Hip-Hop Rumors: Q-Tip Pissed That Trinidad James Signed To Def Jam

For those that don’t know, Q-Tip is the lead rapper in one of the greatest rap groups ever, A Tribe Called Quest. The group is crazy dope. Tip is an accomplished DJ, solo rapper and a good friend of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Did you know that Leo DiCaprio is in Drake’s Top 5 Dead or Alive? Read about it here.

Anyway, Q-Tip is PISSSSSSED that Trinidad James is the latest rapper to sign to Def Jam Records. Juxtapose this to Public Enemy getting in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame and you have some weirdness.

Anyway, Q-Tip tweeted about it:


Illseed, Out.


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  • At least somebody in the game had the guts to say something. “Inb4 ppl say that old ass nigga hatin”

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  • YaheardSyndicate

    Q tip co produced Mariah Carey “Honey” and did duets with Janet Jackson. Due to longevity, all the people who say he’s “a broke old school rapper” are going to have to really step their $$ up before they make that arguement. But he’s right on point. They have ruined one of the best brands in the history of hip hop.

  • Jiohdee El-Amin

    I say every DJ that co-signed that wack ALL GOOD EVERYTHING $h!t should be discredited & fired. Y’all know damn well this song blew up over straight PAYOLA. who can honestly look in the mirror & say that this is good music? the beat is mediocre & rhymes (or lack there of) are the worst I’ve heard since Silkk the Shocker! SMH

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