grouchy Greg looks like the dictator.

    • JimJames29


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  • Doe Boy

    i need some of that shit

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  • lol @ man beard lotion lol

  • Don Wann Cook

    I don’t get the beard ish that is the ugliest dirtiest look I’ve witnessed you wouldn’t catch me with that horrible look smh at these ninjas trying to look like Ross with them beards lol

    • EL_BARK

      You dumb fuk. How is niggas trying to look like ross????
      Ross didnt have no beard when he first came out????
      The niggah took it from freeway. Also niggas been rocking they beards like that in philly for years. & its only really philly cats that grow them that long. Its really part of muslim traditions/ customs, that deal with grooming.
      Smh niggah say anything. How bout anybody rocking their beard that long.
      Is dick eating philly nigghas. And fuk what you like negro. You a niggah, guys dont give a fuk what you think. And FYI girls tends to like it. I guess you like jay, cant grow a mustache huh, lol baby face sweet niggahs.

      • Celz

        Lmao Don Wann got ethered

  • Manny Ameng

    grouchy greg looks like Jafar..

  • Synista