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Katt On A Hot-Tin Roof: An Open Letter To Those Who Love Mr. Williams

Katt Williams is from my hometown. He has been held up on a high pedestal for being one of the few that have made it out of our small Ohio city and go on to have actually, really done something amazing for themselves. The current roster contains his name, along with John Legend and Dave Chappelle – and, as you can see, that totals only three guys out there doing it. So to all of us on the home team, that is saying a lot!

Katt took a city’s hopes and dreams and lived them out. It saddens the community that he has spiraled down a murky path as of late, and many hope that he will decide to return home so he can find insulation and protection from those who apparently are preying on his sickness. To many, he is just a comedian with problems, or maybe even one of the funniest guys they know of, but where he’s from, he is a part of a legacy. This is worth remembering, because the fear is that people will be saying these words at his funeral if he doesn’t get some major help soon.

I traveled to Seattle in the same week that Katt found himself suddenly announcing his retirement. The fact that he did so in the middle of the street, as he was being thrown out of yet another hotel in the Seattle area, was sad. The fact that people in Seattle had formed a very different opinion of his accomplishments than those from our hometown – as a result of constant arrests and not being able to remain sober enough to tell the jokes he was sent there to tell – was even sadder. But knowing that Katt has reduced himself to being the punchline in the jokes he used to tell about the people in Hollywood is the saddest fact of all.

I spoke to Nicole Higgins of Seattle, and she expressed her disappointment with the last three shows: “Every single time we paid to go to his show, he either didn’t show up or was so out of it that he couldn’t follow his own jokes! He would start to tell a story, and then trail off and start saying things that made no sense. It was so weird! He’d say ‘My mother is such a trip that, she umm, yeah, it’s just crazy how that goes.’ We were looking at him like, ‘That isn’t a joke, that wasn’t even a complete thought!’ He just couldn’t keep it together.”

Carlos Imaini of South Seattle said, “The rumor about last week’s show was that he actually was backstage at the show that night, but was allegedly so high that they couldn’t get him to physically walk up on the stage, let alone leave him to entertain the crowd.”

If this is the case, and Katt was that terribly sick/high, that serves as even more evidence that there are people out here who will continue to push artists of all types to their deaths if they send mentally unhealthy people out into the streets. Add the spotlights, and you further showcase their illnesses. I mean, are they selling tickets to concerts, or sideshow attractions? At the end of the day, stars like Katt are human beings that have families and lives. They are being treated as chattel. The exploiters know these people need help, but they would rather make a buck off the morbid curiosity of onlookers. It’s sad.

So, if Katt Williams returns to my little hometown in a coffin, there will be plenty of “friends” and “colleagues” with blood on their hands. Don’t pretend to care about this man if you stand by and watch as we tragically lose him to his demons. Demonstrate that you love him by getting him the help he needs now, before it’s too late. This nation can’t take too many more fallen stars and funeral tears from those who “loved” their meal tickets. If you really love Katt, tell him ‘no,’ before that option is gone, before Katt is gone. Don’t allow him to continue to be a joke, when he used to master the art of the joke.

“It’s on your nose” stopped being funny a long while ago.

  • hoeyuno

    Drugs have destroyed many friends and family of mine. I would not wish that shit on anyone. Katt get help homie cause you know damn straight you can’t do it on your own…. ANd I thought Chappelle was from D.C.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      history of starting fights when he’s drunk – that’s short man’s syndrome.

      • hoeyuno

        Dude has a coke or crack problem

    • Skyy Hook

      Super sorry to hear that….. Dave spent time between both DC with his mom and Yellow Springs, OH with his father, he lives in his fathers house to this day.

  • Damn I never thought I’d see the day where Katt Williams came to my city and cried on the street with a pair of ski goggles.

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  • TruthSerum

    There is only so much you can do for somebody who doesn’t want help. People preach all the time and tell the people around him to do something, he is a grown man, if you tell him to do something and he doesn’t want to, he’s gonna say no and thats the end of it. You can’t force a human being into sobriety, or to act their age.

    Katt Williams is responsible for the actions of Katt Williams. Not his managers, his ex wives, the police or anybody else. He’s a grown man.

    • Lyve Wire

      true, you’re right. but once the drug take over, he’s no onger able to made rational decisions. thats when the ppl that ‘care’ about him should step in to help, and stop booking shows for him, until he kick the habit.

      • MiiUziWeighsATon

        Bruh, that crack and that heroin is the shyt that make men slaves…watched crack consume both my sisters…nothing the family could do to break that magical spell…no azzkicking is severe enough…that shyt is one ofvthe greatest tools of Shaitaan…the shyt whispers constantly….my sister once told me all her dreams were about smoking that pipe when she was asleep…can you imagine being that consumed by something….no intervention is strong enough….it’s only after the crack strips you of everything and leaves you AIDS infested, dying in a hospital, slipping in an out of comas do you look back and say damn, what the phuck did I do to myself but you’ve come too far and now that death sitting on ya shoulders waiting for you to pass away do you realize all the fukkery you put forth, how you wasted your life, your gifts, your talents…at least thas how it ended for my sister…my oldest sister kicked the habit BUT all her organs are failing and she dying slow, miserably with no cure, no blessings of life, her kids don’t know her cuz the state took all three ofvthem..shyyt real….

  • Q.

    Good letter. I hope the right beings can aid him before it’s too late.

    • Skyy Hook

      Thank You…wish there was no need to write it.

      • From 4UMF ( . ) com:

        ( 4UMF NEWS ) Suge Knight Explains Why Katt Williams Has Problems With The Law:

        Katt Williams isn’t losing his mind he’s just a really sensitive man with a bad temper, who gets himself into bad situations — this according to Katt’s close friend and confidante Suge Knight.

        Suge — who was present for Katt’s most recent arrest in Seattle following a bar fight — says Katt’s recent string of bizarre behavior was the result of fan harassment, “People test him because he’s small and the best comedian of all time.”

        Suge says fans forget Katt’s a real person with real feelings and Katt lashes out as a result, when people mock him on the street, making jokes about his hair and calling him short.

        Suge says, “When people see him, they don’t separate the Katt Williams on stage from the Katt Williams just being a regular person.”

        Suge compares Katt’s “rough spell” to Mike Tyson’s and Richard Pryor’s — “That’s what happens when you’re the best in the business. Sometimes you just have rough times.”

        The Seattle bar fight is just one example — Suge says he and Katt were watching the Seahawks game, but cheering for Chicago which pissed off local bar patrons who then started a fight with Katt.

        Suge adds, “Things like that happen to Katt all the time where people start with him. He just don’t take no sh*t.”

      • Skyy Hook


      • Yeah, but Suge isn’t exactly a good influence….or reliable source!

      • Y 🙂 nice words by Suge! But i’m so so small minded that it will take a lot more from Suge before he earns some respect in my book (based on reliable rumors, news and what i have read on the net).

        Suge made history with Death Row, Pac, Dre, Snoop, Daz, Tech9 (i believe) and all other artists on Death Row that i don’t know about or have forgotten in the moment.

        But only the suspicion that he had something to do with Pac’s death, all the sneaky s# in the music business, Suge trying to bully Snoop, Weezy, or any other person [smaller] then him (until he get his a## kicked by someone with balls) is just detestable.

        Much LOVE to Katt Williams interview on the Seattle streets. It was REAL, it was humbling only wrong statement he did was saying “i’m kind of done…”.

        Katt is never done… even if he decide not to do stand-up anymore, Katt Williams is NOT done! Even though he might wanna quit/ or need to quit comedy (witch would be a loss) Katt Williams will never be done. He will alwayz have the respect from family and friends and his fans will love him forever.

      • No doubt, even when he’s bugging, he’s still bugging.

        Dipped the police & stopped off to smack a clerk, steal a soft drink & breeze away on a Rascal scooter??

        As long as he doesn’t get locked up….he’ll have plenty of material.

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  • mrgibson

    I thought he was a smart dude, but it seems that he fell into the drug trap

  • This guy had it all. Sad he had to touch drugs the way he did.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      the video itself is good – he should watch all his self destructive videos over and over – when he’s completly sober. – that could help. – you see sober things he may not of even knew happened.

  • I hope he gets it together, truth + humor = comedy & THAT IS HIS CALLING, to make others laugh, to bring joy to the world. I pray he can defeat addiction and overcome it all


    Man i hope he gets help, but at the same time some of the shit he been doing been having die of laughter. When he smack the target employee and rode off on the scooter. Had me in tears….. Also when he smack the dude with the microphone and went back on stage was classic. He might be an addict but he still is entertaining lol.
    But he does need help to fight his sickness. Hope he does get his ish together.

  • Smashit

    Very sad – you can see the real him is trapped in this addicted him and doesn’t have the strength to get out – I hope he gets the help he need and go back to enjoying the life he worked so hard to establish for himself & his family

  • Katt gonna be alright……but he shouldn’t have Suge Knight managing his career!

  • wise guys

    Katt was in Magazine business he need to go back to Mr Marshall and get some spiritual guidance Good dude I got his back and I know him he gotta get his team together goin into 2013 …….pimpin pimpin

  • you got my support Katt ! i think he lost faith in humanity 🙁

  • trixnkix637

    Let this be a lesson. THIS is the reason Dave Chappelle quit his show. Hopefully Katt will the other exception and the example not to follow.

  • MiiUziWeighsATon

    Man, phuck that…I have no sympathy for suckers…God bless you with a talent, you take that talent an open some doors for yourself and this is how you end it…a fukking junkie and a drunk…nigga didnt you see what happened to Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobaine, Len Bias, etc…you could have stayed in the hood and been a junkie…the door was opened for you and you wanna smoke crack instead of getting money and living the life those with lesser talents only dream of…I dont feel sorry for these weak azz niggaz…look at him in that pic, he a Unc….damn shame…Jimmy come get ya boy!!!!!!

  • Modesto Koczwara

    Drugs will do this!

  • Real reporter

    Dayton folks need to stop claiming folks who aren’t theirs. Chappell is from DC, John legend is from Springfield and even though Katt can be claimed, he was born in the nati. Chappell doesn’t even live in Dayton, he lives in Yellow Springs. As a REAL journalist reading this article it sickens me that people get a platform and try to bring light to a sad situation by spreading false truths. At least be accurate in your reporting, if you can call it that. Allhiphop, if those three things, that are so obvious are allowed in this so-called article, how accurate can this so-called reporter be? Did they really travel to Seattle? Are they really from Dayton? Ever heard of Jason Blair? Did he write this? And you wonder why journalism has lost credibility ….

  • Mr. One-9 Hitman

    Suge is looking for another come up. (hint 2Pac)

  • We are only fans. Fans by their nature are outsiders. So. His Mother and Father and siblings and or close friends have to save. I would if I could