Hip-Hop Rumors: Are There “Agents” In Hip-Hop?

This really isn’t a new concept, but I am hearing that there are agents in Hip-Hop like there were in the era of the Black revolutionaries. Basically, these people presume to be either rappers or crew members when they are really agents of law enforcement. They sit in there, deep cover, and report back. Its not foreign. Its a lot like 21 Jump Street or something. Anyway, this has come up recently because there are apparently two popular rappers that are supposedly agents that have burrowed so deep into the rap game that they can’t be taken out at this point. Then, there are others that are small fries like weed holders and fall guys. Could this be real? Its not unthinkable! But, the rappers they say it is make me shudder. They are extremely popular. So popular, I can’t put the names out there.

Here is Deep Cover by Dre and Snoop.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Maaaaaan say names or keep it moving! I wonder what would be the consequences if actual real verifiable paperwork came out proving this. Sad thing is probably nothing

    • Guest

      The paperwork is there. It’s called MONEY.

  • brotha_man

    there are no agents in hiphop except the rapper themselves their the ones that dry snitch on their songs. rappers will rap about where they sold, who they sold with and who shot and killed who.

  • I’m calling it right now. Big Sean one of them LOL. He look like a cop.

    • Lyve Wire


      • Don’t “whoa there” sound like some cop shit.

        *thugs breaking into store*
        Officer Sean – WHOA THERE
        Thugs – It’s officer little man RUNNNNNN

    • AK

      LOL big sean just a biitch he aint no cop

      • Big Sean ahhahaha that dude is soft as cotton candy. haha I would say Jeezy because something isn’t right about homie. Then maybe Jay Z or Drake. Look at their personalities each one has something hidden about them can’t put it just their pictures.

      • I agree. Jeezy is the most questionable for sure. No way you apparently was with BMF and was the only one not arrested. Him rapping about it and dry snitching on himself was enough to give that nigga time.

      • You know what I am saying right. Word. Jeezy is really I can’t put it kind of different and that BMF shit he was the only one not arrested correct.

  • That was Snoop’s first song!

    ‘Chet is real!

    Yo! iLLseed: Check your email.

  • Terrance Goodman

    Rick got a whole crew ! Damn. Shit half the niggas
    Who don’t inhale the bud is police

    • That is the obvious I think Rick is legit he is just a corn. I really believe it is Young Jeezy, Jay Z, or Drake.

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    i’ ll bet my left nut 50 one of them niggaz

  • Fukurpost

    Fed cent is one he got everybody fool, everybody he around going to jail bang em, ja rule, young buck, game, jimmy henchman, bang bang boogie, slim tha mobster, knox pay attention he beef with everybody throw shit off oh yeah gun play lol nigga stay taping niggaz too

    • imaman2012

      wait. hold up. isn’t jimmy a confirmed rat.

      your theory if flawed.

      course there’s agents in rap.

      • andone

        yeah okay, blame their mistakes on 50… im sure he got p locked up to huh… SMH only ppl who never seen, been around or met a sophisticated leader (H.N.I.C) would assume something like that… on top of that this whole/entire thread is intentional(we could be here for days debating this), illseed bout to get madd hits wit this “RUMOR”!

      • Fukurpost

        It’s always the guy u least suspect don’t be fool by the smoking mirrors…this is not a rumor but it do make good talk for a website people being saying this

      • andone

        ur not makin any type of legit argument as to why u “suspect” 50 to be a fed tho… its purely speculation on ur part, not sayin there arent ppl in the mix bcuz im sure there is, jus like the hip-hop police are real… but there are endless possibilities as to who the “RUMORED” person/ppl could be ( diddy, jeezy, t.i, rozay, ect) and the list is to long to even begin to ponder, illseed dying/reaching for hits he knows wat hes doing wit this post!!

      • Fukurpost

        Lol I know thanks for arguing with me now they got even more hits lol I should work for ahh

    • hoeyuno

      I like fif but you have a good point.

    • right cause 50 has never been locked up or sold crack. naaahhhh

      • Fif has a record wtf are you talking about. They posted that shit like it was regular news on MTV, all the magizines, media etc. You can google it with his mug shot like any person locked up. He hustled in Jamaica, Queens it is well known.

      • andone

        @iTSTHEMiCK:disqus was being sarcastic(obviously)???

      • hahah the white girl voice obviously hahah They say that in the movies.

      • i was being sarcastic

      • hahahhhahahahaha my bad.

  • i believe it, w/o a doubt…50

  • Q.

    When he said “agents” in Hip-Hop, it goes much deeper than DRUGS.

    Think harder, people.

    Hints: Cointelpro, espionage, Black Panthers

    What happened to the Black Panthers…and WHY?
    Start there.

    • Future Patrick

      with that said Im calling out Jeezy. ran with the hardest crew. now in control of A&R

    • that’s why artists need to remain independent. the world is small now; these artists sellin out 4 that contract. It’s a trip that there is an intent behind artists being dumbed down, dumbing down the people. And well executed. That’s why we need to start callin these coons out that we see are doin this

      • Q.

        Amen, sis. The GAME is already over–we’re in those last few seconds known as “garbage time.”

        Oh, and they lost!

      • fasho; I, for one, plan to do my part..check out my version of “Did It On Em”, it’s called “Paradoxical Diss”…available on Soundcloud

      • Q.

        I listened to the track–you went in on the Barb. LOL I peeped your other songs too. You got some nice flows in your collection–your Zimmerman piece was thorough. Diggin’ it. Shoutout to the Bay.

  • TheBigCheeFa

    50 cent he had half of everybody he knew thrown in jail or arrested

  • Qadir Muhammad

    I know who 1 of them is

    • probable cause


  • They call them security. They’re bodyguards and such. A lot of them are off duty officers

    • or retired cops, or just cops who quit because they can stack more paper protecting super lame homo thugs that rock skirts and date reality tv show whores.

  • tmr

    Its snitches rats scoundrels traitors and benedicts in every organization…its just a numbers game so its safe to say 1/10 rappers r faking snitchin conducting backroom deals sellin out the other.

  • rio909

    funny how everyone saying 50 when ross was the cop..and didnt prodigy say they wanted him to set up 50 cent when he went to jail???

  • Ty

    Rick Ross

  • Tril Beats

    The 2 Popular agents in Hip- Hop are 50 Cent & T.I…. Hands Down lmao!

  • probable cause

    Rick Ross and Jay-Z. Think about it.

  • Pierre Elliott



  • A Jackson

    To the average fan/critic, the idea of there being “agents” in “hip hop” may seem like some fictional conspiracy theory; however history proves otherwise. Allow me to quote Rick Ross (the rapper), “the truth is far more sinister”. Is the truth really far more sinister than we my think?


    Their has been a “hip hop police” since the birth of HIPHOP. It’s only recently been made public in recents years.

    The LAPD were dishonest in regards to Christopher Wallace (BIG) autopsy .
    The Feds had BIG under surveillance the night he was assassinated

    SN: It can possibly be Rick Ross (the rapper) and Jeezy and/or T.I.

    Rick Ross- Former C.O. (but acts like he is this big kingpin). Think about that.
    Jeezy- financed

  • probable cause


  • Galactus

    Rick Ross Jay z 50 cent t.I. jeezy Q tip diddy the game Pretty much any major label artist could be considered an agent, they all have the attributes of a stinking rat…

    • Q-tip you fail for that one the rest yeah maybe. Homie is NYC thoro aka Zulu Nation official many heads know the streets and it talks back.

      • Galactus

        he hangs with puff and busta fam. not for nothing that don’t look too THORO for him, especially knowing what kind of a man Puff is, but maybe im wrong about sun, who knows really?

  • drake is a canadian mountie HA

    • Him also or even Common his history is a little cloudy despite earlier days rhyming and his peoples supposedly Vice Lords and Gd’s.

      • NoGoBoi

        how could u say common, that don’t even make sense smh

  • Melvin Waites

    if u ask me, they all are. believe half of what u see, none of what u hear

  • The majority of “black” people (Moors) support white supremacy and dont even know it.

    • Its probably Hov. Prof. Griff had a lecture about how Irv Gotti, Suge Knight, J. Prince, Dame Dash were gonna start a record distribution company. Hov reported it back to whoever (handlers) and you know what to happened to them. WAKE UP!

      • EL_BARK

        That is a rumor and not facts…….

      • Naa I doubt it is him I know people who know him. I haven’t been to his lectures but things spread in the industry and they rub elbows with those people and the higher ups. Prof Griff house burned down a lot of bad shit happens to him. Trust me bad assumption. I support the brother.

  • Jeezy and Ross, secretly work together as feds…..think bout it jeezy got bmf put away, and william made a song for them…not to mention gucci mane kept on getting locked up nonstop and shit..

  • Gene Buie

    I think the majority of these guys work for law enforcement. If you notice, right before they all blow up, they lose a friend to the system (TI lost Cap, Nelly lost City Spud, Jeezy lost Big Meech, French Montana’s crew from CT got locked up right before he blew, Jay blew right after his crew got locked, etc. I believe these guys jobs are to make this music which is a commercial for the lifestyle, then they go on tour city to city getting to know all the major players across america who come out to party with them every night, only to later have cases built on these guys they befriend. Its so ridiculously obvious to me the Rick Ross is the law…his music is an overt attempt at gathering the sheep for the slaughterhouse. I can hear the marketing ploy for the shit all through his music. “I’m back here slangin’ like I’m posed to nigga, Them crackers want me on a wanted poster nigga”. (So you’re out there slanging because the crackers want you on a wanted poster? I know those bars were supposed to be two separate thoughts on that song but there are numerous Rick Ross lines that are funny like that….but, yea, Rick Ross, TI, Jeezy, French Montana, all come across as police to me.

  • Sparky Flinstone


  • Shalove2

    Why would the Feds need to do anything, All you have to do is say there are agents and you clowns turn on yourselves. The FBI sent letters to United Slaves (US)about the Panthers and to the Panthers about US next thing you know these n****rs are shooting at each other. They don’t need agents. You’re the agents.

  • JimJames29


  • Alf Capone

    im not saying its not possible but illseed would have no knowledge of it at all and this is something he just completely made up, not something he heard and knows is a fact………..y u be lying all the time illseed?

  • disqus_7vP2PKYJiq

    twooooo chainz!

  • jondoe

    kendrick lamar & rick ross

  • Abrasive Angel

    Rick Ross is the biggest star in Cointelpro and all of these so-called gang beefs posted on youtube are fake. His star has been getting dimmer the moment the truth came out about him so since the ticket sales have been low he has to drum up beef and use some broke dudes to post threats then rap wackass rhymes at the end of their videos. If there was any real beef then something would’ve been popped off by now. This new generation of rappers are on some estrogen bs.

  • Adrian Barron

    of course they’re agents – ie: The Black Panther Movement because a white man, gov’t agency cant outright infultrate the movement because it’s obvious skin tone causes for distrust SO they send one of these “wayward/less dignified” bruvahs to report back the information in exchange for money, power, fame, freedom, lesser sentence, promotion, and sometimes just ACCEPTANCE lol

    we gotta watch our front and our back – the obvious NATURE OF THE THREAT that’s in front of us and the so-called BLACK DEVILS that claim to have our BACKS

  • chris lighty and shakir stewart…and my second guess is MOP…

  • nope… not Jay-Z. I’m from Trenton, NJ Hov’s ex hustler story is authentic unless he was J Reid waaaaayyyy before rap