Jeezy and Rick Ross

Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Says He “Tried To Choke” Jeezy At The BET Hip-Hop Awards!

Rick Ross is finally opening up and speaking out about the incident between him and Jeezy at the BET Hip-Hop Awards earlier this year, and it seems as if Rick Ross still has some unfinished business with the snow man. Check out what he told Felisha Monet from 99 Jamz in Miami below:

“This is nothing personal to me. At the BET Awards it basically just boiled down to me running across Young Jeezy, he had five security guards in front of him, five police officers behind him and we crossed paths I said ‘what’s up?’ soon as he said ‘what’s up?’ I tried to choke him. His security guards hemmed me up; whoever the big black dude with the bumps on his face, he should give that dude something special for Christmas.”

50 Cent and Rick Ross

Ross got jokes! The bawse must have been in an open and honest mood, because he even spoke about his ongoing feud with 50 Cent and how he’s nice with his hands.

“I’m a hands on type dude. I’m better with my hands than I am at making music. So it’s not personal but if I see Young Jeezy again will I try to choke him? I don’t know that’s an option. If I see 50 Cent, is it personal? Not at all but it’s an option.”

Somebody get that boxing promoter on the phone! Hell, someone get 50 Cent on the phone – isn’t he a boxing promoter now? Maybe he can negotiate a match between Jeezy and Ross. I’d love to see that! But hold up, in the interview Ross reveals that he may go out and get a boxing license, too, so he and 50 can have something else to beef about. Crazy!

You can check out the interview with Ross and 99 Jamz below, where he also explains the reason why GunPlay got separated from MMG and ended up becoming a target for 50 and his boys in the parking lot:

  • brotha_man

    look a rick ross trying to up his street cred now that them people after him. SMH. “I’m a hands on type dude. I’m better with my hands than I am at making music.” (I almost spit my cheerios out in laughter). this dude is wild. his PR put him up to this.

    • infinit221

      Ross been had street cred where he’s from. Check yourself cause you have no idea what your talking bout.

      • >>Spit perfectly good beer all over monitor.

        brotha_man : That is even funnier!

      • brotha_man

        right….ill even entertain your knowledge since you seem to have me convinced that your his right hand man. if what you say is true…why create this character rick ross? why use his life as your own? why dodge the corrections officer questions and not just be real? now i feel like a jadakiss song. maybe now that he has money he has the streets. money…..power…..respect. but you want me to believe that a corrections officer…ex corrections officers had the streets at attention! I suppose. he is paying zoe pound (yes i know about zoe my girl lived in Miami and i would frequent visit….and yes. she is Haitian) but I bet if trick daddy says go he would be finished.

      • infinit221

        Brotha man, I don’t remember Ross ever saying he was from Cali running drugs for the Contra. He talked slick about Noriega but that’s about it. To me the real Rick Ross is over pursuing the issues cause a lot of rappers have taken the names of street legends. And I never called him no mob boss, but he has the respect of a lot of street niggas, Zoe pound included. I’m Jamaican, so having people down there I know his ties are strong with that side of the community and the Haitians. I just know he ain’t the fraud people are trying to perpetrate.

      • Dadon850

        He got they respect cause he paying them. They extorting the hell out of Sgt. William Roberts. One thing about it tho, nobody in the Zoe Pound will take a bullet for him. And how dare you say Sgt. Roberts is not a fraud. That boy ain’t move no keys. All he do is call out street legends in his music which makes them smile temporarily. Eventually they are going to murder him. I know that and you do too.

      • Guest

        He is also not teflon don, noreaga is not THE noreaga, raekwon is not a gambino , kurupt is not gotti… is not a sgt. theyre eoe security clowns.according to ur logic, italians should just whack all the rappers, yes?

      • Celz

        Exaggeratin your street days is one thing.. Complete fabrication is another. Hulk Hogan might have a better WWE legacy than Brock Lesnar. But Brock is one of the few wrestlers who stepped into that real ring and really got it in. So yea some things about Brock is fake and some things about Raekwon is too.. But both dudes have a real side.. Fawlse has no real side.

      • ‘exaggeratin vs complete fabrication’? how does that work? lil lie vs big lie? i thought streets were ‘too real’ for that lol. im not defending him, i just find it silly that all of a sudden ppl have a problem w what rappers have BEEN doin for decades. you wanna talk fraud? how about kanye bitchboy pusha t who swears he brings private jet fulla dope to usa every day? claiming shower posse , from a cosy two parent household in virginia with poodle in his lap lol….i guess he aint rich nuff for ppl to target. all rappers are what all pop stars are…..vanity seeking lil girls. that is their only ‘real’ side.

      • Celz

        Exaggeratin is human nature.. Name one figure EVER who hasn’t been exaggerated to some extent.. Honest Abe, MLK, Malcom X, etc etc etc.. So yea Tupac, Jay, Nas and the rest have done things and made songs that I disagree with but Rick Ross has never done or said ANYTHING that I agree with as far as I know. I was bumpin Kday on the way to work and Smile with Tupac and Scarface came on.. Ross doesn’t have anything like that.. And I put Pusha T in the same boat he makes me sick..

      • Guest

        yea maybe cuz scarface , pac etc. are from our times growing up and we view em differently. they really did nothing other than what ross is doing today. tupac was a balerina, nas is/was crybaby, jay z got jews investing into him and sold us story about makin it from sellin crack …bla bla…game is also different these days, its coorporate. old formula , new thief. i dont think rick ross deserves to die tho …..but now that u say scarface , ima go bump last of the dyin breed omg 😀

      • Celz

        That is part of it.. Cuz we did grow up on them my top 4 goes like 1. Jay 2. Nas 3. Common and Pac.. And I’ve had the chance to briefly meet Nas and Common.. But I don’t idolize these niggas.. I haven’t listened to every song from anyone of them.. But there is a difference between them Ross I can make a CD (err playlist damn we old) full of Jay, Nas, and Pac that ONLY contains deep thought provoking and heartfelt music. I don’t have an issue with hittin the club and gettin faded, I was off Tequila and Henny last week in Hollywood but if that is depth of your lyrical content you’re not a real nigga..

      • Guest

        remember sunz of man the last shall be first album? song ‘illusions’ , hell razah verse? that was 1997, easily applied today. killah priest heavy menta?l….etc….they had rick rosses back then too. aint notin new.

  • man this dude is such a fraud…I dont know why people assume that you have to be a gangster to be a rapper…all his lies will catch up with this man and he wont like it when it does

    • Johnny Sanchez

      Yo the only people this clownboy is fooling are the kids that buy his music. Period.


    this dude stupid

  • MadVillain

    why he tryna choke him tho, now Ross gotta add Homer Simpson to the list of people he thinks he is

  • jrq3000

    At least he willing to knuckle up with Jeezy rather than a bunch of ignorance like pullin pistols. I would put my nachos on Jeezy to get the best outta dat fight though.

    • I’ll see your order of nachos & raise you a covering of hot cheese that Fawlse won’t box.

      • brotha_man

        im in *pushes bag of chili cheese fritos to center of table*

      • SMDH!

        You guys are some funny Mudda Chuckas with the comments!


      • jrq3000


    • Tony G.

      Yo this dude aint knuckling up with nobody…come on son

  • dayleedumped

    oh yeah you choked him huh? telling us 4 months after it happened? this seems like some shit that woulda been said right after for bragging rights.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Gud at using ya hands to smash burgers n wings, guess I should believe the key
    Talk too. Sorry these fools ain’t handcuffed n hit back

  • Joseph Thomas

    if i can quote Jeezy for a sec…………… “yall know dat boy retarded”………LMAO


    is hip-hop one big joke now or what? stop with all the side stuff and just make music.

  • infinit221

    Actually this falls right in line with what people are saying. Why else would Jeezy’s security put hands on Ross. I think y’all are directing your hate at the wrong man. All those tracks Ross did were street anthems giving attention and homage to people that came before him. Those tracks were huge, but now broke hating clowns want to destroy him for it. Why not hate 50, who real street dudes tried to have killed? Why not hate Jeezy, who put a contract out on a real hustlas head but can’t do it himself? Ya’ll are simple and got the game twisted.

    • So we would have it straight if we supported a lying CO living out CB4 fantasies?

      • infinit221

        I understand about the CO thing, cause that shit was blatent. But the more I thought bout it the more it made sense that he wouldn’t want certain things to get out because it would be ammo for his enemies. He just shouldn’t of lied to his fan base. But CB4? Nah, people been slapped up behind Ross. You forget he had to drop a qtr mil to DJ Vlad after he stomped him out for leaking the whole CO shit in the first place?

      • In Hip Hop, DJ’s are usually the softest out the crew.
        IE: Swiss Beats, DJ Khaled, Kid Capri, etc.

        You get ZERO points for beating up Vlad.

        LIAR? Lying in your rhymes is worse than lying on your 4-9-3-11.
        The way he played Trick Daddy, threw him under the bus, when officer Ricky knew he was wrong in the first place, speaks volumes about his character, then threatening to see him?

        Did he?

        Hell no! You know what that outcome would have been…Hint: Trick wouldn’t be the one suing!

        Still, I can understand being a fraud, well I can’t, but for argument’s sake, let’s assume I can ( Milli Vanilli, BO$$, Dr. Dre’, etc. ) but to promote a negative lifestyle to the youth is unforgivable.

        MC’s should use the gift to uplift!

        “When I say I got Rich selling coke, I really mean I was selling coke in the streets”…Officer Roberts


        “I’m selling weight…straight off the iPhone…The iPhone” Officer Roberts

        Yeah, ok! You can’t even cheat on your spouse with an android phone, let alone hustle without going to prison. Them boys will be in your mouth like forks and spoons! True or not?

        Not only that, took the Real Rick’s whole persona, and name, then called him a snitch when he didn’t co-sign the deception.
        WTF part of the game is that?

        Basically, Officer Roberts is saying that he knowingly tattooed a snitch’s name on his hands, like that’s his husband or some ‘chet!

        Nah! His career is more like the movie CB4 than the actual movie is!

      • Calico Joe

        Man you can’t tell this guy nothing, he’s all over these forums defending this clown.they must be related or something. He trying to hard to validate this dude.

      • He has to try hard because… damn sure won’t be easy!


      • Mark Olford

        That is Mr Roberts guys…

      • infinit221

        Nah, I just think the dude deserves better cause he’s given us a lot of good music through the years, at least to me anyway.

      • Celz


        You must be 17.. Download ANYTHING from 1996 and I swear you will NEVER listen to Ross again..


      • infinit221

        Nah, I’m 30 and grew up on big, jay, and nas. I can’t believe y’all don’t think Ross has bars, but whatever. And I don’t know when ya’ll got so self righteous. Them dudes from the 90s were just as violent and braggadocious.

      • Celz

        Ross can rap circles around most NEW cats.. But I can rap too and rapping about bitches money and drugs is easy..

        Off the head

        “My workers get dirty aint no D.A. sushin me/ its 2012 I be pushin kis by pushin keys/ send an email encoded with details/ conduct the D well an my money train’s never derailed/”

        So am I a real nigga like Ross now lol.. He has some bars but nothing compared to the greats and his subject matter is more shallow than literally any rapper I can think of.. When you are more shallow than Young Money you have serious issues..

      • infinit221

        Really, so your saying music about hustling doesn’t motivate? I think it does…look at dudes like Fab,every member out of wu-tang, Jay, the list goes on, they all made their fortune motivating through the message of hustling. And black youth always admired that life, rap music is the reflection, not the problem. The problem is these kids don’t respect an education, and we’ve always had that problem. But I respect where your coming from.

      • Ok, so you feeling me?

        It’s a reflection and a cause.
        Our youth raised on trap music? ( Dad or mom fugged up in the game because they were caught in the trap> )

        We are at a very important time in history, we are either at the end of freedom, or the end of tyranny!

        Without struggle, there can be no progress.

        If Rick Fawlse was a Vietnamese, in Vietnam, in the 60’s? He would have recieved a knock on his door, telling him to report for political re education, and when he arrived…..he would have promptly been shot in the head.

        Granted, Shyne makes him sound like Big Pun, but he really has no flow, basically an updated. more modernized version of Fat Joe, without the street cred, Oh! You ain’t Know?
        ^^ His verbal schemes aren’t much more complicated than that, if they even are.

        He ‘chetted on the Real Rick Ro$$!

        In his circumstances, that more than anything, alienates me.
        C.O. Job?
        Should have embraced it, & been Officer Roberts, telling the same outlandish tales, but from a C.O.’s perspective of the inmates he heard them from, or even an inmates perspective, talking about taking a fall, having to make collect calls & stuffing your chop, with slop in a mess hall.

      • infinit221

        Ha…slop in a mess hall? You just Wildin now. Ross is nice on the mic, and I’m not going to pretend to know him off shit I heard. On top of that I like his moves outside of rap cause he put his team on, opened up black businesses with them damn wing stops and his label, and he gives back in time and charity. To me he’s doing more real shit than most, so we just have to disagree.

      • Nah, upon that note, we can agree, even with being kinda, semi, nice on the mic.

        The other BS is what fuggs him up!

      • infinit221

        Aight then, this is the type of convo I wish we could all have on this site. Some respectful grown man sh*t.

      • Well, you gotta admit, the E Beefs & E Wars produce some funny @$$ comments!

        We gotta keep those going too!

      • Calico Joe

        I see what you’re trying to say, but I got two questions for you. 1. How many niggas you personally know that have made millions and live the lifestyles theses rappers talk about by pushing kilos? 2. How many niggas you know that been to jail or in jail now for dope charges trying to live like these rappers?

    • Calico Joe

      I don’t think we got it twisted. I don’t support non of them dudes you named, but I don’t recall 50 or Jeezy lying about being a C.O.. As far as putting contracts on niggas heads, Ross just said he can put 1000 gangsters in any city. Bottom line is if this man is not taking care of you or your family, I don’t see how anybody can defend him.

      • infinit221

        Yeah y’all do. This man has been to NO, Haiti, Belieze, and other places doing for the community. Yeah he ain’t perfect, but I’m telling you right now he got the support of real niggas outside of Miami. Be negative if you want, but its deeper than rap hommie.

      • Calico Joe

        No negativity coming from me, I just don’t support these alleged drug lord rappers for the reason that if they getting all this money in the streets, then why the hell is they rapping. Also you made my point by saying he going to all these places doing things for the community. I expect them niggas to have his back. Same reason why niggas vouch for Wayne when the whole world knows he’s suspect.

  • NotYourAverage

    Fraud Swag expiring right before your eyes. Why he concerned with boxing? He a WWF rapper. 100 M’s. rrrrRrraaah.

  • artman696

    LMAO this dude is on comical levels now.

  • fabbidavisjr

    He must have been on a molly because he’s feeling himself to much….This guy is the perfect example where if you keep telling the lie eventually even you start believing the lie

  • Iamdisgustedwithu

    All you paper and keyboard gangstas keep talking about who real and who not. You make me sick! Listen, none, not one of you sorry azz mf’s on here are real. You just got off work, just like me, or you just got out of class, whatever… none of you know what the GD’s are doing, and as a matter of fact, who the F cares? Those dudes think it’s a privilege to poison their neighborhoods, kill rival gang members, issue stupid threats via the internet. How F’in stupid. Why do we as black people even give credence to snit like that. I am so mad at the state of not just hip hop, but black america. All of you need to shut the f up. Please. Stop typing, take your baby formula smelling azzes back into your mom’s open legs. And yes, for those that start threatening me… do you really think you will ever see me paper gangsta? Seriously… No, I mean seriously.. GD, PD, SD, DD, TC, I don’t care what your affiliation is… you are an embarrassment to your mom, neighborhood, and your children. And that’s real. Tearing up neighborhoods, threatening people, I wish I could take everyone of you fools, get an aircraft carrier converted to a galaxy cruiser and put all of you fools on it, and then send you on it with no oxygen. lol… straight send you to the moon without a spacesuit. As I throw down the mic in disgust!

    • rennegade

      Best and realist statement I’ve read today. Word to their mothers.

  • Cee

    im guessing he thought jeezy was a snickers bar.

  • King Cold

    Dick floss the definition of a fraudulent ass nigga

  • DaEmph

    fat nigga anit gonna do shit!

  • He sound like a broke nigga!

  • Doe Boy

    this nigga aint bout shit

  • hoeyuno

    I wwould put my lil ass pay cheque on the line to say ross is full of shit. Hes no scrapper. I have a homie thats big and ppl always think he’s a tough guy but he’s softer then 6ply. Unless he’s been getting lessons from kimbo I doubt his fat ass could throw a punch.

  • Aysha Baguettes

    Of course your nice with your hands and probably the choke hold too Hello.. You were an officer of the law once upon of time

  • IV in the Clouds

    Art imitating gangster at it’s finest. I can’t wait till he gets jumped cause someone is going to catch him slipping one day. How you act hard against industry people and act like your bout that life then when some real thugs threaten you you cancel shows? Only thing he gets hands on with is a slice of pizza.

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    Honesty is not one of his traits

  • johnblacksad

    Rozay has never stopped being cool in my book… even after he admitted to lying about the C.O. thing…

  • Slaughtr

    I can’t stand this dude and I’m good with the hands too fat boy i’ll dance on his ass and whop em consistantly untill he wheezes and drops.