Hip-Hop Rumors: Blasphemy?! Game Gets Christened By White Jesus!

Game is becoming a pro at publicity stunts, excuse me, I mean artistic expression. The rapper has been on his publicity game for his new album, Jesus Piece, which was just released earlier this week on Tuesday. Case in point, earlier this week Game used his instagram to create a game where he told his followers his location.  The first fan to get there in 15 minutes got to meet him and also received a signed copy of the album. Now that’s social marketing at its best!

Now game is taking the marketing for Jesus Piece up another level with the introduction of a white Jesus at his recent show at the House of Blues in L.A. Game began his show with someone dressed as a white Jesus who came onstage holding a Jesus piece chain in the air. Game then follows him onstage dressed in a black “Roley” hoodie (that’s his new record label). The Jesus character then comes over to game and christens Game, placing the Jesus piece chain around his neck

Check out the video below:

What do you think about the video? Is Game crossing the line with his latest stunt?

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  • GregSki86

    Bitchassness at its finest

  • jrq3000

    It’s too hot for the Devil himself where Game is goin.

  • Wait a minute… So Meek gets heat for ‘Amen’ but this slob can blatantly disrespect Jesus and get away with it. Smh. Raaaap game fucked up – but ya can’t blame me!

    • nothinlessdenSour


    • Don Wann Cook

      Nigga u better watch who u call a s word fck Crabs nigga CK all day

      • Chill out lil hommie. Clean yourself up and don’t forget gangsters move in silence.

      • Don Wann Cook

        Lil homie nigga I’m older then you and I’m good my whole fitin my pic is pprobably one of your paychecks. I’m out here in Inglewood California and we don’t take niggaz say @#ob lightly that’s disrespect homie I don’t know where you from but out here niggas pop niggas for saying that shit

      • Tony G.

        and therein lies the problem…

      • anemia716

        Damn you still talkin. No one cares about your lame ass. No one cares where you’re from and who you bang with. You’re making yourself look like a real winner. I bet your mom tool one look at you when she gave birth and was like “damn…chalk this one up as an L.”

      • Looks like your bowling in your pic to me. I’m from Seattle, WA. Like a OG told me…Everybody talk tough until them choppers come out. I’m certified. I’ll put a million thugs in ya hood CUZ.

      • Stephen Singleton

        didnt rick ross said that in his interview?? lol fail lmao

      • Don Wann Cook

        Send them to Inglewood homie we in the bottoms on Crenshaw and 108th

      • We? I’m talkin to you! Super-net-banger! And I know you aint got no damn job nor a 401k. You make sure to put every K after them C’s on that app!? Haha get a future lil hommie… We out the 90’s

      • Don Wann Cook

        Look my nigg u started bangn by saying @#ob and ur the one whossaid u would send ah million thugs in my hood so that means we if you say that. And seatle Lolz yall wouldn’t know shit about bangn if it wasn’t for us yall niggaz aint Killen shit. Case in point to games point the niggaz who killed biggie niggaz think it’s just tv till they get out here. I never threatn nobody I just responded to yall threats man ain’t none of yall pumpn no fear here.

      • johnblacksad

        You’re very lucky my n!gga Petraus is out of there now… one phone call and i’d put a fcukin Division in your hood… a division n!gga… not a brigade, not a battalion, not a company, not a platoon, not a squadron… a fcukin Division n!gga… in your hood… neutralize all ya online bangers!

        You see how easy it is to talk sh!t…

      • Don Wann Cook

        Like I said nigga I’m in Inglewood come thru it’s a small city and Iaain’t hard to find tuff guy

      • Xavier Lax Ross

        Check me out bro
        WEstcoast music The Lost Angelz-yes

      • brotha_man

        no internet banging shits wack and dead

      • Don Wann Cook

        No net banging just responding to a disrespectful comment if yo ddon’t like game fine but don’t diss Damuz at the same time. This is a real way of life out here in LA homies I know yall don’t understand it but this is how we live we bang

      • Alf Capone

        u bang?………..get one of ur homies guns and bang urself in the head

      • anemia716

        You should feel like an absolute failure at life.

      • Don Wann Cook

        Nigga I’m good I got a great job with medical and a 401 k my family don’t wantfor nnothing just bckz niggas bang don’t mean they don’t have a good life

      • johnblacksad

        damn, you bangin online homie?!… fcuk outta here cuzz

        It takes just a lil intelligence to realize making threats online makes you look stupid and dumb ad definitely not a gansgter…

        whatchu gon do about it?

      • Don Wann Cook

        Niggas he disrespected all Damuz by saying @#ob so I had to check him on that I ain’t threatn nobody so I don’t know wtf youtalkn bout homie . I don’t know where u from but out here in LA this shit is really real so missmme with your post I ain’tttrynah prove shit im living proof everyday I step out the house this shit ain’t tv or Boyz n the hood niggas really getting killed everyday on your block. So yall niggaz who ain’t from La watch what you say bckz you disrespecting nigga who haven’t done shit to u

      • anemia716

        hahahahahaha you are the epitome of bottom feeders.

      • johnblacksad

        hasn’t done sh!t to me but out there in the public bipolar as fcuk and with all kinds of corny gimmicks?!

        The n!gga disrespected himself by not having one word… everyday this n!gga says the opposite of what he was saying the day before… one day butterfly, one day L.A…. G-unit then G-unot then G-unit again before another G-unot… Black Wall Street… now Roley Boyz? wow, what a creative name and logo… Bugatti Boyz, Ciroc Boyz, Coke Boys… i wonder how Game came up with that name!

        Jesus Pieces are being talked about right now (10 jesus pieces, Ghostface on that New God flow…etc) Game ran with it for the album title.

        Only thing i kinda respect that he is willing to do ANYTHING to make it… shameless, no pride and all… he’ll do it all

      • Don’t forget TV show too! He’s a messy messy man.

      • i.p. freeley

        u the bumm talking about him. ahaha. stfu!

  • yea..dont see how any real man can have any respect left for jayceon..certified clown, grown ass attention whore..has no shame, willing to say or do ANYTHING for attention

    • johnblacksad

      “certified clown, grown ass attention whore..has no shame, willing to say or do ANYTHING for attention”

      …just in case n!ggas missed that part!

  • AK

    People still take game serious?

    • no. thats y he disses irrelevant artists like g unit still & doesnt do his own thing

  • brotha_man

    i aint even playing with this one

  • Casor_Greener

    I fail to see the reason for out cry…

    • bcz game is all about violence & gold chains & jesus was 100% opposite

    • madeupname

      Cause you arent retarded. People get upset and offended over some shit a rapper did on stage? For real why is this a story. The writing on this site is dumb.

      • johnblacksad

        not offended in any way… its just that the sh!t is ludicrous, wack, laughable, grotesque, and don’t mean sh!t at all… what is the meaning behind this? none.

        It’d actually be somehow funny if he was doin it for comedy… but the worst part is Game actin all serious with it like it’s some real transcendental moment & sh!t… and that’s just WACK AS FCUK!

        Gimmick azz n!gga! Butterfly tattoed azz n!gga! Butterfly tattoo covered up azz n!gga! Lame n!gga

        Only reason i don’t blame him is he’s just tryin to make it like everybody else, and so far its kinda workin… he will do anything to keep his name up there

    • johnblacksad

      because the whole gimmick is cheesy/wack

  • game shud get off everybody’s dik & do his own thing, but he cant bcz he suks

  • Well considering that Jesus as a historical person was neither black nor white, I don’t see why it matters. Jesus was Jewish, so at the time, his skin would have been that of a middle eastern person.

    • madeupname

      Is that what the article author is trying to get at? I thought it was just the idea of dressing up some dude to look like jesus. If this is because he had a white guy as jesus then damn it musta been a slow news day cause how the f*ck is that a story.

      • Well I don’t see any other reason at all for even mentioning the Jesus’s race in the title.


      the original jews were black…jeremiah 14:2…Judah morneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are BLACK unto the ground….

    • Southcidal

      At that time his skin would’ve been black as coal.

  • madeupname

    Im not religious but if i was it seems like it would be wrong to have anybody dress up like jesus. It is funny tho seeing jesus christen game with a chain. But wasnt this suppposed to be a christian album? Little dis-respective it seems, but im no bible scholar so maybe dressing up as jesus handing out jesus pieces is fine /end sarcasm. Game get money from rolex? Cause if not why the f*ck would you support a brand name for no money. Game good tho, usually drops hot music and anytime you see a live band at a rap concert thats way more entertaining then listening to the album version through over modulated speakers. Sound sounds pretty good too, i mean its chopy/bad cause its a cell phone but i bet it sounded good live. That joint Holy Water is my shit.

  • this sorry ass nigga really brought a blond haired blue eyed “jesus” on stage with him! LOL wow! Since he didnt get the memo that jesus had skin of bronze and hair of wool, than he definitely didnt get the memo that “jesus” NEVER existed! this “jesus” image we all know was built in the form of a statue for a greek wannabe god named ptolemy or SERAPIS by egyptians under duress! I could go on and on…but I digress…EPIC fail!

    • Troll_E_G

      thankyou someone with knowledge of self

    • Go on, Jesus didn’t exist?

    • brotha_man

      you gotta kick shit on this we aint illseed and syd…..i was listening….so jesus didnt exist?

  • greeneyedbandit


  • paybach

    He didn’t dress that guy up .. This dude walks around sunset like this all day everyday.. So y’all really should be mad at game for putting money in a speciously transient individuals pocket that happens to be WHITE.. Furthermore the coon is the one whom bashes rap for its artistic expression.. But doesn’t do the same for other forms of entertainment ie film television etc… Which iho go well beyond the line of sacrilege. Ijs

    • johnblacksad

      the whole gimmick is wack tho… and if you can’t see that, you must be wack too

      if the artistic expression sucks, then it gets called out… pointblankperioddotcom

  • jbeamazing

    I bet his last reach for attention will be to shoot him self and claim it was a Beverly hills crip

  • This nigga done lost his fuckin mind!! White jesus, really dawg? I thought he was studin Moorish Science, smh.

  • Yo’av Moshe

    People clowning for no reason. All the hidden images and bs other rappers do but this is blatant…and yes old boy walk around like this all the time, don’t like the look but listened to the album on Spotify and it was solid..better than his last. I don’t even like game but shit who can blame him for stunts like this….after all this is the new hiphop lol

  • Darren Myt Collins

    never understood hip hops infatuation with jesus piece chains. it dam sure ain’t because they trying to life they life like HIM.

    • brotha_man

      just remember PAC was the first with a jesus piece


        Huh? How do u figure that? Niggas were wearing Jesus and King Tuts in the early 90s late 80s .

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        mid to late 80s with cazals and brass name plate buckles gold fronts came a little bit after that.

  • Oknas

    game a damn fool

  • Q.

    A white jesus fits perfectly with what this clown represents. What did you expect?

  • Tril Beats

    I could care less about his beliefs… but the album is dope!

    • brotha_man

      no its not….too many features.

    • johnblacksad

      album is alright on the beat selection, features… Game verses are alright… once in a while you can tell he’s tryin to make it sound like he’s actually saying something… but he ain’t got sh!t to say… no personality…

      Game might be the definition of a generic rapper!

      I mean i remember him saying he never was into hip hop until he got shot and startin listening to it in the hospital… hip hop was just another hustle, just like strippin was…

    • Tony G.

      album is far from dope..unless ur just a Game fan and figures anything he drops is hot…i can name 10 better albums this yr easy

  • banks > game

  • game lame doe

  • faf

    dam, alot of 50cent dick riders

    • johnblacksad

      fcuk both em

  • Abrasive Angel

    Bringing Serapis on stage to give him a Serapis chain. It’s 2012 and niggas still love jesus when it’s jess us.

  • Torrey Winston

    you know whats really funny and fucked up at the same time…….ya’ll still believing in the bible fairy tales and still getting mad over dumb shit like this.

  • Darren Myt Collins

    I just can’t get with this dude on this, i don’t care how good the music sounds. All he is doing is exploiting Jesus and his image to sell and promote his album. I see right through this…………….

  • king

    Man this guy is willing to do a deal with the devil to sell his music

  • some guy

    wrestling promo?

  • Keith Brickz

    you know whats more blasphemous? you refering to him as “white jesus” … racist P.O.S.

  • White Jesus gets assassinated by the state, Black Jesus never dies and keeps food on the plate.