Hip-Hop Rumors: What Rapper Is Buying 25 Rolexes For Christmas?!

In another wasteful rapper moment, a rapper with a new album to promote just revealed that he is going to buy 25 Rolex watches for Christmas. This is also the same rapper who threw 8 birthday parties….for himself! Can you guess who it is?

The rapper in question is Game!


In a recent appearance on “106 & Park”, Game announced that he is going to buy 25 Rolex watches for his friends for Christmas this year. Game must be a really generous friend. Rolexes start at $3K and up. I’m sure his fiancee Tiffney is not going to be happy about hearing that news.

Game and Fiancee

Game’s new album, Jesus Piece, hits stores today, and he’s banking on getting another number one album under his belt. Game is also putting his entrepreneurial hat on and is starting his own record label, teaming up with Stat Quo to do so. Interesting. The label is called Rolex Records… how original. Did you pick up a copy of Jesus Piece today?

  • InTheNightKitchen

    No I did not pick up a copy of Jesus Piece, and I won’t

    • AK

      corniest album of all time

      • brotha_man

        too many features…..i hate albums that are flooded with features

  • The same rappers who fail to pay taxes are the same ones who speak as if money is no object.

    • Casor_Greener

      Then end up on youtube videos talking with lumps in they throat as they head off to jail

    • It covers up for their lack of power in the industry!

    • true but in games case this is for promo … so it aint like he just bought them to wear and throw away … shoot the commercial he just gave rolex they might just throw him a couple for free …. smart artist #strategize 😉

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  • water_ur_seeds

    defo copping the album, games been dropping heat as of late

  • Hector G

    yer not that rich game you should stop that fool

  • Was the BWS label?

    Thought game went that route?

    • GregSki86

      sh*t flopped like Rick Ross titties…….all them dudes in that clique was ass

      • Hahaha! I know, but why not stay with the brand & build it?

        It had to be that @$$!

      • GregSki86

        I hear that, I mean the n*gga comin up w/ Black Wallstreet sound alot better then Rolex Records…..n*ggas just ain’t creative these days. And startin the label w/ Stat Quo….a nigga dropped from Aftermath, to me that sh*t sound like a train wreck waitin to happen.

      • Damn! Didn’t even think about it like that…do they have Dre’ with them?

        Game talking about Dre made 1/2 Bill of Beats by Dre?
        I don’t believe that!

      • hoeyuno

        fo real. every kid and there dog has a pair of them headphone. if he has a big piece of that beats pie I could easily see him making that.

      • My head phones cost $1 at Dollar Tree. #IJS

        Still, I don’t listen via headphones for the most part.

        Game still wrong for mentioning it because if folks wanted to support Dre’s effort, at 1/2 Billion? They would figure it doesn’t need support!

      • hoeyuno

        yea I’m cool with the 20 dolla skullcandys. I mean I’m not great with money but I’m not wasting $300 on headphones.

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha ha ha…..ross got some double d’s

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  • Guillaume Pilon

    album is wack as hell anyway

  • dayleedumped

    Corniest album of all time? You guys are some haters, this was the best album since documentary

    • brotha_man

      thats not hard to argue his albums after that were wack

      • dayleedumped

        you aint lying

  • Smashit

    Just maybe MAYBE it’s an endorsement thing with Rolex on the low? I mean from the one episode I saw of his show his fiance would kick his ass if he wasted that kind of money LOL

  • best_believe

    What happened to Black Wall Street?

  • king

    What happen his black wall street label? Watch he get sued or have pay a fine that company Rolex isn’t going to like be linked to a hip hop company unless money change hands.

    • brotha_man


  • I’m a bit tired of totally stupid rappers.

    But whatever they do is their business.
    Just don’t talk as if anything you say in
    your lyrics maters.

    If you really have money have fun.
    But this idiote donates his money to

    some lame euro luxury brands and

    later cries for help when he’s wanted
    by the IRS.

    He will blame of course other rappers
    I.e. 50cent for his own downfall, which

    only he himself is responsible for.

  • GregSki86

    I f*ck w/ that Jesus Piece album (minus damn near every track having a feature), but 25 rolex’s……….this n*gga trippin crazy. Watch him get his house auctioned off in a year or 2 because of this dumb sh*t

    • Isn’t it only 1 without a feature? 2 at most?

      Rappers think money = skill.

      Loaded Lux vs Calico?
      Man, that was the wickedest, blood clot, gunshot either in rap battle history!

      • GregSki86

        Cosign, and yea you about right, I think there was like 2 joints w/ no features and them joints was a$$. Then you got that deluxe editon joint “Blood of Christ” goin at G-Unit and Shyne…don’t understand how a n*gga can beat a dead horse for damn near his whole career like that, or try to say he green lighted 50’s “My life” joint to clear LMAO comedy

  • johnblacksad

    So Dre lets Game smoke in the studio?

    I know he can afford them Neves but still…

  • Sean Taylor

    A Rolex for $3K huh…must be a Bolex.

  • hoeyuno

    smartest thing i’ve seen him do. what’s not to stop role for suing his corny tight jean sagging ass. at least now if he spends some real money on some watches they’d probably let it slide. I mean he has there crown logo on his design. rolex doesn’t need game, I doubt he has some deal with them.

  • Well he should donate these 25 Rolexes to charity, he might earn some respect that way.