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Gangster Disciples’ O.G. Tells Rick Ross: “He Is Not Dealing With No Punks”

Harold “Noonie G” Ward was once a high ranking member of the Gangster Disciples when it was conceived in Chicago. His credentials are not in question, but he’s changed his ways in a dramatic fashion. As the violence in his hometown hits a fever pitch, Ward has recently re-released his DVD, “Gangster with a Heart of Gold: The Noonie G Story,” in an effort to educate people about what is going on in the streets. An activist now, he has also issued a statement about the ever-escalating Rick Ross/GD’s situation.

“It’s always an unfortunate situation to see Black men engaged in beef and senseless acts of violence. Those who know me, know me as an advocate for peace in the streets. The death threats, violations and killings happening out here on a daily basis, especially in Chicago and all over, are not a game, and are definitely realer than any lyrics of any rap song.”

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“That said, I don’t personally know why Rick Ross cancelled his tour, nor do I personally care. What I do care about however is the ongoing tension that is building between him and factors of the GD nation. If Rick Ross is really ‘The Boss’ he proclaims to be, then he would recognize that what goes on in the streets effects all of us. It’s not about flossin’ or talking tough on a radio station. Rick ought to know that he is not dealing with no punks.  Beef that is not squashed can get out of hand. Tupac and Biggie proved that.”

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“Larry Hoover, political prisoner and founder of the Gangster Disciples, is an advocate of ‘Growth and Development’ and peace. So bottom line – that is what I would like to see happen. Squash the beef and let’s grow together and develop some real agendas for peace.”

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Noonie G with Kanye West and Common

Former High Ranking Member of the Gangster Disciples, Harold “Noonie G” Ward, Pledges 5000 Copies of his New Book and DVD to Youth Organizations for Holiday Giveaway.

  • Papa Bear

    Born and raised in Chiraq and I use to live in the Altgeld Garden housing projects were Noonie Ward was a legend in the streets, I know Noonie personally so before you haters start making comments about shit you nothing about,….know this, your favorite rapper Officer Ricky is playing a dangerous game and his face will end up on a R.I.P. t-shirt if he keeps up his BS antics.

    • nino970

      ok i understand you there but i have to ask you since you seem to know about this stuff. are the gd mad cause rick ross the rapper is talking about things he has not lived? or are they mad cause he is name dropping there leader and he aint never live there life like that? why i ask is every rapper raps about things they aint really done for years but they dont like ross seems personal to me

      • Papa Bear

        From my understanding the GD’s problem extend from Ross name dropping their leader in a song talking about drugs and violence when Larry Hoover himself have denounce drugs and violence. Larry Hoover himself =has said on numerous occasions that the GD’s are NOT Gangster Disciples but Growth & Development and to drop his name on a song that glamorizes drugs, money and guns sends the wrong message to what he’s trying to accomplish now. Ross also put his face on their symbol, yeah yeah we all know it’s the star of David but the GD’s use the 6 point star too, on top of that, apparently Ross was confronted by GD’s and given a pass about his infractions, after he allegedly agreed to further the Growth & Development movement by speaking on the GD’s behalf at certain GD’s sponsored functions (Toy for Tots, Feed The Homeless etc) Ross gave the GD’s fraudulent contact info which was deemed an act of disrespect, so there you have it.

      • trixnkix637

        word. I heard all of that but I also heard the straw that broke the back was the last part.

      • leftlanekb

        I dont think the GD’s in those videos got the memo on the Growth and development part cause money and guns made the video cut.

      • Bosloyalty

        Not all GD are willing to accept the transition

      • Carlos

        if what you say is true, how they going to make a positive impact by threatning someone who is considered by many as harmless and because he didn’t help them feed the homeless, get the f out here. Those are stupid reasons, then gds should threaten history channel for making ppl aware of what only hood niggas knew, that gds in any hood don’t play, and they dont do toys for tots, they tot those toys

      • Celz

        Using Larry Hoovers name without permission to sell records is foul, especially when he is trying to lead a different life. You get called out for it, given a pass, then you renege on helping the community, and then use the same games symbol on a mixtape. The average idiot that consume the garbage will think Ross is affiliated the same way Lil Wayne can be blood affiliated when he has no connections to any Blood Set.

        So you have Ross disrespecting GD OGs and now the Active Gang Members are on his head for the disrespect. The GDs that asked him for help with charities are obviously not the same ones making videos and street threats. He’s getting called out for his overall disrespect not just because he reneged on the charity work..

      • Southcidal

        Larry Jr. seemed cool with the song to me. But unlike Papa Bear, I don’t know these cats personally, but when he was interviewed on the internet he said that it was a good look of Ross to honor his Pops.

        I think all of this so-called beef shit is rigged. They see Ross as a vulnerable target due to the C.O. stuff getting exposed. But you can’t claim you want growth and development and want to do harm to somebody for something as simple as sending a shout out to your gang leader.

      • Weedras

        didn’t Larry Hoover have a past of such acts? or am i ignorant on the situation.. if so you can’t escape your past if its something in the public eye no one needs permission for that…

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Sorry….GDs stunting hard right now…ok, Larry Hoover trying to do right now does not dismiss his origins…it does not dismiss all the murder, bloodshed, the drugs, etc….NO ONE CAN DENOUNCE THAT HISTORY NO MATTER HOW “POSITIVE” THE GD’S TRY TO MAKE THINGS APPEAR….by the way, alot og GDs are still actively banging and Larry being the head nigga in charge he is responsible for the actions of his people…to allow GDs to hurt, extort, murder Rick Ross over some nonsense like name dropping, especially since Larry took it as a compliment, is ridiculous…to want to cause harm to Rick cuz he gave GDs a dial a joke to shake an obligation he fake committed to is assinine…like Rick the only rapper…they got Kanye, Common, Lupe who represent Chitown to the fullest so they had alternatives….Jay Z igged Deniro’s phone calls, Deniro saw Jay, chasetized him verbally and that was that….he didnt put out a shoot on sight on Hov…and as the average rap fan when I saw the BAR MITZVAH MIXTAPE AND THE STAR OF DAVID I instantly said to myself, why did the fat nigga used this JEWISH/HEBREW shyt to promote his mixtape…NOT ONE TIME DID THE GDS ENTER MY MIND…NOT ONCE….NOT ANY NIGGA I DISCUSSED THIS ISSUE WITH BROUGHT UP GDS…we all just thought he musta just saw ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, a film about the Jewish mafia and got the idea….so I doubt if a 13 year old in Colorado thought GDs….they thought Jewish…I think GDs are over reacting and looking for a target…an

      • pat

        the lits all over the web and the 1st law is silence. its all a mess now.

      • Weedras

        all the GD’s videos concerning Ross were about him ‘paying’ up for talking about them sounding more like extortion rather having anything to do with anything positive or negative surrounding Larry Hoover…. and let’s not throw a veil over shit… You may have Growth & Development which every damn human being should be about, but on a real there are Gangster Disciples and they are into drugs, guns, and other crimes… they sure aint no damn Black Panthers…

      • truthbtold

        Actually, the Black Panthers don’t exist today because they fell into drugs, guns and other crimes…

      • Boogie Little

        So, let me get this straight. The GD’s want to kill Rick Ross because he portrayed them as violent. Doesn’t this just reinforce the image they seek to dispel?

      • pat

        boogyL no

      • mitchellboi274

        People tend to talk about other peoples life and times thinking that that money they got will cover those unmade tracks. Wrong

    • JoJo Maybe….Noonie G’s reputation, based on his actions, etc. is beyond reproach!

      No one talking ‘chet!


    • Southcidal

      His face will end up on a t-shirt for what though? I still don’t understand what the so-called beef is over. Saying he think he’s Larry Hoover? And real gangsters take it to real gangster shit over that? Come on man. Why not extort Jimmy Iovine or Lyor Cohen? The m’fckers in music with the real money.

  • Ross got more chance of catching a heart attack than he do getting killed by some morons posting you-tube videos! Y’all letting Chief Keef make music and he is anti-GD! You gotta fix your own fences before you mend other ppls! Handle Chief Keef and we might take yall seriously.

    • john doe

      Why don’t you handle Chief Keef tough guy, put up or shut up

      • I dont have any beefs with anyone. I just take exception to music being the opiate which holds people attention while there is a real world going on.

  • Papa Bear

    @Dominican Dee: WTF are you talking about dude, dont get it fucked up GD’s aint the only gang in Chicago,. We got Latin Kings, Four Corner Hustlers, Vice Lords, Mickey Cobras, Black Stones etc: Chief Keef claim BD which is a faction of the GD’s (or at least at one time it was). If you think these GD’s are pussies and playing games come to Chicago in just about any hood, confront the GD’s and tell them how you feel. I’ll bet next months mortgage your ass wont be making a return trip and your homies will be rocking R.I.P. Dominican Dee t-shirts.

    • I am saying 2 points, the first being a bunch of morons on a you tube video cannot invoke fear in a mans heart and the second being why worry about a next man when there is real things going on on your front door! If its so “real” in the Chi, why are people worried about a dude in Florida who yall will never see!

      • Q.

        Not defending the GD’s actions, but 1) This isn’t about Chicago–GDs are nationwide, 2) it’s obvious fear HAS been invoked as evidenced by the cancellation of Leonard’s tour.

    • leftlanekb

      you can go to any hood and this would happen not just chicago

    • Southcidal

      Papa Bear that’s nothing to brag about. Its time to move on from that shit dog.

    • pat

      in regard to the bdn and gdn. barksdale, hoover, freeman made bgdn. the bgdn split barsdales guys one way, hoovers another. no faction involved. the bgs/new breeds, bdn, and gdn are 3 completely different sets united soley under the folk nation which means little now. one may as well bang to the left cuz thats no different today

  • Naledge77

    This article seems like some promotional shit to me. I ain’t from the chi but “Real” GD’s are about that life, although “Real” killers do move in silence. Just saying though!

  • Naledge77

    Yo Pap you should chill with some of those RIP comments my dude. You know the Hip Hop police is out there right? I’m sure you don’t care and neither do I, but I still feel like I should advise you. We all know Officer Ricky is a fraud, but don’t worry every dog has his day!

    • Papa Bear

      Roger That, I’m just saying

  • brotha_man

    it shouldnt even be like this. there probably would be peace in the streets if these so called activist (including Noonie ward) werent about that profit. from jessie jackson to al sharpton, the all scream peace but aint the end of the day if they not making money off the mysery in the streets then the real underlying issues get ignored.

    • leftlanekb

      REAL SHIT!

  • brotha_man

    reach out to these politicans including the commander in chief and try to get laws and policy in place if it means stiffer gun laws then so be it, but something needs to change. stop writing books and reach out. cuz if i have to read one more frank lucas story…..

  • southside4lyfe

    I feel you on that D. Chief Kief is more of a problem to the chi than Ricky is. kids from the chi and every were else are looking up to this idiot. you can only understand like 3 words in song love, bang and sosa. all this is a revolving circle. i remember when game came out and wayne was on his blood bs, everybody wanted to be a blood. now i guess everybody wanna be a gd or bd. to me all these gangs are wack. a bunch of guys tuckin they dicks cause they scary so they go join a reform group and call it a gang all they do is cry on each other shoulder. lol im from Houston tell all yo gangs to come to the H with that shit and see how it fair.

    • Papa Bear

      Look dude there are hoods, goons and thugs in every city, your block aint no harder than mine. Anybody can get it, in any city or hood in the USA. Houston, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Atlanta, Brooklyn etc: IDGAF I been to some hoods in Mississippi that will have a nigga scared to get out the car. I’m not glamorizes the nonsense just stating the obvious. I dont support “Cooon Rap” period, and IMO anything that glamorizes the very shit I’m against is “Coon Rap”. IDGAF about how much dope you sold, bodies you caught, bitches you got, whips you drive blah blah blah, I heard all that BS before. I like rap music with substance but occasionally I get down with some ignorant music and Chief Keef from my old hood (I lived in Englewood 68th & Bishop) back in the day.

      • pat

        u dont have a clue. chi is different u ignorant A

    • john doe

      Do yo homework lil homie cause if I remember correctly J Prince runs Houston and he gives the Chi much props and respect

    • JFK06

      Man the Southwest of Houston has many BD’s and GD’s. I remember the BD’s were at war with the Southwest Cholos. Where are you from in Houston?

  • CabriniGreeny

    The name that I chose says it all. I’m in my late 30’s…Noonie is “One of the guys”

  • $17637591

    I respect how Ross bossed up in tht interview but hes definitely playing a deadly game. Ross bossed up cuz know he got money to hire top notch security so he thinkgs he safe. If he is smart he will fall back on all GD related questions before its open season on him.

    • Tony G.

      That nigga aint “boss up” on that interview..that nigga tough talked on the radio in miami cuz he knew he was safe…he said what he’s supposed to say cuz after all the shit he pops he cant come out looking like a sucker on this…he’s not about that life..aint no choppers coming out on his part..he aint try to choke nobody..HE personally wouldnt have done shit if he woulda been around when them gunit boys touched up his man….all that tough talk on the radio aint shit…there was a line back in the day that says its only so long fake gangsters can pretend..that shit might be catching up to ricky

      • Florida Lets Get It.

        How you know? Because you didn’t see it on YouTube. You need to pay attention. These dudes be with Guys waitin to prove themselves.. He da Bank Nigga enuff said..

    • john doe

      Let me put yall up on something Rick Ross is an actor even the Mason’s called him an imposter, Ross is a lying fag he says he cancelled his tour because of some guy named Shawn G lies lies lies if you Google it Live Nation clears states that they did due to the threats now maybe yall defending because yall just as fake as him but the truth is in black and white and while he talking shit bout his was in Chicago he forgot to mention the extra security he hired and the fact that he had the police put some people out of the concert because he was scared of what they may do

      • Florida Lets Get It.

        Threats? The Police where already on Alert and Rick didn’t want any Concert people to get Hurt. that’s fact. Hater. You call him Fake Why? You don’t know that Man. Most of Rappers we Like havent done Half the shit they Talk about. that’s fact…

  • Q.

    Bottom line: REALITY caught up with a REALITY SHOW. Anyone can tout “gangsta life” in a fantastical manner, but once you start dropping specific names and locales that you have NO association with, people who are about that life are going to feel a certain way.
    Leonard overstepped his bounds, and now he’s getting extorted, right or wrong.

    And as ignorant and poisonous as Keef’s music is, I haven’t heard him make any direct anti-GD (only pro-BD) references in his lyrics, so there’s a stark difference between that and what Leonard did.

    But imagine…if all these “gangster nations” could exert this kind of pressure on politicians who actually have real power, maybe we could see some REAL differences in our communities. Hell, go after Trump’s racist ass and shakedown some real moolah.

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      The US government has a military force to back down any aggression….GDs, Bloods,Crips,etc dont want no sauce with Obama and his gang bruh…so aint no pressure coming from none of fbem niggaz…u serious

      • Q.

        You think Obama’s gonna hold down Trump? LOL

    • pat

      Miss me on all that. The fact that all the hype kids with their ADD meds who preach hip hop/rap genre have so great a disconnect with the street-ways is craziness. (Not saying you specifically Q or anyone. I mean 99% of people here.) Last post in here bc its making me hot. KEEF IS BD. He can say anything he wants about the BDN. He can claim, he can even claim BD jive with a violation that would be very severe. But KEEF can respect Barksdale if he wants on wax. No issues.

      The only connection Fake Ross has to the G’s or any similar community organization is through his time as a CO keepin Boss in line in the box.


  • Pierre Elliott


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  • Guest

    My whole thing is this, if the GD’s want Ross that bad, why don’t they just go down to MIA and find him?

  • jrq3000

    I don’t get it, if the GD’s have such an issue with Ross why not go down to MIA and find him. I don’t understand all the youtubing and postin raps on the computer.

  • aint no ports in chicago….advantage officer ross…..Gd’s aint fin to do sh*t!!! to Rick Ross,….. I’m sorry but the GD nation gotta about 72 hours to issue a formal apology, or Rozay picking up the blackerry and making that international call 0+11….100 fake visas is getting issued and them people that dont speak no english is coming, they got rocket launchers,grenades, they killin women, kids, infants, and will come to your funeral and slap the pastor mid sermon, straight savages…..didnt that boy tell you he knows Noriega,…the real Noreiga,!!!

    • Celz

      And after that he STILL has 99 more favors..

    • john doe

      You is a goof ball you need to to Google Chicago crimes rate cause you must don’t know

    • pat

      bet that

    • JFK06

      You are too funny! Before yall get mad. It is obvious that this kid is just joking,

  • leftlanekb

    Wow everybody mad these days

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  • toreal

    Slim thug and many other rappers have gave a shout out to Larry Hoover and nothing was said about it. I think these niggas just want some attention. This in coming from a GD with over 20 years in it. These broke niggas should know that GD’s move in silence.

    • Got that right.

    • Florida Lets Get It.

      Real Shit

    • JFK06

      You ever thought that Slim might be in the business?

      • toreal

        Sometimes I do. I live in Houston and Slim is known to hang with high ranking GD members.


  • infinit221

    Seems to me Ross got caught in a situation where he had to speak cause them youngins were starting to disturb his business. And I think Ross is right for qouting biggie, real bosses move in silence. I would be more worried about what someone that has everything to lose is going to do versus some ignorant clowns on you tube.

    • Florida Lets Get It.

      Well Said

  • Slaughtr

    Leonard is a fake ass nigga period so all this explaining shyt is for the birds,when you disrespect any fashion of the streets the beef spreads like wildfire.So really all this back and forth about what happened and all that you niggaz know stop acting.Chicago brother’s don’t play that BS and neither does any other city with real street legends.Everywhere got the slum but faking on large scale will get you scaled in the morgue…harpoon Moby Dick

  • i guess they bigger and badder then the FEDS cause i’m sure they’re watching. So you expose your whole plan on WorldStar??? I thought they said “the revolution would not be televised”!

  • Weedras

    as long as Ross got some of them ZOE Pound dudes on salary i don’t he’ll be backing down any time soon.. and rightly he shouldn’t.. let Larry Hoover say he’s offended, instead these trying to extort…

  • Guest

    you all on here complainging about not gettin proper music , then u get a totally 110% fraudulant charachter with another mans name come ont he scene , tell this other mans story as his own story , CLAIMED HE WAS THEE RICK ROSS, got checked for than , then has another identity crisis and comes back rapping like he in the gds, had connections to the founders , uses their symbol all , does not honour agreements made , while still using the name and lifestyle of the real rick ross ,EVERY SINGLE THING HES RAPPED ABOUT R SAID HAS BEEN PROVEN FAKE , and you “real hiphop heads” keep backin this shit , rather have pop shit than fake shit and a fake man at that need put to rest, redrum style.

    • JFK06

      Just boycot this mans albums if its that serious. How is killing a solution? There will be many imposters in this world. Putting your life in jeopardy over an unhealthy culture/lifstyle will bring forth your own ruin in the end. I did five and a half years in prison being trapped in this same unhealthy mentality. I know some of you youngsters must think this prison shit is fun or something, but rebuilding your life after can be hard and is why alot end right back in prison. The brain is the strongest weapon you have, use it my man.

  • NikNak

    To Carlos rosado jus bcuz sum ppl want to change and be peaceful you will still have those younger men/women that have an immature reality and handle situations poorly and That’s The Dangerous Game that Ross is playing u can’t account for everyone claiming an organization I’m jus sayin, that’s true for a lotta things…..

  • keylon jackson

    Noonie is a bitch,only jojo run chi as yall see the concert was ok n ntn happen and like larry son said he just showing respect to his dad

    • john doe

      Jojo runs the chi really are you stupid or just plain dumbbb and don’t get yo face knocked in because yo facts is dumb as you are see that’s what got rick ross in trouble saying dumb shit out his mouth he aint got no business saying

      • Florida Lets Get It.

        Mans its Gangs everywhere. Rick Ross rapping. You mad about his Raps or you just wont dat that nigga money.

  • TWON

    The only reason that I am commenting is my 20 year old nephew saw the comments that has been made by the young sisters and brothers online, and he asked me my opinion because he knows that i was locked up with ” Chairman Bernard Larry Hoover” in the early nineties. To be clear on this issue, just for the record I am a General for the Black Peace Stone Nation, my status is non active. Just for the record, most don’t know that Mr. Hoover was once originally a member of the EL RUKIN NATION.( THE MOB THAT BIRTHED BLACK STONES AND BLOODS) At this time there was only one disciple nation in Chicago, and that was B.G.D .N ! This is nation was headed by DAVID BARKSDALE and SHORTY FREEMAN! This is what they call BD now which is being repped by Chief Keef! I had the pleasure of getting advice from Mr. Hoover in person, and his message was that he didn’t want any disenfranchised men and women to commit crimes that would hurt their communities. He encouraged young brothers and sisters to go back to their communities and create a positive impact on the community. Hoover later explained that he did what he did because of the lack of opportunity that was available for young men and women in that particular time ( the 60s). Hoover also mentioned that we so many opportunities avail for us to take advantage of that he its ashamed that we our so preoccupied with the negative cycle of violence, poison peddling. Hoover mentioned that if he was able to get out of prison, that there would only be in fact six GD members. I doubt that any of those guys in those videos are a part of that six! This conversation took place in may of 1991, VIEANNA PRISON. Hoover spent his time traveling from pen to pen resolving conflict between different nations, and return for the favor the state treated him Like a king. To be clear Hoover will not get parole due to mislead young guys committing acts under the moniker G.D. but not truly living the actual policies and principles that this man blueprinted for those to follow. i want you to think about something, Hoover was sent to prison in 1974. I’m sure that was way before many of you were even born. But the crack epidemic did not explode until the early eighties. So was Hoover really that big of a drug dealer…….? In closing the problem as mentioned earlier, there is something called silence and secrecy, and any one who violated that was dealt with in the ugliest manner. So these imposter of GD members that are on the internet couldn’t have survived in the times when things were very thorough. PLEASE PLEASE AVOID GETTING INVOLVED IN ANY NATIONS, THIS WILL HURT AN ALTER YOUR LIFE IN WAYS THAT YOU KIDS WILL NOT UNDERSTAND. I hope this sheds light on this crazy situation. I have close friends within every nation, most of them are the chiefs of there respected organizations, and the one things we all have in common is that we would trade places with any of you in a heartbeat not to have experienced the pain we have felt and caused. Support Rick Ross and any other man that is trying to do it positively without taking a life.

    • Guest

      Thank you brother for dropping knowledge. I can tell a grown man talking and dropping real game. Hoover got real knowledge and I repect that. Knowledge of Self and Do For Self that’s what I believe in.

    • From Minnesota

      MAN! Thank you a million million times for this knowledge. If cats knew the real…Man!!! Anyhow, thank you. This situation only illustrates how the Nation has deteriorated and degenerated. The message of peace, unity and NON-VIOLENCE as well as the vision is gone! I almost cried when you stated how Chief told you that if he was released there would only be 6…YES, only 6 GD’s…that should be the red flag for the false flaggers who are only out to extort Mr. Ross.

    • pat

      This guy is wrong about stuff and mayb no false flagin. but it was your boy Fort not Hoover who was into that shit. Matter fact he was a terrorist. look it up dummies. anyhow Hoover was street raised and had no affiliation like u claim.
      and u r wrong hoover was more a part of the bgdn than freeman

      • TWON

        Hello Pat,

        I have a few comments about your response to my comment that i made over month ago. I will provide with you nothing but fact, because my opinion does not matter. But, i promise to keep it very respectful, because as a man, i don’t believe in being disrespectful to others because i don’t tolerate any form of disrespect at all! 1st- Jeff Fort or Iman Chief Malique was never ever a terrorist! Jeff was charged and convicted of terrorist acts, but that doesn’t mean that those allegations were true. Chief loved Chicago entirely too much to even think of committing the act that he was accused of. You must understand that Chief was a very powerful and articulate organizer. The power that he possessed caused the government to become very nervous. The nation had become under the scrutiny of coin-tell pro! I hope you are familiar with co in-tell pro, this is the program headed by the CIA, bring down any Black man and organization that could inspire the minds of Blacks at that time. I can can go on for over an hour with this subject alone, but i choose not to. I suggest to you, that you should question the source of the facts that you receive from these media outlets and data that you find on line. I can say this because i don’t have to look up info, i was there in person! I am giving you young sisters and brothers info i witnessed with my own eyes, and the experiences i have lived. If fort was so much of a terrorist he would of allowed for the south side of Chicago to be burned down in 68 when people rioted because of MLK’s assassination. Instead, Cheif had the brothers and sisters on patrol working with police to prevent anyone from causing damage to property on Chicago’s SOUTH SIDE. This is not the the action of a terrorist!
        Secondly- Lawrence Hoover was in fact a street kid that posses a lot of charisma, and intelligence. Overall he was a very sharp guy, i know from having conversations with him first hand. But, hoover was in fact a part of the Black Stone Nation. Just to give a little history of how this worked, The black stone nation adsorbed many other independent street gangs in the late fifties. The leaders of these organization became what was called the main 21. Lawrence Hoover was great leader and speaker, thus earning him the title of Ambassador of the Black Stone nation. But, Hoover at that time did not have his own organization, therefor he could not become a member of the main 21, like he wanted. Eventually, things changed with the power structure of the Stone nation, and Hoover decided that it was best for him to leave and start his own organization. He left and founded the Gangster Disciple nation. This is why G.D.s and B.D.s have such a feud here in Chicago. This feud goes very far back, but in the penitentiaries they ride together under the one love or disciple nation together. I know this made be very hard for most to believe, but i gain nothing from telling falsehoods, the truth is the truth and needs no explanation.

        Lastly- My families lineage is very deeply rooted with the orginzation. I am the son of an Blackstone Ranger, therfore i was born into this way of life. My family is very very close with Fort Family. Thus i became Black Stone Ranger when i was 11, that was in 1973, over forty years ago. Then i was considered a young ranger! So the idea of me false flagging is crazy. In fact i wish i had the option to choose to not be involvd but i was, When you have seen your father, your uncles, and everyone live this way you naturally follw suit. I am telling you this not to glorify anything, in fact i am very ashamed of the acts i have committed and dont want anyone to live the way i have lived. I originlly psoted a responce, because my young nephew requested that i provide the young sisters and brothers arguing online about the Rick Ross situation some insight. I can careless if you beleive me about anything i have said thus far, it is not importnat at all. What is important is that you understand that I had the pleasure of meeting many Cheifs not just hoover. The one thing that all of these Men had in common was that they wanted a better life for there people, and the method they went about it was considered primative, but they were dealing with the resources that they had in those days ( the 50s and 60S) These guys have expressed deep regret and wish they could trade places with any of you. These Men were stroing minded and had a very great since of will power. Beleive it or not, they all repected one another, I pose a question to you in clsoing. What do you think Hoover would say to Fort if they could talk today. Better yet, What if Hoover, Fort, Minmister Rico, Mickey Cogwell, Booney Black, David Barksdale, could all speak today. What do you think they would say, would they try to kill each other, would they aregue like little ematuer girls? This is the overall goal of adult men with power, to create dialouge amongst one another to get positive results to benefits our loved ones. Try applying this concept in your life, and see if it will work for you. If you are apllying this concept already, continue to improve yourself. I am busy trying to help prevent murders here in my city with a few other brothers and sisters that care about seeing the youth grow up. I have a lot on my plate, but i felt it was necessary to correct A young brother when its needed. I wish you well and hope you prosper, but don’t hesitate to email with any more questions. P.S. Spread Love not War

      • GLU<E


      • JFK06

        COINTELPRO brought down many black organizations. I agree with you on most of your comment as I can tell that you are a learnt man. However, The “G” in the “BGDN” derrived from “Supreme Gangsters”. Now, that isn’t important. I do believe you have a lot to give the youth of today and I hope you can share your experience with other. I leave with plenty much love and due respect.

    • capoG

      Excellent knowledge bro! You have the respect from a true B.O.S.

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  • Jiohdee El-Amin

    it wasn’t the Chicago GD’s that had the beef with Ross. The original video came from GD’s in Atlanta, then they were co-signed by the G’s in Alabama & the Carolinas. GD’s are nationwide, just like the bloods & crips.

    • Florida Lets Get It.

      You mean them same ones that be in Miami hanging with Rick Ross. Now they want to extort him.. Bitch please hustle better.

  • Guest

    Ross will end up on a T Shirt? Really? Ya’ll niccas so lost in ya’ll own world it is ridiculous. Anybody can pull a trigger. It take a strong man to love and be about peace. A strong man has rule over his emotions and his body. Anybody can act out. “Oh Im mad” blam blam and kill somebody. That’s not real or gangster. Until ya’ll so called gangs are building up the community and standing up to the police when you need to, ya’ll just a bunch of clowns to me. If Noonie an OG he need to tell them young boyz to chill, but it’s likely he don’t have no pull with them young thugs. And where does Larry Hoover stand on this issue? He need to sqash it.

    • JFK06

      Larry is in Supermax. How can he squash anything?

  • Harold Ward is speaking the truth here.

  • baller187

    this nigga livin in the past and is washed up, ross is boss 50 mill

  • Sean Taylor

    Hiz my name iz kanye and i know how to makez a peaze symbol wif my two fingaz

  • curtis davis

    i think its alot bigger than name dropping i think rickross should pay his dues he owe money he needs to pay or he won’t be proforming no where not in the u.s. anyway

  • tsk351

    You the only punk I see, Ross. Them G’s aint playing. False flagging costs. Money or blood.

  • Big Shay G

    He owes The ATL Gs for security. he backed out on, the other places showing solidarity, he need to pay for their work period. you work, you get paid.,

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  • Bosloyalty

    I m sitting here reading these comments and if you ain’t GD,Bd,stone lord king etc…then don’t speak on what you don’t know… problem is simple too many fakes and not enough people being there selves you kno of GD but you don’t know GD as a whole therefore it’s not wise to speak on GD or any other chapters or gangs whatever you want to call it don’t speak on what you dont know.. Wether you are around it or not doesn’t give yu right to speak on it because what you read or hear about could be false !!!! Everything the net puts out ain’t accurate it’s real on the streets if you ain’t in it then don’t worry about what’s going on ….. Stay neutral mind your business and live your life!!! And just like any everything there are positive and negatives but its determine by what you do which reflects the outlook on something!!! Growth n development 4 life staying righteous not dying negatively I believe in change and stand for it also!!!

  • knowledge

    My solution to Rick Ross is get up with the Black P Stones, they been killing the GD’s for Years in Chicago, as a matter of fact the dance of choice for the Stones is nodding to the beat while dropping the pitch forks (pitch fork= universal Gd’s symbol)

  • pat

    Yall dont have a clue.

    1st off. Larry altered to Growth Development to turn street power into political power there was a campaign back a decade ago. cant remember yr, or name, but gator bradley was their guy.

    2nd. The issue isn’t the name dropping that fat dumA fakeA co pulled in the song title of an ATL org. FatA paid dues in CHI to be associated. Money is why he claims to not be scared in the Chi.

    3rd. After the gentrification that followed the demolish of Chi PJs the gdn, vln, bpsn, mcs, on and on were split and the blueprint’s heirarchy was impossible to uphold.

    4th the gs in all the states want dues. bc the fatA claimed to be affiliated at some point. now until he pays dues in the states he tours, he is a mark.

    5th it serves the fatA co right.

    6th Kanyes only ties are thru glc btw. dont let pic fool u.


  • pat

    check out DAs song about Dicky Toss released immediately after bmf. Its called Phuk your couch. Youtube