Hip-Hop Rumors: Mogul’s Widow Runs With The Money After Suicide?

No names, but make no mistake about it, you know what this is.

Rumors. People are talking. And they are PISSED!

Man kills himself.

The result is shock and dismay to all that know him. They are devastated, in fact. As the dust settles, his affairs are in order, right? No, it is a mess, from what I am being told. The widow is the object of such scorn that she is forced to leave New York for fear of her life. The word on the street is she drove him to do it. The widow jets down to Miami thinking its sweet there. Yeah, beaches and peace. But all that’s there are the beaches. The peace must have left as soon as she got there, because my people tell me it wasn’t there for her.

She realizes, people say, that her dead, but still highly beloved and influential spouse has riders in Miami too. And they are not playing with her. She has to get out of dodge and I mean fast. Why? Its not safe there either. Mind you, the media has dropped this story from their headlines, but there is a very vigorous undercurrent. Anyway, source say she has moved to Texas now to seek refuge among the cowboys and texans. Will she find it? Only time can tell, but it isn’t likely.

I am already hearing that folks are ready to push up based on the fact that there are discrepancies in the inherittance. Some of the deceased’s children are not getting their fair share, some are telling me. Now, this I don’t know. Since, I’ve never gotten money in that manner, I cannot tell how that works. I would imagine that there is some sort of mandate in place. But, people are telling me that this is straight robbery. Not my words, theirs. Nevertheless, there is a high-ranking industry mogul that is supposedly overseeing the will and estate and he’s got eagle eyes.

Also, friends of the family are awaiting the results and findings of a private investigator that was hired independently from a very powerful, attention getting musical artist we all know. I could probably say his name, but why? He’s been in every other headline already on this site. But, people have not forgotten their guy and people are SEEKING JUSTICE! This thing is not going away!

The snowball is going down an endless mountain!!!

Illseed, Out.


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  • Bleek

    Rip Chris lighty, bitches ain’t shit

  • Terrance Goodman

    50 gonna spend that cake for his boy

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  • Dayum!

    I hope she is ok, for the kids sake!


    • hoeyuno

      yea ppl need to take that in consideration. and I think its straight up wrong for ahh to say that he commited suicide cause of her actions. unless she killed him and made it look like a suicide she didn’t make him do it.

      • AHH didn’t really say that & iLLy is just reporting the rumors, not making them up.

        Flip side: Names were with held, but, um, uh, YEAH!

      • hoeyuno

        I have nothing againts the seed. I mean i’ve been reading his rumors for 7 or 8 years.

      • Was it a link?

        They really don’t moderate the comments, but the set up is to prevent spammers, and keep us more connected.

        Sometimes there are just glitches.

        Send iLLseed an email or hit up Chuck on Twiter & let them know what’s up!

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  • Aysha Baguettes

    Dang sister girl will definately be on the sh*t list for awile….how can one person drive another to suicide… it begins with a chemical imbalance in the brain inflamed by emotional distress I will not surprised if we find out later there was some foul play at hand

    • hoeyuno

      Thats what im saying…Well not as on point as you…. but people never want to believe the person they have known for all these years would be suicidal.

  • u mite aswell say its chris lighty its obviouitsim

    • scullyson

      Right I was about to say the same thing. smh

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha ha…………….

  • trixnkix637

    I know Chris Lighty’s wife did or had that shit done. What’s done in the dark is always brought to the light.

    • leftlanekb

      How you know and why did she do it? Just asking cause you seem to know more than the crooked police and lying reporters

      • trixnkix637

        Meant to type “I knew”. Makes little difference I suppose.
        And just cuz she didn’t pull the trigger doesn’t mean she isn’t guilty.
        Look at her actions leading up to & after his demise.
        There’s a reason why no one riding with him believes her or has any sympathy towards her.

  • therealest1

    This woman might not be able to spend that money in peace or in happiness.

  • Blind Item..all that was missing was an animation of ILLSEED hoping up and down uttering Chris Lighty..the mandate is the wife (legal wife) gets the fortune if no will is is then on her to distribute it or keep most cases they keep it..which leads to the money being tied up in lawsuits for years until one side caves in..usually the one with the money does because of the cost of paying lawyers is much more than the cake she/he would have to break off.

    • iLLseed be looking out!

      He was the only one who didn’t trash Charles Hamilton when all that ‘chet went down!

  • Celz

    Sounds like the real Illseed for once..

  • churchboy2

    And if she is innocent, AHH & illseed my be responsible for harm brought to her by revealing where she has moved to… SMH

    • hoeyuno

      ha ha that’s what I got from it to.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    Bitches aint shit foreal.

  • Richard Savage

    RIP Chris Lighty i knew when this story hit that he SUPPOSEDLY killed hisself after an alleged “arguement” with his wife that she had somethin to do with it. Wouldn’t shock me if she paid somebody off to do it. The man had it all why would he kill himself over a female. Wife or not ain’t no woman worth taking your own life. Matter fact NO ONE is worth that.

    And it wouldn’t shock me if that rumor is true about 50 bangin her either. He got enough money to help her pull the job… Im a 50 fan but dude has shown in the past how grimey he can be.

  • jbeamazing

    this isn’t news this is entertainment off of other peoples misfortunes and not even good entertainment this site is wacker then the illseed pic

  • Slaughtr

    Money is the root of all evil.

  • Rest In Peace & may justice fall where it belongs. #IJS summa ya’ll like “bitches aint shit” like a woman didn’t give birth to you or like it wont take a woman to continue your legacy. If there was a “n16685 aint shit” thread for every woman that came up dead or missing at the hands of some sadistic man… God Bless the dead

  • hoeyuno

    look Chris lightly is a straight up legend when it comes to finding talent but to put his suicide on his ex is weak as fugg. and good thing she has illseed helping her hideout….

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    RIP Chris Lighty, don’t forget about Shakir Stewart too…..both fishy but I’ll keep my mouth shut