Nelly and Ashanti

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Nelly Dump Ashanti Over Her Alleged Groupie Ways?

Oh lawd, this story reads like a true soap opera. According to an exclusive source, Nelly and Ashanti’s relationship has imploded over rumors of cheating and sleeping around. Ashanti has allegedly been leading a double life, and while she plays the doting, faithful girlfriend of Nelly to his face, behind his back she has allegedly been intimate with Jay-Z and Nas, as well as producer Chink Santana.


Remember, this is all allegedly! And, in Ashanti’s defense, Nelly has also had his share of infidelity rumors, and his affinity for trickin’ on strippers and video vixens is legendary in the industry.

Well, according to the source, Nelly was ready to change and move forward with their relationship, but found out that Ashanti was allegedly having a relationship with Chink Santana on the side since 2005. When he confronted Ashanti about the rumors, she allegedly denied it, but the source says that Nelly knew she was lying and dumped her.

Nelly, Ashanti, Kanye and Kim

These two never quite reached the celebrity power couple potential they had in the beginning of their relationship. Hopefully they can work it out. They were cute together.

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  • Now why did you motherfuckers come up with this lie……..

  • Ashanti is fine as hell…She can get it

    • brotha_man

      hell to the yeah

    • madeupname

      That video where shes in Jamaica i think its Jamaica (tho i think there is an elephant which im sure means its africa) but in that video she is so hot its insane. She looked like Ciara with curves.

      • Shotgun_Packa

        You a fool for that one lol. Yes she was doing tha damn thang. Think that was 03.

    • Doe Boy

      seem like alota rap niggaz was thinkin the same thing lol
      naw but she is good tho

  • jrq3000

    C’mon Nelly, how you gonna deny your relationship with the girl for the last 7-8 years and on top of that, you gotta skrippa down here in the ATL pregnant a few years back. Why u mad? I’m gonna need you to check the expiration date on dat playa card you got homes.

    • if hes getting the strippers prego then i take back the comment i posted earlier LOL 😉

  • Powerhouse couple potential? Don’t make me laugh. Kim K got more bread then both them ducks… And whats she do!?

    • Joseph Thomas

      i can answer that,

      “my girl a super star all from a home movie” – kANYE

      • One movie! Ashanti & Nelly put out some content over the years and now where are they?

    • Celz

      You musta forgot how many records Nelly sold.. If I sold that many I would have invested it and made more.. But who knows maybe Nelly tricked it off

      • I’m saying. Vocal? Applebottom? I mean damn he was on the right track.

      • J.R Smith & Wesson

        Nelly’s net worth is around $50 million. Most of that money came from music and the amount of albums he sold, but he does have side business…Even though he isn’t that relevant anymore, he is still in list of the top 10 richest rappers…

    • Tony G.

      Not quite sure about Nelly..homie banked a good piece of change betw the music and apple bottom….but yea..power couple? please lol

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  • Martin Raheem

    Women lie. Men lie. Numbers don’t…

  • King Cold

    Lol nelly came out the closet that’s what happened. Don’t believe me google nelly and diddy

  • Negro Peligro

    Man I know dude already said it. But after reading the title and not reading the article. Ashanti is fine as hell.

  • correct me if im wrong but its on thing to trick with a stripper but to trick with someone you and your mate may personally know is something wayyyy different … def both are cheating but IJS lol 😉

  • toreal

    I would do anything to find out what Ashanti’s pu$$y smell like.

  • Richard Savage

    I can believe Nas and Chink Santana hit it. Jay-z tho??? why everytime a groupie or a chick who sleeps around hits a rumor mill Jay’s name comes up. I highly doubt he is steppin out on Beyonce at this stage of their relationship.

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  • dayleedumped

    lol yo if ashanti was really fuckin with jay-z, beyonce woulda left his ass…………. a B-grade R N B CHICK? LOLLL i wanna see how this plays out.. ashanti fine doe even though she dont got an ass

  • Bleek

    That grin on kanye face says it all.

  • brotha_man

    famous negroes need to go get a regular chick forget celerbrity chicks

  • Slaughtr

    Some you niggaz kill me with worrying about somebody’s money and what they have being a power couple isn’t just about doe.Lastly Ashanti has been a hoe so if you want a chic that’s been played like target practice go get her…but oh I forgot your broke so lay back.

  • Alf Capone

    id blast off on her face

  • Opes

    Chink Santana…better known as Dre Dog of the Junkyard Band. Well let’s Wink and Dog!!!!

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  • imaman2012

    the baddest broads in the game..

    mia x

    these are main/wife material.

    if you disagree you are cleary a

  • king

    Hey! Ashanti sign me up for that booty duty damn you fine.

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  • This is a great article. They were cute together. Let’s forget the fact that it sounds like they can’t trust each other. Ignore the fact that they have probably cheated on each other. Ignore the fact that if they do get back together it will almost certainly happen again. However, they were cute together, so it’s ok. This is really in depth, and I’m blown away by the logic here. The reason they can’t move forward is because of all this alleged cheating. So they will probably just stay as FWB. Whatever, next?

  • browm32

    I don’t believe it ..Ashanti cheated no no…she do not seem like the type.I think she wants to be married and she put her foot down with Nelly,I don’t believe he is dating anyone……….We will see how it all works out!!!!!!!!!!!I hope they work it all out!!!!!!!!!!!I just love them together!!!!!!!!

  • Chasity Johnson

    just let him do him