Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Game’s “Jesus Piece” Going To Hit No. 1 or What?

So much for all of those publicity stunts. From the looks of the first week sales projections, Game’s new album, Jesus Piece, will limp in with just 85-95K albums sold in its debut week. But is that really considered a dud? Last year, Game’s album R.E.D. sold 98K in its first week, making it his fourth album to debut at number one. So these numbers are actually on par with what he sold first week last year, and that was enough to bring him in at number one. Unfortunately, Taylor Swift’s album, RED, is back at number one this week, after falling to number two behind Alicia Keys’ Girl On Fire.

Does Game have what it takes to make Jesus Piece his fifth number one album in a row?

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    • therealest1

      That’s what I always say, The Documentary was the shit! His only great album. I always say if you want a Game album, all you need is The Documentary because all his other shits after that are nothing but redundant. Y’all see the lack of catchy or good hits without 50 writing and assisting on his works.

      • Southcidal

        50 Cent came up with the hooks for the singles off of that album. Lets not act like Five-Oh ghost wrote the whole Documentary.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        documentary was ok i liked the 2nd album and lax his best work doc was ok

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        im sorry documentary was ok the 2nd album was good and lax was the best i heard

      • johnblacksad

        Even tho i definitely agree that The Doc. was sonically great… even back then i thought Game lacked ‘personality’… can’t really explain much why…

    • u hear right?

      lol c’mon son Jesus Piece is pretty damn solid. Game’s best LP since Doctor’s Advocate easy. Sure, it aint Documentary, but what’s gonna be?

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      the documentary was ok lax and his 2nd album was way better the only a;lbum t5hats was kinda of wac not the song just lyrical wise he wasnt all that the red album but it was still better than that watch the throne bullshyt

  1. IV in the Clouds

    He asked for this comparing Jesus Piece to The Chronic. Fall Back game and I’m not liking that Gibbs Sign on his new label. He will do him like he did Juice and just let him flounder.

    • EDOGZ818

      You the only one who caught that!

      Sales are down because we know how to get it for free!
      Even real Hip Hop is affected by this. ( *Not calling Game fake Hip hop )

      Ninjaz get it free!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        but how but kendrick n J cole..? even Nas sold a hole bunch. Nobody checkin for game at all. The rap game is finally dying. Its going to go back to the street corners in NY where it started.

        ATL n 3/4 of the south is going to stop rapping when there is no money involved. but East Coast PJ niggas rap from the heart they gone keep doing it. IT will Die where it started.

        I ain hatin on the south i am from the south

      • Bumpy Johnson

        Rap is a sub part of Hip Hop…its one of the elements of rap..hip hop/rap , graffiti/scratching ….no difference between the two.

      • EDOGZ818

        Rap is a business, Hip Hip is a culture.
        Commercialized Hip Hop?

        Hip Hop relies on skills, not marketing & promotion, rap is all about the music, the art.

        MC’s will spit at the drop of a dime, flip a dope line into a dope rhyme, rappers on the other hand, IE: MEEK MILL, talk that “Gimme 100K to spit!”

        Meek wasn’t talking that ‘chet when he was travelling all the way from Philly to battle MC’s in the BX.

        Rap is a business, masquerading as Hip Hop.

        MC’s rap, Hip Hoppers do rap music, etc.
        Hip Hop = 51% Art
        Rap = 51% Business?

        In one, the art matters more, in the other, the $$$ matters more.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        I understand exactly wachu your saying but i think u need to rephrase yourself and say “commercial rap”. because Das EFX, BIG L, CL smooth, Mos Def, Nas, Kool G rap, Black Moon, Group home. are all rappers and all did rap music. ….we will have this discussion again

      • EDOGZ818

        True & neither of them, would replace their hits, with yellow MC Hammer Pants & doing the running man while rapping about being in love with a stripper…..unless the money was major.

  2. Hector G

    ahahahahahaa….NOPE…….game goin double wood….i read your shit sydney….yer a lame excuse maker for bum ass rappers….50 gon dance on these suckas

    • EDOGZ818

      Not sure, but I’ll check the #’s, but 50 bricking too!

      Fugg #’s though, wack ‘chet sells, that doesn’t make it any less wack because some soccer moms buy it, or corporate excecs use them for dub plates!

      • King Cold

        Umm noooooo……at least 50 went gold on BISD. This is games’ second brick. 50 sold. 160k first week on his last joint so no comparison

      • Hector G

        ahahahaa now your bringin up a CLASSIC album by 50 that was the biggest debut in hip-hop history….stop ethering yourself sucka…start listening to 50…stop being a hoe and pack it up typin on these blogs cause YOU NEVER MAKE A POINT

      • EDOGZ818

        I respect your STAN, but I take it you don’t know how to contrast, or know the #’s of GRODT’s opening. Let 50’s nuts breathe for sec “Patna”.

      • Hector G

        it was like milli first week…you are rehtard…dont even use the word contrast…its a different era with digital download…..yer just mad you cant appreciate the #1 spot

      • EDOGZ818

        Rehtard is spelled RETARD.

        #IJS >> In MickSick’s Voice: “You ‘Ole premium turn cutter, dingleberry @$$ Nucca”!

      • Hector G

        i was saying it like zach galifinakis in the hangover but you didnt get the joke

      • Hector G

        i’ll use it a sentence for you “if you didnt see The Hangover, you’re prolly just lying to act cool on a blog full of black people or you’re a rehtard.”

      • EDOGZ818

        I did see it, but your corny for dik riding it & Zach Galifinakis!

        Still, do YOU, I guess in your world, that’s considered SWAG!

        LOL~N ….@ U

      • Lyve Wire

        it was actually 160 in the first 2 weeks, because it got leaked and released early. he sold 45k the first (digital), and 115 hard.

      • Hector G

        anybody on this blog being a total goof and comparing 50’s flunkies to the boss that gave them their shot…i’m goin in on you…youre the same kinda people that prolly bought GRODT and The Massacre, now youre a hater….I AM A FAN OF 50 CENT’S MUSIC you are fan of any random rapper for 15 mins…..there are alot of fence jumpers in hip-hop and in the fan base….I just have better memory than most people

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      i bet game same more then 50 lame azz only ny ppl like 50 the whole world knoe his music wack and he a snitch but ny niccas is lame anyway

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Yeah they do, Game puts out some pretty good mixtapes too. I swear the some of the cats on this sight ride 50s nuts so hard that they’ll automatically sh*t on anything that his so called enemies do. I’m confused though seriously because ain’t NOBODY been checkin for 50’s music in real life for quite a while now yet they stay praising this dude.

      • Mark Olford

        Game brought this on himself….he flip flops from beefing with fif to wanting to get back with the unit….Game change your attitude and quit being a “try hard” dude….you are meant to have people like you, which translates into album sales homeboy….I think he’s a tremendous talent but his attitude kills it…

      • Charlie Kelly

        really> u must not be bumpin murder one that ish is better then everything game has done lol.. plus fif got anew video out with emeinem and em kills it!!!! also better then everything game has done.

        game lame.

  3. King Cold

    This is sad considering that fact he sturred up so much shit this year. Honestly he does need 50 back. Because 50 and dre created a classic with game. Without that formula he’s been lost for some time now

    • Lyve Wire

      only because rap fans love names. they will buy it because it’ll be game, 50 and dre on the same song; regardless if its really good. just because.

  4. mrgibson

    This is his last album for Interscope isn’t it? He might have put out a feature filled dud on purpose just to get that last album out there and negotiate a new deal lol

  5. i.p. freeley

    who really gives a shit if it goes plat or not. underground hiphop is more creative and dope, does that mean they wack? hell no. stfu and support hiphop. idiots.

  6. i.p. freeley

    hey sidney, is giving an ass whoopin to somebody that has talk shit and threaten you on youtube videos for the last 4 years is a publicity stunt? stfu


    This could’ve been his best album and he still would of did those numbers. The majority of Hip Hop fans are bum a** leaches that can’t afford $10. They’ll rather spend their day in the house crumb bumming looking for music to steal or asking some one to put music on their iPod for them…. Then go on every website to hate or explain why they’re bum a** don’t buy music! Taylor Swift is still out selling Hip Hop/Rap albums on their 1st week on her 4th week. Lets face it, the majority of Hip Hop fans are minorities… Majority of minorities will rather kill each other then support their own!

  8. Charlie Kelly

    Yo the game is wack son. using christianity to sell rap songs, stupid. and im not even that religious, its just a clear sucker move. i mean if he was really converted and had songs with an actual message then it is what it is, but its not, it pure f uckery in its finest form.

    Game lame.

  9. MrPickles

    I downloaded his cd for free and regret doing that. Im from L.A. and game is my man but dude has lost it. Its his worse cd released to date. More like a compilation mix tape if you ask me. Stop trying to sound like Rick Ross and go back to your Documentary days. And drop that fucken reality show you sale out. I thought you were a thug not a Kardashian. Stop me when I lie.

  10. Torrey Winston

    hip hop albums sales is down cause theres no loyalty from the fans and/or terrible albums. so many are quick to hit the bootleg man or download albums…im guilty too.

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