Hip-Hop Rumor: Cam’ron And Chris Brown Clown Kanye West’s Mini Skirt!

Did you all catch Yeezy rocking a black leather skirt on the Hurricane Sandy Relief concert the other night? Now, Kanye has been rocking skirts on tour for a few years, so this is nothing new, but most of America has never seen him rocking the feminine frock, until the nationally televised relief concert. The skirt set Twitter ablaze, and even though Kanye thinks the skirts are “fashion forward” – most of America just doesn’t agree.


Outspoken rapper Cam’ron went in on Yeezy’s choice of wardrobe, and even threatened to block anyone who didn’t agree with him. Check out his tweet below slamming Yeezy’s outfit:

Cam'ron tweet

Cam wasn’t the only one to voice his dislike for the outfit. Chris Brown also commented on Yeezy’s fashion choice. Blogger Nicole Bitchie posted a photo of Yeezy, Diddy, and actor Vin Diesel all in skirts. Chris Brown was not feeling the look and clowned all three, even suggesting that “n*ggas gonna be wearing heels next!” Check out the photo along with Chris’ comment below:

Necole Bitchie InstagramChris Brown Comments

Oh man, Breezy took it there. Do you think the skirt look on men will catch on? GOD help us if it does! Hide your sons!!!

Side note – Yeezy’s skirt has a Twitter now!

  • $28825362

    Maybe i’m just getting old but we really need to do away with calling everyone nigga. It’s just classless and stupid. And this skirt shit is a #FAIL

    • u aint old, the way we see ourselves & ea other is old. we been in the same place in evolution for a min, fresh outta slavery. we do need to grow, although they doin the same ish, jus different design

  • hoeyuno

    Breezy..the word “SWAG” came from lolo men in the 70’s meaning “Secretly We Are Gay”.. I can’t make that shit up.

    • biafra

      i thought swag was a short for swagger?

      • So_Subby

        Your talking about the shortness of the word, he’s talking about the meaning, are you that dumb you can’t comprehend?

      • maya

        Are YOU dumb enough to believe that “lolo men” made that meaning up in the 70’s? Don’t fall for everything you read on the net.

      • So_Subby

        God you people are stupid, do u see me saying the meaning or agreeing with the meaning? I have know idea wtf it means but my comment was addressing the fact that she miss understood the point or objective he was making. He gave out a definition and she just extended the word without addressing the definition. Understand stupid? Reading comprehension is very poor nowadays seriously

      • Jon

        I’m feeling this comment.

      • johnblacksad

        But how you gon shorten a word and give it a different meaning from its original?!

      • So_Subby

        What are you remotely talking about ? Swag was created before swagger plus swagger is the verb for swag. Plus here is a bone to catch for you… Swagger is not the meaning of swag

      • johnblacksad

        swagger is a verb or a noun… can even be an adjective… don’t go there with me…

        i don’t get it… swagger is the verb for swag but swagger is not the meaning of swag? huH?!!

      • johnblacksad

        How could a noun derived from a verb have a different meaning from its verb?! WTF??!!

      • So_Subby

        Because swag did not derived from its verb form of swagger. Swag was created first… Your ignorance is clear, go do research before talking

      • johnblacksad

        “if I’m correct m.I.a. came out with that hook “swagga like us” then mainstream rap ran with itthe term swagger was 16th century to describe how scottish folks walked”

        This is from the homie Hoeyuno you co-signin… same n!gga says swag was coined in the 70’s, swagger in the 16th century… and you talkin bout swag was created first?

        Ya’ll prolly doin that on purpose to confuse me… ya ninjaz need to make your mind up!

        To pacify = verb
        Peace = noun

        To pacify is the action of bringin peace… but this fcuka right here tryin to tell me a verb and the nouns derived from it have nothing to do with each other as far as their meaning. Seriously?!

      • So_Subby

        Ever heard of something called a mistake? Why don’t you research? O because you don’t trust google or something? Seriously look it up or you don’t want to be proven wrong? I’m done talking to you, all you do is rant and make things up, while we put out facts. Btw no one have agreed with your non sense, learn how to debate without screaming and yelling.

      • johnblacksad

        “Improper Use of the Word SWAG:
        Secretly We Are Gay

        This is not an accurate definition or meaning of the term, however it is commonly used by haters of the word SWAG to destroy the integrity of the word and diminish its value in an attempt to get uninformed people to stop using this term.”

        not from me… copied and pasted from the web… its on the internet out there… what should i do now, you told me to look it up

      • johnblacksad

        Gimme one fact and a valid source, i’ll be more than glad to check.

      • mischief

        but m.i.a didnt do it first , it was always a term that was acknowledged as a form of originality. If you listen to Cam’ron – Swagger jacker (gay z diss) just saying…

      • I believe @hoeyuno:disqus , considering the dudes that use & their style, that ‘chet go SUSPECT written all over it!

        Thugged out beard, wearing skin tight pants that make his @$$ look like an apricot, a woman’s blouse & shoes, while kissing another man in his mouth?

        # IJS

        If that ain’t some suspect chin ninja ‘chet, nothing short of same sex acts is!

      • maya

        If somebody were “secretly” gay, they wouldn’t be dressing all crazy. Use your brain. If somebody were trying to be secretively gay, their “swag” would be masculine and hood because they wouldn’t want anybody to “suspect” them. DUH.

      • Yeah, but this is hip hop, it’s not unusual to see a tattoo teared thug, locking lips with another man!

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha… if I knew ppls were so sensitive about the word I woulda left that shit alone. I’ve been looking out my blinds all morning for the protesters.

      • johnblacksad

        It ain’t even about that… it’s about how sad it is that some ninjaz believe everything they’re told and don’t use a ounce of brain…

        I’m done with the rants, i obviously can’t save ya’ll…

        But since you believe in Holy Google with all your guts… look up what a retro acronym is…

        — … — is morse code for SOS because it was the easiest… 3 dashes, 3 points, 3 dashes which happen to be the letters S.O.S. …so people came up with Save Our Souls, Save Our Ships… etc… but i’ll leave to you and your co-signer to debate which one is the true meaning

        Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation… and that’s the original meaning of peace, matter fact that’s how they came about with the word PEACE!!! ha ha ha… you dumb fcuks!

      • SOS is the name of a football play, in street ball! If a play were successful, the QB, if running a GHETTO No Huddle, would come back and call an SOS ( Same ‘Ole ‘Chet ) …but wait, that’s a retro acronym….

        I digress…

        >>Goes back to the skybox for tea & crumpets with @johnblacksad

      • What better place to hide than in plain sight? Leave onlookers to go back and forth on what is and what isn’t.

      • maya

        Naw. They are just teasing you.

      • So_Subby

        Wtf are you talking about? What does a hood have anything to do with being secretly gay? Your really dumb

      • hoeyuno

        Its public information. google original meaning of swag. Like I said I didn’t make it up.

      • So_Subby

        I just looked it up and your correct, many words change meanings over time. Like bitch and fag

      • brotha_man

        and “GAY” which in the 70’s meant Happy

      • johnblacksad

        “Gaie” (pronounced ‘gay’) in french means happy… dunno if there’s any connect there…

      • johnblacksad

        look up retro acronym too

        i forgive you, it ain’t your fault…

      • maya

        Are you a crack baby?

      • hoeyuno

        crack baby or not I get way more respect in real life then your yeast infected ass gets. stop giving dudes vd to.that shit ain’t cool.

      • johnblacksad

        You know what so fcukin teribly sad in this?! Not only you are wrong about the whole sh!t… but if think closely the people that came up with this acronym are people that hate hip hop and ya’ll running with…

        Just one example… we (the hip hop community) all know the reason why pants are worn low… (prison, no belt, etc..) …if you look around on the internet you’ll see some people explaining that originally it was a secret code for men that wanted to get in the booty… and guess who that comes from? White crackers that hate hip hop, that hate our style, that hate our saggin pants and just tried to come up with something to try to make fun of us… basically, if we wear our pants low, its a secret code meaning we want it in the booty, and it makes it easier to pull them down real quick for a quickie… the way ya’ll agreeing wit this fcukin stupid cheesy acronym reminds me of the same thing… they got ya’ll!
        These crackers (nos dis to my white folks that belong to the hip hop community) see and know that hip hop is fresh, is influencing their kids, but they can’t join in… so next thing they do is hate… come up with sh!t like that… look it up if you don’t believe me, you’ll see people on the same internet that you believe holds the holy truth, try to explain that our pants are saggin because its a secret gay code… i dont know, maybe you agree with that too….
        Same thing with swag… we’ve been addressin swagger-jackin issues in hip hop with no homo notion for ages… swag is just short for swagger… you can come up with an acronym for almost anything, that’s nothing… now for ya’ll to stretch like that and reverse the whole sh!t like it originally came from “Secretly We Are Gay”, sounds to me like the same crackers that hate hip hop pulled a prank on ya’ll again and it worked… that saddens me a lot! But hey… do you!

        Like you said, you saw it on internet, you didn’t make it up… but you didn’t take not one second to think it over either… just sad… common sense could help you a lot you know

        and fyi, i’m a eighties baby, nineties hiphop head, there’s not one slim jean in my closet, there’s no borderline gay sh!t in my closet, i never rocked with that ‘swag’ wave… and i’m one of those that watch these new generation if ninjaz (breezy and em) use that word swag from the sidelines… just to let you know i don’t rock with the ‘swag’ movement but i won’t go as far as believin it originally came from Secretly We Are Gay…


      • So_Subby

        No one is reading that rant bs seriously learn how to reply without using so much words

      • johnblacksad

        here’s a short reply : fugg your dumbazz!

      • So_Subby

        That would be the gay meaning of swag because fugg my dumbass would be considered as gay. Please say pause afterwards

      • hoeyuno

        ha ha

      • Actually, in prison, it’s a sign that you selling @$$!


        >> Not that I know, PAUSE, No HOMO, No Skittles & all that ‘chet!

      • hoeyuno

        Thats true. and that comes from back in the day when tight pants were normal apparel. not a fad, just pants that fit exactly to you..

      • no, in jail you dnt get shoe laces or belts. most times, yo jail jumpsuit is to big, which means ya pants will be falling off you. instead of putting them back up around the waist, dudes just said F it and kept um= saggin’. same with nigs not wearin shoe laces in they shoes in the 80s

      • True, but in some cases, you get to pick your size sweatsuit.

        Eitherway, I guess there’s a difference between doing it intentionally & because of the circumstances.

        See a dude with a belt on & @$$ cheeks showing like he’s wearing leather pants with the back pockets completely cut out & it looks suspect… IMHO.

      • swag /swag/ n. flowers, foliage, drapery, etc., hanging decoratively in a curve—swagged adj. [prob. Scand]
        swag-ger v. 1 walk or behave arrogantly–n. 2 swaggering gait or manner [fr. SWAG]
        IJS, What is the argument really about????

      • johnblacksad

        You got nerve to ask? that n!gga straight up dumb no doubt about it

      • hoeyuno

        sure bud. I made a comment about a term that is as gay as it gets. you came back with a essay. how can you blame white people for bringing the term into hip hop. if I’m correct m.I.a. came out with that hook “swagga like us” then mainstream rap ran with itthe term swagger was 16th century to describe how scottish folks walked

      • johnblacksad

        maan… miss me with that essay… the term is gay if you want, its for fruity n!ggaz etc…. like i said i don’t fcuk with the so called ‘swag movement’ skiny jeans n!ggaz and s!t… i agree with all that… all i’m sayin, and its not and essay, is that to say that the word SWAG is an acronym for Secretly We Are Gay is a mothafcukin reach like that MJ dunk in Space Jam! That’s fuckin all… you talkin bout google it its pubic information… i would laugh at you but it’s not even funny

        And, back to the essay… you didnt understand me… i don’t blame white people for bringing the term into hip hop… i’m saying that some white crackers that hate hip hop came up with that acronym to make fun of hip hop… i’m talkin bout the ACRONYM, not the meaning, not the term, none of that… i just repeat and i maintain that the acronym was prolly created to make fun of them ‘swag’ ninjaz… who most of the time happen to have borderline/straight up gay looks… you stumbled upon that sh!t and ran with it like you’re heading for a touchdown

      • hoeyuno

        HA HA heading for a touchdown. Thats the best diss i’ve ever been hit with on this site……fo real

      • >> On the side line , pumping fist in the air, yelling “Run! hoeyuno Run!

        >> Points to maya closing in at an angle

        >>SMDH Hector G & @So_Subby:disqus on the sidelines jumping, clapping & chanting in unison:

        “Hercules! Hercules!”

      • hoeyuno

        …Hoeyuno steals Mayas laptop and hits her over the head with it b4 selling it to edogz818 fo dope money.

      • You know you broke that ‘chet right?


        Honestly though, swag comes from the scotts walking in the kilts, then the definition you described, then todays, so in essence, you are correct, and others are too, for co opting the meaning, but yeah…IMHO, it’s some gay ‘chet!

        Swagger like us? HMMMmmmm, industry always been on some pro gay chet!

      • So_Subby

        Hey edog can you comment regarding @johnblack retarded ass

      • @johnblacksad:disqus loses more money out his pocket, than your momma makes stripping all year!

        Respect his conglomerate FOOL!

      • johnblacksad

        HA HA… you fcukin lame azz… you need Edo to come help you out?! LOL

        FYI its yo momma that’s retarded…
        This comes from the net, just like the homie Hoeyuno, i didn’t make this up :

        “Improper Use of the Word SWAG:
        Secretly We Are Gay

        This is not an accurate definition or meaning of the term, however it is commonly used by haters of the word SWAG to destroy the integrity of the word and diminish its value in an attempt to get uninformed people to stop using this term.”

        Exactly what i’ve said in all my post before i even stumbled upon that sh!t… it’s just common sense… i don’t like the term swag either, i don’t like the n!ggaz that overuse it, i don’t rock with the breezys & the dizzys etc… so to come up with a acronym Secretly We Are Gay to make fun of these ninjas, it’s cool and fun… but to believe that and try to argue nouns and verbs and all that sh!t with me, is just outta pocket! Your grandma couldn’t fcuk with my grammar!

      • hoeyuno

        ***doing the running man in the end zone(no swag used)******

      • johnblacksad

        Look what you’ve done… that Secretly We Are Gay was just a cool acronym to make fun of them gay lookin ninjaz that claim swag all the time… but now you got grammatically fcuked up n!ggaz like @So_Subby all mixed up like jambalaya

      • So_Subby

        They guy clearly told you the gay meaning for swag was created for British men, and not HIPHOP. So please stop with your rant or conspiracy about the white man made the gay term to make hiphop look bad. Your making hiphop look bad by referring back to two chains.

      • johnblacksad

        no conspiracy… forget about them crackers, its ninjaz like you that came with that acronym to make fun of gay lookin ‘swag movement’ ninjaz… you’re right i take that white sh!t back…

        and its ok to come up with the acronym for a pun or a joke, to make fun etc… but to sit here and affirm and co-sign dumb sh!t like lolo men coined that in the 70’s is stupidity in its purest form!

      • So_Subby

        It didn’t come up with anything only clearly stating the obvious of a mistake. Swag is a noun and swagger is the verb form of swag

      • So_Subby

        This guy @johnblacksad is a claer idiot and can’t comprehend and understand and instead he rants and make up dumb things to cover for his lack of intelligence

      • johnblacksad

        You lookin arrogant and condescending but you are the dumb one to me… if swag is short for swagger then it can’t have a different meaning… now are you that dumb you can’t comprehend?

        Ninjas been ‘swagger jackin’ for a minute… swagger jackin… jackin people’s swagger, jackin people’s swag… like 2chainz put it “they take your swag with no permission”in other words “swagger jackin”… jackin swag… how you gon fcukin come up with an acronym after the meaning of the word is established and then try to give it a different meaning? only a biased hater acts like that.. that “Secretly We Are Gay” definitely sounds like it came from n!ggaz that are fed up with the word ‘swag’ being overused like a motherfcuka, and although i agree and understand that we need to cut that ‘swag’ sh!t down, i won’t go as far as tryin to make it seem like it came from an acronym when its clearly short for swagger… and swagger has been forever used with no homo notion attached to it…. swagger jackin is stealing you swagger, stealing your swag, stealing your style… the problem is ‘style’/’swag’ has changed a lot over the years and a lot of times, and todays style/swag is borderline gay… so i see how ninjas that hate that word swag came up with that acronym… but it ain’t nothin… no man is blinder than the one that doesn’t wanna see…

        Protons Electrons Always Causes Explosion… and i don’t think that’s the secret meaning of the word peace! Peace!

      • So_Subby

        Swag is not the meaning of swagger you dumbass so it’s useless to reply by saying swag is shoe for swagger when he gave the otginal meaning of what it’s stood as witch was ” secrectly we are gay “. Seriously is that hard to understand? Do you see me stating the meaning of which swag have multiply meanings for? Wtf are you talking about? Your delusioned seriously… Let me say this again… Swag short for swagger isn’t a meaning… Swagger is a word that have a meaning… Swag was givin before that wack rapper two chains, it’s so sad you can’t comprehend simple things

      • Positive Elevation Always Causes Expansion….but who knows about Swag, ‘chet does sound mad suspect!

      • johnblacksad

        I know its mad suspect… that’s why it’s RETRO ACRONYM to make fun of them gay lookin ninjaz… if you look up retro acronym, there’s a thousand examples on the net…

        The word swag alone has tons of different acronyms…

        Stuff We All Get
        Sisters With A Gat
        Sh!t Wasn’t All Good
        Southern Whites Against Godzilla
        Silly Wild Azz Guess

        Something What Asians Got
        Something What Africans Got
        Something What Americans Got….etc i didn’t make this up either… it’s

        Secretly We Are Gay is cool acronym to make fun of them ‘swag movement’ ninjaz… it fits… no homo, no skittles either lol-n

      • johnblacksad

        had to come back on this particular comment which might be the dumbest of all time… he is talkin about the shortness of the word because if that’s proven, then your meaning goes straight into the toilet… nothing dumb the question, exact opposite of your comment!

      • So_Subby

        It’s a reason why that person never replied back to my comment because they realized that he or she made the wrong comment. Addressing the word for being short by saying swag is short for swagger is not the MEANING IN WHICH THE GUY WAS SATING BUY SAYING THE MEANING OF SWAG. HOW CAN YOU COMPLETELY FAIL TO UNDERSTAND IS BEYOND EXPLANATION AT THIS POINT. IT’S CLEAR AS DAY YOU HAVE POOR READING COMPREHENSION

      • johnblacksad

        How can SWAG have a different MEANING from SWAGGER if its short for SWAGGER?!

        That person never replied because sometimes some comments are too dumb to fight them… i’m lie captain-save-dumb-ninjaz… i always have hope!

      • So_Subby


      • johnblacksad

        Bwahahaha… you’re makin a fool out of yourself holmes…
        lyin azz, you did not got to school… if you did, you’d know that the only difference between a verb and its noun is the FUNCTION, the fcukin function… they have different functions… how the fcuk could a verb and ITS nouns have different meanings??!

        So you are willing to admit that SWAG is the noun derived from SWAGGER but then SWAG means Secretly We Are Gay and Swagger just means style referring to ancient scottish people?

        Oh lawd help you! You are amazing with it!

        At this point, you’re either just a very simple minded person or a very intelligent troll!

      • So_Subby

        Lets agree to disagree because your dumbass is to stupid to understand, it’s clear you must be a retard and now I feel bad by insulting your intelligence because you are born with this learning disability. Peace out tard boy

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah, you do that… i’ma tell you what’s clear : you agreeing to the fact that swag is the noun derived from the verb swagger, but its meaning has nothing to do with its verb. You know that’d be a premiere right?!
        noun Swag comes from verb Swagger, but Swag means secretly we are gay, and swagger… well swagger it’s just swagger…!

        I curse whoever came up with that acronym because it was supposed to just be joke, a pun, making fun of ninjas that claim ‘swag’ and most of the time look suspect gay… but he couldn’t know some dumb n!ggas was gonna run with it like the olympic torch!

      • johnblacksad

        ever heard of Lexical field? a verb, its noun, its adverb, its adjective etc… have got to have the same meaning… otherwise they couldn’t be derived from one to the other… they just have different functions that’s all… you don’t do the same thing with the noun that you do with the verb… but again how could their meanings be different? HOW? how n!gga?!!!

      • biafra

        you are the dumb one, and it’s sad you haven’t figured it out. check what swagger means before talking bullshit. if i say peop, it’s a short for people not “playing every other people”. d’uh. sup is a short for what’s up, u get it now? smh.

      • So_Subby

        Dumbass he was talking about the meaning of swag and where it originated from by saying its short for swagger is not defining what swag means, by say sup is short for what’s up is not defining the word so it’s sto to argue or reply by saying isn’t it short for swagger, isn’t sup short for what’s up? You people are dumb and fail at reading comprehension

      • biafra

        “you people”? you have an axe to grind, and i am the set up person for that huh? calm down, what he said wasn’t what swag means, you make yourself look more stupid. your name should me “so stupid”.

      • So_Subby

        If it wasn’t what swag means then wtf didnt you define what swag meant? Instead your dumbass only said swag is shot for swagger, you know how dumb of a reply that was? If you don’t believe him then tell him your definition, not once did I agree with what he said, I’m point out how stupid of a reply that was

      • biafra

        swag·ger [swag-er]
        verb (used without object)
        to walk or strut with a defiant or insolent air.
        to boast or brag noisily.

        just showing how stupid you are with no effort.

      • So_Subby

        Saying swagger is the definition of swag is wrong stupid, swagger is the ver form of swag. By you giving me the definition of swagger is proving my point stupid. What don’t you understand? The girl replied by saying swag is short for swagger, the guy gave the meaning for swag, I told the girl that by giving the shortness of the word is not defining it… Wtf was your point by giving me the definition? Not once did I mention what swagger means… You clearly don’t understand and need to practice reading.

      • biafra

        i didn’t say swagger is the definition of swag, are u stupid? smh. I’m done.

      • So_Subby

        Never said you did but you replied to a guy giving the definition of swag and your reply was swag is short for swagger… Why would you say that, when he was defining the word and where it originated from. I was saying that your stupid for making that reply because it had nothing to do with what he was saying. Understand now????? Dumb b1tch

      • or stuff we all get, the free stuff at events the gets handed out, thats what it really means

      • So_Subby

        That makes no sense

      • Stuff We All Get. thats what it means. its the free shit they give celebs at events. google dat shit son

      • So_Subby

        The word swag have 20 different acronyms, that is just one of many. U look it up

      • well damn, next time dont say it doesnt make sense mofuca!!! smfh

    • Swag been around way before that……..The word is old as hell. I don’t condone that shit, but lets get the facts right.

    • Abrasive Angel

      Swag and swagger have been around since the late 50s. DL men decided to use Swag as an acroynm a few years ago.

      • reg joe

        True stuff. In the Army, back in the 80’s we used the term SWAG for a scientific wild assed guess. (eg Can you fix this computer? “I dunno but Ill take a swag at it”) In other words, you dont really know but youll take a stab at it..or try and bullshit your way through it. Im sure the terms meanings have changed over the years. Its kinda like when the phrase “gay” actually meant happy. Things change but theres not much reason to argue the point. Its like two folks running a footrace in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, youre still retarded. Lets not be retarded. It is whatever the hell it means to us on an individual basis, or in our group settings.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    The only thing is, that isn’t a mini skirt… it’s a Kilt… dates back to the 17th or 18th century. Im not condoning Ye wearing a Kilt….or anyone for that matter. It’s just not right. Why IS this dude wearing a Kilt???? Illuminati??

    • MiiUziWeighsATon

      Illuminati????? You cats need to really get off that shyt now, it’s old, played out and has absolutely nothing to do with some nigga wearing a skirt. There are no wealthy ass multi billionaires who’s money dates back at least a century or more concerned with no hip hop niggaz and what they’re wearing and if they’re gay or not. They to busy trying to figure out how to kill off every single African so they can claim Africa and its riches without being to overt. They to busy trying to dominate all areas of industry, technology, medicine, electricity, oil, you know, the real shyt thats gonna give them world power. Them niggaz dont give a shyt about Diddy, Jigga, Kanye, Fif, none of that horseshyt.

      • Homosexuality = Population control


      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        You know how long it will take this so called Illuminati to control the population waiting on every nigga from every generation to turn faggot…not a good enough response for me bruh…their are other ways to control the population, ways that don’t require waiting for you and I and other heterosexual men to turn faggot….if the powers that be really want to control the population, meaning, kill off everything black they could just do to us what they did to us and there aint shyt nobody can do to stop that kind of aggression…the rest of the world wouldnt mind because propaganda already has the other nations and ethnicities hating niggers…those wealthy powerful people are the descendants of slave hunters, slave transporters, slave makers, slave sellers, slave owners and every anti negro mafukka on the face of this earth so with that said, it’s not like it ain’t in their nature to hunt and kill us IF their focus was us because a small few making a couple dollars rapping and wearing skirts…see the plan, if there is one, is to take possession of everything worth taking and controlling it worldwide to where everyone, everywhere is dependant upon them for the needs to survive AND then start annihilating undesirables and THEN nobody could stop it or protest it CUZ THEY GOT THE WORLD BY THE BALLS AND A GLOBAL MILITARY FORCE TO BACK IT UP…if that is the plan

      • Indeed, 100%, but the plan has many facets, like fluoridating the water, and like you said, wars, etc.

        The comfort of the rich, depends on an abundance of the poor!
        I think they will use every method for extermination, including pre programming us into self extermination.


      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Nothing a good water filter won’t fix….or bottled water

      • imaman2012

        this gay sheet been around since day one.

        Romans was notorious for doing men and women.

        what the fck this has to do with Illuminati and pop control.

        you cats crack me up these theories. hahaha

        why kill off blacks? for real tell me why kill blacks?

        if they kill us. who would be consumers. we’re the only people that buy useless shit. shoes, cars, rims, don’t own land etc.

        so why kill off your customers. please tell me, good sir

      • maya

        You are saying that like it’s a bad thing. The planet is already overpopulated with humans. We are destroying the planet. It’s getting worse. There are going to be more people than resources to sustain them – leading to more wars.

      • You are saying that like it’s a good thing! #IJS

      • maya

        Because it is a good thing. Like I said, there are already too many people here and it is going to get much worse. We are destroying the planet. Human beings are glorified pathogens to the body we call Earth. We are the only species which benefits from the planet but does not return the favor.

      • Uh, YeaaaHHH, but…….

        Scroll up, do you want a SWAGgot like Hector G, knocking on your door, hips swinging like he’s in a Luke Skywalker video, doing the Doo Doo Brown, while asking to take your son out on a date?

      • maya

        I don’t know or care who Hector G. is. Children are supposed to be raised to love themselves and respect themselves, no matter what or who they are. Teach a child to love and respect themselves (in a genuine way – not an egotistical, superficial way) and they will only deal with decent, respectful people when they get older. I know MANY straight people who have screwed-up taste when it comes to dating and sex partners. It’s not a gay or straight thing – it’s a self-esteem thing.

      • We can agree on this for sure! ^^^

      • maya

        **hi 5**

      • **Fist Bump**

        : )

      • Q.

        LOL You’re mostly right. Though, controlling mass media is a major key to the agenda you speak of: TV, Film and of course, MUSIC. These Rick Ross, Diddy, Jigga-type “mogul” niggas are pawns in the game, true…though they play their roles. They’re here to facilitate more chaos, and in turn they’re rewarded with material spoils by their masters. Like Nas said, “they sold their souls for riches.” Best believe they gotta kneel, kiss the ring, spread their butt cheeks, and swear allegiance to White Daddy.

      • i hear you on the skepticism, but Dave Chappelle spoke on it on Oprah. Every Black actor gotta do the gay role. (I think only Chappelle & Denzel haven’t)

    • Now you talking about Scottish rites masons & chet!

      You wanna take it there? I’ll flash the:
      “El Bark” signal & get him here to facilitate the spread of knowledge.

      >>Flashes “El Bark” signal 3X into the dark, winter sky!

      >>Sends message to the “BarkMobile”.

  • mxtralive

    Yezzy been wearing that kilt or whatever you wanna call it for atleast the past year. Not my style but to each his own!

  • Numbuh Four

    Vin Diesel with that skirt and that pigeon toed stance is one of the most “getdafuckouttahere” moments of his entire career…next to that pacifier movie

    Kanye is just doing his Kanye sh*t…IDK why everyone’s so surprised.

    Idgaf about Diddy.

    A$AP Rocky went on stage with that dress talking ’bout it’s an “over-sized shirt”…nah homie that’s a dress…looking like Chad Johnson lil brother with braids…FOH

    • Chris


    • ^^ This

      >>Exits stage left…nothing more to say!

    • kanye just doing his kayne ish? he gets a pass for wearing a skirt? hahahahahahahaaha gtfoh

      • Vic Sage

        Word is born!”

      • word is bond.

      • Numbuh Four

        No pass…I’m just saying, the guy wears blouses and sh*t on a daily…IDK what all the hoobla is about him wearing a skirt. That’s just some typical Kanye sh*t…Still sus as hell, but not surprising.

      • whats all the hoobla about bhim wearing a skirt? hahahahaha hes wearing a skirt!!!! lol

      • A pass for a man wearin a shirt?…GTFOH dats some fag shit straight up and we gotta get all dat skinny jean, skirt wearin shot out of hip hop PERIOD!!!

      • Guest

        Clothes are a cultural concept. Men in LOTS of cultures wear skirts and people who go outside the HOOD are not threatened by it.

    • NoGoBoi

      dead!!! lmfao

    • $18592567


  • IV in the Clouds

    Ganstalicious fall line up is looking clean. Do tha Homie!

  • Ain’t nothing suspect about Vin Diesel in a skirt… His buff ass is confirmed gay! We just waiting on you Yeezy.

  • maya

    I’m tired of everybody living and looking like clones, anyway. Whether you like Kanye’s style or not, at least he doesn’t feel the need to ask “the hood” for permission to dress a certain way. Too many people live for others opinion. Too many people build their lives around being “accepted” by others. That’s why “the hood” is so miserable. Too many are afraid to fly.

    • andone

      exactly… since when does camron(lol) or breezy’s opinion even matter/count anyways…kanye a rap G.O.D in my book(whether u agree or not)… and @ least he isnt running around like weezy trying to fool the public(wannabe rocker/skater/blood where they do that @… i mean really tho?)!!!

      • “kanye a rap G.O.D in my book’
        Yea your book of tea(sweet)because you the only one feel that way.

      • andone

        ur comment/opinion(lmao @whoever co-signs u) only reinforces @maya’s post ” That’s why “the hood” is so miserable.” u must be a wayne/C.O fanboy, gtfoh… S.A.F.E @ss n!gg@’s are *dismissed!!!

    • Southcidal

      And while “flying” a still have a right to dislike stuff right?

      • maya

        The point is that is DOESN”T MATTER whether or not anybody dislikes it. If you don’t like it – don’t wear it. Point blank. Just don’t be on some b*#^h shit like, “You don’t look like the rest of us so something must be wrong with you.” Type sh*! That mentality.

      • Any man that wears pants that make his @$$ look like an apricot is suspect!

        They free to do whatever, except push their agenda on those who oppose it!

        This is Hip Hop, where MC’s are supposed to be men ( & women ) and wrappers are supposed to be on candy!

      • maya

        If you feel the need to “oppose” shit, then you’ve got deeper issues than you are prepared to deal with, I guess.

        Like I said, if somebody were going to try and hide being gay (some even hide it from themselves), all they need to do is act hardcore, dress and act masculine, and talk about how they don’t condone homosexuality. It happens all the time. Hell, that’s part of what Hip Hop is built upon. *shrugs*

      • Don’t guess, know or don’t know.

        Do I oppose Homosexuality being pushed on me & my kids?

        Call it what you want, won’t change anything!
        I prefer sugarwalls, you prefer a ball, each his own, what makes you smile might be considered by me to be foul.

        The difference of opinions fosters improvement!

      • maya

        The only way homosexuality can be pushed on ANYBODY is from their own drive, heart, mind, and impulse. If it’s there, it’s there – whether you come to terms with it or spend your life at war with it.

      • Nah, that’s accepting it!

        It can be pushed like a product on a commercial!
        The school system, religious institutions, music, TV programming, etc = Pushing…attempting to sell.

      • maya

        If a man is gay, Beyonce can jiggle and shake right in front of him, “selling it” and he is still going to be gay. A kid who is meant to be gay can grow up in a household that preaches that homosexuality is wrong, his father can take him out to play football every night, girls can fall at his feet, “selling it” – he is STILL going to be gay.

        Gay, straight, bisexual – people are who they are. You don’t have to act on it, you don’t have to claim it, you can try to push it out of your mind every time it happens, but if you have attraction to the same sex, you are gay or bisexual. It’s not caused by commercial advertising. It comes from within.

      • Um, not always true, take a young kid, with no sexual preference & have Beyonce or Stacy Dash shake it in front of him & he may want….but I guess your right, if it’s a dude shaking it : IE So Subby / Hector G he may hit him with a bottle of Coconut Ciroc!

      • maya


      • What’s not to like about dressing like a gay homeless person? ( Kanye’ )

  • Chris Brown should be the LAST one to mention anybodies man hood in question LOL

  • Hector G

    for sure it’s an appropriate comment by chris brown…..these rich clowns are losin their senses….i can feel it’s gettin to the point of too much swag and no f’in talent….what are they gonna wear next???…..we dont care..jus make some authentic street music for a change……

  • Q.

    Wearing kilts = paying homage to your Scottish Rite Freemasonic masters, the feminization of the Black Man, etc. Sh!t’s not that hard to decipher.

    • Papi Peligro

      LOL then you’ll join the Moors.

      • Q.

        I AM a Moor. WE are Moors.

    • spit that shit

  • King Cold

    They tryna be like andre 3 stacks. Cmon son

  • Wutang4ever

    Its a kilt, well diddys certainly is and its a traditional scottish outfit which familys have their own tartan and usually wear these to weddings in scotland. Dates back hundreds of years,

  • Jon

    Kanye made a fool of himself at the concert but it wasn’t because of the skirt. The reason was that awful performance.

  • Sorry homie skirts been around since day one and men gone rock em no matter what you little boys say…………

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  • I swear this why the boondocks need to come back ! to start exposing the gay ass industry again -__-

  • mrgibson

    I don’t condone any dudes wearing dresses unless they are Scottish or whatever and celebrating their heritage…but whatever, rich muhfuckas do crazy shit cuz they have nothing else to do and wanna keep themselves in the public’s mouth

  • Lyve Wire

    want to know why kanye do outlandish things? cause ppl make excuses for dude. aint nothing scottish about him. if chris brown and cam wouldve said that about lil cease or somebody other than kanye, cats wouldve been agreeing. hell, more ppl were taking chris brown side after than rhianna incident, lol. but dont dare talk about kanye. he like that dude that ride the short bus that try too hard to be cool, so he gets a pass for wearing leather pants in the summer time, rocking skirts and other goofy outfits. kanye just being kanye, right? gtfoh. i guess wayne wearing the leopard spandex isnt ‘wayne being wayne’. he just gay i guess… stop the excuses folks, lol.

  • yea prince been wearin heels for years and his still the best artist out their…

  • Next everyone will be wearing Yamakas and heals and say it’s “fashion” or “swag”… SMFH! Kanye isn’t Scottish so what the hell is he doing wearing a black leather kilt. If he was Scottish or Irish celebrating a tradition then hey… But he’s a black american on stage rapping! C’Mon Man! This sh*t is just getting out of hand now! They’re trying to push that European gay fashion on their fans. These fools are such followers that they will do anything these rappers are doing to try and look cool. There’s nice MC/Rappers all over the country doing their thing without having to dress like they’re gay! You same clowns defending this will be wearing lip stick and heals in 2 years talking about it’s “swag”… LMAO #BrainwashedSheeps

  • wtf, this should be a sign the world coming to an end.

  • “Kanye has been rocking skirts on tour for a few years, so this is nothing new”

    hahahaha wtf, i swear i now have a new found hate for yeezy and all these fashion ganagta rappers. fashion is for the gays.

  • Martin Raheem

    Comment someone’s dressing style (i alwayz thought) is beneath “me”. But N# plz? All this MILLIONS and THIS is the best you can come up with? Diidy y Diidy makes me wanna pull up his skirt and take him from behind (no homo).

  • Ronlg1

    I hate to say it, but Chris Brown is right!!! Next thing you know, niggas is gonna be wearing skin tight jeans……oh, wait…Chris Brown already does!!! Nigga ALL this shit is suspect!!! Not just the skirts!!!

  • imaman2012

    listent to ras and killah ‘whut part of the game?’

  • johnblacksad


  • johnblacksad

    VISTA was created by a microsoft engineer, it means : Virus, Infections, Spyware, Trojans, Adware

  • johnblacksad

    NAVY- Never Again Volunteer Yourself
    MARINE- Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential
    ARMY- Aren’t Ready to be Marines Yet

  • johnblacksad

    PONTIAC – Poor Old N!gga Thinks Its A Cadillac

  • johnblacksad

    WIKI – Wish I Knew It…. and in no way is it short for Wikipedia… ha ha ha still laughin at some of these ninjaz!

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  • Vic Sage

    These other nuccas in a skirt yeah it’s understood because their btches but Vin D Wowww never saw that coming…


    Epic fail !

  • DaEmph

    WTF…..its the ghetto black Scottish men!!

  • Guest

    All I have to say is this, only men who are INSECURE about their sexuality care about what another man does. Period. If you worried about what another man does in his privacy or what he wears, you got a problem with the feelings that bring up in YOU, not what he doing cause a real man could care less about what some other dude does. Period. So, Cam’ron and not surprisingly, Chris “I’m a weak ass jerk who beat women” Brown got issues with themselves. Black people, come up!! We and red necks are the only cultures left who seem to be so damn homophobic anymore. Grow up.

  • Guest

    Until blacks EVOLVE to stop hating gays and other minorities, they themselves will always be in mental chains. You can’t come up if you keep your mind down low. Hate does not bring us to a higher level so all that hate I see in the black community for gays is only hurting the black community.

  • KingChandler

    Kanye always dressin’ like Ezio from Assassins Creed

  • META

    least he had on pants diddy was so in his own skin with his skirt on

  • DesignatedH8R

    Diddy is wearing a Kilt. Don’t like Diddy, but it is what it is. Vin Diesel on other hand looks like a transvestite. I think Kanye almost pulls it off, with the pants under it.

  • camron used to go in public in wearing pink down to his boxers (pause). this nigga even had a pink cell phone smh

  • Tristan Kearns

    Well Chris Brown is a peice of shit, so why is he talking?

  • damn