Game vs 40 Glocc

EXCLUSIVE: 40 Glocc Responds To Game On New Track “The Full Edit”

(AllHipHop News) Colton, California rapper 40 Glocc has responded to numerous jabs from Game on a new track titled “The Full Edit.”

The 1:51 track was released today, to various Internet outlets.

“What Type Of ‘2013 Gayster’ rapper is you? I feel like since he dropped that video everyone should know the full edited uncut version,” 40 Glocc told

On the track, 40 Glocc addresses a number of incidents, including an infamous, videotaped altercation between him and Game, in the Hollywood Hills.

The videotape led to 40 Glocc filing lawsuit against the Game in October of 2012.

“He did it at gun point and with undercover rent-a-cops/bodyguards and his homies with licensed gun on me. He used the law to jump me, then put a tape out and edited it…The only police on the scene were the ones he brought with him,” 40 Glocc told

“The Full Edit” goes on to insult Game, members of his Black Wall Street Crew, as well as Game’s career.

Check out a copy of the track.

  • Dayron Steele

    a grown man pressed charges after another grown man from a rival gang beat his ass . Im not a gangster but that sounds like “snitchin”

    • Nickels

      A bully got bullied on camera…then filed a lawsuit…now the bullied bully wants to diss…nope not “gangsta” at all.

      • KtruHeaterz

        Lmfao ^

      • 40 Glocc must be the only who know he’s reading this in self imposed protective custody.

    • So_Subby

      Game admitted he beat him up, it’s not snitching, that word get over used inproperly

      • Excuse us…”TELLING”.

      • thuglifefukdapolice


      • Snitching is telling on some one in exchange for leniency for your own criminal act.


        Get it straight!

        Step your reading comprehension and grammar up. Hard to understand your point…..if you even have one.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        like i said stey off the streetz udon’t even kno what a snitch is what u said was the same thing i was saying idiot when somebody snitches they go to court and testify and sign statements saying that a person committed a crime u cant understand because u not from the streetz bruh anytime somebody gets another person indicted meaning sent to jail rather its to cut his own time or cause he have a grudge or is scared or hating another person its called snitching anytime another street person puts another street person in jail its called snitching now i gave u the defitnition please stey off the streets if u dont kno wat a snitch is the streets aint 4 you

      • No, you don’t have to sign a statement or go to court to snitch!

        Get it str8 before you go any further with the Thuglife!

        If you don’t know the rules of the game, you should learn them before you put on the uniform!

        Dude cops a bag of weed, gets caught & tells the cops the location of the spot & id’s the supplier in exchange for release…..that is snitching without signing papers or going to court or getting someone indicted ( if they don’t get caught. )

        #That is All

      • ddsdavey

        Nonsense,we used the word “snitch” in school!

      • Yeah, but you used it wrong if it wasn’t in that context!

        Maybe you meant “Tattle Tale”?

      • hoeyuno

        Yea it does. And too many double standards.

      • snitching and haiting gets overused. some things need to be hated on, just like some people need to be snitched on. u kno like a seriel murderer (im looking at you camron) and u kno binladin.

  • TheBoxcarHobo


  • Papi Peligro

    You can’t come back with a Neyo Beat on a hardcore diss record. 40 was wearing glitter not a glocc on that beat.

  • Smashit

    It might be interesting if he did it BEFORE he filed a lawsuit – all this shit getting real bogus because now that Game got a new CD the 40 beef resurfaces the 50 beef resurfaces – could it be these nikkas all working together to sell CDs???

    • mike huffman

      that’s the dumbest sh*t i ever heard, who’s gonna get beat down on CAMERA lookin like a bitch and think that people wanna buy their GANGSTER rap after that???

      • 40 Glocc

      • n n

        People buy it just because actually.he might be onto something

      • Smashit

        The dumbest sh*t is you thinking I would say anybody would buy anything 40 makes – I’m talking about 50 & Game profitting from it – 40 worked for Fifty – bottom line is has to be something more to this bullsh*t

    • hoeyuno

      there’s a dhit load of fake rap beef but this isn’t one of them.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Lmfao best punch line all day this fool career n attempts
    At saving face. He like a side bitch 50 don’t claim
    Him in public

  • Martin Raheem

    He say she say. Say what you say (Game might be bi-polar and he prob is) but 40 is a joke. 40 might beat most rappers down 1-on-1 in the streets, but for a self pro-claimed G (whatever the definition of that is) u got what u asked for (stop crying to the court because Game hurt your feelings). Its all circumstances. Remember when 40 “the video director” went up on Wayne trying to make him a fool. Even though Wayne is all Skateboard WB Blood or what ever (i don’t know him), that’s foul play. And again… why u cry to the court Gangster?

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  • KtruHeaterz

    Lmfao, flucking faggot he is. U got beat up on cam homie. I don’t give a shii what u say @ they had guns. Ain’t no negroe gonna record a murder fluck boy. Homie is lamo imo. Lmfao even more @ him filing a law suit. Oh how gangster is that. All that flucking talk and u pressing charges when a negroe catch u slippin. U out there in Beverly Hills (side joke) getting whipped on like he bout to really murder u out in open. What a sissy…

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      its the west coast la niccas dont give af

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      shyt biggie got killed out in the open in front of millions of cops

      • Q.

        …that’s because Big was murdered by COPS.

      • This ^^^

      • KtruHeaterz

        ^^ exactly.

      • EL_BARK

        You are one funny dude…..

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        not as funny as u i never forhot the name of the dude who think ti a snitch when there is no paperwork and who deny tupac shot 2 cops in my city atl in 93 when it was in the papers straight facts i don’t forget clowns but yo you are one funny dude

      • madeupnamepart2

        Pac got killed on the Las Vegas Boulevard after a huge Tyson fight. I dunno if you ever been to vegas but no matter what time of day it is, if you on the strip there are a huge amount of people, and cars, so as crazy as Biggies murder going unsolved its almost crazier that Tupac’s has yet to be solved. There had to be even more witnesses at the Tupac shooting then BIG, and BIG got killed right outside a party and part of the shooting is on film. I think thuglife got it right, its cause BIG was killed by two police officers who may or may not of at one time in the off hours worked as death row bodyguards/security. Tupac got killed by a gang in Vegas, the dude who got beat up on camera in the casino by death row directly after the tyson fight (Orlando something i think). As far as i remember pac stepped to him and asked if he was from the east side or west side or something like that, something to do with a death row employee getting robbed by i believe the bloods a bit before the shooting. I mean death row (led by Pac) beat this guy Orlando (who was gang affiliated with i believe the bloods, could be crips i honestly cant remember) and soon after Pac is shot. The fight was at the MGM if i remember right, a popular casino, so for him to get shot on the strip regardless what time it was there should of been a huge amount of witnesses that had nothing to do with death row or their convoy, im talking about people walking up and down the strip after the tyson fight. The small bits of evidence that is known about the Biggie shooting seem to point to off duty LA police officers with a cult like love of Tupac (and possibly former body guards) who pulled besides Biggies suburban and fired into the passanger side door several times before fleeing. Seems like another instance of corrupt police in California (and specifically LA). Why neither of these high profile murders, with several witnesses, were never solved we will probably never really know or at least not for 50 years or whenever the shooter dies and admits it on their death beds.

      • Orlando Anderson AKA Baby Lane

      • ddsdavey

        You honestly expect people to read all that,lmfao!

    • thuglifefukdapolice


      • madeupnamepart2

        There are ties between LA police officers (at the time) and them taking jobs as off duty security/bodyguards for death row and death row artists. Im positive BIG was killed by police, whether they did it of their own volition or were paid i dont know.

      • Paid!

      • Don Wann Cook

        No he was killed one block from Crenshaw and Jefferson. In South Central

  • TruthSerum

    40 should really retire, his entire career revolved around his tough guy iage and that is dead and buried forever now. NOTHING he says will bring him back for that

    Kind of the same thing with Canibus, his entire career was build on Bottom feeding diss records about how nobody could beat him in a battle, then he goes and chokes on a pay per view freestyle battle against some guy the world never heard of…….. NO COMING BACK FROM THAT!!!

    Those 2 should stand as a living example of karma……..All bullies are humbled eventually, the bigger you act out, the more we enjoy watching you fall

    • Dizaster is far from No Name…..but he did roast Canibus!

      • hoeyuno

        Canibus lost me wen he dedicated a whole album concept on dissing Eminem for a line that was made to be more of a compliment then a diss “..couldn’t beat me with a battle rap you wrote for canibus…”. Im not a huge Em fan by any means and love a good beef but it just came off as desperato for attentionato to me. 2nd round knockout is one of the top 5 dis records ever tho….

      • Yo! Check out Loaded Lux vs Calico
        If it’s the full version, start at the 30 Min Mark, if you can find just the final vs, check that!

        I’ll be able to tell when you watched it, cuz you’ll be like “Oh! ‘CheyiiiD! Dayum!”


      • hoeyuno

        YEA THAT SHIT IS SICK!!!!!!!!!! cheers for that one.

      • hoeyuno

        That part where that Lux dude pulls the pic out on the screen is hilarious..

      • Never has 1 MC been either ed so much!

        After the pic….it was all down hill after that!

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        he lost still it was funny tho but bar 4 bar he lost

      • He may have been ahead on compubox…..but he got Kayoed!

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        he still lost that round

      • Shawn K. Mays

        Hahaha You Gon get this work Nicca!

      • >> Motions crowd to quiet : “Nah! Nah!” >> Angrily Motions again : “NO!! Let him get this WORK!”

      • “You stole the wrong radio!”

        I was in tears, cuz Calico actually got shot in the back with a pump!

        He should have thrown water at him, pulled the plug on the equipment, tackled him, anything but let him flow!

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        i don’t kno wats in yall ny dudes ears but yall need ear wax lux lost 2 rounds the last round he won but he lost

      • Kinda, second Lux vs was un aired, but even so, Cali was no slouch & may have won the 1st 2 rds, but he lost the last by knockout!

        Battle over!

      • EL_BARK

        Lol classic…..

      • Cal got ate!!!! ….

      • madeupnamepart2

        Yeah it was the battle with Dizaster that im thinking of. Canibus was losing really bad, i mean getting clowned, and Canibus straight up has to pull out a notebook with pre-written disses. And it didnt help him at all, he sounded just as horrible as he did before he pulled out the notebook. Thats never a good look, specially if your known as a battle rapper. Not that Canibus had much of a career by then but Dizaster battle put a nail in Canibus’s coffin.

      • Yeah, bt Diz is far from a slouch, one of the top battle rappers out today!

    • Q.

      Canibus dissed a rap legend, LL, as an underdog. I wouldn’t call that bottom-feeding. Or bullying.

      • madeupnamepart2

        I dont think he is talking about LL. If he had a career building the LL diss track did shut it down. But really Canibus wouldnt have a career even if none of these events ever happened. Not dissing his lyrical ability im just saying most really lyrical rappers are not hugely rich and famous or sell large numbers. Most, obviously not all.

      • Q.

        On the contrary, the LL beef garnered Canibus big respect for his skills and major buzz for his debut album. Unfortunately, his debut did not live up to the hype. If anything, that’s what dampened his mainstream impact. Other than that, He had decent features and was a member of the HRSMN group (still unreleased) . Regardless of what’s gone down in recent years with his personal issues, if Canibus died tomorrow he would be considered a Hip-Hop legend. Without a doubt.

    • imaman2012

      in order to retire one must have had a career

    • madeupnamepart2

      This the rap battle were canibus basically ate shit and at one point was reading off a note pad? Im almost positive its Canibus im thinking of as far as doing so bad in a battle that he pulled out a note pad and it really didnt help him at all he was still just as bad as before.

    • Celz

      What are you 16? LL dissed Canibus out the blue and got served for it. He’s washed up now but Canibus shitted on several Top 10 rappers features in his day. Niggas used to laugh cuz Canibus verses would be longer than niggas verses on they own shyt.. Find one nicca who outshined Canibus on a track from about 95 to 98 I wanna hear it cuz I missed that track

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  • CanYouAllHearMe

    i actually believe 40. we all seen that fight footage of dude and menace 40 aint no punk but in the game video dude looked nervous we have no idea what happened before or how many people were behind the camera game just got lucky back in 07 40 and his niggas did the same thing to game but had no camera

  • dis nigga ran up on plies, lil wayne, birdman, tyga, menace ect… he took a L but that dont take nuittin away frum him..40 will get em bak

    • But the lawsuit did!

      Them dudes should sue him!

  • 7yoyo7

    40 Glocc…. Come on man, it’s over…..

  • Q.

    Let the dead bury the dead.

  • hoeyuno

    It will be funny if game ends up having to pay 40 tho..

  • Vic Sage

    Let it go 40 you’re previous street cred is washed….Real Talk.Brooklyn Lives…

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    this niggas skinny jeans were too tight.

  • we you get beat by the biggest sucker in the game (the game) thats not a good look

  • if 40 wants his image back he only needs to do one thing. kill the game.put a bullet in his butterfly tat please somebody do it HA

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      butterfly tat is soft but i kno killers who think a tear drop is hard u ask me a i rather have a butterfly on my face or a duck or a spider lion then a tear drop thats crying so tell everybody whou kno thats killer wwit a tear drop put a ulliet in their face for crying

      • tear drops mean u killed someone. buttflys mean u fugazi and queer.

      • thuglifefukdapolice

        exactly my point how the hell can u respect a killer for crying when its emotional crying is for babies and women and not respect a man for an insect or animal on his face or ice cream thats the mentality of suckers u might not get the message but thats the hood for ignorance is bliss in all actuality a butterfly comes from doing nothing to something if u wanna get technical i think they start out as caterpillars they go from being stuck to walking to flying MESSAGE!

  • KtruHeaterz

    Lol, gun or not negroe. I’m fighting. I was once caught in situation like that. Cats followed us from a bar incident. I saw a homie go outside n close door behind him and my mind started goin hmm. I went outside. Like 8-10 guys posted and like maybe 3 wit guns i’d say. Like haha u didn’t know we knew were y’all was we been to a party here before. They yappin, i crack a smile like hahaha these lil fluck boys and they guns. Dude say oh u smiling, i’m like yuuuuuup. He run up hop on porch. I’m like guns or not (stupid or not of me) he jump up yappin. I’m in my head like ha, this negroe swing i’m getting it in gun or not. Point is iono how this supposed OG of OGs is getting beat up on cam. Pride can get u killed true that but my shii was in late hours this cat getting whipped on in pure daylight in what seems to be a good neighborhood. I do look back now and go, maybe it was a good idea, cuz i could have got some negroes killed by my actions if i let loose, One my boys out there did have a gun but he was one who originally walked out there n shut door when he saw scene so no others walked out and he could dissolve of the problem talking. After i and few walked out there ole dude was like Doc i see u kinda reaching toward ya pants. So Doc jus chilled out n convo’d it wit dude. Of course they thought they was big dogs and shot there guns in air as they left lol smh.

  • Harrison Boateng

    There is nothing 40Glocc can say or do , ur whole career ended when game had u running and you stumbled on the bushes just give up

    • Nah, 40 got jumped on tape… the bushes!

  • Always try to do something for the other fellow and
    you will be agreeably surprised how things come your way – how many
    pleasing things are done for you.

  • jrq3000

    40 Glocc? More like the 40 Year Old Gangbanger. Go sit down and babysit yo grandkids before you get fucced up again dude. Nobody was even thinking bout this anymore.

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  • Swaggout

    But, but, but your suing him right?

  • JB


  • How do you threaten a guy on twitter, youtube, WSHH, threaten his kids, get beat up…sue, and then release a diss? Are you kidding me? Say Game and them pulled guns, OK..I get you, but a lawsuit..nah, just go away.

  • Alf Capone

    40 is a fraud and i have no respect for him at all

  • Doe Boy

    1)when did it become kool for gangsters to sue(ova some street shit)
    2)when did it become kool for gangsters to sue then talk gangster shit

  • trixnkix637

    Man MC Hammer’s diss to Jay-Z was harder than that record from 40. 40 Glocc better run run. lol. Go be a lawyer since he wants to sue people all of a sudden.

  • Marco Phifer

    Come on man didn’t think we’d every hear from dis dude again

  • billowred


  • BilderbergSuperstar

    this is guy is a neverwas..get your hand skills up..

  • ant662

    40 give it up man u filed a lawsuit that is just a bitch move. And there is no way he could have had cops there if he pulled a gun cuz they could of gone to jail themselves and they have a civic duty in or out of uniform. 40 yous a lame u cant sue somebody than still act like a g. 40 cop

  • last time i checked 40glocc twitter avi he was posted up in the weight room,….I couldnt stop laughing…….

  • PC

    Diss broke down:

    “I tried to intimidate rappers to get a buzz, a rapper beat my ass, so im’a sue him, because he killed my buzz, then im’a drop a diss, cuz he caught me slippin’ oh and your wife is a cougar, and umm, yeah the tape was edited, I always roll hard with my crips but they forgot it was wedesnday and they were supposed to be there and thats why I got my ass belted, normally im there with 50 glocks but Im really hard so, ummm, yeah, im’a sue him…. and give the money to the hood.”

    What a muppet.

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