Signs The World Is Coming To An End: Woman Arrested With Coke In Her Breast Implants!

OUCH! What lengths will people go to get that money! This news broke yesterday, as a Panamanian woman was arrested in Spain for trying to transport cocaine in her fake boobs! She was traveling with about $6.6 million in those puppies and was stopped at an airport. The 20 year old was unfortunately brand new to both games. She had JUST gotten surgery when she went to the Prat international airport in Barcelona. After getting searched, they noticed she had gauze under her boobies. She told them she was still bleeding from her wounds. She went the hospital and they took the bags of coke out. Dummy! I guess some people are forced into this sad life, I dunno.

Here is an extra Sign for you!

Some whack jobs were looking to murder and castrate Beebs! Peep the report from Fox News:

Superstar pop singer Justin Bieber was the target of a bizarre plot hatched by an imprisoned, Bieber-obsessed murderer who allegedly dispatched two New Mexico men to kill and castrate the teen hearthrob at his recent Madison Square Garden show, The Post reports.

One of those men was busted upstate on Nov. 20 — allegedly with pruning shears that were to be used to cut off Bieber’s manhood at a price of $2,500 for each testicle, according to court documents.

Tanner Ruane, 23, and his ex-con uncle Mark Staake, 41, were supposed to strangle 18-year-old Bieber and his bodyguard with a paisley tie at the singer’s late November show at the Garden, then castrate them both.

“We take every precaution to protect and insure the safety of Justin and his fans,” Bieber’s management team said in a prepared statement last night, refusing to comment further.

The sickening scheme supposedly was set in motion by Dana Martin, 45, who is serving a life sentence for the 2000 rape and murder of a 15-year-old Vermont girl named DeAndra Fiorucci — whom he strangled with a paisley tie.

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  • hoeyuno

    this chicks a hybrid. some big ol’titties that dispense yayo. what more can a man ask for.

  • hoeyuno

    so 2500 is the going rate for a contract castration eh. of course that’s $2500/per unit. I blame metro sexual gangster rappers in leopard print spandex for this one.

  • This fool tried to murder two more people in the same fashion that got him life? What a Cluck!


    The WTF moment of the day

  • Am i the only one wondering how you fit more than $6 million dollars of cocaine in a bra?

    • In the implants!

      Must have been some Tig ‘ole Bitties!

      • No. It’s impossible. That’s at least a couple hundred kilos

      • 30 to be exact, on a slow grind, at $200 a gram, but they gotta inflate the #’s.

        I know some one convicted of a 20Mil DTO ( Drug Trafficking organization ), and when he came to the store I was in ( my peeps worked there & I was using their internet, etc. ) dude got 1 dutch & was on foot!

        20 Mil a yr, but you walking to the store, at 3:30 am, to buy 1 dutch?

        Maybe if he drove earlier & brought 50…but 1?

      • yeah. i had to look that story up. it was only 1.4 kgs

        I guess you can’t really run an outfit getting hi all the time LoL

      • True, but you can’t get high all the time with 1 dutch!

        http://lancasteronline. com/article/local/442426_Dealer-faces-day-in-jail–fine.html

        ( Take out the space between ( dot ) & com )

        1 Day in jail for 20 Mil DTO?

        ‘Chet is snitch central here, but Donald was the dude in question.

        Definitely not doing $20 Mil….but it’s a #’s game.

        In reality, at most, he had nice car & sneaker $$$.

        1 dutch?
        I wasn’t even slinging & bought them by the box when I was struggling, or by the case ( 55 ) when I wasn’t!

        ( Donald wasn’t the snitch…the connect was! )

      • That’s crazy. What the hell was the one day for? LoL

        “getting down first” is what they call it ….smh

      • Crazy, my other peeps got caught up in a ring, out of 21 co defendants, he knew 2, about as small time as small time can get, got 12yrs, for a 2min phone call, complaining about the quality.

        Kingpins rolled over and got probation.

      • KMajor87

        Gtfo you from Lancaster tho? That’s wild I’m near coatesville

      • Yeah! I actually built that firehouse downtown that was converted into section 8 housing. Across from church or park? By the Amish market? Barbershop?

        Haven’t been in the ‘Ville for a sec, but many people from there hit Lanc, so I know quite a few heads from up there!

  • Alf Capone

    2,500? pffffffff………..my balls are worth more than that

  • Lol, alot of bitches do that, and LOL at the bieber thing.

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  • Bleek

    How lame, they bust chick and men everyday with coke in there implants.Smh get some real hip-hop news like made talking bou the beef with Jayz from 1998