Hip-Hop Rumors: RiRi Does It Without Her Drawers!! Get The Side Eye From Illseed!


Chris Brown picked a winner! His girl is so hot, she doesn’t need drawers next to the fire place! Look at the most recent flicks they took of her in Germany. She said the following, “Who needs fashion when there’s p***y.” Who needs fashion, when there is pity, I say! Take it all off, baby! Me love you long time. Chris Brown could wife any chick that loves the meth look he’s got and he picked RiRi.



And Rick Ross has finally spoke out about the GD’s!!!!

“Any dude can stand in the crowd with 30.. 40 dudes and everybody real.. everybody trill.. everybody bout that life.. everybody gangsta – you understand? but, when them choppas come out – everybody fold. But more importantly, anybody that know anybody about the GD, know its about growth and development.”

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He continued to say he’s “certified” and that bad boys move in silence. “I’m a boss!” ROZAY!

Watch the entire video over there!


Who do you smack your own fan with a mic? Damn! He got sued for this to the tune of $250 million. You know Suge ain’t going to pay that.


I know I’m a late, but damn…CoCo might be cheating on Ice? THE ICEBERG? THE COLDEST PLAYER? Ice, what you need me to do, playboy?

We can go for a ride!

Coco has since apologized to Ice. She better check herself! Ice-T’s ex Darlene is probably getting a laugh somewhere.

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  • Casor_Greener

    She a freak dawg! LMAO

  • Q.

    Rihanna: The soul has been sold… So what’s next?

    Rick Gross is willing to lie ’til the end, huh? LOL
    Maybe he can call on Noriega for backup. I heard Nori owes him a hunnid favors.

    Katt needs a hard intervention before it’s too late. The lawsuits and prison time will be ugly.

    I never understood why Ice wifed up Coco. 10 years and no seeds (infertile?). He should’ve kept it strictly PI, since she’s selling her body anyway. She got the OG looking type simpish right now.

    • Yeah, but those favors aren’t any realer than Fawlse is!

      I hope things don’t escalate though!

      • Q.

        You know that was sarcasm, right?

        If the officer wants to play chief out on the reservation then…oh well–don’t be shocked if you catch an arrow.

      • Honestly, that’s the only claim he makes that I do believe, since the real Nori was locked up in Tallahasse Fed Pen. ( Even though Office Ricky wasn’t a CO in the feds, it’s still believable:

        The real Noriega >> Yelling throw cell bars : “Yo! C.O.! Can you do me a favor and put it on Judge Judy!”

        Officer Ricky : “Aight! …..but you owe me one!”

        That arrow comment was on point, but you should have said “Play Cowboy”….because the Indians wouldn’t shoot their chief…..unless he was an impostor!


      • Q.

        Ha. That’s a helluva stretch either way.

        But no, I said “chief” because posing as a chief would be an ultimate violation of the tribe.

      • Then you trying to get him scalped!

      • Q.

        That’s a myth, bro. They lied on native Americans–the Euros started scalping first. But we’ll see if Leonard can find his balls under one of those fatrolls.

      • True, but I’m sure they would have borrowed the tradition for FatBoy, as they sat around, pondering a solution!

      • madeupname

        Whoever came up with scalping is a cold blooded psycho. You gotta hate someone bad to peel their cap back with a f*cking axe.

      • Q.

        True. You gotta be sick to make lampshades out of human skin…they did that too.

  • mxtralive

    Who do you smack your own fan with a mic? HUH!!! If you need a proof reader get me plz.

  • Katt Williams is bugging! Time to get his assets out his name.
    CoCo, Darlene……..ICE T = Winning, even if he’s losing.

    • right darlene aint bad @ all but then again that was a photoshoot pic can we get a regular pic 😉

      • She still looks good even now….might look even better!

  • Ice T knew he was going to grow old and she wanted some young men.

  • Dam Coco dun f’ed up – if that was my chic its a wrap for her –

  • Synista

    RiRi does have a frakendome!
    I would still hit that though,i would beat dat pussay up I would chris brown dat pussay!

  • Negro Peligro

    Yo Rhianna looks like that Frankenstein. Ain’t sexy at all. She look like a Demonized Crackhead Dionne Warwick.

  • Negro Peligro

    Katt williams is making a movie. How can one person get arrested that many times and still not be in jail.

  • tell riri triflin ass to put some draws on prob got splinters all in the box lol 😉

  • How many ways can Rihanna sell us sex? That body of hers is used and abused and overexposed.

    • At least one more!

    • GregSki86

      cosign, at one point you go from a seductive temptress to a h*e who’s p*ssy looks like its been in the ring w/ Ali for 12 rounds.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    darlene is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad dayum

  • brotha_man

    my lawd….darlene dope as hell. Ice-t fudd up darlene the one you keep as wifey

  • madeupname

    Rhianna usually is a real sexy chick, but she looks weird in those pics. I mean i’d smash without a thought, but she looks methed out or something.

  • johnblacksad

    The homie Willie D said : “you gotta let a ho be a ho”

  • Finest Flyness

    Riri look like a Diamond flawless cant hate on true beauty