Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Ain’t Worried About The GDs – He’s “Certified!”

Rick Ross is trying to use some reverse psychology in a new interview he did with Miami’s 99 Jamz, where he is basically denying that the GD’s had anything to do with him canceling the rest of his tour. We don’t believe you, you need more people! Or as Ed Lover would say, “C’mon Son!”

Our boys in News gave you the exclusive on Ross canceling the rest of the tour.

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Rick Ross Issues Statement; Cancels Rest Of Maybach Music Group Tour

Reps for Rick Ross blamed the cancellations on the “apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of the tour promoter.” But if you follow the rumors, you know that illseed has been posting stories for months on the GDs trying to shake down Ross and threatening him to stay out of their cities.

Hip-Hop Rumor Exclusive: Has Rick Ross Ended His GD Problems?

But Ross will be Ross, and of course, he’s denying that the GDs had anything to do with his tour cancellation, and is flabbergasted as to why anyone would think he’s afraid of them. Check out his comments about it below:

“Never was it due to any threats, I’m a certified man. I’m a real boss and this is something everybody needs to understand, gangstas move in silence.”

Ross acknowledged the GDs in the interview, but followed it up with a denial of any issue between him and them.

“That’s [Chicago] the birth place of the GDs. If I go to Chicago to handle my business like I did, I have no problem going to North Carolina or South Carolina. So don’t ever get it twisted. Ricky Rozay is a boss!”

Do you believe the GDs are the real reason Ross canceled his tour, or were janky promoters to blame?

Check out the interview with 99 Jamz’ Felisha Monet below:

112 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Ain’t Worried About The GDs – He’s “Certified!””

  1. Casor_Greener

    I said it once and I’ll say it again. Ain’t no major rapper scared of some gangstas in Greensboro. Them dudes were not going to shoot up that show if Ross got on stage. They would have been posting more corny videos on youtube, talking about “next time we killing you potna!” etc.

    I’m not saying Ross is a boss, gangsta, or none of that, but he wasn’t scared of them NC “killers” ahahahaha. the promoters might have been afraid (nobody wants to get sued so they couldn’t take a chance) but I guarantee Ross did not miss his chance at all that money based off some youtube threats

    • Celz

      I don’t know bro.. Im from So Cal and major artists have a tough time comin to cities you prolly never heard of like San Bernardino. It was a well known fact Rollin 60’s used to wait for award shows to see who they could come up on. If it happens here I’m sure it can happen anywhere.. Stupid + Broke + Guns is not that hard to come across these days.. Ask T.I.

  2. jrq3000

    Rick Ross walks a fine line in hip hop. He makes undeniable music, but at some point, you have to recognize when you’re violating at the expense of keeping up an image. I don’t know how serious this GD situation is and I personally think the only reason he is talking reckless is because he prolly already made payment to these so called GD/rappers. Just remember one thing, you can try to re-invent yourself over and over for different people, but you will always be the same person you started off as.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        jrq – yeah – undeniable? – you don’t know music, or instruments.

      • jrq3000

        Bruh, it’s alright if you don’t like his music and I respect that, but for anyone to say that Ross doesn’t have hits is just foolin themselves. I know music very well and I don’t let his personal life and fake image determine if I like his music or not. Bcuz to be honest, 99.9% of the music industry is fraud and I could care less because if you determine how good someone’s music is by the realness of the life they live, most of the rappers out today wouldn’t get any play.

      • Papa Bear

        You right fam, I aint never bought a Rick Ross album or attended one of his shows but even I know he’s not wack, he’s obviously talented and can spit and have said all kinds of slick shit and ill wordplay on his songs. My problem is I simply dont believe him, rap aint like other genres, it’s an authenticity factor in rap music and when you get exposed for being a fraud, it takes away from the story or im age you’re trying to speak on.

  3. brotha_man

    i just hope this doesnt lead to any unnecessary violence….there are always cats out there trying to make a name for themselves

  4. Richard Savage

    Ross you are sucha fraud… if you had a “crappy promoter and no organization” you should just go get a new promoter and someone who can organize everything the right way. Them boys scared you. Idk if they real GDs or not but they obviously struck a cord in Officer Ricky cuz he just coincidentally cancels his tour after all these threats. gtfoh yeah you certified alright. certified police

  5. Guest

    the fact this dude is even aloud to walk the street of america the way he is right now speaks volumes for the state of rap and the hood. how can a known fake , known to use another mans name , another mans storys , other groups story ,history , symbols and protray them as himself and still walk about any “hood”. anywhere else in the world this guy william roberts would be wiped off the map long before now. ppl gettin killed everyday on the news for less

    • 305 FLAWDA BOY

      In Miami,late 90s and the start of the 2000s,alot of big timmers got indicted and its like the city got softer.
      I mean its still alot of killing(mostly these young dumb fools)but they let alot of nonsense get away down here.These dudes now are easily bought,so people like Rick Ross,are able too get a pass in these streets.
      I know for a fact,he either would of got extorted,or killed a long time ago in the late 90s,early 2000s.
      But hey,time has change in the streets and hip hop.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        every city got softer,,the OGs and real niggas all dead or in jail. people know are weak…there is stll a few share of niggas that hold it down. but its rarer .

      • Celz

        He literally should be given the choice to change his persona or be shot in the face. If a 15yo emulates Nas or Common he will be successful if he emulates Rick Ross he will be dead or in jail.

  6. Johnny Sanchez

    A real boss or gangster does not have to claim to the world that he is real. I real gangster does not reveal his dealings and moves with the rest of the world. This fatphuck talking about gangsters move in silence… he’s the first one blowing things up. This guy is a clown and so are all the people who follow this cat.

    • infinit221

      Nah homey…I got people in Miami Dade and they vouch for this man. Whenever I go down there you can feel that its his city. Y’all need to fall back cause you don’t know what your talking bout. Lol

      • Pierre Elliott


      • infinit221

        Really? His team seems strong to me. He’s put on a lot of dudes. I mean Wale and Meek would be doing wood without him. I travel down to Dade twice a year, and I’m not trying to say he’s scarface or no shit like that but he has a strong presence. @Flawda, aren’t flunkies people too? His boy gunplay is a convict but he ain’t got no problems calling him his ace. Think bout that for a second before you respond


        II can promise you he will never mention Larry Hoover again. The G.D. nation is 100,000 strong operating under laws. This dude want be visiting the Midwest anytime soon, I promise

      • thaNorthStar.com

        wale & meek are horrible rappers. gunplay is an actor. they all sell less records bcz they are on MMG. any1 who does songs w MMG should be boycotted

      • Celz

        Yea his team is strong NOW. He’s conned people like yourself into buying his albums and going to his shows. If you have money and spend it freely people have no choice but to like you WHERE YOU ARE SPENDING IT AT. I know for a fact hoods in Cali get paid off by rappers so I’m sure it happens in other places too. It won’t be on AHH or Facebook when it happens though..

      • hoeyuno

        fo sho. and this fool thinks he’s g cause he met with some real gangsters in the chi to pay up his extortion money. how can people buy this guys ish. I don’t understand how people can’t see through him.

      • 305 FLAWDA BOY

        Negro plzzzz……
        Stop fooling your self,when you make some money you can pay for dudes too vouch for you.
        He wasn’t doing nothing major before he got into the rap game,i know im from Miami.
        With money comes Power,so you can get alot of flunkies too put in work for you.

      • Terrance Goodman

        He used to be with swisher house n they dropped him. His first video
        Was on all bout the Benjamin’s . You right , he went from clean shaven
        To dope lord Ross

      • infinit221

        He called himself a boss and the next to blow in that line. Not much different except the beard ( still went by Ross). So whats your point really?

      • 225

        y’all ever heard of E-class? I think that is why Ross can do, or act like however he wants

      • infinit221

        I know exactly who E-class is. No dry snitching but he’s a goon in Miami with major ties, that happens to be a childhood friend and manager of William. Like I said, William may not be scare face himself, but his ties and muscle in Dade are very strong. These ill-informed cats need to fall back.

      • Terrance Goodman

        Point is he was building his imagine. He actually was Teflon son when
        He was with suave house. Point being he had not fully complete his staring role.

      • hoeyuno

        yea and mc hammer ran oakland in 91. Justin beiber runs the lil town in ontario hes from. my point being your cities biggest celeb is gonna have fans.

      • infinit221

        Your trying to be funny but mc hammer helped out a lot of people back in his prime. He was never a tough guy so people rejected that image. Just cause you rep a city doesn’t mean people will like you, but Ross has done enough to be the most prominent artist out that city right now.

      • hoeyuno

        I am trying ti be funny. your right. and if Ross promises to leave the gangster shit to the gangsters ill leave the comedy to the comedians. there is nothing about ross that is genuine. somebody said on here real gangsters don’t have to tell u there gangsters , which is 100% because real gangsters go to jail or at least catch cases when they catch the attention of authorities.

      • hoeyuno

        …….and on top of my last rant a real boss gangster would not be going to chicago to pay off the street thugs that are extorting him. he’d be killing them by the boat load and getting away with it.

      • infinit221

        Well if your paying attention to the situation you would realize he stayed quite as long as he could. The promoters and owners of the venues got scared, not William. As a matter of fact, if you really think about it William had to speak cause these young boys is starting to mess with his paper. You think Ross wants to go to war with some teenage black kids? Son, that will kill his career faster than all the lies y’all be spreading on these sites, and William knows this.

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        hmm, let’s reflect on Detroit and get back to his voucher…invalid

    • trixnkix637

      Like the homie Hopsin said, “Your real nigga talk seems bogus. A real nigga don’t brag about being real as long as he knows it”

  7. Mike Swiff

    AT THE END OF THE DAY RICK ROSS (the rapper not an MC) is a FAKE! period. I’m not buyin none of the BS he’s screaming. This dude has been exposed time and time again that what he raps is not his life, dude is not about that life at all. Rick Ross is a copier he copies BIG’s sound effects, he copied The Real Rick Ross name (disgrace) and I’m still trying to think how hip hop allows a fraud to make the money this dude makes. This dude is an X correctional Officer I cant believe anything this dude is saying…Is Ricky a part of the hip hop police?? I dont know but I do know dudes muisc is basic commerical air play music he has brought nothing to the game that wasn’t already there, F fat boy! The GD’s got at dude, Rick paid them off thats it, he is not real yo I wish dude would shut the F up and roll away! Hip hop is soft and this is why soft idiots like Ross and Chainz etc. can occupy the radio’s time with bullsh*t music plain and simple HIP HOP IS A WRAP! (dat nigga) ooh and Ross you aint no boss cause a boss would still do a show with F’d up promotion see thats real, a real boss dont let ish get in the way of his money suckah!

    • infinit221

      Let me ask you..why is the real rick Ross going after William and not freeway? Has anyone asked that question? Cause its about money and trying to extort people. The real Rick Ross is still on his gangster, lol! Anyway, let me ask you another question: why you so mad at someone you don’t know with only partial information?

      • timwest1000

        Let me ask you. Why are you defending another grown mans money?

      • infinit221

        Not defending his money, I just think its wrong for so many people to come after him after he’s pretty much held up hip hop in the mainstream anyway all by himself for the past two years. Who else has put in more work than William? Jeezy, kanye, Jay-z , and young money cornballs are the only other people even putting out music.

      • Sean Mac

        Umm I think it might have to do with Rick Ross being the name on his BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Why doesn’t William Roberts call himself Freeway? If I was Shaquille O’ Neal and a big drag queen came out calling himself Shaquille O’ Neal thats different tan calling himself Deisel. Rick Ross’s Mama gave him the name Rick Ross bruh.

      • Sean Mac

        well in a sense I guess he did already steal a nickname too, that Boss shit was Slim Thug at first.

      • infinit221

        Come on…and slim thug got that from Bruce springstien right? Freeway took his likeness just as much as William did. A name by itself isn’t intellectual property, and I don’t see Rick Ross making no records, just trying to put his hands in another grown mans pockets.

    • Sean Mac

      Ummmm I think it might have to do with Rick Ross being the name on his BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Why doesn’t William Roberts call himself Freeway? If I was Shaquille O’ Neal and a big drag queen came out calling himself Shaquille O’ Neal thats different tan calling himself Deisel. Rick Ross’s Mama gave him the name Rick Ross bruh.

  8. Synista

    Rick FALSE is not just delusional,he is also an habitual big fat liar .
    i don’t care how good he may rap,he is a fake ass wanna gangsta.

  9. disqus_P1WCIV0Q72

    “…gangstas move in silence” Nigga so why you tellin’ everyone?!?!?! course he gon be vouched for in miami, he makin $$$ and is putting miami on the map, but that don’t mean he real. that could be a buncha d*** riders tryna get on wit his camp. i understand he tryna stay away from trouble, which is smart, but don’t go head and lie that it was something else that prevented you from going on tour and THEN say your certified. He’s a proven fraud!!!

    • infinit221

      You said some real shit, except when I think about how they found dude it wasn’t in a jail it was him having a strong name in the streets. They found him just like they found jeezy. Shit, Ross couldn’t even really spit when he first came out. He ain’t a fraud homie.

  10. Smoov3

    Sydney Lace what does it matter to you whether he canceled his tour or that the GD’s made him do it? The media loves to keep shit going on and starting shit, the MEDIA gets famous people killed, fired from there jobs and etc. by always talking about stuff and keeping it going on.

  11. RazaBladeKing

    Certified. So i am to believe that this “gangsta” is ridin around with his shirt off, letting off AK rounds with one hand while tossing out bags of dope 2 every dboy with his other hand. All while WORKING AT THE JAIL, for $20,000 a year. But he was makin boss moves, doin big things. Who joins a gang at 35? And grown men that say “LOL” , wear leotards, kiss other men and call them ‘daddy’ co-sign him. The problem is, some dumb @$$ teenagers are going 2 see this buffoon, and say “hey, maybe i can go from sellin crack to driving maybachs, cuz Ro$$ really did that!”, and they’ll end up at William’s old job, gettin handcuffed, strip-searched, and caged. He is audio poison, deceiving the next generation for a modest profit. He is a pathological liar and a publicity whore, but he is NOT certified. And hopefully, he will NEVER be certified platinum, either. He need to holler at Aubrey for some TV deals, cuz he is one hell of an actor. No mas, no menos.

    • infinit221

      LOL at hating ass niggas like you. Grow up cause you stretching the truth. I’ve been scrolling through these message boards a long time reading all the hate ya’ll got for a man that has done more charitable good in the community than anyone of you hating ass trolls but its time I let you have it and other people take suit. I’m a dude from that place and I know the work it took for him to do what he’s doing is very real. Only little lames like you think your voice is important enough that you can tear down another man without knowing him. Go kill yourself, LOL @ you bitch!

  12. jakne

    Mannnnnnnnnnn, William been LYING since he came in the game from his first single!!!!!!! But we as listeners ACCEPT that bull these rapper/actors pump out! I ONLY listen to William, I don’t respect dude enough to call him “Rick Ross”. Now I must say, homie can push out a few hits, bars are good, production for William, A+. But dude is a liar. Who is the rapper rick ross? We don’t even know his struggle before the rap deal, his first lp is based on the OG Rick Ross. And the 2nd, 3rd etc…….everybody know William nervous, he might as well start paying draft!

  13. hoeyuno

    why would anyone start believing him now. he was probably told tho that him and his peeps could be held responsible if anyone was injured from violence at the concert since there was gang threats on his ass. but honestly what promoter is gonna drop thball when they have the most popular artist in mainstream pop hop booked. I applaud the gd’s in there organized attack on the fattest fraud in show biz. shit was mad funny homies!!!

  14. last one

    dry snitching cop…… omg now the cops are looking into the gd videos cuz of rick ross on radio station talking about how they are trying to extort him.. lol he said thats extortion.. cops heard that and are looking now.. fail agian from the cop

      • nino970

        ok no disrespect to no one i really did not know. but is that the only reason? i mean alot of rappers do that did he do something more specific to them? is what i mean

  15. Charlie Kelly

    “gangstas move in silence” well if thats tru, then claiming your a a boss aand a drug king on every single track u have ever made would be kind of F’ing stupid. Now wouldnt it? smfh

  16. Guest

    He’s certified world wide…lmao…yea ok…talk about the security presence that was probably at that Chicago show…ur comf

  17. D_Ably

    gangstas don’t rap period. Gangstas get money from rappers, they don’t rap for money lol and associatin the word ‘certified’ with Rick ross is gonna have me laughin into the new year

  18. Darkfather504

    Promoters and GD got to him; Down Bottom we have saying ” talk that s h i t now roll with it” RR BOSS is’ya ready!!! when a certified OG steps in it more to than a janky promoter

  19. goino west

    In my expierence gangsters get money and try to get out the game. Rappers(fake gangsters) get money and try to get in the game.Whats wrong wth admitting u are an ex-cop who makes music? If the music is good, who cares? Be careful officer William, I’ve dealt with Chicago gangs and they are not to be taken lightly. You don’t wanna be the next Tupac or Biggie

  20. Aysha Baguettes

    LMAO…ok Ricky stop it man… I am so happy I can take a few moments in my day to enjoy comedy such as this….Did Bruh say “Real Gangsters move in silence”… Rickyyyy you are not a gangster but you play one on TV lol.. yes we understand Cliff Huxtable plays a doctor on TV for 20 years too lol…These GD are for real and you going to f$ck around and get yourself killed…Pay these gentleman off or use some of your old CO and Miami PD buddies for your safety… IT IS UNDERSTABLE TO BE RATTLE BY REAL GANGSTERS…we understand…why did this guy get a pass oh yes because hip hop is the new WWF… Bruh it is cool you had a decent J.O.B. stop this I am the streets Bull we know the truth Officer Rickyyy lol

  21. Deandre MacMade Lewis

    now he’s a boss rite he running look why he start doing shows in arkansas he never been here but he coming here to the A-state .But he dont know that there’s GD,s in tha ROCK TOWN…so what that boy go do now…like i saiid most rappers out now are actors they need a grammy give rick a grammy

  22. eiroc55

    Why are people so upset with this guy I understand that his raps are not factual but whose are.Name a Relevant rapper today outside of 50 whose story and ryhmes add up..These dudes have a skill and a talent appreciate it or dont like it for what it is..And people saying Gangsta this Gangsta that what exactly is a Gangsta..To my knowledge Gangsters have always been equated to money and power they are not thugs…thugs are goons that work for Gangsta’s..Any young Successsful black man from the hood is sure to have thugs on deck…Biggest Black gangsta today are Quincy Jones and Diddy..If you dont know that you dont need to be in the conversation

    • infinit221

      Exactly! Somebody else that understands how this game really works. The rap game became the new crack game in the 90s (jimmy henchman, irv gotti, the list is long). All these major artist had financial support from the streets! There is no more strong mafia la costra nostra, but look, a gangster rapper is part owner of the New Jersey Nets! At least somebody else realizes how deep the rap game goes.

  23. jrq3000

    I guess my whole question is this? I know Rick Ross isn’t the most honest person, aaww hell, he’s a perpetrator, I understand that. Isn’t it about the music? Who actually listens to these rap songs thinking that what the artist is saying is really true? Do you actually believe that Dr. Dre and Snoop actually killed undercover cops when they made Deep Cover? How many niggaz did N.W.A. kill on all of their tapes? Thousands. Now how many did they kill in real life? Zero. Did you actually think B.I.G was fuccin one of the Knick’s girl on “I got a story to tell”? He said he came up with that song when he heard the track and it was just a freestyle. And didn’t Jay-Z steal Jaz-O’s name? How do you get Jay-Z from Shawn Carter? I know Ross stole a whole identity and dat itself is fucced up, and even the fact he lied makes it worse. But he’s a RAPPER. His job is to get behind the mic and spit what the dope boys and hip hop heads wanna hear. It’s about making the money and selling records. I mean, if you want some real dope dealing and murder stories, why not go ask a dope dealer or a murderer to tell you one. Don’t ask a rapper! That’s his job, but it’s actually the niggaz that’s in the streets life.

  24. Yo'av Moshe

    He should just fess up and quit acting like a boss, paying off Zo don’t help you out of state and word is in most city’s where GD’s are prominent the shooters can be non-members do anything to prove type cats. He can say Miami Dade all he wants…that city don’t follow on state to state tour where you really get your $$$$ Cancelling the tour really messes with a rappers money esp his crew. They can’t really eat due to the beef. He should just address it and back down. He is lost in his own image and might end up pushing up daisy’s due to his ignorance.

  25. Jojuan Carey

    dc what anybody say but the shit you promoting is ignorace/ignorant when will you black ignorant small brain bastards wake up! if you dont like the man stop commenting on every article that says Rick Ross name!

  26. LetsBeRealpeople

    ill informed. look what is is and what ain’t ain’t. it don’t take two paragraphs to prove a resume. this bitch pay enough not to stay alive but all his sh’t is a racket. when the real ma’fa call him out, you fall back and let the streets run…’cause there will be blood.

  27. Chris Jackson

    “I remember something an old school Dade County gangsta told me a long time ago.”

    Is that when you were a correctional officer at Dade CI?

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